1.18.2018 update on Oregon's proposed LNG plant `Jordon Cove ..

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Last week, close to 400 people came together in Salem from across the West Coast for a rally and day of action in Salem to ask Gov. Kate Brown to follow through on her climate commitments by stopping the Jordan Cove LNG export project and Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline.

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THANK YOU to everyone who made the trip to Salem, watched the livestreams, or helped in the planning process.

The rally coincided with the release of the first ever report detailing the climate impacts of the Pacific Connector pipeline and the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal, researched by our partners at Oil Change International.  Over 71 media outlets covered the rally and the report, including some great articles in E&E News, the Salem Statesman Journal, and many more papers throughout the country.

Have you read the report yet? You can read it online HERE;


Some of the key findings from the report include:

The Jordan Cove LNG project would emit the same amount of climate pollution as 15.4 Boardman coal plants, Oregon’s last remaining coal plant which is set to close in 2020 because of pollution concerns.
The pollution caused by the LNG export terminal in North Bend alone would become the largest source of climate pollution in Oregon by 2020.

If the Pacific Connector pipeline and the Jordan Cove LNG terminal is built, it will be incredibly challenging, if not impossible, to meet Oregon’s climate goals.
By 2050, the lifecycle emissions of Jordan Cove LNG will account for 261% of the pollution created annually by the entire state of Oregon.

Communities across Oregon and northern California have been fighting this fracked gas project for over a decade. Not only does this project threaten our climate, it threatens almost 400 rivers and streams, hundreds of landowners, traditional tribal territories, and the health and safety of our communities. It’s time that Governor Brown stands with our communities by stopping Jordan Cove LNG for good and helping our state transition to clean energy instead.

Can you give Gov. Brown a quick call at (503) 378-4582 to ask her to use the state’s authority to stop the Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline once and for all?



Hannah Sohl