1 eye to the other, bi`joy in patches' do_in..

          bi`joy links…
observe at how balanced our own eyes are, how we have misused our self + to enable us to look eye to eye at folks next to us + share our perceptions when sensors so dull, we unable to feel ..
                               are you perceiving a natural truth..we`d like to introduce you to patches;
                the logger we can all identify with, that`s here to stay.. if have an art talent for stick cartoon + want to volunteer in translating patches – so folks can see another way of laughing at our self, please communicate. For the joy of this mutely crew in my head as i`ve worked on this, has given me many laughs..
                    help us see another way that includes staying in the moment with bi`joy experiences to sharpen our dulled sensors + help us maintain discipline of our self-sensory observations vs.. chasing belief.
                    meaning experiencing the goodness of our inner tools as we stay with our self in self-satisfaction. Without leaving a footprint. leaving us energy to boon everyday with our natural happenings. with our local + migratory species, including the cultural exchange built from being boon with it.. we can reflect with those that have gained + maintained sharp sensors,  that post to exchange needs, desires + offerings..  in harmony with simple do_in..  

                As we come together + talk story, patches will remind us of our self, as we figure out how to read the fine gentle cues, defining a`way;
                 patches of joy, patches of muttledness, patches of suffering to extinction.. + why because we`ve had patches of participation creating an ecology with only patches of life left.. this cannot sustain us to live a whole life, self-sustaining, as a whole being.
              In order for our ecosystem`s to be whole, we need to link our patches of natural biosphere to nurture us to become a local, global + beyond participant..  follow thru ridding patches of waste locally + beyond.. as we further define the patches of unknown, of vital importance deep within our human mental processes as stored baggage in attempts to survive, as well the variety of unknowns in the cosmos, why?
                                                 because the joy of our human exploration is a motion that yes, we know enough to do a ER triage on this planet + beyond to cooperate..  allowing our human family to have the support to define the missing links for building a local coop that is ecologically sustainable as we link the patches of goodness, why?
                                                                                              patches from negative effects left on our environments are at a high price, leaving patches of waste un-recyclable, in, on + beyond our earth.. while yet patches of folks are still being aggressive/manipulative with weapons/products/acts/economy, that continue to leave these negative effects on patches of all life..
               which we call an ecological whor.
          with out + with a computer, we would like you to come aboard in this process that allows us to become whole in our heart, a beginning, giving us fuel to balance - network, exchanging our needs, desires + offerings, with people. so as to transcend baggage, anxiety, simply being pissed off at what is.. + with this in depth feeling, regain own center – by pursuing a solution, an offer it to folks in a `tapering transition.
                yes even the ecological whors
people with good patches of sensitivity developed, by simply living, boon with a specific ecosystem, networking abundance + when in need with neighbor.. this can trigger patches of fuel within, if we adapt it to our like ecosystem patches in need.. a way to come back to balanced eyes seeing within..  to get out of our head + ground, balancing our whole being..  redirecting in a focus directed series of do_in`s;
              along with personal notepad/calendar for jotting down notes as we browse, going deep with in, + apply it to our daily acts.. prior to posting + for each do_in, review:.
                         postings/links + reflect with them..
we have an ability to post when comfortable with 1 or all do_in`s.. bringing us back or for first time, to simply being a coop participant; of the natural world, building/rehabbing, intra-interrelating within our self for our local community.. this gives us energy to part time network local + beyond with our human family on this planet as we continue to explore our path, locally + beyond.. cooping further to support converting/rid policies, that are not complying to the natural laws, that allow us to share this planet together at our free will .. networking so we gain the sensitivity to leave no footprints..
                    rather carrying a mindbody, living local where ever we explore.. leaving our environment non dependent on us, as we work for it to care for itself, as we learn to stop interfering, as folks come + go..
               `only with a healthy ecosystem will we gain our best medicine + use these tools to become sensitivity to live within these natural laws only..

Together we can network our ability to self-develop.. becoming aware of accepting nothing less than harmony:
                         to start, 1 gathers input from another in a`way do_in, then we examine what kind of local ecosystem we live in – in our plan` do_in.. define what want to live in as we explore with the rejoin` define of i  do_ in. + then link with network, with your choice of like skills, to reflect what is.. leaving us fuel to part time coop in the next` move do_in, helping other locals define their resistance until they locally can nurture self. from the core of earth + that within to be 1 with the universe.. now our sharp sensors perceive not just from the `finite earth but the `infinite beyond.

              all the good folks that have no computer awareness, nor care to have, that`s ok, as long as you see the fine cues, without this useful tool, when shared.. in our  sharing you will have this advantage to efficiently network with another, that chooses to make a virtual connection for updates. as local as possible, by you making it happen equally, do_in the ground work.. allowing you to post along with folks with a computer. It is this networking eye to eye, that makes this project, not the computer - it is just another tool that is not as important, as developing our inner tools. but is a nice tool for doing a walkabout reaching out, making contact before you explore.

         when you self register you have an option to take responsibility, on your own, to further reach out + network, plugging 1 of like interest to this network.. or be a community plug in + work with folks as you share resources to update, that reflects the postings of our network to create, interact + build your own locally. so as not to waste printing materials. Go eye to eye with groups.

               by cooping with folks, triggered with patches, linking so as to redefine + be part of your local network,  in mind until ground with the natural world below ones feet.. this is our goal.

    coos bay community garden, experienced folks sharing for food kitchen, renting lil patches to garden in the middle of houses, how nice for all communities to do.. oregon

Lady Bug Landing in the middle of houses in Coos Bay, Oregon. see bi`joy gallery for more photos. it is a nice patch of community gardens, where experienced gardners plant for food kitchen, while also leasing patches for folks to plant. this is a very good example of folks building community.

              Then as you build your path you walk, you live as a local where ever you choose. + together we hope to link + rid these patches of resistance for more to freely share this earth + do same.

          when folks post in this network, with a computer, all scheduling should be in consideration of those without one.. if natural it doesn`t have to be quick, folks can communicate so local community happenings in season, remain in real time.. patches of postings to the - soon to be known, on a regular bases, making it easy for folks to check in..
                                                when ever one hears about

            please take the time to share this with a brief overview:
                                                               allowing folks options to come aboard with links to sharing, whether computer or not..  if you don`t take this energy/time to explain, then at least please give a telephone/ email of another local folk aware of, etc.. that could share with this person, resources  locally/afar available, etc. to reflect with.

                 now this interested once eye to eye only, contacts the info you give to obtain access to their local desire or our web page, (at their or your expense/exchange agreed upon with contacts/yourself. until we can build a reserve to aid this process.). they leave message of intent or gest of, for further clarification. the folks that have chosen on their own with no preconceptions, rather then to reach out + share like subject on each do_in post.. will then have access to contact info.

         folks it has been proven that aid, when giving in dollars has gone to the wrong person, we unknowingly support government to give large amounts of funding for a gain, that does not get to the ecological building of patches, linking our biosphere. so folks have medicine to heal + become self-sustainable `boon with our natural world.. look at the facts, many better folks then us have worked hard - had these realities, yet look at the many with out.

           in my desire to naturally forage + learn how to`s, i was disappointed to see a recent diabetes report state indigenous people since 1940 have had a 40% increase. Japan + China being higher. so we won`t go their..
this medium allows us to gain personal awareness in sharing eye to eye or afar, an interest in like subject matter, as well can`t beat an opening to a personal friend as a guide if you decide to visit, or along building your path. coop part time in an exchange.. as we share part time this focus directed series of do_in`s.

         which 1st time into web site we suggest following a focus, then next time you go retrieve, 1 on 1 or respond thru computer forum mode, go to the do_in that you feel in need of.. this is not a permanent commitment. If can`t, communicate in real time, then work what is most helpful for you to locally ground + gain balance with your self. while posting your need. leaving self open for another to come aboard + share an experience or just check in to your progress..

                  now 1 has access to reflect/ post + other party agree, if needed, to type it in, show other postings, update, etc. this way worst choice of destroying more trees doesn`t happen in end result of printing appropriate data.

Each person has a choice but we recommend printout of our network, only when several people coop resources for 1 copy to be worked amongst all. even then edit it + fine tune once folks gather + take time discussing/reviewing.  Perhaps better to offer a gathering place to share computer + coop expense.  
            our goal is to see communities share a local tool shed: tap into local resources, zoning from those sensitive reading what the land speaks, internet, library, buildings, land use appropriately for what sustains the local  healthy community + all the critters that do their part, their corridors, trans-boundary paths/trails for all to sustain as living organisms..  see where best for you to start.

                   a nice family/school/public project, where doors open to those in the community to share + reflect.. allowing child + child in adult body to equally self-develop, especially when it gets fined tune, so now each has shared subject matter that can be applied intra/interpersonally `boon with the local  healthy/in rehab, ecosystem, as more patches of sensitivity link.

     patches stays with us as long as you choose, name it what you like, pooling us within a common interest, as the human family comes together on this planet.. part time cooping so other`s can do for self also, while each builds own path into an opening, as a community is built that works for all.. giving us a space to regroup when we fall off. we don`t have to learn the hard way, we can learn in harmony.
patches of material, of texture, design, colors passed on from loved ones, from a sheet patched. i used as a child, handed down from mom when she finally years later could afford a flannel one. i turned it into a piece of cloth then recycled to a dish rag or used as toilet tissue + washed..

               do you know how good this feels.. Mom got it from grandma, passed on, each can take a piece + apply it to self. sharing the thought mode of posting for an event, with each patch torn + tied, sewn to represent  the inner self, the core of our earth, the patches in need, the patches we have of sensitive skills do_in. the connection of patches giving such joy when we understand, when we share our abundance, build on our how to`s, as patches are layed out strung flying in the wind, family quilt, community sand painting, patches of gardens, it`s your choice..

            leaving  fuel for sharing further as cultural joys from 1 ecosystem shares to like ecosystem thru out the planet.. ways to prevent an elephant in a garden patch is appreciated no matter where they are on this planet.

young + old evolve together with a simple set of patches forever being recycled. giving truth of the natural ways which gives a true sense of self to coop with.. an efficiency to preserve, conserve + have a connection for mindbody to feel the freedom of being 1 with the natural world:
               where we respect the air, water + earth with it`s critters, below our feet + now able to concentrate + visualize our human family afar being 1 in the same having equal quality of life.. the motion of birth + dying being an open discussion without unknowns.. as in the next` move do_in, where one defines + gets clear  without such a drain of the human emotion, rather a celebration due to suffering minimized, as we pool our resources..

         vs. the many folks of all ecosystems trying to match western or other ways as they have lost grounding for local sustainability for their local ecosystem, for them self.. leaving them in anxious desire of a delusion thinking it is the answer, keeping them preoccupied in thought consuming energy, not seeing the simple way below their feet.. old never climaxing yet having children having children, leaving a line of undeveloped children within the adult bodies..
patches doesn`t let us go for long as we learn gentle cues to respond to with early signs, preventing, as a gentle bell, as we become aware..
 we can choose to click on stick sketches, once we get an artist to do this, to ease our comprehension..
          known as Martha`s gang that appears if we choose to allow us to find humor in the range humans have, so if you need a hammer over the head to tune into your body cues that are equal in all human design, that you are yet to connect to, so be it.. for many folks have learn`t the hard way in our do_in`s.  
                     together we can find ways to resolve with compassion..
        As we define people + their acts/products that leave negative + positive effects. sharing inner tools to become analytically aware of in time theory vs. out dated fact.  to remove the dependencies that support/created all these negative acts that have destroyed/depleted + still many doing in patches vs. those do_in in other patches.leaving us all with an abundant amount of do_in left, but with this network we put it in perspective to live in harmony, as in the plan` do_in, where the land dictates our use of it, + the rejoin` define of i do_in, while we clear our baggage + have fuel to coop part time + network locally + beyond;
           so what happens when voice mail, mail, etc. left with a pile.. this i can`t believe because i know folks, i know the goodness humans have + get`s only better when we define our self, as in pri`performance do_in when we work thru our unknowns. so as to not falsely expect + nurture self. + continue the exploration with others of shared interest..
            this goes beyond just helping with funds, as we in this network say in the a`way do_in:
               if this makes sense to you + you want to come aboard after your review, then please, we appreciate you giving what can when can. we`ll leave that up to you, to be used for these tools to reach out farther + become simple. So folks interrelate with self..  

        folks once you see these links - +, + go beyond the feel good mode, making choices that go beyond survival, go beyond prevention, pulling future energy, into our ability to live in the moment.. then you will see this as a valuable tool.
                                Peace is really a choice we have now..

     harmony comes when we settle for nothing less then sharing our patches of bi`joy experiences, while we maintain a variety of self-expression with the arts, as in the pri`performance do_in + simply celebrate along the way of our applied lessons. resulting in good science, as we apply common sense in our plan` as we share so all patches link + become a local, global + beyond participant experiencing harmony..         

             A beginning..

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