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Hello folks,

i'd like to add:

it was a nice gathering with a lot of feelings/facts. after spending the
day writing 8 pages sharing my feelings which i already hand gave to your
associate at the meeting. it was quite bombarding to experience + then
comment at end, i was quite filled with stuff, it was my bedtime, but i did
best to comment anyhow..

being a newcomber it was nice to hear story from folks living it. it is a
beautiful productive area that requires great skill due to its variables of
change. these folks are best to answer these questions + resolve building
community that is sustainable. but please consider what i submit for we
have been networking exchange experiences + sometimes when we right in we
don't see the simple ness below our feet.

my comment that the data was not truly laid out, which i thought marine
reserve people would of done by now. i had went to `our ocean meeting
regarding this + they have ideals but why should they not include existing
people to be part of an open study?? rather proposed to do once reserve,
designated areas committed then Dave from Our Ocean states will be studied
+ if no need won't have.but if make a reserve it would take a lot to
convert land back Dave says. he + few others simple proposals have been
thrown out, like use land already set aside as in a state park, no need to
interfere in fisher folks unless they are known to leave negative effects.
even then the existing regulatory entities then need to better adjust with
them + define why they can't work efficiently + together make a viable
system that is very friendly for all. he states science is not good enough
with present local affiliates such as F+W is not properly funded, an
employer from them their stated he loved the areas but felt another south
would be a better choice which was actually Daves proposal that got over
ruled. so he stated it was not possible to study this area proposed for
Marine reserve. which good divers can do, but attention needs priority
focus on list, if one, if not i suggest making one.

so i ask locals that live + work to ask governor of definition of these
titles + review data for energy, resources, personnel, taxation, property
values get exploited, could effect folks in many negative ways, as in many
old timers can't afford to live in thieir home due to tax increase, etc.
then ask if F+W is not effectively cooperatively working with fisher folks
+ they over taxed. then why should we not prioritize our focus to true
needs such as asking fisher folks, which they feel they are left out +
their fees raised as well no consideration for weather alternatives for
fishing. so they endure bad weather to catch up when restricted. + all as
well addressing polluted beach near by + river, etc.

after hearing all i just add that all the years folks where fishing + still
am, did they not take part in building community or where not listened to ,
perhaps others not sensitive to give simple human respect for their skills
+ awareness?? to be defined. where as i bring this to now efficiency. we
want our students to study 1 universal science, so they can build self +
community locally + afar. this verbiage which should be our common
denominator to our 1 common fuel source of energy. us as a living organism
`boon with our natural world. these fisher folks live the science + why has
this not been clear to scientists/biologists/F+W agency, + others.

do you see folks we have a social inability to communicate efficiently.
Miguel Altirei i keep coming back to for he says it best:.
we can strengthen original ecological processes instead of over riding
institutional structures supporting research + development relink the
social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..  

so our existing entities that involve our people in our local community are
working efficiently. so a word/phrase/understanding means the same in any
language locally + afar = 1 universaial science. a science where folks live
it not be left in files or purchased or used with another set of values,

so imagine don't you think we should clean up what we have which involves
real people as in fisher folks that for years have put their life at risk,
worked very hard in nautical weather, been restricted, felt fees
unadequate, + most important felt they weren't listened to.
then you have a biologist that studies in another medium besides the total
hours on the ocean, yet working hard with information, which is not simply
applied in real time for us humans to use as a good tool to repeat +
coexist with simply. ex; a fisher folks out at sea experiences in time
reality to apply for our food. + now a student may observe docks, examples,
etc. feel their science is living proof. this is wrong. students are
inadequately trained + we do not have 1 language to express this way, we
must merge our data collectively + transcribe for working healthy people.
rather we are left fragmented. when this is our sustainable resources, our
food we are talking about.

these folks that where not properly interacting/interacted with all these
years now still give us a chance to work with them creating this science
that is fluid - co_evolving + attempt to efficiently see how our
communities can rehab what is needed before jumping over existing
dysfunction to add another way that then would instantly eliminate some of
these folks from working where they always have.

plus the reality of our natural world is for us to `boon with it, not look
at it. this is where our fuel source comes from. it is here for us to learn
the early signs + self-sustain `boon with it. not ignore + destroy as many
places are. not just close it off thinking we humans are to ignorant to
learn. wilderness awareness is here now. agro-ecology shows ways that work.
folks on this planet have answers if we open ourselves to what we can be.
this is what makes us healthy living in harmony vs. exisiting health
conditions many presently are in, as well the budget we have now ocally +

not to mention the pressures that pushes folks into mixed signals chasing
delusion, creating disassociated energy, that many have no cluse to get out
of. rather programmed folks remain thinking a war ecponomy is needed as
many gain with their vsalues, their idealogy at the expense of others
remaining with confused signals, while others are receiving negative
misuse, not to mention destruction to our habitats.

we need wild to remain wild to preserve our ecology, so our ecosystems can
restore themselves as we stop interfering + learn as quote Miguel above.

our classrooms can open doors into our community at low budget to restore
themself + people as we interact + share our truth. then via reflection
folks can rethink with being exposed to solutions that work. supporting
then to once again become centered + grounded as we each define + recycle
the negative effects left. establinging new neural patthways. vs. the ones
previously built that has standed in ur own way of our human potential.

we can self-empower but it takes support from all part time in a collective
focus. while the rest of the times we are pursuing our self- cleaning up
our baggage + living in the moment leaving no footprints on other life.
including misuse on our self. it is this reflection that allows us to
feel/perceive not right away because we have dulled our senses, but soon
life energy is felt + we know it is right. we can maintain discipline over
our self-sensory observation vs. belief.

it is not easy when others are pulling their programmed way, but together
we can figure out a way that is friendly by gathering like subject pen
pals/ friends /neighbors locally + afar + as we build ourself, as we walk
our path, we then continue our exploration + our penpal then shares local
natrural joy, that we have on this earth in patches`. how tos that we enjoy
as we do an exchange, stopping in along the way.

if we do just a marine reserve now + leave other focus/entities
dysfunctional then we go ahead in some ways + back in others leaving
negative effects, which we do not have to do if we focus on each existing
entity now. talk cooperatively + see what sensitivities/skills are living
science to record/monitor + what is needed in disrepair for an ER triage +
then use the folks now without in all fields to aid what is needed while
each them supports the,self to self-sustain in choosen field within short
term commitments. so no long term anything is iniated. rather a
healing/discovery process. where folks can regain a sense of calm + `boon
with our natural world we are so fortunate to have.

please rethink + make space to co_evolve. don't limit yourself rather come
together + share as good sytems are built that co_evolve in real time. the
existing political system is dysfunctional so to just comply to the
governor is wrong. we the people are the government + can rehab a good
working system with real in time data logged for all to co_evolve.

thankyou for your process i truly hope you continue for many feel the more
info we give you the more restricted fisher folks are. this is wrong as in
the Behmer boat folks, they should be listened to as well many that have
worked this ocean for a long time. old + young, local + afar, working
together gives solutions.

 join in folk's that live + work, add your offerings to folks below by 12.20.2010.
my thoughts submitted:
Re; written public comment by 12.20.2010 submitted to www.portofcoosbay.com/marineres.htm or www.oregonocean.info/marinereserves/capearago

Hi folks,                                                                             12.9.2010

With my fragmented perspective due to not being 100% involved with your process.

I add my input due to loving the natural flow of life for all species including us as a living organism which is interconnected + dependent on our balanced ecosystems to sustain themselves naturally.

After sharing with several folks I speak for all.

In saying this there is no constant, rather a flow with variables, so nothing should be for ever. Rather we should have a good on going collective of data, equally from all that participate. then regulation + enforcement should be carried out + again collectively give feedback. + this system should prioritize our ecological sustainability to fuel us to become aware local, global + beyond participants.

As in creating good policy locally + holding folks accountable locally + afar. end the trawling everywhere. Communicate locally + internationally for our planets preservation part time.

Ports have a lot of control to stop foolish waste or support efficiently from all levels if we prioritize ports for our commercial fisher folks to feed us. to once again retain a local natural living where we don’t exploit our resources or give it to others to be wastefully carried afar.

Rather we can live local + network to reintroduce self-empowerment so all locally are self-reliant. Vs economic gain from being able to buy way in as a business whore. Rather we support in a `tapering transition + with your help we can help all become aware. you have the local facilities to do this:

     CG could have a seasonal program aiding/learning from commercial/sport fisher folks in a collective so not have to continually bring in repeats. As well local port land can support this sharing process in a flow so regulation comes from true grass root origins. Commercial fisher folks can offer much of their in time experiences that many scientists yet to be clear on. but together a nice process can come about. F + W also can open to fisher folks awareness  + work to0gether with all vs shallow limitations as in not paying attention to weather catch up days when they restrict + or the need for constant monitoring on each boat if do? Rather space wise make it feasible so fisher folks can do their jobs physically + rest vs another person aboard taking their space. This is simple common sense that is being over looked. As CG + F+W are not opening to a collective part time for training themselves + those fisher folks leaving negative effects.

The port could establish this cooperative so even the CG working area could part time have a workshop pulling out a fisher folk in need + all work at it together. so now we have community intervention in sustaining our food. vs fuel inefficiency of their study that overlooks some simple practical processes of all’s every day use.

This way our local, state, federal, inter, budget + purpose can efficiently now have good work flow, ridding the present dysfunction. Allowing in time participants that live local to create resolution + updated study of species involved + shift as weather or humans interfere, etc. as in old outdated policy inefficiently still being ineffective as well as some mind sets that interfere.

Lets support these folks + recycle allowing them to rethink so they can interact with positive solutions + come back as they choose in our local community as we recycle their effort, etc. letting them be free to rethink as an equal.

This is what we are capable of with good human awareness. this can be shared with regular feedback. Each community can rise to this + all of us can become aware of what is needed vs continuing fragmented policy. Due to as in presently to many hard working folks under the weather with stress + unable to be on top of all.

So in order for enforcement we must open to a new collective process:
                as I quote professor Miguel Altieri from Berkeley who creates agro-ecology from the indigenous ways that work as he collectively is out in the world with them for 6 months, then back teaching 6 months. He is very clear on our planetary food crisis. As well Masonubu Fukuokas` work. for we have serious issues locally + afar to address:

          aid if given wrong only interferes in our ability to communicate with our self..
              `false materialistic culture, agriculture, begin + end by doing..  but the way true man begins + ends is:.          
                    by do_in  nothing `Fukuoka_                                  
                    by do_in  agro-ecology `Altieri_
             `which can strengthen original ecological processes instead of over riding them. institutional structures supporting research + development relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..    
     this means we have a nice work flow to create.. as we reflect with what is already being done in patches` on this planet.. we can support a `tapering transition of rehab/rebuild/relocate or rid mode from those leaving negative effects. as we accept nothing less then a life of harmony for our self + our local communities, sharing locally + beyond. so others can do the same..

I’ve suggested opening our local classrooms at all levels to the community + for students to come into the community to better become aware of those in need to rid, as well their own. Which interpersonally schools are not addressing + students are gaining information without awareness to truly self develop. This can be done at low + no cost. Folks can empower themselves by having some support to rid their baggage + regain a true self that now chooses creative expression as we together build local + beyond communities. Part time sharing with those unable.

Ridding the economic gain from fear based, programmed folks, delusional thinking we need a war economy. rather we can stop triggering folks from being over pressured by supporting each to self- adjust + together we focus on what sustains us;

       as in pollution of waste in local areas in river/beaches in Charleston. that I have seen since june of 2010.

       Seal over population in marina on docks, makes it hard for folks to sleep when working hard. Also I’ve seen many tourists come very close to injury as children could have been trapped as we experienced 2 times where we actually had to physically hit the sea ion to get by where he was aggressive to us + would not respond as in normal waving, watering etc. tourists like to get close + have photos of them. so we have been lucky. Robbie actually feel running from one of the sea lions trying to get up on his boat.

lack of understanding of why they are here. Which I suggested before for a study to be done by local students of all schools, so each has a local interrelation with their natural community. guided by those that may have to come from afar as in sharing what already is known via like ecosystem from afar. so if feeding carcasses is still keeping them here then follow thru of understanding/enforcement needs to be done. Wild needs to remain wild. This is what I work for. Wild species need to have healthy wild. We as a living organism are dependent on wild for balancing pests, pollinating our natural food, keeping our air + clean water in check. we have the ability to change the structure of water, to see our own toxic footprint is very unaware + folks in the world in patches ` are addressing this + have resolved it. it feels very good when we understand + work for natural ecosystems to sustain us + all speices.

please do your home work + you will be surprised  what can be done now. this balancing act gives us fuel to differentiate our energy we can obtain now vs economic gain that can easily leave us in ill health, look around at how healthy local folks are with mind + body. (review Miguel’s website it is very informative with our food crises. we need to grow our own natural food, no to GMO + pesticides etc. that leave ill effects.) so I feel any of you supporting unfair trade or products from afar to be shipped here or from here. are limiting our local potential. rather we can locally self-sustain + keep our land wild. As we rethink + support our local neighbors with good ethics/principles cooperatively.

A port should not commercialize without purpose for our local livelihood. Containers from afar or fuel sources for afar + or inefficient ones for local. is not the way to revive our local empowerment + human potential, which is dependent on our natural environmental balance. rather building local business is that prioritizes our real needs such as food, clean air + water + waste, as we take an assessment + prioritize our resources locally. even as in say boats unpaid in port where you could after a few payments unpaid take serious action to collect, vs left down the road having to deal with removing or taking apart the boat at
your expense. as well the welding electric inefficiency from folks working on their boats on hard. It is these little things that can eat away budgets.

Then new positions come about + folks can be supported to gain awareness as they temporarily fill positions until more experienced gain as they center + ground of own choosing. Freeing them from state + local aid, etc. you folks have really good employees in maintenance levels that could help at higher levels if all opened cooperatively in sharing solutions for your port + community. I’m thankful for your goodness in many ways.

I’ve even suggested to state officials for shore acres + like property to be used as functional permacultured/agro-ecology for land + sea. + I don’t mean farmed fishing, etc. this should be banned along with trawling anywhere. Look at the salmon farming in Canada + elsewhere to see how we are polluting our healthy species. Where we live with our species in harmony + prioritize their sustainability. rather then stop us because we over due. Rather teach us how not to + we all know by having a natural flow of exchange with our food sources land + water, we can maintain our ability to not interfere so it sustains itself with ongoing natural gardens.

Anyone that travels the ocean knows the mess out their + the illegal actions taking place. I suggested before with us becoming more collectively efficient the enforcement can also be done by our commercial fisher folks to utilize boats when can to support their difficulties in maintaining/accidents, etc. our international waters can better be managed if we collectively come together locally + then reach out with our neighbors once each port has gotten clear on rehab/rebuild, etc.

So ask yourself do you want to become aware + work at this or do you want to see some gain foolishly as they exploit an ideal + lock in reserves + lock in old policy. Vs awakening to a new process where as I suggested before;

I universal science that works where business whors can’t put a file on the table making us think it works to help folks as they did with GMO or pesticides, all the pollutants/waste now in our fresh water/sea. Each latitude/longitude of land can be over laid as we assess + look at present inefficiency + define local how to rehab into a live movement with collective ongoing in time input to work out with all you good folks a way that works. Vs be lost in each pulling their own way + some buying it at any cost to our natural resources. Not to just clean up our own backyard but to share part time what works + doesn’t via each ecosystem. this is a project I presently building + invite folks to make it work as we collect ways that do + share what didn’t.

We can simplify if open to the bigger picture of rehabbing our entire bioregion, not just limit to our own limitations keeping us unaware. Want to take efficient resources + better our natural communities. this way folks cannot exploit as in a marine reserve ideology, rather get real with nuts + bolts for our working communities. + change curriculum so science is based on true application of living in the now. not a hypothesis interfered with by the participant. we can make 1 universal science that simplifies giving us peace as an option now.

No need for accepting any paranoia as many gain economically. By doing this thought we can rid excess funding for fear based misinformation + get very real by better knowing our local folks as we build community together + reach out giving support to those left behind. It is time to deal with the truth of our human potential. look around + we have good examples in patches’ on this planet. We need to be clear + not run with ideals fragmented that connects to excessive waste. We can self-satisfy without leaving a footprint.

We the human species can easily grab on to segments not understanding leaving negative effects on others unknowingly the many folks in the war economy mode are having problems surviving with peace understanding. We can help folks rethink to become human + support that which weakens one to become in disarray leaving harm on others. this is an ill state when one becomes aggressively excessive. This we can manage with early signs as we become aware + by interacting with students coming out of the classroom we now can gain interpersonal awareness efficiently using resources to build a self that responsibly part time builds their community locally + afar.

So we all need to have compassion + if step on another, take responsibility for making it right + yourself. there is so much misinformation that has created out of time policy that if we all go deep within our self, be honest. Then together we all can self-satisfy + it will build a community that harmonizes, not struggle. As we all are fueled due to support measures in place when we need as accidents are a norm. as well this harmony sharing function efficiently leaves us all with creative expression potential. this fuels us to continue our exploration + as we reach out seeking sharing like minded thought of interest. We make the best pen pal ever.

I supporting this now in a forum I’m building.

I feel we can build our path as we walk it + now when stop into do an exchange with our new made friends we have the best local guide to share the most unique natural happenings from local + migratory species. the world offers us richness when we share + part time reach out in a walkabout.

here is the time to make this collective effort happen. if what ever is defined that works best + you have made it hard with change of policy, make amends + have set aside resources to support those folks until they rethink/realign to the natural way for our long term self-reliance.

Thank you for allowing me to share. I’ve tried to give my best when I could these last few years starting in Brookings, submitting community collected thoughts to OPAC.

I feel you local folks that work the ocean + plan to live here know best + together if we open to networking what works, we gain awareness. I want to continue to travel. We built a sailboat + sailed 50k miles + now are here in Charleston wanting to sell a small sailboat that we had bought in attempt to help mom before she died.  So once we sell we plan to leave + carry our experiences as we continue to share in this walkabout. + learn in exchange of how we can better our self + in our part time exchange with living local, building community.

We’ve sailed over to Australia + have seen what it is like to come into an island where tide was low + filled with fecal matter due to no awareness. or trash of batteries/pamper diapers sold 1 at a time from merchant whors, bloated cans that no longer could be sold in US, western products outdated sold over their, where locals had no experience in using, so ended up as a health hazard.

This list goes on from us. + we see how having a desire for something can truly lift our self up out of the earth below our feet. Ex: living a western ideal, chasing material gain from another ecosystem, stealing time from their moment, in a malaria produced area due to ignoring the early signs that could stop it. leaving them fear based of malaria, weakening them more to enable them to get it. where those that lived boon with their local ecosystem in time, which was a few. They had strong immune systems + also knew of natural food/herbs to take + had no problem. + fed themselves.  

Vs others with no food, marine life was robbed, corals destroyed, some resorts actually brought in marine life as if was normal for their clients to think it was paradise. children on the beach very young trying to fish for their food, while adults made 1 potato species raised, when yet they had soil to grow. as they ate betal nut, living with pieces the rest of the world thru at them passing by. Many ill, dieing young. I know how humans can be destructive when unaware. I know how I’ve grown myself from parents giving me fresh water, food + a toilet. For me the world gives us much from folks that have remained boon with the natural processes. This is what we should build our 1 universal science on. no more corporations defining it.

So what I share here with you is not to be taken lightly if you seriously want to survive within our potential. we can live accessing our volts/watts + not leave a footprint, we don’t have to ride on the bandwagon as in Al Gore or the many green movements that are wasteful + fragmented. We can recycle our wires, build substations + not need a national grid where we give to others excessively wasteful.

Same with the wave energy. in my proposal before I stated we need to help our locals now, become aware energy efficiently + if decided it is available then look for self 1st. but land offers less resistance + cost + we should not supply consumption.. I see how hard many have worked to save this beautiful coast. But it does not take going mad or stressing rather it can be done creatively when prioritizing function + energy efficiency.  

Please call if I can further explain, tel 360-450-3749 + please leave a message or email; away@icometotalkstory.net.

 I’ve respected supporting + meeting many good local folks in the NW pacific coast. Good fisher folks protect the species + tune into their natural world everyday. They have many lessons to teach us with their experiences with open ocean, weather + species available. So please reconsider + add them to your final assessment + I hope my thoughts can trigger you all to open your hearts to a new collective thought. for each of your departments are in serious need of help as well many good folks in each so now is time for you all to dig deep + lay truth on the table + those unaware please stand back + observe for living local is real + produces great effects.

It allows us to remove our baggage that lies in torment + consumes fuel that keeps us from reaching the moment. we can pull in our future ideals that also drain + lay them on a cloth/table now + use them. put them to work now. for I feel each of us sharing what we feel then better helps the resolution of what can be efficient to address our real needs as they surface + go on beyond a preventive mode + get out of living in an emergency state. rather live in harmony + be so appreciative that we have what we have to work + live in. with good ocean awareness for tidal waves etc in place. Along with the many other good tools we could use if we better redirect our focus + conserve our resources.

Ask yourself, review the budget for a marine reserve/thought of expanding business, wave energy/local needs, etc. Funds could go for research, public participation, schools rehabbed/support for commercial fisher folks/ sports fishing so all can self-sustain/ maintenance tools supplied in port for education/rehab/enforcement/CG support united going back building local communities that supply fuel for folks to self sustain, working together. as we prioritize our ecological sustainability + processes that are alive. Not left in files or incomplete mindsets.

F+W can then restrict simply once all agree + fish tickets define.

Please accept nothing less than harmony..

Peace is an option now if we share..

I am trying to make meeting tonight, but if couldn’t I wanted to share my thoughts, so please excuse if not accurate with typos. + or if you feel I’ve left a negative effect please let me know.

Thanks, kara
           overlook to 1 of the areas in question proposed, these areas are worked from local fisher folks + folks got up + spoke that go back 70 years. we as a living organism get fuel from `booning with our wild. so it is wise for us to come together + share early signs as we exchange what works for sustainable harvest. yes to remain available for us to adjust with sensitivity + respect to all life. the overlook is beautiful. i can just imagine the indians harvesting all the variety of eatables from chitons to lupine bracken ferm roots, lupine + swamp cabbage, etc.