124`08.87" W 44`01.14`N breakwater entry to Florence, Oregon U.S.

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                   Thanks Suzie, Mark + the crew.. they`welcome folks with friendly smiles at the Port of Siuslaw:.                      



spoke to Nathan from CFVISA, 503-240-9337, from Portland, Or.. a coast guard divison that was developed from all the accidents back in 70`s for commercial fisheries regarding education in safty equipment. He was helpful in our quest to define a budget + supply list for commercial fishing. thanks for the rag look up. all specs emailed from Curt ~10.24.09, filed under commercial fisheries blog, along with applications for `albacore tuna landing license from F+W + Fed.


what a treat to have the Saturday + Sunday Florence, Oregon market. a special thanks to Julie + John + family from Red Hen + company for the best variety of handpicked greens that allowed me to garden all week with their handling..

Last time for Ida from SW Ranch + her goat products. See her at Eugene `hide away market on Saturday. Ida is designing her goat waste recycler to fuel her heat with methane.. if anyone is close to Eugene, Or share with her at the saturday market or share with her here + we will pass it on..


yeah as novice we picked our 1st loster mushroom, I didn’t realize it was a mold that parasitizes it’s host + actually takes a few toxic species + make them eatable, but know your host `brevites for 1, so as to make sure it is not toxic, they say none in Florence, Eugene, Oregon


our last fresh albacore tuna canning, soon over for the year, prices go up as fish lessons, if don’t have time to can, try Thomsons` canned fish off the dock at the Port, in Florence, Or..


after a lot of thought, our combined effort wrote to the international community saying `wild needs to stay `wild..  we can efficiently hybrid our energy + fuel our communities as we rethink our marine/land use + allow our wild ecosystems to gain natural balance. as in Professor Miguel Altieri's work with agro-ecology + others guiding.. we suggest all commercial energy to be stopped, as in wave energy + plot our oceans for wild life + our commercial fisheries.. so we inner-personally regain our balance + live local. maintaining ecological sustainability for our earth + beyond..

10.16 + 17. 09

festival in Yahats, Oregon for mushrooming information + hikes, was a very nice event, next time we hope for support in organizing information of who where for treks. but even though we did not do what was scheduled in a short time the good folks shared a lot of helpful skills for mushrooming..


thankyou Grant for such help with mushroom schedule, it is truly an experience to listen to your experiences with wildlife in the wild, he is very good with all ages at Honeyman campground in Florence, Or, during his lectures. we are so fortunate to have him as a local participant. along with the other folks at the campground. we feel spoiled trekking, swimming + biking in such a beautiful place, especially nice on trails when wind + rain. the hilking trails are nice for dune viewing, bloom of mushrooms after the rains + old growth.

Anna Moore shared her mushrooming skills as a few of us helped gather specimens for the exhibit in Eugene, Or this weekend. this lady is remarkable in her love for nature. + Honeyman is a beautiful place to see these wild diverseness of mushrooms now as you hike thru the trails.

i've completed a summary of our feelings on 350.org in florence, oregon for 10.24.09 event for folks to review further suggested information to support Proffessor Miguel Altieri + make 1 universal science for the public. also posted patches` message board at Heceta Head Conference for Oregons` land -sea connection. postings speak for themself.

join in with your self-expression + share how you choose with your participation as a local, global + beyond participant.



Heceta Head Conference Oregon's land-sea connection: see review for an `organic solution for rulemaking, shared in a `way do_in