124`08.87" W 44`01.14`N breakwater entry to Florence, Oregon U.S.

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in responce to last few emails sent out; the `international community movement is accepting nothing less than to live local, see archive for; an `organic solution + other health care/energy/nuclear disarmament, etc. written these last several months.

I feel if I perceive I choose to respond. but I've worked hard to perceive what I feel is what most efficient + calming, not just cluster f. + I think if more would respond in the moment, it would be healthier for all. but if they just responded to chatter, then others as in project would reflect + then each self-observe + could adjust on own. so back to us do_in vs too much of saying which does throw us off.
to respond to self + each other, my ideals of visually feeling energy + seeing imbalance in left - right brain + what I perceive is real with ex; the psych doctor that just killed along with few others as public speakers.
you have not read my writings, I attempt to bring forth what is not being considered + address before going on, then solutions will change. even though give good reference. so I look at this as staying in the moment + trying to responsibly interact. vs yada.
it is a job many get paid for, I not, but this goes beyond money, rather it is what we perceive + how we stay sharp or dull to work it, so as not to interfere.
my weight/personal balance, I see is in response to a lot of misunderstandings. along with juggling what I choose + the sadness of what has been thru bad choices. so i'm learning to recognize these patterns 1st, so I can reprogram + work into a balanced life.
I think life should be shared + for all to think the legislators due it on their own is so wrong + my experience in Oregon proves it, because they good folks, although with same human characteristics subjected to all, depend on people's input. + sure many just do without being a democratic system. + I see how it has co_evolved negatively due to a few doing because others have not even known the others are doing, etc. in  my head I refer to detail in papers, as well build project + personal awareness.
so it is dysfunctional. so to do_in, it takes seeing these parallels. + I suggested plotting it. Dr. Jane from Noaa was looking for an organic solution. so my mail out to them all, addressed what project do_in as an organic act, that they can use to trigger their needs + I suggesting a cooperative amongst: boaters - com + rec + sports, Noaa, F + W, + few other entities for global perspective + beyond.. + in retrospect clean up, + get clear before going forward with the 1st 2 reserves designated in Oregon + plots for wave energy. using Miguel Altieri’s message to the North about planetary food issue with south as reference. + values of science needing to be of 1 value for the public, not for agendas, etc. to rule. as his experience has been to have his files overruled by others controlled for other reasons, which is not true science. ex; thinking GMO is helping feed the poor, strangeness. His links show good data for our planetary food reality + those struggling.

Truth can give us peace now if we network it.


what a joy the mushrooming has been, thanks to learning from Anne Moore’s skills from her community support. Now the winter storms bring us amazing waves with log action – be cautious of jetty rocks + sink holes as what occurred this last week at south getty. tomorrow should be sustained 40 + 60 mph wind gusts at head lands. Yet most of the time, always enough time each day to get out, either beach walking or in the forests or sand dunes if winds too strong. + enjoy the wild: geese are migrating, pelicans still here, seals are really abundant today at the overlook off 101 by the Heceta Head lighthouse,

remember those mile markers for; wind shielded trails with nice ocean over look as at Cape Perpetua, easy hike on those days ya just want to have a nice flat walk such as Siltcos camp off 101 S of Florence - is nice for that.

 remember your abundant harvests of nice berries, mushroom, note location + type for next year.