124`08.87" W 44`01.14`N breakwater entry to Florence, Oregon U.S

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      take a breath of fresh air in the wild.. lucky us we have solutions, even though some are still out of balance, as in the aprox. 6000 seal/sea lions along this beach just south of the Heceta Head light house in Oregon.. see gallery for more in same location..


busy enjoying the mushroom experience with those that do it, thankyou + you really have to respect these folks for they endure a lot of trekking in the bush to retrieve these shrooms, rather for science, medicine + food. we've apprecieated their lessons, within the rains, along with the nice beach sand dune walks to block from wind + give us fuel for networking.

check out our posts; COP15 1:45 pm 12.-02.09 post from kara, mailed to constiuents, along with reps in the US, Greenpeace, 350.org, `All for Good, the product blog, + others, bringing notice for us to demand 1 universal science for public, not those influenced by agendas, etc. rather reestablishing good practices + elimanate waste as solutions are defined vs more entities + resources put into as in `marine reserves, wave energy, when resources can go into enforcement of restrictions on local + international permits/licensing, as in fisheries, where we must face the 1 universal science for the public that is incorrect that is depicting nature's way.

+ suggest opening school rooms into the community to apply with particpants do_in. the natural way is not being respected, the sealions, cormorans non-native, are interfering in salmon runs along with the trawler/gragger that takes the salmons food. this we can address withour massacre as in the caldron dolphin. we can pool resoures in a cooperative which I've asked the ruling board for Marine reserves to create, in my paper, `an organic solution..

we as a community local participant can cooperatively work to make democracy + interrelate in creating decisons, changing policy + rid dysfunctional government, which fragments our input.


posting ideals, on `White House blog for job forum, sharing John's email, from Green peace, that i don't agree with. yet we work together sharing ideal for creating jobs. by addressing negative issues with solutions.


To: "Greenpeace John Hocevar"

Hi John + folks,
I disagree, that Marine Reserves will end out of control ravaging of our oceans..
             I feel we can efficiently with our local communities pool our already exisiting entities + make them work or rid them;
            with better enforcement thru adding cooperatives amongst all parties + have existing agencys adjust licensing + permitting already in place.

so all waters are covered. this way resources can better support these folks along with education to better our selves + our local communities as we network afar responsibly. where I believe folks need to utilize responsible commercial fisheries for research + education. this will make up for folk's losses that presently aren't being compensated for. vs adding new entities as reserves.
I presently see how some entities are non-functional + I've sugggested to Fish + Wildlife to communicate with people that have lived off the sea + they feel the natural reserves are in place. + we need to address the imbalance + non-native species as in relocating sea lions + cormorans, along with stopping trawlers + draggers from catching salmons food as ex.
so I really want to support good ecological sustainable balance of our ecosystems + prioritize our ports as working commercial fishing entities that sustain our food. + not just wipe out their livelihood, like what just all most happened in oregon. once folks spoke up the Marine Reserve`s ideal was reduced 75% of it's original intent + still being refigured in oregon. for community efficiency to sustain our livlihood on a balanced environment.
I want good research + I love the wild + want to keep it, along with good communities that rethink + support good science + hybrid energy efficiency along with small generators off grid, reducing their needs.. I suggest you looking into Miguel Altieri's work + he can show you how Al Gores's mode of bio-tech has negatively effected small farms in the world. + our present writings to the Copenhagen `Climate conference + to Barack's forum + blog for work iniatitives, along with `united we serve, we welcome Al Gore to rethink for our tapering `transition process to enable him to come to reality with 1 universal science for the public. + with his goodness redefine his inner-personal developement + help us move forward with ways as in Miguel Altieri's work + rright now deal with real issues we face with real solutions we have.

along with welcoming you folks to awaken to your inner depths, + ask yourself each day are you complaining about something? well good for you this tells me your alive yet aware how to apply your ability to see a solution. now take the next step + connect with these folks + share our network for your support to enable your abulities to help provide solution, while you self-sustain.

yes + actually feel good about now connecting with our human potential of how we process information best. + in your reflection with the good folks we are fortunate to have as in Jenny Pell + Miguel Altieri + many. we now self-observe + adjust + stop our misuse as we rid our baggage along with taking part creating our moment, now choosing nothing less than harmony.

yes I cannot say this in less words, so folks be patient for I submitted several to awaken our solutions by working together, volunteering helps us get going + then we establish our independence that fuels us to part time assist another, while together we build our local community + network afar for our family.
I live simple within the natural world + no thanks to the industrial folks manipulating science for own agendas. + we welcome you to a tapering `transition to regain your human awareness.

says John, Protection before profits!

The greatest remaining wilderness on Earth has almost no protection from gross over-exploitation and destruction.

Out of control commercial fishing is big business, and it’s destroying our oceans.

Because Greenpeace has a solution: establish a global network of marine reserves to encompass 40 percent of our world’s oceans. John you folks have allowed us to interrelate + adjust, so now with your solution please do the same here + rethink.

The head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which governs marine species in U.S. waters, admits that regulators have not curbed overexploitation of our oceans: "The traditional ways of dealing with the oceans, whether they're commercial species or not, have not been effective." John my recent writings to Dr. Jane at NOAA has offered an `organic solution, for us to come together + plot the same location, the same latitude + longitude, as we rid our negative effects, + either efficiently utilize a n entity or recycle it, so our plot remains pure as we protect our natural balance which many yet to know + science is being influenced by agndas. yet together we can redefine it's balance of all species + regulate already existing channels in place. vs start another which would not address all these inadequacies precently happening producing these negative effects.

John says;
•The Alaskan Bering Sea pollock fishery is showing grave signs of collapse. China purchases more than $500 million worth of Alaska seafood annually - as the population of pollock is decimated, seals, seabirds and others risk starvation.
•Bluefin tuna populations are so threatened that they risk extinction. Bluefin tuna, a sushi favorite, sell now for $2,000 to $100,000 per fish.
•Over 100 million sharks will die this year, mostly because of the growing demand for shark-fin soup. Shark fins sell today for over $300 a pound.
The oceans and all that depend on them are counting on us to take action, and we have to take action: While our oceans cover two-thirds of the planet, only 0.5 percent are protected - compared to 13 percent of lands protected around the world.

           John our land + water use is inefficently led by agendas + if we don't correct + state the reality of bad science, then it would just continue on into our ocean use.
we must address our wrong doings now in place by ineffective people/entities + policy, hold them accountable, + give them an option to rethink. + recycle them so we awaken folks to our potential of becoming sensitive to our natural boundaries. + in this process our educational systems change + come into the community + apply vs stay in belief of theory that needs to be updated. alowing students to stay with the real world in real time community exchange.

Studies of existing marine reserves prove that protected areas produce up to 200 times as many fish, which grow larger and older than those in unprotected waters, and help to restore depleted populations.

yes John if you look at what is happening in oregon now, folks are breaking up the micro management + in places yes this is helpful, but we must look at national, state + county resources to see the bigger picture of how we as a family can not just ignore the serious issues on the board now + jump over them. rather we can work collectively to change the negative acts, not let them continue + co_evolve them into positive local solutions.
now we have waters + life + land awareness that works within nature's boundarioes, additive yet not interfering in any species including our need as a living organsism to be dependent on our natural sustainability.

thankyou John, please reconsider.
I used Miguel Altieir's message from the south as reference for 1 universal science for the public, to Copenhagens `climate conference constituents. requesting to effectively make UN work efficiently or be clear + step down. we need a governing body to hold people/governments accountable for working within our natural systems including interrelating with people in real time, along with administering a tapering `transition for folks to rethink, while they stop leaving negative ecological effects on any life.

as if this is not enough to address, then it appears we now have UEA investigating the manipulation of science used for the `climate conference, etc. you can view COP15 blog on climate thoughts.

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Crisis rhetoric has to be matched with crisis action
As the Copenhagen Conference swiftly approaches, government leaders from around the world are working hard to convince their constituents that they understand we face a climate crisis. However, to date, the scale of their commitments utterly fails to match the scale of their rhetoric.
Senator Christine Milne, Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens, immediate past Vice-President of the IUCN and a UNEP Global 500 Laureate. 04/12/2009 13:15
What a contrast with the global financial crisis where the crisis rhetoric from world leaders was matched by effective, immediate and cooperative crisis action.
Unless and until the crisis rhetoric of climate change is matched with crisis action, it is doubtful that a meaningful agreement can be reached at next month's conference.
Around the world, governments are explicitly linking the extreme weather events we've seen – heat waves, bushfires, drought and floods – to climate change and using that link to push for the limited action they are willing to take. Attacking climate sceptics for holding back action has also become a favoured mechanism for claiming the moral high ground in the climate debate. This claim to be guided by the science while espousing weak and scientifically unsupportable targets, this climate hypocrisy, is more dangerous than true climate scepticism because it is more insidious.
It is deeply troubling that the communiqués from recent G8 and G20 meetings fall into exactly this category of spin over substance. These statements have adopted the climate science as their raison d'etre, but jettisoned that science in coming to their conclusions. At L'Aquila, for example, the leaders of the world's largest economies committed to keeping warming to less than 2C above pre-industrial levels by aiming to stabilise carbon concentrations at 450 ppm, which was to be achieved by halving global emissions by 2050. This is scientifically flawed at each of its three levels.
Firstly, many scientists, together with many developing country leaders, now warn that 2C warming will not be safe and we should do everything we can to limit warming to far less than that.  Secondly, the average of all scenarios modelled in the IPCC process gave us the scientific conclusion that at 450 ppm we have only a 50% chance of constraining warming to 2C. Since we are trending at the upper end of IPCC scenarios, we can conclude that a 450 ppm trajectory gives us a less than 50% likelihood of staying below the 2C threshold. Thirdly, 21st century carbon budgets developed by leading scientists show that halving global emissions by 2050 has no chance of putting the planet onto a 450 ppm trajectory.
It would be a tragedy if the Copenhagen Conference made the same mistake. If world leaders are serious about taking the advice of climate scientists, they must lift their ambition to the 350 ppm stabilisation that science says is necessary for a safe climate outcome, and lift the ambition of their emissions reduction targets concomitantly. For developed nations this will mean cuts in the order of 40% below 1990 levels by 2020, heading towards zero emissions well before mid-century.
The thing about science is that you cannot pick and choose the bits which are and are not convenient. You cannot negotiate with the laws of physics and chemistry. President Kennedy, when aiming for the moon in 1961, could not simply dismiss the effects of gravity to make the job easier. Nor could he aim to put a man on the moon and leave his return to a later date when it was more politically expedient. Kennedy’s scientists and technologists had to work as hard and fast as possible to succeed in doing what was necessary to meet the challenge, and to use the laws of nature to help rather than hinder their task.
One of the many problems we face in driving political ambition is that some scientists who privately warn that we must make very deep cuts very fast, in public allow themselves to become what they call "pragmatic". They temper their advice because they fear that honest advice will be seen as politically impossible and will thus be ignored or ridiculed. I say to those scientists, have courage. If you do not, there is no chance at all that the necessary targets will be adopted. You will become part of the problem not part of the solution.
As a global community we need to take heart from the response to the global financial crisis. If there is the political will, anything is possible. The world turned on a sixpence, dramatically and rapidly changing policy and finding trillions of dollars in a matter of weeks.
It is not knowledge we lack, nor technology nor the capacity to address global warming. It is the political will. If we fall into the trap of pragmatically assuming we cannot build the necessary political will, we are doomed.
If we – the scientists, the politicians and the community – demand the same level of crisis action in response to the climate crisis that was taken in response to the financial crisis, we will solve it. We will gladly sign up to multi-billion dollar financing commitments, we will reach a fair and strong agreement to protect biodiversity and forest carbon stores, we will embrace the challenge of deep and steep cuts in emissions and move swiftly to the zero carbon economy of the future.
The climate solution is within our grasp, but we must have the honesty and courage to grasp it.

Senator Christine Milne is Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens, immediate past Vice-President of the IUCN and a UNEP Global 500 Laureate.

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frank fog
04/12/2009 17:47Even if they only sign an agreement that world leaders are visionaries,
Prophets who are working to avoid warming disasters,
COP15 will be declared a great success.

From all the jet vapour trails leading to COP15,
The weather will have cooled or warmed for a while,
To influence the weather towards the local IPCC determined optimum,
There will be public demand for weekly meetings

Terry Busch
04/12/2009 22:38Dear Senator,

In light of Climate Gate at the University of East Anglia (UEA) I believe it is time to take a step backwards and re-evaluate the urgency of this situation.

It has been brought to my attention that there are only 3 major sources peer reviewed climate data.



3. University of East Anglia.

I doing my our research on these sources I have found that NOAA has used source date from CRU and made adjustments to their own conclusions.

CRU emails have revealed a deliberate and ongoing scandal to hide the decline of earth temperatures for the last 20 years.

I have read those emails. On dated 16th of October 2003 John Holdren President Obama's climate Czar pressured researchers at CRU to eliminate any science that is contrary to the "hockey stick" theory.
Please read this: File: 1066337021.txt

It is now evident that the data released from CRU is not relevant to the issue. NOAA is must also be considered suspect and their data questionable.

Two out of the three climate research sources are now not considered credible.

These current revelations bring into doubt the conclusion that global warming is human caused, and that we as humans can do anything to stop it if it does indeed exist.

I recommend that this conference should not proceed with the current plan, but rather turn the focus on the current issue. That is weather or not the currently accepted climate research data is valid.

I also encourage a public debate on climate change. Here in America Al Gore the leading proponent of global warming has refused to debate the issue publicly.

He is not a scientist yet he insists that the debate is over. I resent his arrogance on this issue and insist that full disclosure of all climate data be put up for public debate.

Al Gore has admitted he will profit financially from Cap And Trade and the Green Industry. His opinions should be considered as a form of manipulation for profiteering and not based on sound science.

Please consider these my requests and realize that millions of Americans do not believe in Al Gore's misconceptions of man made global warming.

Thank you

Terry Busch

I posted after Terry.

I did Peace Action West Blog posting in responce to Obama's 30 k troop decision.

Truth can give us peace now if we network it.


The air is crisp + nice if bundled. The sun hits the sea in a shimmering glow as we ride up the coast. The sea lions in abundance are still on beach below Heceta light house. cold + cozy 22 degrees last night?? Lucky us to have this little Santana cast iron wood stove aboard, where we burn 1 presto log over 24 hr period, cut up in little logs.

Our long line of sea birds that usually float with the current on the Siuslaw river, toward the bridge only, where now just a few. We’ve yet to figure out why they only go on ebb tide or slack. Never incoming. Anyone know? It has been such a joy to see them in almost single file in the middle of the river do their stuff, perhaps bath + socialize.

Have you folks been listening to John Cooney’s archive on NPR radio? What a treat for him to share the seasonal changes of our `Natural World, here in Oregon, USA. I do hope you all define your area for your folk’s offerings in real time.

posted my responce to how we can unite + make a temporary cloth/table while we put our agendas together, clear the fog, + define targeted areas of whom to best communicate + whom is controlling now present distribution of our US resources locally + afar:. see archive for 1st mail out to `new day new way, for solutions, reflect with attachments; photo `reflect, + by most recent emails; Bill Gates, Copenhagen, an `organic solution, Obama + G-20 `hands on to hold on + then what...


the birds are back in a huge flock, flying between rain + sitting on other side of river out of wind. last night 2 am they where chattering away on dock right next to us.