1st create + post a simple message board, for all to be aware..

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 patches`, a simple message board with info for gathering. (see patches` construction of message board to trigger thought.)

       this works for more to stay updated, eye-to-eye. patches` of earth have good folks living in simple natural harmony on this planet, locally + beyond.

bringing locals together helps reflect where folks heads are at, whether living in mindbody balance or chasing belief elsewhere. if honest we all are an open book + we invite sensitive folks that can share how to read the early signs for each to regain their own center + ground. this forum helps us share like subject matter via ecosystems. To allow us to bring home what can work for us to co_evolve with. as well post our offerings that work:.

                             log in, be responsible to share the real you as you unfold or if you`re a lucky one in harmony. come help others still trying to get out of own way - + with us build a nice archive of living local solutions via ecosystems for easy retrieval. it may take a few shifts before we figure out this clarity, so please have patience – with real time seasonal exchange, with our bi`joy experiences sharing what sustains us as we rehab our communities to harmonize with the natural world.

no more chasing radical happenings that present them self from dysfunctional systems. folks we are in the position to support each other to become aware.. to maintain + rid the long over do preconceptions that produce a war economy, along with our own misuse. with linking patches` of awareness, we can become self-reliant + heal. We do not have to reinvent the wheel.

when a spokesperson speaks for a local community, it should be an interchangeable role - that all understand. responsibly speaking for the whole. that the whole understands. with one science that can be applied, once one reflects + takes out that which can be used, to co_evolve with it, for like ecosystem(s).

                          with my awakening to the political systems, the politicians need feedback. plus they also have resistance getting what they feel they are after, for it appears they have removed themselves from their local community they represent. + have many issues on their table. this is not good. the town meetings are incomplete, the limited time does not allow all to understand these issues at hand. Nor address what folks feel they are having issues with.

the many issues out their seem to supercede the reality of what folks locally experience.

here is where we make this judgment call to bring this forum back to people living local - `boon with the natural world, eye to eye + then post results. to then do a walk about with this tool, which we feel is a good tool within the virtual world's potential, allowing us to create as we prioritize our wild to sustain us.

meaning go direct without layers. example reflecting in acts of do_in. no more entangled in layers of information where 1 cannot act on that piece of information. as i experienced in 2009 when many real issues are not completed due to present bad science that can co_evolve. rather left in compartmentalized chaos. only to group fragmentation + shallow layers addressed, leaving no root of understanding for true co_evolution. Along with experiencing business whores, as they pursue trade across the planet, as they depleted ecological resources.

           we invite these folks into a `tapering transition, giving them support to rethink + work within nature`s limits, as together we do an exchange. as they make it right, recycling what can as they come back into our local communities once again as a human in harmony, leaving no footprint as they continue to self-satisfy.

      please direct energy into positive act that can be locally felt.. this way we don`t contribute to the air that house our disassociated energy that then easily comes into many unprepared. rather we interrelate, harness what we know + define what we don`t.

          before more is piled on. + no more, address that which is not laid out - on cloth/table with common sense. where all see it equally + take responsibility to make change together. no one person can do it alone. It takes a movement for 1 universal science to be made into a working good sense, vs. the fragmented sciences now, that are not working efficiently.

            we can share what works naturally, when we do care trade.

                   we do just this by interrelating with issues at hand local + afar. sharing what it takes to rid our baggage, become efficient so as to displace dysfunction, to be clear of what is + bring harmony into our lives by being present in creating our moment.

  so we don`t destroy the earth below are feet that can better sustain us, as we prioritize our local community food forests..

        this can be most efficiently done by sharing like thought with those, within our local gathering of folks. clarifying what needs to be brought in or seeked out locally, to give us a whole perspective, enabling us to cover all bases of do_in`s.

              define location to place a message board, where all can view as they go about their simple life.  stay consistent with children + adult, to maintain. interacting with the issues, with energy in balance with natural world in real time. whether you are passing thru, temporary or a permanent participant, these issues are best addressed when we stay in the moment + live local. this will further your clarity for explorations afar.

create some nice simple formats from recycled materials taken from a community tool shed, perhaps yet to be built? now is the time when come together.. as children reach out + do a walkabout with all to put together our heads + bodies, with what can be recycled + shared. for the community to work together to become a local, global + beyond participant. reaching out 1st to self, then locals, then neighbors as then one networks + links these patches` of good folks do_in, for others without. sharing what works afar.
                    we want to reflect with amazing folks that are in every community still do_in what they did 70 or so years ago, as with Masonobu Fukuoka.

     which have true story to share or those that have learned from them before they left us, as with Masonobu`s understandings shared with young + old globally. these are the folks we invite, as we suggest schools opening their doors + involve the community.

        s students organize community needs + offerings. giving them hands on experience to apply their thought + desires. Without having to be stressed from theory alone, as in many schools now. as well this gives opportunity for the child within the adult body to self-develop along side the students.      
        As we share in a potluck, which is the best starting point, + let our fresh natural grown food start the platform. defining if we are ecologically sustainable. is our land use being supported with sustainable measures from our wild remaining wild;

        As we gain sensitivity to work it seasonally, that builds resourceful people aware for when natural disasters take place.

    are we able to market our fresh goods to fulfill the needs with diversity at a fair price locally.. Seasonal offerings can be abundant all year as we address our fresh water, sea, air + land use/available product/service, with care trade..

  we can taper off of the Free Trade mode that is not free. same with the Fair Trade that interferes in our ability to locally self-develop, as we rethink our `plan land/freshwater flow to sea use review.

          so now those still inefficent that supply large food chains, as they market internationally, processing + packaging as products go back + forth wastefully, now taper into care trade being aware of respecting all local life, for their needs to be met first...

                  ask everyone to bring their own agendas, + make time for all to be heard. Students can trek/bike + reach out to those unable to participate as we welcome all to share input.  yes gather with school boards, elected officials, people building community, building a self. it will take ongoing gatherings, but be persistent to hear all. while gathering those clear to organize + log efficiency.

      to act together as a cooperative, leaving a log book for folks to do their homework + define whom to get updates from, of that detail which is not logged:.
               in support of what sustains us, we prioritize what most urgent to start with. so then in calm mind folks come together in this order we suggest 1st time experiencing our forum. this will trigger you folks to work with yourself + better define your community needs + offerings:.

           it could be on an overlook of biome that fuels our ecosystems, recycle with existing zoning land use in the plan` do_in, supporting local farmers` issue. another time scheduled for do_in massage understanding, as all become aware + do., etc. or prioritizing those in need without support.

                             it is good to invite students with all, to put a ER triage together for the community. can't get better then here to collect existing data for updates, if need or to co_evolve with + rethink, where to start, along with follow thru:.
                or a bio-waste compost area.. or natural building/rehab/recycle a community tool shed sight.. seed saving, wild crafting seasonal offerings, plant forage perennial areas, open boundaries, allow rivers to flow once again to neighbors, etc. a watershed/river/lake/ocean front.. or a trans-boundary migration path.., replanting for renewable resources – balance pests, or any of our `transitional realities that need our ongoing attention to bring back our priorities for local sustainability within our 100 miles or so, giving folks a sense of empowerment as we all gain wilderness awareness truly understanding how we are dependent on our ecological sustainability:.

                       in each do_in, rejoin`within yourself. with others.. rejoin` is not a workshop to just be part of. do_in is to apply yourself with what sustains you.

          this is a `way to define who has what interest, do_in what, to have the best of what can be with the ecosystem/biome we presently in. recycle with existing entities to make them more efficient. rid repeating + redirect energy into what is needed to balance/restore. so nature can sustain itself naturally. understand where we went wrong supporting the `green revolutions proven not to work. network with those that have done/do_in their homework. as in Navdanyas diary for local farmers, as they struggle to survive from Monsanto’s ongoing damage + others with GMO, leaving them unable to save own seed, etc. + now what Barack has offered. Please read her dairy + comment to Barack, as I have done.

             this is the time to rethink if want to relocate. do not commit long term, rather stay mobile + commit to yourself only + please be responsible with your postings.  these `transitions from our combined` effect help us get clear. by posting you invite those needed, in your community. simplify + reflect with those that have this natural harmony. to better bring home what we can do now. + live as a local, even though you may be temporary. rather it allows us to develop our sensitivity to walk with local skills, wherever we may be fortunate to choose.

        we suggest no long term commitments accept to our self + be honest with all.

                                rejoin` do_in reflects this sensitivity.
                    this is about our inner/interpersonal self-development now. so we define what feels best for each of us + what our options are now working together as a cooperative. short + long term so as to get back to being present in creating our moment. which is our objective. only then can we responsibly `boon with our natural world, leaving no ecological negative effects.

                                        simply gain respect for all life..               

       with our local food high on list;

                with the local small natural farms, focusing for our community food forests to merge, is a good start. this can be prioritized for our 1st potluck..

     share an abundant harvest. define date, time + place + whom is bringing what from + take part in collecting/preparing, along with foraged patches` in abundance, to be harvested.

instantly, in these acts, we come together with the natural world. a simple log, in respect for those unable to attend yet want to participate. this starts our personal contacts with new neighbors that we join together with. to define who needs what to also come aboard as an equal participant, + network for support, etc..

define whom is reaching out + pooling for those unable. this is great when young + old work together + incorporate with more students coming out of classroom into the real world + apply themselves with hand on experiences, creating along side of us all, preparing for weather backups, access for handicap, pool to aid those unable. so each time the community is at more ease with it’s interchanging support, for when unable, to restore + aid that unable, etc.:.
          treking/biking food to those unable to come + pick up their offerings + exchange, updates.. folks taking turns logging, that attend. catch up on happenings by contacting 1 that was present.. building self-sustaining ways so no one has to think for another, accept for the directly supporting care giver.
                           we suggest gathering for a potluck in a wild space, boon` with our natural seasonal happenings, it is this we call bi`joy experience.. here we allow our self the ability to be calm, relax + allow the flow of life to do an exchange with where best needed within.. our inner tools know what to do, we just need to learn our early signs so as to use them energy efficiently. + stay out of their way + not allow programming of belief to interfere, as we sort it out + rid baggage.. this way we can be aware of our wild to remain wild.

we can become aware + maintain sharp sensors for mental clarity + physical strength. by do_in this focus we are fueled as we create it. then follow thru + use this - a `way tool to for one per do_in to post in the virtual world. simultaneously to your local posting with patches` message board, staying updated with all.  

                                  this creates a larger walkabout reaching out.

nature doesn't take from us, when we yet to learn how to stay centered with our whole being.. if every time we consider posting, we go in the wild, or take a few minutes to look around + see the natural experiences taking place, it has a `way of centering us back into our whole body to not forget our self.. vs. chasing our head + ignoring our body.. to please another.. or for stuff.. their is a time for this too, but you come 1st or your part time participation with us or for another to do the same, will be interfered with your inability to stand behind your exchanges..

             when you come together in a `way do_in   share some photos, some music, that has awakened you to yourself + the natural world..

start here with a `way thoughts, reflect with postings, jot a few notes along the `way, allow yourself to co_evolve, take a walk in the wild + self-observe to see what this has triggered. then share it with others.go eye-to-eye + reflect, review others postings, before considering posting:.

                  this `transition from doing, misusing, while inter-intrapersonally + ecologically leaving effects.. to do_in where we can simply be 1 with our natural moment, is a bit to understand at 1st.. if need special sensitivity check out/participate in our `transition blog.. for those other ideals yet to be clear that you can add that we have forgot here, while we all co_evolve, then check out the other `topics blog.

as you get clearer, help others by posting in appropriate do_in, both locally + virtually. for it is this awareness simply with common sense that can fill in our missing links.

                bring good fresh local small farmed, foraged, back yard, natural grown food in a variety of preparations from diverse in season offerings. this is our best gauge of whether we are sustainable or not. We then know the condition of our fresh air, water + land use. bring some music, some crayons/pencils, recycled poster material with weather protection. for building message boards, photos for log, stay current with a childs` perspective of what they perceive from do_in with us. such as allowing them to draw their story  on our cloth for gathering to lay food on, do_in efficienctly with what is needed, etc.

with the young, old + wooho! we all buzzzzzzz with cute little colorings from the very young as they perceive a way for us to rethink with, redirect + apply what sets the cloth/table stage for these best indicators. of where we think we are, vs. where we are + what we can do now leaving no ecological effects. + start here with natural tools for the children, so as not to waste. Collect with them what can be recycled/simply naturally made.

      It is quite disheartening to see the toys/ materialism not to mention the synthetic clothing for children. Making it very difficult unless you can do an exchange, recycle others or sew.

      It is here you reach out finding solutions, each time you continue to gather with like focus. But it’s best when tools are so simple that no one desires what they can`t have.

                 together we can develop the undeveloped child within that has misused/abused..
                       i realize some of you have none of that so bring what works, or if unable to do that, we say, pool resources for food for thought. during this exchange, we can define a simple way down the road. To accept nothing less then a natural way. as we part time come together in these do_in`s for those unable + our self. holding our self + locals accountable locally + afar.

in the next` move do_in.. we reach out + welcome the international family to come together in support. until folks locally able to self-sustain + also become a part time local + global participant. in their choices of what works..  

we can self-observe + reflect with what is, when we share local + beyond.. with like ecosystem offerings.

            do this lightly, for the fuel obtained from the discovery of our inner tools, gives us the ability to process our baggage. where we can shift layers we've built. bring future illusion to now, which allows us to sharpen dull sensors, + perceive the moment now in a clear perspective.

let the children + child we want to retain within us all, create, maintain follow up. + do a walkabout, gather local shared tools, space + recycle for the community tool shed..        

      post  on patches` message board for updates. those that never should of been created acknowledged + rid. create lessons by do_in what should have been done to begin with. yes it may be a loss to some, but overall it vibrates a strong signal for all to feel.

when we all can reflect with a responsible way we all redirect because the human `way feels the energy that is a live. this allows no space for aggression or any aggressive tool. rather children make their community the best-tutored classroom ever. as old + young do an exchange, in maintaining this walkabout. where discipline of self-sensory observation vs. belief is lived in the moment the natural way, indigenous have always done.
    now we feel energy, make space to redirect, as our sense of priorities shift. creating ways that work:.
           clothes` recycled with patches` reminding us of the beautiful explorations shared in our bi`joy experiences as we explore our unique planet + beyond. patches` passed on from loved ones. sharing ethnic cultures from the beginning that have built on natures' way - living close - booning` with the natural world..

check out John Cooneys` archives of his radio programs, as he transcribes what nature speaks - `natural world.. invite those that study with `wilderness awareness + bring this energy into your community as we share these special experiences from folks simply living in the wild.. helping us better read + translate the early signs that are always presenting themselves.

as we explore + network, stop along your path into your opening.. + visit your pen pals` made, during your pooling of  these resources, share the bi`joy experiences. + do an exchange with the like minded subject shared. fueling those struggling in patches` yet to sort out how to simply live..

make this simple don`t get lost in information, or do_in(s) rather use it to trigger in time growth, to become whole + self-express thru each step of this, as you apply to yourself 1st. yes self-satisfy without leaving a footprint.. don`t waste papers + products, accept for recycling for message boards for do_in.

         for small children/adults working on thought, sand + dirt work great.  take a digital picture for virtual log book + in walkabout take around a notebook for sharing photos, that can be logged in for easy access. When you have a group of folks without computer then print a copy of what we offer here + add your log book + let them share it. helping them realize in this walkabout that they also can post with other’s help. Or 1 post for the group/community. what is of must important is to live this eye-to-eye. the virtual world is just another tool.</>

                              patches` of wild give many bi`joy experiences.

create a pri`performance + celebrate along the way.. this can be incorporated, taking a break from sorting out.

use these tools + create what works for you. within your energy + your time frame + especially for your ecosystem/biome.  review others postings, stay updated.. listen to local live music made from folks coming together for each do_in. put energy into cleaning up your baggage + this walkabout reaching more folks unable..
                       more folks with unique sensitivities..
  in our `transition with our life becoming aware of freeing your self from misusing unconsciously or consciously + coevolve.. giving us yet another tool to work on our self as you post your bi`joy experience with your local community + beyond.
it is here in a `way that we create our combined` effect. defining our commitment to only our self, + our exchanges, as well for those unable. in a motion mode co_evolving..  we make no long term commitments accept to our self. we gather friends, be honest + take part in building our community that is non-dependent on any of us.. rather interchangeable roles as we come + go, logging for those unable to attend. fueling for all to break the false codependency`s, as we gain a oneness with out natural world + each other.

         take a piece of our earth + self-develop, as you prioritize a food forest to show you the `way.. for our local community is an open book, if we work within our nature`s enhanced limits. so together we all can link the balance needed to restore our genetic bio-diversity to maintain good health + enjoy the ethnic cultural experiences that each ecosystem offers, when we build conservation tools..

         then share what works with our combined`effect

                           thank you!