4.23.2012 take responsibility + come to meet, use virtual tools as together we address the World Bank + Wall Street, + once + for all set life giving 1 good universal science, as we correct old science + ecological standards for development, that is in urgent demand!

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thank you La Via Campesina for your great orgainizing opportunity here for us all today!

this is the time of virtual tools, which we thank Nabble + all to bring us together for life we are dependent on, as we share earth + beyond together.

we have the opportunity now to share awareness to build new neuro networks understanding our obligation as a living organism dependent on our earth now, to link globally as we protect, build, restore our local biospheres for proper good science as in mathematical balance of our genetic bio-diversity to sustain human life, which is out of balance for many local communities.

we have the indigenous that have struggled dearly to sustain our commons as good stewards, + fortunately we have them to guide us to do this restoration.

we have compassion for those that have left negative effects, for the intention was not to deplete life, rather due to struggling past down + the many scars on earth, we have to come together + give thanks for this moment.

we thanks those that did not make it, as well the many that did their best to continue on, but now we are here together + have good folks to thank for it, for the natives/indigeous/peasants that fought for our commons has been abused in the past + presently due to people`s neuro networks without ecological sound simple natural living in tact.

rather we have many in the world that are without `boon with their natural local community, yet fighting to aid people/plants/critters of all form.

we ask these folks today to listen, to welcome us into their life, as we show them we can with students/community coming together in the many projects for peace in this movement.

ours in particular in the building called project osic, where we welcome you to give us international schools of all kinds + representitives without schools email bulk list, US Education department has given us access to theirs, now please give us yours, so together we can do this email of our ideals in 1 ebook, so as to synch our good universal science to integrate + apply locally for all to network what works, via this forum, building strategies, sharing thoughts yet could not figure out, sharing finished schematics that due work, as cooperatives that are small + sustainable, working daily in harmony, support + reflect `ways that work.

please submit links to our forum subcategory - school bulk emails.many say that is what we have been doing in our large developments to reach out faster to help more. intent their yes but withour ecological skill.

folks we welcome you to a tapering transition, to rethink, for many are leaving negative effects + are wrong, their is a more efficient `way to utilize your good resources. our natural living organism depends on small development fro all species to maintain their natural living. for many are interfered + have become extinct from their inability to live due to the incorrect development, land, fresh water to sea.

with our students/community locally coming together in this focus directed `way, we will tell exactly whom + what is ecologically interfering in our commons that is needed for each community.  we can show you exactly how the negative effects can stop + those folks can redirect, as they are supported to become whole, to see + understand the life interference they have done + you the World Bank have supported them, as many did it unknowingly of the damage they did + are still doing.

you as an individual as us, each have a obligation to hold self accountable as we become aware + stop our misuse/abuse locally + afar.

we are fortunate to have our tools + we must stop bad science from those that interfere, leaving it fragmented as others than rule their ways in, thinking their values are good + can do better for more. many good minds are trapped in this fragmentation you have supported, along with many.

we say no thank you, for we do not want to remain ignorant of our obligations, rather we want to stop our misuse/abuse + we no longer will support this negitivity taking place + we ask you to rethink + join in where we know needs are needed.

our local stewards/indigneous/peasants that have this sensitivity + skill that have saved our genetic bio-diversity can appreciate your support for them to work the commons in every community + work it as good people as Professor Miguel Altieri has written good science curriculum of agro-ecology, for we can locally all do a `plan restoration, starting from the top with a land/freshwater flow to sea review, + show exactly whom has fragmented, negatively leaving effects where positive good science can be replacing that which is interfereing in our ability to build working, sustainable harmonizing communites.

that not just give jobs, rather people come together + take part + 1st in this review we address those negatively affected that need to heal, be supported as rehabs are structured to care so all than can come to cloth/table + responsibly be a participant so we all become local, global + beyond participants.

leaving no one left behind.

it is these sharp sensors maintained by simple natural `ways lived that will help those that have dulled their sensors, thinking large development is the way, which it is not. these people that had good intention where then invested to do their job as these values over ruled good science as with Prof from Berkely, CA Miguel Altieri`s many research reports working in the world with indigenous, that showed same yields but at less cost + with no ill health effects, etc. which his data can clearly show you, which in past responsible roles have failed to add this good science data, as money supported other ways that went on to develop + left negative effects.

the planet + beyond has many scars from past + presently in dire need of restoration.

we ask you to support the many good projects along with project osic so we may give clear anaylsis to do it right, as ecology is prioritized for our commons, for our food/energy soverighnty to be the ruling decision. so now sound investors that go thru their local tapering transitions know exactly the true needs + offerings of each local biome(s) + each than can hold self-accountable locally + at the end of their focus afar.

     + now they can appreciate investment support, because you also will be welcomed to review all your exisitng loans as you invite your clients into this sound investment support to come into their local tapering transition as local stewards protect + work with good agro-ecolgy gauges not just the land, but starting from the top in this `plan review we suggest, than all fresh water will again be nurturing our soil has it effieciently flows giving life building qualites to all in its path on it`s way to sea, giving our marine life it`s needed food.

                as well you will see the tallies of injury from all the people + local life rom each one.

     + now policy makers/enforcers also seek support as they now have an organic foundation from the stewards creating with your support as they strenghten from the years of struggle we have subjected them to as you + many supported land/fresh water/sea grabbing which now internationally we stop the waste + consumption of transfering product from local communities, rather locals now sustain what is needed + share with neighbors what the natural gauges can handle.

for all large developments have went beyond natural perimeters + falsely created a green movement that exploits natures boundaries.

life on this earth has created life, for earth was once a very unhabitable place to live + any good geologist can prove earth has a norm to be much hotter. so those that have exploited global warming for economic gain has been wrong + we welcome them into their local tapering transition as well, to rid waste + recycle + not continue some products as real needs are now clear or becoming clear in ` plan restoration review to be had by all participating locally..

for all life on this planet can become aware to `boon with the natural world + become friendly with it`s natural cycles + as we live + create harmony working sensitively + skillfully with our natural resources, only than when we have a  natural disaster can we than already have tools in place. for now as we work our natural seasonal offerings with wilderness awareness, we can prepare as in adding fresh water species to kill the malaria larvae, cleans the fresh water to drink, create forages/small farms naturally grown, stop the large developments as in wind/solar + desalinization + stop the interference in our natural resources as many have done without proper assessment + their fueling process leaves chemical pollution on land, fresh water + in sea. + not interfer in micro biomes/large browsers trans boundary migration.

+ most important put small development back into people locally so their hands are maintaining it, with sound protection working the commons. originally when parks where created, the isolation started a wrong path, for their is no ecological isolation of any catagorie in nature, 1 fuels the other, + our interrepetation cognitively cannot comprehend so it leaves mixed signals in our nero network, which we have to open these barriors false made by humans, so now we can heal + become 1 with our natural world gaining our human potential to co_evolve.

we have positions needed everywhere to build lifes, not just supply a job, rather for life build a life that self-satisfies with  prioritizing common sense as 1 universal good science is used + networked, ending the war mode economy as people build new neuro networks for understanding their obligation, + as all gather + take part than industry is locally maintained for human health to live in respect of our conservation services, for we are dependent on our microbiomes + large browsers to lead our path, for all to build ones path as each is supported to walk into their opening.

not no longer controlled by a handful of families, thankyou for your attempts but now your job is done, let us equally become aware from natures tools + those that know best that have sustained it.

so please how best for our young to even have mental clarity + physical strength to walk into their future, as many now are still starving dieing of diarrhea, than to walk now side by side with support, with us all, as together we go figure, admit the truth, state we where wrong + be thank ful we have `ways now to define the answers, as we interpret what nature speaks. become a bit more sensitive as we listen to those that have deciphered.

now we gain tools to stop our misuse/abuse + become locally trained to maintain what works as old + new `ways come together with young + old.

thank you for peace is our option now not just for a few, but for those badly in need. no more can we accept as in the Congo major crises, or others being supported on each side as weapons economy surges as in Syria + others, on peoples desire for democracy, yet without tools to stop this aggression + i don't mean more weapons I mean good diplomacy that we have now that many offer, that has been unsupported from responsible roles as many feed off our earths resources. we cannot just clean up our back yard, rather local living responsibly + sustainably fuels us to come together for we need to link our balanced biospheres globally. + any broken link contributes to ill health on our planet.

we can stop this war mode economy, + many than will be without weapons or toxic biological products that presently take a lot of resources to clean up, locally, globally + beyond. which are in need of your resources, which you could give to locals to clean local communities + together we define to aid those unable to build economic self-reliance, not aid dependent, or bring in from afar, rather bring in from closest sustaining neighbor + let a domino effect occur as we support a hib of hubs to reach farther until entire biome is working within its natural capacities.

we can build working communites everywhere + end the military, + build good police enforcement as people come together + allows no able person to be controled, as good rehabs are built supporting those now in need.

government can be appreciated for coming together with these tapering transitions, supporting no one to have layers, rather industry + state create cooperatives + clean out the fragments as worn, torn threads are replaced. going direct to the commons support for local soverighnty + decentralization.

where students with good science become good engineers, always having a mode of investment on the cloth/table platform locally to enhance the local commons, never allowing a private/corporation/individual to again mis manage or interfere in natures` way.

this is the most efficient way for a living organism as a human to be dependent on another living organism such as earth to exist in harmony.

peace, kara j lincoln

end our combined` effects comment. please see below of what is needed to day + how to participate;

Farmers demand the World Bank and Wall Street stop grabbing their lands at opening of the Bank’s annual conference in Washington, DC.

Media teleconference from Washington, DC, Monday, April 23rd, 11:00 am EDT (details below)

 The World Bank is playing a leading role in a global land grab, says farmers' movement and its international allies.(1) The World Bank’s policies for land privatisation and concentration, have paved the way for corporations from Wall Street to Singapore to take upwards of 80 million hectares of land from rural communities across the world in the past few years, they say in a collective statement released today at the opening of the World Bank’s Conference on Land and Poverty in Washington DC.

 "Rural people are losing control over land and water because of this global land grab," says Honduran farmer leader Rafael Alegria of the international farmers' movement La Via Campesina. "We want the land grab stopped and the lands taken to be returned to the local communities. In Honduras, we demand that the law for rural modernisation promoted by the World Bank be canceled and that a new law for agricultural transition be adopted".

 The World Bank will be meeting with government officials and private sector investors during its annual conference, where they will discuss large-scale farmland acquisitions by foreign corporations in developing countries. The World Bank will be promoting its controversial Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI).

 "The World Bank's RAI principles are an attempt to legitimise corporate land grabs and the expansion of an industrial model of agriculture that is destroying people’s livelihoods and the planet," says Giulia Franchi of Campagna per la Riforma della Banca Mondiale. "Decades of World Bank programmes promoting market-based approaches to land management have set the stage for a massive takeover of peoples' lands, massive environmental destruction, and a massive backlash by farmers and other frontline communities."

 The global land grab was denounced at over 250 worldwide protest actions on April 17th, the International Day of Peasant's Struggle. Tomorrow another major farmland investor conference in New York City involving the World Bank and big money managers like the Canadian Pension Fund, TIAA-CREF and PensionDanmark, will be targeted for protests by New York’s Ethiopian Community, Occupy Wall Street and others.(2)

"U.S. farmers, particularly young and beginning farmers, can't afford the rising costs of good land and are in no position to compete with speculators and Wall Street investment schemes,” says Bob St.Peter, Director of Food for Maine's Future and Executive Committee member of the National Family Farm Coalition. “Here in the U.S., 400 million acres of farmland are going to change hands over the next 20 years. Whether those lands will support diversified family farms or multi-national corporations is one of the most important political questions in the U.S. today."

The National Family Farm Coalition and international allies will hold a media teleconference from Washington, DC on Monday, April 23rd at 11:00 am EDT.

 Participants at the press conference are:

-Rafael Alegria, La Via Campesina (Honduras)

-Bob St. Peter, National Family Farm Coalition (USA)

-Giulia Franchi, Campagna per la Riforma della Banca Mondiale (Italy)

-Devlin Kuyek, GRAIN (Canada)

**To Participate by Phone: Call-in information: 1-866-305-2467; code is 260454#

 or if calling from outside the US, please contact Kathy Ozer at +1-202-421-4544 or by email at kozer@nffc.net for call-in information

**To participate in person, please join us at 110 Maryland Ave., NE, Suite 108; Washington, DC 20002, National Council of Churches Conference Room

(1) Signatories to the statement are Campagna per la Riforma della Banca Mondiale, FIAN International, Focus on the Global South, Friends of the Earth International, GRAIN, La Via Campesina, and the Transnational Institute.

(2) For information about the NYC event contact Corbin Laedlein, +1-917-628-1699, Theodros Tamirat, +1-347-302-7292, and Tedla Asfaw, tedla.asfaw@gmail.com, +1-347-206-1823.


"Land governance in a rapidly changing environment" is the theme of the 2012 World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty being held April 23-26 in Washington DC. Corporate investors, governments and International Financial Institutions are meeting at World Bank headquarters to “discuss issues of concern to land practitioners and policymakers worldwide”. While they devise ways to help corporations acquire land around the world, people on the ground are suffering from the corporate-friendly land policies and laws promoted by the World Bank and its allies.

 The World Bank has for decades pushed a market-based approach to land management based on its political and economic recipes for poverty reduction. It has promoted land privatisation and sought to create the conditions for land markets to be established by transforming traditional and customary land rights into ready-to-be-marketed titles and by funding land-titling programs in many countries -- in support of a corporate-led agri-industrial model of development.

 Its land programmes have increased the concentration of land in the hands of a few and set the stage for a massive global land and water grab. Attracted by high food prices and an increasing demand for agrofuels, feed, and raw materials, multinational agribusiness corporations and players from the financial industry, such as private banks and pension funds, are rushing to gain control of land and other associated resources such as water. An estimated 80 to 230 million hectares of land have been leased or bought up in recent years, mainly to produce food, feed or fuel for the international market. As a result, peasants, herders, fishers and rural households are losing their access to and control over natural resources (land, water, fisheries, forests, pastures) and production processes, and therefore being dispossessed of the means to feed themselves and their communities. Local populations are being evicted and displaced, human rights such as the right to food and housing are being violated, and the environment, as much as traditional community structures, are being destroyed.

 The World Bank is playing a key role in this global land grab by making capital and guarantees available for big multinational investors, providing technical assistance and support to “improve the agricultural investment climate” in so-called recipient countries, and promoting policies and laws that are corporate-oriented rather than people-centred. All this is being done while the Bank promotes its seven principles of Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI) to legitimise the global capture of people’s lands by big corporate investors for industrial agriculture. The World Bank continues acting in total impunity. States must stop it and fully comply with their extraterritorial human rights obligations.

 While the World Bank meets inside its headquarters with the global land grabbers, people outside are mobilizing around the world to outlaw land grabbing and to reclaim all the grabbed territories. They assert that no corporate-led transparency or responsibility schemes will ever make the expropriation of people’s land or the agri-industrial model acceptable or sustainable.

 In the framework of the International Day of Peasant Struggle launched by La Via Campesina for April 17, we join with farmers and fisher-folk movements, agricultural workers’ organisations, students, human rights activists and environmental groups, women’s organisations and social justice movements in the struggle to oppose land grabbing and the corporate control of lands and to stop any attempts by the World Bank and its corporate allies to package the expropriation of peasant farmers’ land worldwide as a responsible deal.

World Bank, get out of land, now!

Signed by Campagna per la Riforma della Banca Mondiale, FIAN International, Focus on the Global South, Friends of the Earth International, GRAIN, La Via Campesina, and the Transnational Institute - 23 April 2012