A farmers and citizens conference marking the 10th anniversary of EFSA..

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                      for those of us afar that will not be their, please share this posting..

               please note President Barack Obama is right on with this;

How this happened

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 11:44 PM

"Barack Obama" <info@barackobama.com>

"Kara J Lincoln" <patchespocketstalk@icometotalkstory.net>

Kara J --

I'm about to go speak to the crowd here in Chicago, but I wanted to thank you first.

I want you to know that this wasn't fate, and it wasn't an accident. You made this happen.

You organized yourselves block by block. You took ownership of this campaign five and ten dollars at a time. And when it wasn't easy, you pressed forward.

I will spend the rest of my presidency honoring your support, and doing what I can to finish what we started.

But I want you to take real pride, as I do, in how we got the chance in the first place.

     Today is the clearest proof yet that, against the odds, ordinary Americans can overcome powerful interests. There's a lot more work to do.But for right now: Thank you.


                                    our combined` effect invites you..

                please review below a portion of our tally sheet in progress for project osic.
   part 2 soon to upload, + we welcome all to come help us build an archive to share the process, strategies + schematics for all local communities to build; ecological sustainable working communities that harmonize.

            Barack, when will you add our human global family to America, the missing link, for we all are interdependent on each local community, globally to balance. to become aware to work sensitively our wild biomes for our local communities to be sustainable, so as to sustain us all, only once our natural world links;

              in project osic, we offer to any that can better reach out, to welcome students to come out of schoolroom + into + with community + restore it`s natural enhanced potentials, with gauges such as agro_ecology to start.

               our path to be fueled by prioritizing local natural food/fish/medicine sovereignty where locals control these commons + now good modes of investment, as investors are welcomed to a local tapering transition to reflect + rethink, make wrongs right. adjusting within the local natural enhanced limits.

we feel by instituting good sustainable reality within the US government + every local community, we can then better not interfere in anyone locally or afar. + due to this incomplete dysfunction in fragments of our global community, we ask you to come to the table quickly at the UN so as all come together to act in support now for all those displaced + welcome Assad to the table along with the local community as all drop their weapons now, + help people get home before more distress.

                the i`s can be dotted later after you address people suffereing everywhere, in every local community, as the legislators of these entities have detained being lost in this war of words, as all recreate the rule of law + we can correct with good sustainable understanding to fuel our path of unity.
             to supply locally everywhere awareness + tools to self-develop, which we feel their is no better education then for students to apply this good science as common sense for the respect of all life.

 once we all support each now with hands on, in time all will understand these, sustainable `ways will be our efficiency tool for all to come together + link in peace now, as we salvage our natural resources which are right now being destroyed, that must stop asap.

please continue to watch + help us build our tallies, under project osic subcategory in this forum from Nabble, which we are thankful for, to help us reach out in sharing peace now. share with us global school emails + reps for communities without schools, + if you don`t share this with them , we will. please post in school subcategory, thank you!

     we are all in the transition for clarity + we can do it friendly + enjoy as we come together with these good cloth/table virtual platforms that can bring us together eye to eye. we ask all to listen carefully to the words that Russia is asking for, for if we do not all make a rule of law that is sustainable now which requires all to come to the table, this is no time to exclude anyone or we will end up in WW 3.

which this does need clarification + we can do that asap, but it does not have to be finished first.. meanwhile others can aid the people now before cold comes + ask all to put down all the weapons + ask for all that can come together to support the displaced asap both their as well with Sandy in US.. 

as others work at ending all weapons from being manufactured as well research to properly figure out how to dispose of them organically.

               by the `way for any of you unaware as you walk/make your local `plan + or farm your land, please look into this for using rats to define where the land mines are a good example how we can naturally go figure;

                                    APOPO - Welcome to our new home


    we can regain respect as we reorganize + be fueled by our organic rooted foundation for our interdependence gloablly on our local sustainability, to link with no longer a delusion of free trade when it has destroyed + still is our local habitats + our natural resources as it has been badly practiced + distributed globally. interfering in local`s ability to self-sustain globally.

  this cannot continue, for our links then will continue to be broken as more habitat is destroyed + people are left disdraught as many are now in every local community on this planet. which we now can use our students, take this review of what we offer + come focus direct as we put our heads together + go figure how most efficient for all to come into a tapering transition as we are fueled to support all to self-develop.

   we are in the building to trigger thought, specifically please take a few minutes to see what we share;

           for Syria + all it`s neighboring countries that have been inconvenienced now from this lack of clarity due to broken chains of communication, that wee can reestablish asap. + add it to trigger this conference`s discussion;

11.6.2012 i share an email to Barack + UN Sec Gen,  to Barack`s response, there`s no tomorrow,
 re: ment for his campaign, but i expand it here.

this is appropriate - there`s no tomorrow.

Barack if you where on computer with other email today, then i will add you some thought as you take a break + play your game of basketball.

i do think you work hard, i see as in Chinese diagnoses the stress lines in the middle of your eyes, showing stress on your organs.

but i look around including ourselves as we have been over worked also + as i stated recently with lovee almost 2 weeks with a bug + diarrhea. lucky to say today i thought i would never be so happy with a fart, without the water.

Barack, or whom ever is reading this, please share with Barack + all regarding a few points i think you may have been too busy to notice;

      1- if you even think what you have done this last year by taking in all these funds, both you + Mitt, is right, then you have dulled your sensors., for it should never happen again. Where is the organic natural rooted connection to how votes count as I see experts explain, as well the lobbyists + the paid legislators. All of this must stop + you should along with Mitt now with all this experience come together for change once both rested. + after you make a call as I suggest + open the communications of our human family globally.

      2- the energy wasted directed to this kind of campaigning is so inefficient, when yet we have virtual tools to do it differently + almost freely, for this hardware + software can fill every local school + rep for community without a school, globally, to do tasks at hand.

with purpose in act we can efficiently give hands on locally + globally, for many are left behind, land/sea/freshwater grabbed, resources depleted at the gain of some in this false green war mode economy, that sustainability will clarify + SOLUTIONS OPEN MANY POSITIONS NOW, AS WE ACT ON THIS. NOT TO MENTION BUILD ON PROJECT OSIC as tallies are collected as in our proposal, not to mention how this can trigger you Jeff, Barack, Ban Ki-moon + the many others working hard at this..

as in our suggestion with project osic to welcome students out of schoolroom + into + with community restore it`s natural enhanced potential + harmonize. welcoming those that leave negative effects or that have exceeded the natural enhanced limits, in development, are then supported by locals to rethink + share with good science that engaged students to fact find + network via like ecosystem/subject for each GPS location. so now no one can be left unaware.
many many many positions open as we change this dysfunction that we are in now.

       3- which i`m awaiting a response from GAS as they had yet to put up the sustainable location + i felt this is the missing link, + shared my perspective as well told them i will be sharing with you here. for what has been locally + globally is dysfunctional + the only reason i even voted or do what i do or did, is to hold your position accountable, along with you. + felt it best to look at over all picture to see how best we can work for change. as you + Mitt have both said, it is a little bit more than just you both.

       4- which leads into UN war on words, when yet tallies of Syria are not the tallies only we want to work with. rather we feel our definition of sustainable that i share on MyGov + few others awaiting feedback, can trigger power in this word. so that at it is spoke with this understanding, the real energy comes thru + has a `way of grounding everyone in it`s path. so our students in this proposal, will collect tallies as they give hands on, creating rehabs to then support each to come to the cloth/table + rethink as all make a local `plan land/freshwater flow to sea use review, + now modes of investments will happen as each focus direct priorities as in local food/fish/medicine sovereignty.

           where locals maintain their commons. as those aware share the sensitivity to work the many wilds you + others just put as off limits. which is right from those unaware, but wrong for unaware not to have the opportunity to become aware. for this is our human life right. + fortunately we have many to reflect this path, so all are supported to build their path as they walk it into theri opening, leaving no footprint. leaving much mental clarity + physical strength to unite + in peace respect the the rule of laws to be reviewed + updated. so as to co_evolve with an interpreter that best speaks for each local biome, a good science integrating, engaging `boon with our natural world, showing the real in time enhanced natural limits to now work back into, in this tapering transition clearly done with locals as they did their homework.

       5- what does this mean? ex; when Hillary stated a while back she had no clue who was the opposition of Syria, is a thought of the past, that we hope will never happen again. for with project osic as ex; our sustainable common denominator we all are interdependent on, to regain our local wild balance of our genetic bio-diversity, + to link globally, only then can life be restored for our natural world to sustain itself. + only then will it sustain us. lot of positions here, heh?

we are not just talking about fragmenting the antarctic. we are talking about every local community understanding it`s obligation for each to interrelate + inter-personally self-develop within these hands on exchange, as tallies show the local who + what + how. as people rid their baggage, heal + get fueled from reflection of natural energy as good science is rooted. not manipulating science, technically deviating or detaining as in the US + other gov/UN/ judicial system/legislative branches nor enforcement with homeland security, etc. as i told you before i have more compassion then some, for they would line up a few + blew them away. where i feel we can still go figure.

If any one Barack you can do this now, once you rest asap. + those around you can help but don't be interfered with please. For the resources I see even the ladies you look up to have a way too large of footprint for me, so please take that into consideration when you review this. For i`ve worked long + hard to be a peace intermediary + build this community building project. We never would of done it non-profit if we would not of lost in 2008 to corp stealer/judicial detainment + bank take over + their dysfunctions on our already tight budget as we aided our ill family`s + many more.

      6- but not as is, telling people to step down as in Assad. we can show clearly the life destroyed that is locally needed to fill it`s local biome with needed life to sustain life, that humans are interdependent on, as we all link. so when 1 link is down, the rest is broke also. experts say only Moscow voted against recent Russian leader, if correct. point is since all your brothers + sisters are trying to work with a rule of law that does not have that power coming thru, that sustainable power rooted yet.

           so it is not fair or real, to tell anyone to step down, as Hillary is asking Assad. especially with the baggage load we have here in US. i can show you compositions/behaviors producing ill effects, yet many western drs. yet to inform, meanwhile wall-mart shows the tallies, as you sit down + watch the carts from the ill. the glycemic index is over whelming. not to mention salt, sugar/processed/packaged wastefully with not free trade, but trade that destroyed more of our wild need to balance links locally, globally.. not to mention trinkets of stuff immaterial that consumed great natural resources.. as in the folks you recently talked to. that had their manufacturing jobs lost to asia/china + now jobless. they had no support to self-sustain, nor ability to reflect + heal or realize what they where doing kept them from do_in what was needed, like develop their own inner tools of understanding. so as to truely build local communicated that harmonizes. 1 lady jobless, saving went to dr bill for husbands cancer dies in past. still draining her. along with her still lack of understanding with diabetes, how she can heal it. but being with it, + what sustains it, leaves her in the fog, imprisoned in her own body, which can change with good nutrition especially with glycemic index awareness, when the students give her hands on support daily to help out with a few chores, for her to rest + make better choices of what is free to low expense. not to mention as i suggest to insurance company before to put an herbalist on board + then each person to be selected for what best to use to aid ones own self-healing.

        + or if too late, maintain with comfort. which ever, bringing good rehab to each so now each come to cloth/table to rethink these policies efficiently. so now drs prescribe another when they decide not to continue to study for solutions. or free them of that totally by dispenser monitoring with insurance covering. + we can set this up from Dr. Yun Wang as ex. i can help.

        each illness we can contribute to what misuse/abuse that people are still manufacturing/developing/exploding, etc. + drs/professional will + can do their walkabout side by side with students as they experience these clients effects when they visit their  home turf. Creating more continued education, for I have been with good western drs in herbal class + they know how well it can help, not to mention my 40 years of experience with Dr. Yun Wang`s help. Whom does teach drs. + can help create local foraged medical kits.

       7- please understand i feel it is most efficient to directly deal with sharing this awareness as if everyone seriously has/is trying to do their best, even if didn't the ill state programmed or over powered. so now look again please in the UN Assembly, look around you, those that have retained democracy for so long are living indigenous `boon with their land + that energy directly fuels peace. even though their words of rule of law maybe the same as another, yet the other is in civil conflict or with the many new disturbances, lets stay chaos of unknown, that can be harnessed.  + when we link locally all stories will show each with early signs.

          for what ever disassociated energy caused it, it is real + very over powering as it debilitates all, as they blindly hormonally race to pick up those weapons seeing only that way. when yet we can stop all of this right now before the anticipated doubling of the tallies of the refugees, before winter, asap please. Barack + all call Russia, China, open the airwaves to all the UN members, due to their lack of coordinated ability to see clear, + know is not the time to dot the i`s + organize, rather now is the time to reach out to your brother in Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, + all sides Israel, etc. + reach into your souls + realize this present rule of law is not written with the words to truly empower each + never can when you want a global wording to hold locals accountable. but you can with our understanding we can share now + develop as all come together can have the finest clearest good science wording of common sense, that co_evolves threading every local community as each persona understand their importance in locally self-sustaining, that only will work once we link globally.

       8- this now puts a different light on the table. no longer weapons, they stop being manufactured, for it don't take a brain surgeon to figure the bad air quality, lack of infrastructure + displacement of humans + all life that is needed, hello. how dull has people become that you have no compassion or feeling for the many now that have lost their children due simply to no incubators. or the young + old dying, injured with out help. the disease spreading becoming mutant, as they have no local genetic bio-diversity, + that does not come in a truck. it come s from natural life harmonizing along with people awareness understanding we have no pests, we create homes for life to
 simply want to reproduce just like us all. + more so when hormonally off balance.

       9- Barack open your channels, welcome all to a cloth/table, after you get rest. + stop the weapons asap globally from being used, + tell all we are sorry for we are still so primitive, yet we have such good technology that this will change + we need everyone to help us. we are sorry for our brothers + sisters to of abused you, due to their misunderstandings, as disassociated energy is overpowering, yet we can harness it. come together now + lets globally all do what is most efficient as in US with sandy that was not handled right i see by knowing what friends have done on location. Fema has lessons to learn as well as international ER services. for we can give it now. while we also give structure letting our students come out of schoolroom yet with our administrators/teachers we co_evolve our curriculum for each local ecosystem/subject via GPS, as in our archive that once we gain some resources can make it better as a non-profit or as i offered give to another freely with the resources to globally reach out asasp.

       10- not to continue as has. rather once everyone has hands on support we rethink even the food stamps, a number of `ways to save funding + redirect into quality living within our natural enhanced limits, as with gauges in place as in agro_ecology setting the path as i told you many times, but as i told GSA, i`m tried of not knowing who is doing what with what i give. i want to be part of these decisions + part of setting up early signs so long long long before a need for enforcement, assistance/an exchange can happen as each local community gains right now a ton of positions that open. sure hands on freely to begin is the best to become aware of what is buried below our baggage. as we aid our clarity along with all. as we each take part in what their wa no way in. Barack when the Whitehouse sent me the same answer over 6 months apart, i knew dam well i was not being listened to, as hard as i work/worked.

i don`t know who pulls your strings Barack or who has, but it is time for you to cut them, as we all are interdependent + if gain simple respect we all can help each build their path as each walk their own into their opening. no need for tests as in Davinci advanced school in S Africa, rather you prove yourself by responsibly gripping the moment + taking part in our world, as we start locally with prerequisites, fueling all to develop that long over due student within. + as many learn on the streets as i have, you can go figure without being detained from others limitations. I learned this the hard way when yet others don't have to have such lessons, when we can make this happen now.

we have the best of the best if right now we open to our brothers + sisters afar. for they are a lot more self-developed then the majority in the US + have great lessons regarding wilderness awareness that FEMA could use right now as our students come give hands on not just to delivery a pizza that hopefully doesn't have white processed flour, or you will be adding distress to an already stressed person, as they perhaps are over emotional to their material losses.

           my experiences with hurricanes are that they give us beautiful cleansing + diversity of life as the seas then churn with oatmeal as life is reborn. but not with the materialism i could give you right now that engineers use in Canada as compositions are identified of the many cancer causing or illnesses from the much manufacturing.

so yes Barack i would of liked to cam ion your campaign trail for i would of been telling this lady you saw that she was a fool + still is if she think can't heal her diabetes, or organize a schedule for losses as medical bills are managed within her needs/her energy + now she will come back with an exchange that our human spirit flourishes with, not when given stuff, but rather given the truth.

        11- i want to be as well all should on that call when you open these lines for a discussion asap, i want to live with my honi + support his healing + aid my family still misusing/abused, not to mention our personal debt as bill collectors still leave several calls a day from 2008. when i will take a lot of responsibility but not all. + yes i will pay back some day when i can. but for now i do want a tomorrow to happen, + i wanted it in the past when many loved ones of mine + others could not make it thru such dysfunction. + saw UN not together, so we developed our project – i come to talk story, link a t bottom. Which if no one else with resources offer, then we next continue to seek global school + reps with no schools emails to then mail out our project osic introduction, once soon to finish part 2 + upload. So we welcome your resources then.

                           there is today Barack + if we bring all to the moment as synergy will happen that will build new neuro networks + heal. giving us all the ability to plug in to our local, global + beyond community as we each choose.  + responsibly do our part as we continue to enjoy + share our bi`joy experiences that the world gives us now. + each now take a look at our project osic, + go figure whom can do what best, better then us with our limited resources, to reach out to what links now, or i will keep on + do it with the many we are so fortunate to have. starting with our children + our grandchildren. that sadly many never had + or many have yet to know.

       without my love maurice this would not be as clear, he gave/gives me a true understanding being from Russia, i see how they think + act as he shared good + bad, after my now 30 years of experience working with him + my family good + bad of blood, as well my human family, not to mention i love my critters that we are so dependent on, yet life right is so abused with us + them, due to our misuse/abuse yet to understand by many, yet very clear from others that can fuel as they reflect. + as i speak for our combined` effect, for no one can do this alone, nor should they want to, for it is very rewarding, especially if we can address early signs + not have to chase others delusion. or be interfered by it. we truly can retain the child within + explore. + along our path link, aiding others to freely enjoy this earth + beyond, take down the walls + distribute the awareness. which we are confident students can best do that know for us all to go figure as they now give hands on to those in need.

        then interchangeable roles as every one of us check in + self-observe as we review our position or policy + link to students now for their help to get clear so early signs are added + clarity is understood.

       as we use now a good universal science that helps us monitor locally + globally give back up support as well for the unknown. when those locally fall under for what ever reason, then asap global help is fairly distributed for locals to then go back to locals self-sustaining with few chosen good nuts + bolts to be manufactured where best only if no local alternative. + even then done with fair trade. as we end the so called free trade.

thank you for this review + if i can help you or another, please lv message for me to respond within a day at the latest + tell me when best to call; 011-1- 360-450-3749 + please let this trigger you + others to act asap.

Please help me make links so we can work together,  + please don`t push your luck, for it is possible that we may not have a tomorrow, if we don`t act asap,

love kara
                          please begin with our combined` effect + let it trigger your thought to act..

             we can come out of the fog.. peace is our option now if we share what works..

                                        thank you! La Via Campesina for your post..
                                                 Brussels, 5 November 2012

                   A farmers and citizens conference marking the 10th anniversary of EFSA..
Media Invitation from Corporate Europe Observatory, the Italian anti-GMO Task Force, the European Coordination Via Campesina and FIRAB

                                              Ten years of controversy at EFSA

WHEN:  12 November 2012 - from 16.00 till 19.30

WHERE: Aula Magna Economy Faculty - University of Parma Via Kennedy 6, Parma, ItalyManifestation and press conference, 13 November – from 10.30h-12.00 in front of EFSA,

Via Carlo Magno 1A, Parma

As the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) celebrates  its 10th anniversary with several events, experts, farmers, food campaigners, MEPs and members of the public are gathering  in a farmers' and citizens' conference to examine the question of industry's influence over EU food safety rules, and ask how to better protect public health and the environment.

In several cases, scientific advice delivered by EFSA has been dogged by controversy. This conference will look at ongoing concerns about industry influence, the science used for food safety and environmental risk assessment, and will ask what steps can be taken to prevent regulatory capture by industry.

Case studies on aspartame and GM will be presented.  Fiorella Belpoggi from the Fondazione Ramazzini will talk about worrying studies done on the food additive aspartame which were ignored by EFSA.  Christoph Then from TestBiotech will focus on the flawed GMO risk assessment process as designed by EFSA.

Nina Holland, from Corporate Europe Observatory, Andrea Ferrante, from the European Coordination Via Campesina and Monica Frassoni, co-president of the Green European Party, will address the problems surrounding EFSA, conflicts of interest and industry science.

José Bové, from the Green Group of the European Parliament,  Christophe Morvan, from Fondation Sciences Citoyennes, Cinzia Scaffidi for the Italian anti-GMO Task Force and Jose Manuel Benitez, from COAG, will take part in a political round table on solutions for a sustainable food system.

Translation will be provided from and into Italian, English, French and Spanish.
RSVP to nina@corporateeurope.org

On 13 November from 10.30, a manifestation will be organised in front of the EFSA building with photo opportunity and press conference.

Ø  For more information about the conference,  please contact:

Luca Colombo, FIRAB, l.colombo@firab.it , tel: +39 348 39 88 618

Nina Holland, CEO, nina@corporateeurope.org, tel: +31 630 285 042

Ø  For more information about manifestation, please contact:

Andrea Ferrante, European Coordination Via Campesina, a.ferrante@aiab.it , tel:+393480189221

La Via Campesina

Via Campesina is an international movement of peasants, small- and medium-sized producers, landless, rural women, indigenous people, rural youth and agricultural workers. We are an autonomous, pluralist and multicultural movement, independent of any political, economic, or other type of affiliation. Born in 1993, La Via Campesina now gathers about 150 organisations in 70 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

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