Assad + all should come talk, so we change this programming from the past...

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In response to Senator Jeff Merkley`s email below;

thank you,

the problem I have with what you say is I do not see these facts that have
given you clarity to do this. please show me what you see to do such
claims. for this should be a ongoing diplomatic communication to resolve
all conflict, including Assad + all the factions, giving each the
opportunity to speak.

vs people taking sides on fragmentation, muttling the issues more. we need
to start a clearness with a human common denominator. i would like to be
part of this peace process, for with what I see, I cannot support

please tell me how I may get more involved in sharing my views to all
participants. so all can come to the table + then we can better assess the
needs of all to rid + the offerings to be shared. so we can together build
ecological sustainable working communities, where all harmonize.

the present Free Trade, globally being done as well in US, is not free, so
their are many dysfunctions contributing to these conflicts that we can get
clear on + share solutions that are peaceful. not support a war mode
economy or false green that is presently happening. this has continued to
long with bad science that we can make good. so a global community can
understand as they interpret it as a human resource making all our lives
better, as each responsibly build their local sovereignty. supported by

I have some ideas + I look forward to hearing from you your suggestions for
me to follow up on + take part in changing the previous platform, to lead
another perspective for peace..

sincerely, kara j lincoln.

.On Wed, 19 Jun 2013 16:45:16 -0400, "Senator Jeff Merkley"
<> wrote:

Dear Kara,

Thank you for contacting me to share your concerns about the situation
in Syria.  I appreciate hearing from you.  

Like you, I am deeply concerned about the ongoing violence and
bloodshed in Syria.  President Bashar al-Assad has subjected civilians
to military assault and indiscriminate attacks.  While some Members of
Congress and nongovernmental observers have argued that the U.S. should
pursue military intervention in Syria, the nature of this conflict
makes military intervention an extremely difficult option.  

This is why I support the administration's current approach of providing
humanitarian aid for those fleeing the fighting and using strong
multilateral political and economic pressures to stop the violent
repression of President Assad's government.  These efforts are designed
to restrict the regime's ability to finance its violent crackdown and
isolate the regime from the international community.  

I cosponsored S. Res.435, a resolution which condemns Syrian President
al-Assad for the slaughter of his own people, and censures Russia and
Iran for providing arms to the Syrian government.  The resolution
affirms the President's policy that al-Assad must relinquish power,
supports efforts by the U.N and League of Arab States to establish a
cease fire, and urges support for humanitarian aid and medical
assistance to the people of Syria.  

The people of Syria deserve a democratic transition that meets their
demands, and I will continue to advocate for a non-violent turnover of
power in the country. Thank you for sharing your concerns.  I hope you
will continue to send your thoughts and observations my way.

All my best,

Jeffrey A. Merkley
United States Senator