Being kicked out of dodge is real unless you want to battle with an idiot in court..

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         i personally attempted to share with the port of Brookings, Oregon. after living on a boat their, part time volunteering supporting the community +welcomed the new director. which when originally 1st met at a meeting, i stated after my review of folks discussing him being voted in, that many folks did not like him due to his association with Waylings getting the port in debt to begin with.

well i said this is wrong, we should go forward + work together. folks got to like him + even though i had feelings that where negative, i tried to define why, + went along with those that had good experiences with him.

          until I had personal experiences with 2 families being the night host at the campground run by the port, that when confronted George + said he did wrong judgment, + George broke their year contract + told them they had to leave. experienced rudeness + possible corruption from George the day manager of the campground, as well another stated one saw George in bathroom shooting up meth. + 1 other family that was bothered from a misunderstanding that they had after relocating their residence + brought their commercial boat to Brookings, later to find out that port stated no room, etc.

                 in both situations, i tried to encourage discussion + ted fitzgerald, the director ended up screaming at me telling me I had no right to discuss port business. + when I refused to allow him to continue this disrespect, after i had done a lot of volunteering, not to mention it is inhumane to communicate as he was attempting + had done to others. when i walked away, he then had a hand delivered notice given to me to leave the port with my boat in 24 hrs. when i refused to leave my man at sea, plus with offshore boat  prep, no one could just go out without watching window. But he had no respect or sensitivity for any of that. I went to the police. ted then gave me 10 days, which we where glad to leave such foolishness.

why do i bring this up here, because i was supported by other good folks + yes it was an interruption of our jobs - our debts to others + did inconvenience us, but we choose to leave + not take ted or port to court. which we where honest in attempting to prevent families from verbal + work abuse, as well 3 possible lawsuits for the port. + it is these kind of continued acts that folks can't handle. leaving them in stress + then as a community unable to come together to concentrate + prioritize the true needs. the 3 small children + parents, along with other 2 familes did not deserve such disrespect when they worked hard for the port, as it was a loss for them + us to have to be disrupted from our longer term plans, or face law suit as ted threatened. In his disgraceful rage. We had this project that was more important to us to finish, then to succumb to his foolishness + waste of energy.

this is a port that should be dealing with the many issues facing good families trying to survive fishing. Not to mention the maintenance of keeping a port going, which this one has had a terrible history left in much debt. When the ecological priorities where never sustained. Putting workload on many. few thanked us for our work. which I will still follow up with a few to try to understand how ted gained this control, when yet they supported us. such as Roy the commissioner.
          when all calm, good decisions + policy are made. vs. made from shortsighted folks over pressured attempting to see own agendas come about. as others come + go, without consideration of their losses, + original agreement gets broke. or no good values being created upon because a few locals stand in the way, over working others.

now with an ER issue from tsunami, i felt it was important to share these experiences so those judging true value of losses are accurately done, so that those truly with loss can get support.

this has yet to be resolved due to not letting Ted yell at me, after we choose to leave, experiencing maintenance man talk to him laughing, as he looked up at me with a startled look, after I heard their conversation. him thinking I was also on our boat, as we watched it leave.

i said that was quite childish what Ted did, ya know that don't you.. he humbled himself for he had previously always been a gentlemen in his communication.

to date 3.23.2011 Ted has not made it right + no longer being their have no clue of whom else he has left negative effects on. his boat sunk in the tsuenami, never should of even been in the harbor for it's bad condition it was in as it constantly pumped water as it leaked continually, Ted himself stated to me his priority was to keep it afloat, as we offered to help prior + he did not accept.

we have done much for this issue, + it needs to be dealt with from responcible local folks.

sorry to see the few good folks i did connect with, as you Roy, whom was one of the commissioners, accept his conduct, as well Al a community member, i hope you have reconsidered his position. for he is in a responsible one, yet not being responsible when leaving human disrespect.

thank you, kara