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please take a review, another look at what you are missing:.
                     sure some say perhaps we have come along way, at least from those that have witnessed folks protesting for bread price increase + then see 3 vehicles coming: 1 a tank to run over them, 2 a loader to pick them up + 3 a water spray to clean the blood.

but we know we can + do do better now:.
                      the 1 universal science for the public has proven - thru Mirishita's `Green movement, which is the only green movement to expend upon. where he proved -

                   `food becomes flesh`, where nutritional deficiencies where the cause  + cure of cancers + all illnesses. say no to industrialized farming, monocultures, etc. mode built upon them.

it is wrong for any industry, any person to leave negative ecological effects leaving ill effects on all life. yet decentralization for folks to live within 100 miles or so is the answer for self-empowerment + self-reliance. which leaves us mentally clear  physically strong to network to become a local, global + beyond participant.

using old ways, indigenous ways still being used as in Miguel Altieri's proof with agro-ecology where their ways give same yields without GMO, without pesticides, etc that have proven to leave ill health.

so folks that are now having emotional difficulty processing these other folks' decision. be happy you are alive + can take this negative experience + in a tapering `transition process which we support, you can collectively grip this opportunity, network + take home what you can apply to your local ecosystems. become efficent now with your energy + rethink. put goodness back into + with your local community.

put up a hemp sail as they once did to sail your ships. remove the industrilized products that are not consumed locally. rather fill your bilge with structural ecoogical integrity, as in rocks + good cargo that can then be unloaded where needed for natural disaster preparedness. + then do an exchange with the ecological abundance that was from those with sound ecological effects. now change your itenery + stay local, helping your own people live local. now you don't have to be responsible for filling the bilge with water, transferring non native species.


even keeping other enslaved within their false perceptions as they consume greedily - unknowingly,  yet to be aware how they contribute to corporations ability to continue unethical, ecological negative business. have compassion + we can resolve.

folks remain calm so you can gain the upmost from this experience. see those that we can together remove from position or policy, as they reflect deficiency. as doors are shut.

                  where when  we live in local organic cooperatives, building our local communities, will then network with our local + beyond family that is also doing the same. accepting nothing less than peace + harmony with self-respect + individual self- expression, as folks come together + communicate. adjusting within nature's limits as our only policy to be adjusted with.

let go of those that are still leading blindly or not responsibly acting as a representitive, as a community participant, speaking  for their local cooperative back home.

give them compassion + suggest we have a tapering `transition where we can support you to rethink, while you take a inner/intra-personal review + open to our creative solution oriented process, to help you recycle + choose within nature's limits. we don't need an influenced science where people control science agenda.  to tell us what  is effecting our local natural world we live in daily.

we can use a virtual message board as we have created `patches, to represent all the `patches of goodness on this planet + beyond we are so fortunate to have right now. along with the `patches of corruption,  misinformation + simple folks just doing not realizing the negative effects left.  folks are gathing to unite as we simplify, Peace Action West has linked to organize with others. come aboard as we look at these issues humanely with respect to all + make a cloth/table platform locally, have a potluck in the wild, network thru the virtual world, your results + collaborate.

folks be here right now, don't folow those that can tell story of another life or from thoise in the past. take advantage now of this moment + realize you can gain awareness to gain control to be conscious + present creating your moment.

we use this board to post gatherings in a specific focus, that we feel is most efficient for our ability to allow wild to remain wild, so our ecologcial sustainability is left  without our interference, rather as in Miguel Altieir's enhancement. only then does it empower + fuel us to part time collectively focus for those folks unable to maintain discipline over their self-sensory observation + apply, when others have interfered, leaving them without, etc.

I've asked Bill Gates + his foundation to stop + rethink, for the AGRA project in Africa should only continue if guided by Miguel Altieri. no more should folks any where be passified with a quick solution + think they will be ok, when we know the industrialized world that is of unhealthy products/services that don't remain within nature's perimeters, leaving negative ecological effects. are still happening, with out requiring a tapering `transition process.

folks this is our win win situation to ecologically reestablish economic productivity based within nature's perimeters + get healthy in the process. nature speaks it's limit to those sensitive with sharp sensors that we now reflect with. it is wrong to allow those with dull sensors to preoccupy any space, not to mention leave the largest most human rights violation on this planet:.

           where folks that do business without these natural limits continue to deplete our natural resources, while they make a lot of funds. builidng more products/services to blindly drag in innocent people thru false + incomplete education, + all social entities making them believe this is the only way to help us.

folks say no to wanting aid. say no to allowing these products/services into your inner-being if they are not produced locally + applied locally within that same 100 miles or so.

say no to those that are trading + transporting to other countries as in EU + US, the same products yet exchanged, when produced cheaper elsewhere as they are traveling around the planet consuming much waste. taking grains from the south to feed cattle when they yet to over consume, + cattle are disaesed + killing, while the south should stop + feed themselves with indifgenous ways only. let Miguel guide you back from your own people.

people say no, hear this message that you are allowing these industrialized out of control businesses + people to mislead you. don't accept anything unless you see it from you own local community, thru the eyes of a cooperative network that live the natural life, not the religious controlling or other belief, such as a so called family` being called from god. this is delusion folks. for we are a living organism + depend on ecological soundness, yes balanced ecosystems that self-sustain, for our survival for the critters + the microorganisms to prevent pests, disease from getting out of control.

say no I don't want to be unaware, I want to use my inner-tools + heal my self as I gain discipline over them + stop misuse.

their is 1 universal truth for the public + that is nature's way. we cannot allow it to be manipulated.

say no to all this research put into vaccines + ideals for more pharmaceuticals, when a child can't even reach many toilets, not to mention soap, etc. rather we need natural small farming communities + wild to stay wild to support them + us.

the world is allowing labels to tell stories + not the truth. human rights + natural resources are being abused while others gain blindly, I say that with compassion. for we have been like a slug on a pig's armpit. we where hungry + didn' now better, just looking to satisfy.

ok you pigs now it is the time for us to stop feeding on you + we have to be equally responsible in assisting this transition. + allow our inner-being to once again become whole as we become the better person + responsibly  act within nature's guidelines for respect for our self + our neighbor. not a verbage of when or how, technical deviations as people are allowed to be wasteful when in chaos, but now realize we have solutions for you + us to create, while we individually recycle what you have done for your thought of doing good. + together we support you to go back home + become a local community cooperative participant + build a self along with your community. allowing goodness back into your local + beyond focus to be now applied locally.

+ all the folks dependent on you + your service/product will be thankful that they also become a whole person as they learn reality of awakening + awareness with the natural world, with it's wealth of offerings when we `boon with it.

don't any of you fear a no longer position. for we need all of you to help us make this tapering `transition work. it goes beyond money as folks gain energy + awareness to control their own discipline over self-sensory observation vs belief. only then when we calm our constant flow of energy thruout our meridiens will we be fueled for harmony.

yes we have the ability with sharp sensors to create, self-express + continue our exploration as we unite, a pen pal or 2 as we explore our inner depths. + step down from the position where you speak behind a closed door. rather open the virtual network that good minds have developed to coinside with our real time local applications.

             as in here, it was wrong to bring such disorganized welcoming of folks to this limited space, when the virtual world could of done this. + still can. open the channels, so folks can stop consuming the air fare - the energy + resources to attempt to communicate, hitting walls with doors closed..

folks stand back, take a fresh breath of air. it is calm energy that produces clarity. regroup + gain insight, as each person unfolds them self. then as a network we come together to produce local realities to hold them responsible. + network this so we as an international  participant come to gether for this support. don't get lost in this disassociated energy that is now happening as these agendas are deluded + must be locally created + grounded.

i've asked for the UN + Global folks along with President Obama to help hold folks accountable, while they address their own inner-being/role/position + recycle. but I see they personally are consumed with our dysfunctional wasteful entities, that should be recycled ASAP. in US governemnt officials get paid aprox 70k /year to waste time debating, while the majority allows them to lead, when they themself should come back into local community particiapting in interchangeable roles so we have a common message for 1 to represent.

            where did this democracy stop. I don't see democracy in governments, i only see in it grassroot people projects which are linking, as we network. say no folks + take a look at your false cravings + rid your need the natural way, network with good folks do_in.

to do this best is to come back to our local communities + network as we develop the many tasks needed to reprogram those living unnatural lives, creating their own illness, + preventing others from gaining from their weakness, + support awareness for them to self-sustain, as they interrelate with us what sustains us..

as in the US health care debate, it is wrong doings from western medicine folks that are fighting to hold a medium so they can continue their profits, from their ways that are incomplet. Dr. Yun Wang can show us that from Seattle as he could teach them to open to the worlds' way as we combine east + west, have respect for north + south + reestablish local growing natural food/medicine systems that are organic, at fair trade + folks healing from only balanced envioronments which we interrealte with. supplying local communities. as we are then fueld to have an abundant of work as we do a walkabout + incorporate all for a a cooperative land/sea/water tapering `transition locally + hold folks responsible for their focus afar.

yes harmony with children coming out of a dysfunctional schoolroom that houses incorrect history along with science controlled by industrial agendas, + allow Professor Miguel Altieri from Berkely, Ca + others as in Jenny Pell + others in permaculture. to lead a path as they reflect what works from the indigenous that where sensitive enough to do it within nature's way + say no to the industrial way that goes beyond nature's limit as they leave ill health along their path.

we want verbage from natural acts to communicate with our children now, we don't support any movement just for the future thought of our children, for all we have is now. to take this opportunity to self-sustain as we create with our children enabling them also to walk with us into the future. where we can speak the truth + stay centered as we act for our self + only unable - do we support. other wise we are interfering in another beings ability to self-develop. say no to aid for healthy folks.

we can build our path as we walk it. thankyou folks for networking, the world offers us goodness if we maintain sharp sensors to perceive it's sensitivity + apply with simple respect for all life, that which is fine tuned for our ecosystems. we don't need science  + numbers or policy with words. we have sensitive folks that live it to guide + good teachers that create science from those that stay within the natural limits. not folks chasing their head, chasing delusion, while their is no natural context, meanwhile a profit motivated business misleads.

peace is an option now if we network it, don't await  for another to act. self-register + go about your way for I'm truly sorry for all I've given wrongly from my codependency from the misinformation. as in many generations attempt to simply survive, as they passed on bad behavior.. little would any decent farmer think profits would rule when the natural world was being abused + then create a science to make the world believe it was the truth.

sorry, folks have said no for a long time + they fuel this movement for peace now. it is here to stay as we network, making amends with compassion as we create together solution that fuels us to network as we share our planet. accepting nothing less than harmony for all.

rather go deep within + co_evolve within our human potential now as a family, with our combined` effort..

             thanks your peaceful effort..