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     This is my take on the present need for all to be on the same page w/engineering and science, on earth and in space, so all understand common sense from secular science as we transcribe indigenously, those that know well good stewardship and co_evolve together w/technological priorities now...

                                          Please check back for updates/corrections!

  First I'd like to say I see the heart President Trump has, as well President Putin, Crown Prince Bin Salman Mohammed, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and this list covers many Government leaders now I've shared w/one way or thru another. We all must give them the respect of their present positions and work w/them. I'm ashamed of how much negativity they have had to work with from so many!

  As well I saw it in the past as I worked w/Barack's OFA, holding him accountable/giving positive sharing of what can be done, then to later define the footprint he left afar yet wins a Noble Prize which is not right! Same w/George W. Bush and others, as I still see the problems for those in other countries, as their citizens are having a hard time now due to the US Gov's and others lack of accountability. Same when Sec Clinton was giving arms to the rebels of Syria and US Gov putting puppet Govs/stealing resources from the Congo and much more, this is not what countries due to each other!

   For we must stay in the instance holding self and others accountable and learn from Pres Putin saying no to GMO's, as well New President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also stating No fracking, where US/Qatar, to name a few, is out of control w/both, unaware how toxic and how il people are getting from them both!

   For many know the reality of the proposed Jordan Cove's LNG's attempt to interfere in the commercial fisheries/property owners and more here in Coos Bay, OR, as the permitters are fragmenting science, not prioritizing our ecological abilities to preserve life that truly sustains all, as in the ecosystem's microcosms and more, see;


 Plus Pres Obrador states he is selling the President's plane and flying coach as he offers much and let's all support each other to downscale one's footprint, seriously understanding together we can turn all this around!

   Same w/you Bernie Sanders, I hear your proposals yet see your footprint, same w/Al Gore and others profiting off climate change! Not mention the many lies about aliens/ET's, so you people have worked w/Congress all these years, yet very little changes as waste/corruption continues around the table.

   So what should all do? I share what we do w/our/all children we share w/and ask you to do the same as well make space to nurture yourself, so this becomes a common sense by all give/gaining, support to understand;

      When we truly love others we want for them whatever makes them feel truly well, truly free, truly calm & truly joyful in each and every moment and we understand that we cannot know for them. Letting go of our own and other’s ideas, beliefs, doubts, stories & other about what is best for all is key.

All thoughts, actions, intentions,... emit a vibration shared with all. The vibrations of distrust, skepticism, doubt, assumptions and judgement do not support beings to shine. Rather they get ill/diseased/dying prematurely and many suffer on their own!

Trusting, Loving and Being are the key! Our message board can help get needs met for all, whether your a long term resident suffering/an orphan/homeless/refugee or anyone seeking oneself or able to give support, so all give/gain support to work within the communities priorities, as one gets theirs met simultaneously as all prioritize the local `plans needs, which is everyone's true sustaining energy!

   Fueling all to heal/self develop/explore and make changes local and afar, as all co_evolve together, give/gain, support for all to come to the table and make one's local `plan happen, as the best rule of understanding.

   For we all are a human organism interdependent on balancing one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors. Our guts have trillions of microbes both good and bad that requires to be fed healthy whole natural food/no stress, as many are now in as normal behaviors have yet to be reflected with, to retain a healthy balance. Which local plan's can network as humanity's options get understood to create upon!

      When environments are destroyed w/toxic acts, such as growing GMO's/fracking/pipelines of LNG/excessive fossil fuels, etc. on top of the already impoverished economically distressed, and this list is lengthy that each local plan is best to define and prioritize such needs to get met, as we focus direct together in solidarity, sharing how to rid toxic! So no more unskilled degreed people become regulators permitting this toxic, as it is prioritized to rid in every community on earth/space.

     For when our gut get's ill, our brains are in the fog/mindbody becomes diseased, people unable to get one's needs met, nor have the energy or clarity to focus part time on one's local `plan!

  These scars on earth/space must end, and I share my perception of how best efficiently to do this, welcoming all to join in and create upon/correct us! I share a simple message board that can help all co_evolve together. See our email I sent to UN Climate Change Conference, which I'm updating here and also sending this again to the Secretariat to share w/all, as well I ask you to share too.

               Please stay in real time, respecting all and do your part to share/correct w/all!

   I give you an Ex; I studied Dr. Paul Thomas's work w/addicts, serious issues and became aware of carfentanil (correction I made from originally saying fentanyl which is bad enough but carfentanil is  10 thousand times stronger than morphine ) transmission to one close. Then in my further research, as Paul told me how if you are close to one that has overdosed w/this drug, and you think you want to help them and go near, just breathing their breath/touching one's skin w/out protected covering, you too will need the antidote ASAP!

    I see how hard my local maintenance guys work at the International Port of Coos Bay here, as well I respect my local Sheriff Craig Zanni, so I shared this with them. The guys at the Marina heard nothing of carfentanil and we have many homeless/addicts, etc. coming and going! So I thought I should have a chat w/the US CG also in the Marina grounds, and they have the antidote but not enough, as I shared an experience of people given a dose and it was not enough, they had to give 2. Yet CG did not have that in their ER kit!

Do you see why we need to talk to each other, give/gain, support w/funds vs a wall, for local `plan's can aid all to understand respect for the ecological enhanced walls all take part in creating if done the right way, even w/prison reforms and more? For I know how I've taken a lady/alcoholic for 14 hours locally and every social/medical entity we went to was wrong about the next connection they told us to go to.

 Our Sheriff Craig Zanni has gathered medical/mental health people, saying no more, he wants good help so no more mental people in his jail! Same all should welcome their police to come to that table as you do your local `plan, so people get to know each other! Same w/local planning, and please create upon our ideas!

  Pres Trump, You can even do more, for our plan has yet to reach all to start it w/recycling w/their local planning, as I've also tried as I repeat human error got in the way, so we will again try, and as I say, more work needed by all! And our plan will show more w/support, as schematics can show all the natural enhanced potential w/agro_ecological systems, linking w/neighbors. Ending toxic, short and long-term planning. As Students show the toxic homes/businesses, every community has, where people are imprisoned in their own head, unaware you should live w/the same clean air inside as outside, if fortunate that outside is clean.

  We here in the region are still getting the smoke from CA. Plus I know personally how bad it is to find out elderly had died/left alone in filthy conditions/over medicated, and more, when yet our students now in these local `plans's can stop this, w/hands-on, gaining how-to from and with skilled walking by their side, to volunteer/get to know neighbors/gain credits/co_evolve the curriculum as local `plans prosper making wrongs right and our earth a beautiful piece of living earth.

  Where all can celebrate along the way, as there is no better education, as well tourism project then to welcome all and do exchanges, including any earthling as good policy on earth changes from all good critical thinkers as each interrelate making it happen! This is true Democracy we have seen nowhere in our travels! Only in patches w/groups sharing great skills and love aiding suffering/nurturing all to self-reflect and heal/become aware and share, as we seek the many pockets without that we all have contributed such scars, by simply not having this awareness early on and now we can!

  The tools of the times are here to be perfect, we thank Nabble/Google/LibreOffice and all that have aided us to get this far! There here for you to organize your communities and link!

     President Trump, you know how you suffered and your brother being an alcoholic, and many others same, please have empathy and not use the death penalty, rather lets together resolve healing/education/prioritizing and co_evolving real Democracy, sharing the truth, making wrongs right...

    Ex; This lady continues to even pass out drunk at low tide, then to be covered w/seawater when the tide rises, and routinely back into ER, and then I even see here and another I helped, back on street w/same scrubs doing it all over!

  I've worked hard to get funding to perfect our work, yet none, as we continue to prioritize research, and meanwhile I continue to reach out locally and see much human error at UNIV/Hospitals/Highschool/Middle school District, as many say sorry, and more communication then needs to be followed up, which takes energy, and we need help!

So I appreciate anyone that can see how good this work is and much more will happen beyond anyone's imagination, once local `plans are supported by everyone!

Thank you and please read my perceptions to Secretariat at UN Climate Conference 12.7.18 updates below and you send yours to them, as well the White House as I share mine below to Pres Trump at the White House;


In respect to you Sir, I'd like to share what I posted to you on Twitter, not knowing you take on my offerings to date and our work?

Please see the link I shared w/you over your community project of having a Safe Neighborhood and more, you speak of: @KremlinRussia_E @khamenei_ir @bin_crown @ajamubaraka @foe_us @No  @PresChina @NorthKoreanKim  Pres Trump/all, please note I shared w/UN climate change conference this week my take, please all create w/in your local `plan + link; Peace can be real for all!

For our plan sharing local `plans for every community on earth/space not only enhances the ecological natural potential to gain local natural food/localized energy as people become aware to protect and downscale footprints, but also transcribe the great traditional engineers knowing well good stewardship of the earth/space systems all must work within, and clean up existing toxic/preventing more scars to continue!

SO yes we have a science of common sense for all to use in daily chores!

Not to mention the local `plans can retain controlling % so as no more regulatory entities anywhere permitting toxic developments as is/have in past!

Where now our students can network local and afar via like ecosystem/season and subject, so as to ecologically enhance and restore while prioritizing needs for all to be met, as the needs of the communities are prioritized and all work for the whole.

Schematics on the table w/sensitive skilled working as students focus direct and learn as well teach us, so World Markets/Trade/Tariffs work w/the natural enhanced earth/space systems to save life on earth/in space and heal, making a profit as good investors now can just invest, not have to realize how much destruction they have done, due to permitters allowing them! Do you see who is to blame?

All of us for allowing unskilled degreed in responsible positions!

`i come to talk story <>
Wed, Dec 5, 6:54 PM (2 days ago)
to secretariat UN Climate Change Conference


 We are a US nonprofit yet to gain funding, as we choose to do research to resolve priority issues, that we feel UN has not done efficiently as what can be done now, w/your help. I've offered but never get a response.

  We have a plan to share humanity's work, and I'm happy to explain it to anyone if you email me.

  Climate change is a big waste of human resources, the way it is not understood and many are wasting a lot of energy on fear and also profiting. As well Our children are studying science like what Dr. Guy McPherson taught and still studies as he says if Arctic ice melts this year, which I understand that season now is over, as well if melts next year, then life for humans will not continue beyond 7 or so years on earth, due to complex life humans depend on cannot withstand the temperature variance, nor the growth of grains. This was hard for me to assimilate, especially since he has such status being a professor yet so many confused.

   He states the feedback many loops like 23 or so, in the Arctic, are causing the severe weather and it will get worse. As I see many now not prepared for even if no climate change issue, which fuels our reality of perfecting our virtual global platform to efficiently share how all this can be down as we use communities as classrooms, networking w/students, so all needs get met as communities do one's local `plan w/agro_ecological systems prioritizing toxic, w/neighbors. So critical thinkers come together and clarify the priorities of the planet/space affecting many if not all!

   In saying that Dr. McPherson states if all should stop carbon ASAP, it would be worse! Yet I just saw a Harvard study of creating a volcano to shield the sun, etc. As well much controversy of that! So this is critical and needs to be collaborated by sensitive skilled traditional engineers that are good stewards of the earth/space systems, so as to transcribe this into science so as to equate w/technological realities to co_evolve so as to continue good stewardship!

   We share a message board to come together to get needs met within restoring the local `plans, as we do just as I speak of above, prioritize toxic and network in solidarity and resolve.

 So I then decided to get clear so as to stop the waste of good energy in controversy and I'm compiling research in the Arctic from Igor Semiletov who is working w/other Univs. As well I see the Antarctic Drilling Project, finding more ice freezing vs melting in the core, which they did not expect! Then I got clearer.

  I realized after seeing many discuss this issue, that it is not words that will resolve this of the verbiage of climate change. Rather it is making peace on earth/space so as to understand so all on the same page to hold self and others accountable local and afar. So in saying that I saw no good clarity at G20, except for people already doing behind the scenes, and that is not educating the people. So I decided to address the serious war issues and took part in the Dublin conference; 

  As well confront those leaving the largest footprints so as to stop also the preoccupation, so as to come to our human senses, w/common sense! Being in the 6th mass extinction already our microbiomes are interrupted as 200 species each day are dying and Dr. McPherson is clear if we do not come up w/miracles humans will soon follow.

   We are free thinkers respecting all life, not religious, yet respect all to do as they choose as long as they maintain discipline over one's self-sensory observation vs belief, causing misuse/abuse. As well we will prioritize all to give/gain, support w/safe protected sex, for all to first become a mindful local participant, stopping unwanted/unplanned children or even children to come into negative issues. We do not support vaccines, after our studies of many getting ill or ill for years from them, and now are healing, for people deserve natural skilled medicine!  And they are seeing the illnesses caused from them, especially autism, which many are reversing!

   Now w/new strain of Ebola in DRC, as well the ongoing corrupt issues in the Congo, that area also needs priority as WHO is pushing vaccines, and we feel the tests being used are not mathematically sound, yet you people are still pushing pharma! All western doctors need to go back to school as many are! Many unskilled must stop until they become aware, for many now have natural answers and yes for some ER many need some pharma, but nothing like what is happening globally now.

   Good food/medicine can be managed, as unskilled doctors have mismanaged contributing to the abuse from using pharma. Which have left much damage in side effects, and should be tapered off ASAP. We have several to guide having such skills from the Institute of Functional Medicine/Traditional Chinese Medicine and more that have been around for a long time on this earth, and suggest you meet them.

  As well knowing well enhancing nature w/agro_ecological systems shows clearly the way, and Prof Miguel Altieri and Associates can lead this if he will? I yet to update and ask regarding if we get funding when? For his work has fueled our virtual global platform, as we continue to perfect `i come to talk story.

 There is no efficient way better than for Miguel's knowledge to be used, for all local `plans to gain one's local natural food and medicine/energy of localized systems prioritized as well education in lowering footprint and technological co-evolving w/good stewardship, so as to utilize the microorganisms it produces to heal as well sequester carbon or define means to fuel with it? As each local `plan gain one's own sovereignty. So all share in solidarity, no more profit or misinformation over health!

   For no one ecosystem can be isolated, we all are part of the earth, and these earth/space systems give us life/death to carry on good tools to co_exist w/the wild, as a human species creates harmony from doing one's organic exchanges! 

  I see the mega projects Ex; Lake Kivu transforming Methane, and others, as I feel once we do this further research defining/collaborating prioritizing earth/space, working w/students focus directing w/communities, prioritizing w/sensitive skilled to guide/self reflect, more energy will be flowing affecting our human consciousness. So as not to allow mega projects, if they do not conform to good stewardship or have such a high risk! 

   As local skilled awareness, can clearly fuel the path that has prioritized one's large browsers transboundary migration, of what project best supports them, fueling communities to restore, in harmony w/them, or a reality to continue to create? Aiding this clarity to seriously respect the local ways of tradition, as well speak a science co_evolved for common sense from this, for all to be on the same page, w/basic human/life nuts and bolts for healthy working communities linking w/neighbors.

    As we are biological organisms interdependent on healthy living microorganisms/complex life/ability to grow grains/whole natural food/medicine and more that can't survive the toxic of past/present Military weapons of war and toxic EMF's/Nuclear radiation passed on thru sex from Military men to their grandchildren!

      Yet as in the Military people in Iraq were not even informed that depleted uranium used has active harmful radiation contaminating them and they carried it home to their family from their clothes/baggage/men passing on thru sex. As well still the US weapons contaminate the children in Iraq playing on them now. As well abrupt temperature changes as a resultant of all, as well other contributors to be clearly defined, continue to contaminate!

   People in most countries are unaware, nor are they monitoring as many toxins circulate our earth/space now and all need to understand this. As well stop Gov from using these products/services, rather realize `we the people want to be educated and know well now humanity has options to heal and restore our communities, w/all interrelating making a difference! Where all give/gain, support for all to do what can!

   For Pres's of past have left much toxic on earth/space and Pres Trump you cannot follow this! Nor would your heart allow you, once you see the true science of good stewardship, for I know you love your family and no one is isolated from these toxins now circulating our planet, and it will take all leaders to stop toxic trade as well toxic misuse/abuse within one's homeland and every local `plan can do this now better w/your support! As our students exponentially will make this happen, and we want to share your response to the world, please!

   This is the realities of being human, feeding our gut of over a trillion microbes, dependent on balancing each local `plan's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors as each does one's organic exchanges!

All I say is shame on us all for consuming such a footprint! As personal stories just kept explaining how toxic Military is on earth/space, yet it continues!

So let me make this short. I feel by prioritizing we can define how to sort this out. We can define critical areas while all create local `plans, better working within their true enhanced natural potential. And w/Agro_ecological systems, they give all the most efficient means to sort this out, defining best where the critical priorities are and then good science co_evolved from good stewards help us w/AI and all the human intelligence possible, to put us all on same page w/these ER issues.

 We can't go about our business w/war profiting as we ecologically whor/create products services as GMO's that are leaving disease/Nuclear radiation circulating the planet yet IAEA/local/federal Gov does not inform nor other's as in Japan's Gov and many!

   We all must monitor, realizing it can be very helpful, work w/sex education and protected sex, defining research to rid waste and all Nuclear use accept some medicine w/no half-life/recyclable, as Dr. Helen Caldicott knows well and tries to educate the world.

    So as to dodge it while prioritizing Govs to resolve this deadly issues w/all, vs add more thru leaked Nuclear plants and Military weapons, so as all mindfully act and stop them! If yet to get cancer then to be treated w/medicine not as effective as `Functional Medicine is best to heal it if caught in time, same w/Traditional Chinese Medicine and other Traditional Medicine. Pharma ways w/chemo is causing great stress or people die from it suffering.

    As well other diseases/side effects from doctors that need to go back to school, as many are treating people and I've seen flesh fall off before one dies in Intensive Care, at great costs I must say! And this is not just due to not having policies of euthanasia, it is due to lack of education.

    `Functional Medicine uses natural means w/whole natural foods/behavioral changes/testing for deficiencies then to supply w/micro nutrients from whole organic foods so as not to be effected from the toxic pesticides/fertilizers/heavy metals/processing/animals treated inhumanely filled w/toxic antibiotics/induced hormones, etc.. Rather guided w/supplements depending on illness/removing trauma as a child/exercise, focusing on healing the gut to then heal one's mind/body, not toxic GMO's where farmers are unable to save one's seeds, as Monsanto/Bayer/Cargill control. As they also destroy the Canadian forests/Amazon rainforest/habitats wherever used, going into the soil/air/water/transferred via currents locally and around the planet, ending up in our gut! Adding to the Nuclear radiation as it accumulates.

                    You wonder why so many in the fog/addicted/crime and suicides?

  Meanwhile, education does not prioritize this, nor has Gov's/UN, been efficient in resolving these issues and this list is lengthy. These are my experiences in US/other countries we've networked in, seeing use of pharma. And many in western medicine needing to go back to school, as many have and resolving naturally which can be hard to do depending how long one waits, after much pain suffered by many for years, going into diseased states/dying prematurely.

 I'm awaiting for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to confirm what we have been working at, and that is his statement about what he will do for this long tragedy w/Yemen and neighbors, as well plan working to support humanity's options, to reach all on earth/space, as he respects our work. So as all prioritize one's needs working into one's local `plan for all, networking, for the tools are here. As well I've just asked the Leaders of Iran also, to work with us to define how they can make peace w/Saudi's and others, to help stop conflict? Same I ask you Pres Trump to join in w/US Gov!

    I've worked w/Google since 2014 as they gave us an AD Grant, as we continue to share our research and we've reached out for funding as well to give UN our ideas but no answer. As well I see the list of people that should be held accountable for International war crimes against humanity, and I see no efficient means to do that either. So I have welcomed as in Pres Paul Kagame, after that adjustment that was meaningful to me also, as we started our project after building a sailboat and started circumnavigating, then to hear the Rwanda war crossing the Pacific Ocean, which made me ill.

          But now doing what we do I'm very happy because it works, humanity has the options now to restore every local `plan! But seeing that Pres Kagame is also Pres Of the African Union, it at first scared me, due to I'm hearing others trying to prosecute him/Clintons/Madeline Albright/Bush/Cheney (forgot Barack Obama's legacy of what he left too, as well puppet Gov's from US put in Ukraine/Congo and many, that was toxic and add now in this post) and this list is lengthy, as many globally are still suffering from what they did, yet not being held accountable.

  I welcome all to heal and take part! For if any of you think we have global justice, think again! I add this here; As well many think we have Democracy and we don't, if we did the Green Party would be on stage and all other parties too, debating w/the known Republicans and Democrats. 

     As this is a way to become informed! And those people that have been/continue to be corrupt, should not make global decisions, yet I will respect them to be a local-global mindful participant, same as any prison reform now needed, as they too are treated as those in jail/prison, as we all work at reform, and share what can while making wrongs right, as critical thinkers debate priorities!

                                    Dr. Denis Mukwege addresses this best below!

    Please let's all give/gain, support to perceive and share the truth of what is in the instance, so rather than to waste good energy criticizing Pres Trump or anyone else, one should go within and self-reflect, edit all that negative energy accusing people vs making change to help get clear/heal, for that makes oneself sick! Turn all this negative energy from unhealthy practices from us all, as many have no clue they continue to misuse/abuse, or even have done damage in their political decisions afar as many in the Congress/Senate and all Govs!

   Let's rethink and shift please, organize and let's make policy change for earthlings on earth/space opening to all truths,w/positive energy and share it w/one directly or representative of reforms in progress and join in. If can't share it by doing your local `plan yet, so as to speak together, then another can contact one directly. So as to respect oneself, as well all life!

  The point I share of most priority is all can do this much more efficiently, and if Crown Prince informs us of his decision of his communication w/Yemen, US and Iran/North Korea too all come to common sense to save life on earth and heal!

              Fund our project/create with it and make it more than anyone can imagine!

    W/more help we will do what I say faster.
 But rather than to have groups of people as in G20/UN Climate Change, being fragmented, inefficiently doing, etc. Where I see the math of students aiding us exponentially, especially if you share your resources for Local/International Educational entities so we share this with them as they orchestrate local `plans/network so they feel the energy of wrongdoings but most important prioritize local and afar needs and resolve while restoring their ecological sustaining enhanced healthy working communities, w/neighbors, prioritizing ending toxic!

    While more ill and critical thinkers surface, to be supported! To do what we propose, and that is make peace and get ER needs met simultaneously, while all give/gain, support to nurture oneself in appropriate settings so as be safe from misuse/abuse, while gaining the reality of good healing as those are doing w/`Functional Medicine, as Doctors/Researchers study w/`The Institute of Functional Medicine, so all maintain discipline over one's self-sensory observations vs belief.

      It's time to get on the same page w/common sense for our daily chores so all harmonize!

   For I have respect for all who study and that is a right that all should have, but not when it interferes in one's ability to center and ground for self! Many are taking behaviors passed down, from many trying to survive, as normal, this is wrong and making people ill! Same religions, as well materialism, as in many chasing delusions of western ways, that too are wrong!

   I offer myself as a peace intermediary and suggest to bring sensitive skilled people to peace talks everywhere, updating reality of transcribing what is really being said, beyond the words of many unable to speak, as they ride on the wave of past behaviors taken as normal, leaving not healthy! Unaware of how to prioritize earth space systems, all must work within!

  I can show you now doctors in `Functional Medicine that are healing the variety of resultants happening due to Govs permitting toxic developments in most countries/or unorganized to be in the instance ridding them from afar, etc. Same as you people do at UN, which has consumed a lot of resources, yet look at the mess our earth/space is in. And these meetings are fragments of what is needed!

 I welcome you all to rethink and shift and let's work together, please Support us where you can now! W/more funds, I will be organizing a tech team and appreciate you sharing your contacts, so as for all to create upon the work of all, so we don't just work at it, rather we do what it takes for everyone to get needs met, within where one is, so as to aid this transformation!

    While ASAP have your community organize now, to work w/new people in it, as in being a refugee/homeless/long term resident suffering alone, etc., to aid cleaning a space to have a comfortable good night sleep for all unable in need of support, so as to awake w/good food to heal/sanitation and then local students focus directing will self reflect, as well aid/working w/communities! Learning themselves as we share our truth/or they are clear to see it what we have done wrong, so as to lay out on the table for all to rethink, who best to do what and how/were, so as to fuel all to gain the harmony of being alive!

 This way all can work at changing policies locally and afar as well in space, so no more scars to be repeated, as humanity works calmly to resolve/create, and our earth ends up as a beautiful piece of functional art! Where no more people are separated from wildlife, rather thru learning respect for the microcosms that truly support healthy gut producing good mental clarity/physical strength, then transboundary migrations will fuel the path of one's local `plan!

 There is no better education then to interrelate realizing all is needed, as well the local `plan can retain controlling % so no more does anyone ecologically whor due to whatever reason, as well students can share via like ecosystems/total biome(s) w/neighbors worked so as to see the changes produced by good investments, as World Markets co_evolve, understanding all are needed to save humanity from becoming extinct.

 For even now w/the controversy over vaccines, as those in `Functional Medicine are showing the ill effects and how hard it is but they can be treated as well cancers, and we want to prevent them, thru all creating w/this project of understanding, as well end all weapons of war and Nuclear, for in US/Japan/China and many countries, people are unaware and not monitoring, yet living w/Nuclear waste or leaks/toxic minerals/compounds, etc. that doing your local `plan you/your communities working w/neighbors, will be best to define and prioritize as you work w/students/skilled, networking local and afar to clean up earth/space systems! 

  There is no other way more efficient that we have discovered then what we share, so if so please share it w/us!

  Let me end this w/a new beginning for all, I share a man that I really respect, please see;

Thank you for this lengthy read and please share! With heads up, I'm happy to answer questions, gather a group and we can teleconference how best that works for you! We appreciate corrections and for people to join in, as we work together!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect...

        I want to thank these folks for getting this far, and they can help you too!
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                                            and you for your support!
                                         Peace, Wendy, Kara + Misha
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