Come march against Monsanto

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            I`m happy to see these folks still on Facebook, they have done a great job, please check out their work;



we continue to co_evolve with all your good work last year, + marched in Coos Bay, Oregon, which we plan to do the same this week.

we saw the much misinformation people had, including Heather whom was speaking for the Right to Label, she did not want us to talk about composting, thinking people would think we where hippies. this is so wrong for we all can understand simply how we are interdependent on our natural world. + if we show the many good solutions we have now globally, we ill create 1 global sound science verbiage to over ride the fragmented science that allows so many people to do business, yet it leave negative effects on all life in their.

so next beef was one wanted more emotional support venting at those abusers, which we where happy to give, but some need the encouragement of them being never able to change. they wrong, we right mode. this is wrong, for due to people`s misunderstandings they actually ride on their wave thinking cheaper, etc. + many still are part of the problem as these people continue to exploit all life in their path.

we feel at - i come to talk story, we can create with our students, their community to become an extended classroom. + as they do their walkabout, they give hands on, aiding all that have dulled their sensors, to sharpen + then in this transformation of understanding what we can do, we all co_evolve, `booning with the natural world that we all are interdependent on.

so now we can hold our self accountable locally + afar, along w/our regulators to create sensitive ecological assessments so as to work within mother earth`s enhanced limits, as w/Miguel Altieri`s indigenous curriculum of agroecology, showing what they do that still works with similar yields as industrial, yet no ill effects left.

so we welcome you folks to come aboard + we are in the process of creating a form to link subject categories so people can gain awareness to live local + network globally.

we are a US 501.c3 non profit, yet to fund raise so we are limited. so welcome all of you to help us, as you have the links now that we invite. can you folks come talk to share how we can merge this sharing platform vs me having to email everyone of you, which is inefficient.

also last year i understood facebook canceled you so i went about my path to create + study w/Google Drive which i now am do_in. i was not happy with the Drive Form, but i see as you folks have used the spreadsheet mode is nice + clear.

so i will continue to work at this + i welcome all to come talk so we may trigger you to do the same locally.

you can email me, kara; or share how best to use same form vs creating another one. please note is the domain for - i come to talk story which if Google you will see our forum that led to us acting as we create the form that will then be posted on Nabble;

+ Google site;

peace is a solution now if we share what works, + as we march we can link locally + then follow thru with our students helping out to restore them self, along with all, as well curriculum as they restore their natural enhanced ecological sustainable working communities.

please note we support only low impact sustainable energy as alternative only, not large grids of solar for technology has a large footprint, as well wave, + wind same unless each use few only to supplement, once clear of lowering your footprint. read your labels on back of your tools + see better equipment w/lower volts/watts so you understand simple alternatives. as many do not + think the divestments from fossil fuels are good + they are, but not into just another mode that supports the war mode + false green economies.

we can link our movements + accept nothing less. so please ve vigil + take part, as in the UN`s Sustainable Energy For All, project. they are talking big funds for big grid farms if i understand right, if not please set me straight.

for the corrupt Wallstreet market will simply buy + sell these divestment`s as well gain from the large farms, meanwhile people come into your community + do, which interferes in your ability to `boon with your natural world + do own sovereignty, as well the micro biomes + large browsers transboundary migrations are interfered with as well ours.

low impact can be done, look at Mark Lakeman`s work that i just shared my work with + check out his building convergent villages workshops;

many have great fragments + we can let them trigger us, same as Ashevillage Institute now do_in free conference to take part in, but i had to tell them at the World Earth Summit that, Bill McGibbon`s divestment`s are going down the wrong path. so please rethink + let this trigger you to do you won homework. for their are many do_in great eco villages off the grids, etc. w/collective food forests, etc. + these are the links we will support so as to let our students network seeing yet another way as they no longer remain isolated as many do, as many are left behind in ever community + sadly many more in some.

so together we can collectively have our students due local prerequisites to help all get clear + supported for all to build their path as they walk into one`s opening, leaving no footprints.

i just talked to Doug the principle in Coos Bay Highschool + they are interested but after graduation, so please follow up with them + your community w/all schools, even home schooled so students regain the sense of community not barriers, etc. rather as they see the reality of what is + that many parents are lost in the disassociated energy that we can harness, only then will they go within + self reflect, inner personally realizing how important each is to take part, given them yet more support for their path they need to build, vs. riding on others wave. especially since so many adult bodies have undeveloped children within, so this gives us all a chance to do our personal walkabout + share what works.

if interested we searched a lot of work at last March in Coos Bay, so check out;

peace, kara