Come take part in solidarty, we are fundraising + more..

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You can donate to ` i come to talk story + gain a tax write off.

  or help us fundraise in exchange of items that may be of interest to you;

   A 30 ft LOD 38 ft LOA wood `buehler design sailboat, $ 32,900.??

Photos on site;

  We have a Bruce Copen Radionic Machine for sale, $1000.  It is old but works fine.

 + A collection of Acupunture class books + others for sale. Best offer. We are in Charleston, OR US now + if close can pick them up or we mail.

Also we are selling this hand painting below, details on site.

   hand painted leather border

We have plans to continue networking good links, as we collect ethnic tradional engineered values to work with. As we learn more to share as in community based conservation/trans boundary migration, while communities working w/one's students prioritize toxic conditions, as well end all Nuclear, sequester + rid waste/end weapons of war + false green economies. As allshare the living local process that humanity offers welcoming your input. Check our site.

So all network, vs remain isolated + add to, as we make a simple shared tool for everyone's community, sharing in solidarity globally. To co_evolve creating ecological sustainable working communities. Ending Colonial grids, ending large alternative grids that interfere, where people profit over defining healthy communities.

 Many now are vulnerable, mostly in the N hemisphere as they get ill, die prematurely from Nuclear radiation circulating from mismanaged plants/accidents + weapons of war, not to mention Nuclear waste stockpiled w/no plan to rid.

  We have + are stealing the future of our children. Not to mention the profiteers at war.

If we organize, NABBLE + GOOGLE have free tools so check them out, then no more can we suport these profiteers by not knowing. As well those that exceed the earth + beyond's natural systems can then be welcomed into your local `plans tapering transition. Showing them how to make wrongs rights.

Don't waste energy blaming, mostly likely we supported them unknowingly + can stop by understanding.

Our `the sun will set spreadsheet + document `It is time to talk about how, has much to fuel + space to add to or email me + i will. But more important we need support to redo + simplify all this yada yada, as well we need support for good tools to network + realize how many parasites are around the next corner as well within us yet to be aware of.

Humans are so good + when ill are so bad. No one deserves to live without basic comforts. Hold self + others accountable please, localy + afar.

So please don't use my facebook page for yada about generalized sharing. We are focused to do our work + ask you to help at ` i come to talk story.

 We know everyone can heal or gain support to come to the table + do one's local `plan. Our ideas we share of many are good + can fuel you to research what works for you, So you then share w/us + others. Humanity has options now for people to resolve much + research more. So all enjoy working for one's communites + exploring, being a local mindful participant where ever you are,

This includes refugee, or what ever lets forget titles, + have empathy for life, all life that sustains us all. Policys are wrong + we have to make them right.

  One's local `plan can do this knowing the ecological limits for comfort, as well communicate w/the world so people gain like minded support. When all is healthy all is equal, as well when all understand all can be come mindful + do one's homework.

A local `plan can become the best ecological rule of law for out earth to ground each to do what can supporting ourdated programmed thought.

So please center + ground + share this earth in peace as well beyond, for these natural systems are our tools if we do our homework.

  We have ideas to build a 38 ft sailing scowl, researching now East Africa to do it in/base out of. If anyone their would like to also build one for cargo/fishing/live etc. along with us to share in space on the ocean or river to ocean, then we can roll it in as well share tools. Being US citizens we need a few helpers to comply w/visas. So if know of anyone applicable to share or have 50 ft by 50 ft to lease in Tanzania/Kenya or theri islands, please let us know.

Share w/us on twitter at patchestalk or here, or email, + do add your ideas on all this on our site  as well suggestions to make this work more efficient for you your community to do your work, sharing in solidarity.

Thank you, please let our work we are perfecting fuel you to stay calm, love kara speaking for our combined `effect at ` i come to talk story

or call + leave message on skype; 360-450-3749

We thank Nabble + Google for all they have done for us, as well they offer to you to, please check them out.