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I am so tired of signing petitions. how bad is this gov to be so dysfunctional.

before reading below, take a review of this to add to your understanding;

do you realize how easy this could be, if say each developer bought a very large insurance policy, with good intent that they have done their best with local communities. well knowing + complying with the local communities needs. + before that they would prove their was no ill effects from what they choose to do, as they could use good science with excellent gauges built upon indigenous ways that work. + maybe even try it on themselves. for each would do their homework + do it well with out leaving a footprint..

     I wouldn`t doubt that they may even do it on their families, as I think a lot of business people are so programmed they fail to feel what they are doing to mother earth as well them self.

     we can make a good science to over rule this bad science that is being manipulated/or no policies in place perhaps for these ecological assessments to be proven as well monitored continually so any kind of negative act + instantly changes made or no continue. for mother earth + life that we need to sustain ours is being abused big time.

   + why when we have such good awareness from indigenous?? is it due to no communication in real time application as we prioritize this focus direction as we speak of in our restructuring at

  it is time for our students + our self to stop being whiplashed with such diversity of wrong doing + get away with it. their should only be 1 science that is in real time with mother earths limits.

     we can locally unite + go to our permitting entities + request ecological assessment gauges to not exceed natural enhanced limits. + further more come together locally + define what each community is in need of, as each start by prioritizing real common sense. for all to gain their own local natural food sovereignty;

       as with Prof Miguel Altieri`s agro_ecology curriculum, that he creates working with indigenous that leaves no ill effects, yet similar yields as with synthetic productions, that do leave negative effects. yet he has gotten over ruled, as others state their values are needed, etc. Miguel explains this best, Google him.

       with priority retrospect, every local community globally, can go figure + welcome good investors to fill these missing links. + as people leaving negative effects are supported to rethink + make wrongs right, we all can make a big difference as we focus direct together, so no one simply continues to buy their way out, after leaving negative effects. rather we learn + prevent + not allow as we do better assessments knowing our local communities, knowing what is needed as well what must end ASAP + corrected.

          Miguel explains the food crises on this planet + where it comes from, for some people in science + technology are out their, not sensitive to mother earth or life that supports us. Google him.

if we focus direct together via like ecosystem/subjects, on our sustainable resources, to do this, we then can put some common sense back into our daily chores. not to mention heal people that are left behind as well they then with their local community can self-sustain, as we all reflect as in a global linking mechanism + do our homework.

how could we have allowed people to do all this damage, without coming together + organize? well know is the time for the many movements to link. to become aware of building new understandings, new neuro networks where we associate, with hands on application as we focus direct as we speak of with our restructuring at

  we can welcome those already permitted, if leaving negative effects, to go on a tapering transition, so as to make wrong rights, not just pay large funds + continue to leave negative effects. as we go to our planning depts. locally + request these changes to be made, so no more duplicates take place, no where on this earth..

  we do not have to let mother earth get so negatively affected before we come together + get clear.

  we are presently restructuring at to make a global means to reflect ways that work. for we should not have to reinvent the wheel. but it is going to take numbers to come together, to share their story until clarity comes about so the energy is real to act on. for I know how much work I have done, yet it feels like I have accomplished nothing, hitting my head against the wall. but I refuse to quit. I`ve continually requested from Barack Obama thru his OFA/Fellowship/Whitehouse, channels + Oregon legislators to make this MOU for each developer, while we continue, as well all that are already established, to let us merge, to view our `plan. to try to share the understanding. so mother earth gains some simple respect as well all the life that sustains ours. so no one exceeds the natural enhanced limits.

  we are awaiting these understandings to do this most efficient..

our idea is to reach out with students do_in a walkabout in their local community as school prerequisites, so all understand what each community needs + what needs to be corrected. so we have a `plan we just need to go figure how best to link.

share with us here your ideas, so we may work together.

 I don`t know why this process should not be banned period. for this is inexcusable to have to make changes once ill effects happen, + their are many of these stories. have our sensors become that dull, that we cannot preconceive early on with evidence after the fact, especially when good assessments to begin with where not complete. then to have this repeat itself. do you not see this waste of consumption of our human + natural resources??

please see yet another example + sign this petition below.

Ban Hydraulic Fracturing on All Public Lands, President Obama
By Mary Russell (Contact)

To be delivered to:  Sally Jewell and President Barack Obama

Petition Statement 

I am calling for an immediate ban on oil and gas fracking on all federal lands. The Bureau of Land Management's draft rules for fracking on public lands fail to protect the water we drink, the air we breathe, the climate we depend on, and the land many of us call home. This land is our land and should be managed for the good of the people, not corporate profits for the oil and gas industry.

Petition Background

I recently sold my house in Glenwood Springs because it sits on the edge of the lower Roaring Fork River, threatened by possible hydraulic fracturing in the Thompson Divide. My property value has plummeted since the doubling of oil and gas development around my home in the past ten years. I've been diagnosed with asthma since moving into my home five years ago.

Since moving to Colorado in 1991, I've seen the public lands I used to swim, bike, hike, and backcountry ski closed to me. No longer can I hike in areas off of Mamm Creek or bike outside of Paonia due to gates erected to keep me out of the public lands my taxes support. I don't swim in the North Fork of the Gunnison for fear of water contamination from hydraulic fracturing in areas whose creeks feed this river. I used to lead my students through the back roads and trails of Grand Mesa, on skis, bikes, and on foot. The views were spectacular as we hiked the Crag Crest Trail or rode our bikes out to Lands End. Now, the fracking trucks along I-70 and the lights of hydraulic fracturing towers obscure our view.

As a DJ on my community public radio station, KDNK, in Carbondale, Colorado, I played Woodie Guthrie's song, "This Land is Your Land" on the 4th of July this year. I dedicated the song to all my listeners, and to all the politicians who have lost sight of what democracy means.

President Obama is about to issue his first major policy on fracking. The Bureau of Land Management has issued draft rules for fracking on 600 million acres of public and Indian lands, like those near me in Colorado. Unfortunately, these rules are straight out of the oil and gas industry's playbook. The provisions on disclosure of the toxic chemicals used in fracking were written by ExxonMobil and taken straight from model bills peddled by ALEC, the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council. And the draft rules do nothing to protect watersheds that provide drinking water to millions of people.

We have until August 23 to submit our comments to the Bureau of Land Management, and on August 22, anti-fracking leaders will hand-deliver our comments to the BLM in Washington, D.C.

There are currently 53,394 signatures

NEW goal - We need 75,000 signatures

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thank you, kara j lincoln