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   Pres Trump, Congress and all please make space and realize humanity has solutions now if you work together.

     Ecologically you are failing to realize `gaining balance for one's genetic biodiversity is our best energy source, yet you allow developments that are interfering in one's ability to do one's local `plan working within one's `enhanced natural potential. To work within the earth/space natural systems to truly sustain all life that sustains humans now on earth.

   This goes far beyond whoring jobs, rather people can heal w/ ways that have worked for centuries as earth cultures share, gardens of medicine/local natural food without GMOs grown in every community local `plan using agroecological systems to become sustainable w/natural grown wild food/energy and technology. Self develop w/natural building, satisfying careers from the local `plans needs and offering, to live local working w/neighbors, ending false aid from afar.

          US Aid/UN is doing it wrong, when yet w/our ideas linking humanity's ways, can do it right, even the Military Industrial Complex before it removes all bases, ending war modes, they can help be a local particiant restoring ones' local `plan, making wrongs right, as all weapons of war end and debree cleaned up on earth and in space.

    To think a budget as you now work at for Military is twilight zone from unsensitive inhuman people, lost in yesterdays programming. Pres Trump hiring Generals can end all war if you where smart in your what should be a responsible position, not make more war.

          Let us help you create transparency/peace platform so all do one's homework equally, US and North Korea and others to end all Nuclear/weapons of war and support awareness to save life now, before it is too late. As scientists now say less than 10 years temperatures on earth will be too hot to sustain us.

     Same w/health care inability to work together now, that can change w/your working with us. Traditional Medicines use natural earth products, knowing well how to prevent/maintain good health, as well collectively support people to be comfortable so not suffer. Without the budget you people use now w/Western Medicine misuse/abuse.

        Present doctors need to not profit/nor pharmaceuticals as herbalists are added to pharmacys, creating choices of what most efficinet to heal. All made manditory to go back to school and study TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine for one.

          Ex; Dr. Yun Wang can help, as he counsels thru Seattle's Institute of Chinese Medicine. He helps many taper off of incorrectly diagnosed/mismanaged pharmaceuticals that are costly as people profit over ill people, then to profit more as they become addicted. Shame on them. When yet his formulas for drug abuse help people have no cravings/no side effects/no more addiction, at low cost to communities.

                                     Yet why do you not require this to happen??

   Together all can know when to volunteer/Donate, as well together create 1 Universal Sound Science to prevent these scars from continuing, clean up the toxic debree, research what is needed as students within all gain prerequisites to support communities efficiently.

                       With your support we are working on a plan to do this more easily.

    Shame on us/you for not holding other govs/people accountable for this long list every community faces one way or another, leaving people left behind when yet these pockets without can link w/the many patches in fragments w/great work taking place now..

      As in the toxic Nuclear radiation contamination that affects us all, some more than others from misuse/accidents and other toxic realities that transverse the world, leaving many locations without awareness of what they can do, no sound testing, while others profit taking one's reosurces, leaving them without.

                  Yes even US Goverment not holding self/allies and others accountable;

    Ex; Controversy, as in Fukushima Daichi accident where Japan Gov/IAEA/US Gov and others lie, increase limits that are not real/no transparency and sending people home to contaminated sites..

     Ex; Controversy, as in Yemen people unaware of where and how getting Cholera, as children still go to contaminated wells for water..

    Ex; Nuclear waste piled w/no proper disposal yet you create more Military Weapons with them.

    Ex; Pipelines taking resources wrongly from communities interfereing in one's ability to do one's local `plan to restore one's ecological `enhanced sustainable working communities, as our links on our `the sun will set spreadsheet show well of many options now to restore healthy communities...

   I could go on and on w/this list, but it is more productive to mindfully act w/the many solutions we have now, especially if you support our ideas to promote local `plans working w/one's students as they focus direct w/us/communites to use them as extended classrooms.

  Humanity has answers now, no one is organized and can be to prioritize for one's communities.

      Please help us fundraise to efficiently make this happen, we have some ideas for all to co_evolve together;

            Gather people to act now, do your local `plan and share what works/what doesn't.

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