Cosponsor H.R. 4173 we can talk to Iran + together all of us end aggressive irresponsible acts.

Posted by our combined` effect our combined` effect
People in responsible positions please self-observe your ability to have sharp sensors to move forward assertively + responsibly..

 This sickens me to think this has not been put behind us. our children study curricuIum to communicate yet you people are being hypocritical;

            it sickens me that US has as much Nuclear weapons as the whole world put together. yet you people allow others to disrespect this important need to resolve, + allow awareness to be shared for peace for all.  + end all from having nuclear weapons, not just Iran.

as much as this makes me sick, we have worked for solutions, building 1 universal science to be shared, as we welcome students to come out of classroom + with schools support come into community. as all restore ecological sound, harmonizing working communites, that are fueled to share what works with neighbors locally + afar.

we cannot send people in need of new neuro networks to mars, but we can share how to reprogram, lay out cloth/table discussions eye to eye, so as to interpret not just language, but are wrong doings. + be the better person to reach out + with compassion be real + allow each to go back as far as it takes to define our human family common denominator to share this earth in peace.

yes make wrongs right + those unable to be self-reliant, in an exchange define what is missing. the repression/grief/hatred/suppression + results from disassociated energy causes great waste fo energy eating away at vital energy needed for our organs to serve us well. for our brain function comes from a balanced heart, kidney + lung. when we deplete this vital balance, we end up confused with mixed signals,.

it is 2012, we are fortunate for our good tools, for our indigenous natives that have been good stewards to reflect, so as to have another chance to support people to heal. for many are misusing/abused due to thinking as same as what was passed on from the folks which many struggled in the disasters experienced on this earth.

never again should anyone have to suffer like this, for it is well documented what lack of good communication results in.

please we can build new neuro networks every night that follows a day of good positive exchange. for those people that can't see this positive, that are still carrying negative reality, yes it was real, it still may be in the memory bank, but with positive affirmations we can replace these long over due negativity.

we can redirect + invite all into a tapering transition where we don't just forget about what is real within us, rather we have to allow it to come out in the proper cloth/table setting, directly addressing real issues that have yet to be resolved.

1 at a time they can be worked. we have great people on this earth, many have died with peaceful solutions, giving many to carry on as we continue to create with each thought in real time continually until all has been dealt with.

this is a priority we must do now. with 1 good universal science we can integrate, apply, percisely network via like subject/like ecosystem + strategize along with exchange schematics to create the priority function in need. + do it energy efficiently, not with the false green movement but with ethnic ecology guiding from real enviromental services, as we restore our natural boundaries with good gauges in place such as agro-ecology.

we have solutions to trigger focus;

please see our project in the building;

we invite you to come aboard + we are soon to be collecting international data banks for school emails, along with communities with no schools.

support your local students to network with the world as we share what works, as together we build responsible communities so we all can be a local, global + afar particapant.

yes even those unable, will have hands on support as rehabs are created to bring support to those in need, so all have equal rights to take part `as we boon with earth.

 i am writing because I am deeply concerned that, unless we can change course, the United States people that have undeveloped neuro networks, still programmed out of real time, unable to come to be present in the moment, may be headed to devastating war with Iran.

 To prevent war, resolve the nuclear standoff with Iran, and effectively address the human rights situation in Iran, we must ensure diplomacy can succeed.  That is why I am asking you to cosponsor H.R. 4173, The Prevent Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons, including to end ours in US + everywhere. + Stop War through Diplomacy Act, and to oppose H.Res.568, a dangerous resolution that would make war far more likely by changing the President's stated "red line."

Unfortunately, there have only been two bilateral meetings between the U.S. and Iran since President Obama took office.  These meetings never moved beyond the nuclear file to other critical issues such as human rights in Iran or stabilizing Afghanistan.  That is why H.R. 4173 would appoint a U.S. envoy to lead sustained, multilateral and bilateral negotiations with Iran to ensure the U.S. effectively uses all diplomatic tools at its disposal.

plus in our student project we can gain great support in doing the leg work, as we create our project sharing each step of the `way, only then will we have a common sense common denominator. where our good science now can be applied everywhere as each finetune the worn, torn threads as they are replaced. leaving now 1 earthly good science that studetns everywhere can share curriculum + no where can any ecological whor interfere, or manipulator, or one that would buy their way or power grab, for our gauges will be in place + people together will say no more, for we are protecting our commons for local soverighnty.

If we are serious about preventing an avoidable war, we must also ensure there are no unnecessary obstacles to a diplomatic breakthrough.  H.R. 4173 would eliminate the counterproductive "no contact" policy that bars U.S. diplomats from making any contact with Iranian officials. with our great students within us all, young + old working together, this never should of been delayed.

               Military leaders strongly agree there must be greater diplomacy with Iran.  As the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen, has said, we must utilize "any channel that's open." Congress should take an important step to open those channels by eliminating the no contact policy.

we are fortunate for folks to have clarity with sharp sensors + we must reflect + let them guide. for so many in Congress/Senate have dulled their sensors. + this country has become a manipulator that has many  conflicts of interest, yet lobbyists are allowed to serve the world with unfair trade for the greed of some, which totally is ecologically interfering in our natural resources, as well not allowing state + industry to be in control of their own hands on as they work the elements. the commercial  fisher folks are 1 example that are being left behind, while entities are allowed to remain that interfer.

we must lay out this detail + stop the layers from confusing + detaining resolution from happening. for yes many are without clarity due to their attempts to survive as misuse/abuse continues. but their are those that also are very clear + can concentrate on issues at hand + it is these folks that can lead us out of anyone having to have such a deadly/highrisk material in weaponry, as well weaponry at all.

peace is our option now if we share what works + share sincerely + remove all those with dull sensors that stand in the way. + let us support them in the tapering transition so as to give them another chance to become whole as a fellow human. as we aid their clarity + support them to heal.

This bill also makes clear that, without Congressional authorization for war with Iran, no funding may be used for such a purpose.  Iranian human rights and democracy defenders have also warned against war.  Akbar Ganji has said, "Even speaking about the possibility of a military attack on Iran makes things extremely difficult for human rights and pro-democracy activists in Iran."  Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi has cautioned, "Dictators actually like to be attacked by foreigners, so using the excuse of national security, they can put away their opposition."

Military leaders have also warned unequivocally that war with Iran would be disastrous.  Former CENTCOM Commander Admiral Fallon has stated, "No one that I'm aware of [in the military] thinks that there's any real positive outcome of a military strike or some kind of conflict."  Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates has warned, "A military strike would only delay Iran's nuclear program, while the regime's resolve to build a weapon, if it so chooses, may only be hardened." And eight former military and intelligence officials recently wrote in a public message in the Washington Post to the President, "Our brave servicemen and women expect you to exhaust all diplomatic and peaceful options before you send them into harm's way."  

I encourage you to support a diplomatic solution that can prevent war, prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, and effectively address the human rights situation in Iran.

Please cosponsor H.R. 4173 and help ensure we avoid a war of choice and forge a peaceful solution, as you reconsider, redirect + add positive affirmation of solutions we have now, as i state above.  I thank you for your consideration and look forward to your response.

sincerely we can offer solution now as a peace intermediator,
kara j lincoln