Crises in confusion does not have to continue, yet many at local Marshfield High School resign..

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I share what i offer locally, fueling you to do the same, for their is way too many good solutions to be chosen from, then to continue to not take part + let dysfunction continue to rule. See link + read their comments, they are incredible + thank you World News; 


I'm sorry to read of so much resistance when yet w/my limited contact w/Marshall High School Past principal, he was looking forward to working w/me on some ideas.

Please note your schools link to Chamber, comes up as error.

I'm contacting you both to guide on where best + whom best to share with. For our virtual platform is a US 501.c3 non profit, yet to receive donations.  We would like to do an exchange for fundraising/as well share ideas for those unable to pay, if you want to gather folks.

We have shared a lot in researching how best to simplify making living local more friendly as we share globally in solidarity. As well locally here in Coos County.

While i am here in Charleston, OR i would be happy to work w/a group fueling some thought for your local `plan. For we feel if you welcome students to orchestrate, focus directing w/people, using community as an extended classroom, amazing priorities can be resolved, as well great investments put on the table by them as they network, so locals stay in control as locals restore/maintain ecological sustainable working communities, working w/neighbors.

Not allowing others from afar to dictate beyond one's ecological natural enhanced potential. Rather we support a local `plan along w/a local tapering transition, building 1 global sound science. So as all are welcomed to understand how negative developments leaving toxic/ill/depleted effects can make it right.

Working within enhanced natural potential/working within the local `plan. As it is created by recycling working w/local regulatory boards, changing policies to make it right. Using short/long term goals for all to sharpen one's dull sensors as students give hands on thru entities already established defining where best for more efficiency.

Their is no better education then to work the early signs that people them self can change. Especially as students reflect feeling this transformation as people are supported that have dulled one's sensors to know sharpen, wanting to come back + interrelate working within the ecological rule of law that can only happen once people take part organically.

The thought of ER preparedness can be handled by working on real issues as we propose in establishing a local `plan, giving all mental clarity + physical strength for options, as entire biome(S) are reviewed + sensitively worked by locals. Giving options from seasonal housing to work such areas.

Vs as i saw at one of the local ER meets where people had no clue, + advised to carry buckets, etc.

Humanity globally has given us much more to create with, then to waste abundance of funds by letting wasteful large footprints come into one's community.

We are for localized systems of low impact working w/natural building which opens many minds away from whoring for jobs, when yet they awaken to volunteering/building long term careers self fulfilling.

As all share in the support, for all types of schools to come together, for one's community, gaining prerequisites/knowing when to volunteer, giving all the tools one needs to explore the earth + beyond, living in respect for all life as one lives local, where ever fortunate to be.

The present ER states locally + afar should be prioritized + i see they are not, as in from something as simple as removal of toxic fluoride from our drinking water. As other counties already have done, to something harder that also can be brought to no more worry as in regular Geiger Meter testing for the Northern Hemisphere's Nuclear Radiation Contamination that continues to change, effecting many. Where those most vulnerable can be protected. + We suggest starting w/a local grown natural wild food/fish/animal potluck, working with what people can understand, so as to give options. So people build communities food/medicine, no GMOS, no profiting over safety + good healthy restorations sustain ably working on real issues, co_evolving w/great experiences.

As students work w/staff + community fitting in where can calmly into present curriculum co_evolving what can for it to stay in real time, alive w/a natural communities enhanced reality.

Enhanced meaning by Prof Miguel Altieri's agro_ecology created working w/indigenous that still use it without leaving toxic effects. Knowing well when one enhances, microbs in the soil become healthy passing on more nutrients to our food, to heal, nourish, as all work for the healthy community.

I went to Middle School + one of the teachers said it is too difficult to change when students come to school hunger/ I've seen the homeless sleep in ground drunk in winter here. I've suggested to legislators/President Obama/211 program. + i have seen many entities locally not know what the other is doing. Meanwhile i have experienced many good community members wanting to help but not know how.

This is what you all can do now working w/one's students, so that they feel this transformation as they realize how important each person to make this happen.

We may disagree on the fact that we do not support the proposed Marine Reserve, Jordon Cove LNG/Principal Powers offshore wind mill grid, present TPP, etc. + others in past already put in, as well those already abandoned, at great expense.

Why because i saw after lengthy investigation, that again locals either unable to participate, too busy preoccupied in dysfunction/or very good people spoke up for the others, yet still got over ruled w/lack of no sound science for the earth to locally involve the reality of what truly sustains healthy communities as in balancing genetic bio diversity so as to link naturally the life that sustains all. As we suggest a local `plan be created.

Rather they interfere in locals ability to be sustainable, as in the commercial black cod fisheries w/the wind mill proposal + other fisheries that your locals are best to come to the table w/the F+W, + change bad regulations now, vs complicate more by adding more.

As well the funds allocated for business to go afar, as tools are made afar, when locals could be producing for locals priorities as they naturally build, restoring the present dysfunctions now across the board.

I've seen the funds allocated from the International Port of Coos Bay, leaving the Marina left behind + locals of long standing w/great ideas, yet no longer participating, due to the priorities are set by a few. Not truly assesses as ones' students could be directed to do now, as they network w/simple natural communities, gaining/creating w/humanities goodness to stop the scars of the planet + beyond.

 As they feel the dysfunction, clear their own, as all prioritize one's inner/inter personal realities of baggage that many carry from the social/political/judicial/ economically systems that are not using sound science within the ecological natural enhanced rule of law.

Rather we can heal, prioritize, not manipulate w/a Presidential election as w/Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, just to be able to make sure Democratic party win to change the Supreme Court as 1 example that many feel.

This can be harnessed, this disassociated energy, that all have blindly contributed too, + be refueled by it. Even if all have to co_evolve the Constitution, + not just 1 issues at a time, or 1 petition at a time, this is time consuming + a wast of good energy, when yet people seriously suffering locally + afar require attention now.

Yet people have become numb to the many without basic survival comfort, + this is what we focus at, for w/natural building, agro_ecology, we not only can work at resolving the global food crises, we can support local restoration, know what is radiated, when to alert so those vulnerable change schedules of activities/business + regulatory boards require transition to stop mismanaged Nuclear plants vs build more as well more of the Military Industrial Complex leaving more pollution, bigger footprint, etc.

Even students can learn so much by living local that w/ER issues, as in the immigrant/refugee crises, each community can know exactly what is needed by what skills where as cooperative support groups are made for unable, short + long term for locals + afar human family.

+ W/students exponentially helping for prerequisites/volunteering, walking by the side of degree ed people coming back into one's community, to assess the effects left on one's patient/client/neighbor/, etc. all will appreciate following thru w/extended curriculum as it co_evolves w/great results.

For the present UN entities are dysfunctional along w/Governing bodies/regulatory boards one way or another resisting. When yet students can walk by each in one's walkabout, filling in the worn torn pieces, as solution oriented options from networking are brought to the table eye to eye.

No more leaving old misinformed thought to keep the whole community isolated, from the gain of a few.

Rather welcome all to the table for each is important, once they regain sharp sensors working in real time w/1 global sound science that only locals can make for each community, as we `boon with it, being mindful.

No one should become a refugee, + if that thought occurs, locals would have support in place w/local `plan w/neighbors, So no one interferes from afar as US is presently + have been in past w/all the Military bases globally now. Not to mention the proposed huge footprint contributing to Global Climate Change/present refugee crises, etc. No one should be displaced,left in weather, etc.Not to mention if look still at the Congo situation much worse in people being raped as they go get water.

+ Many global terrible crises that we here contribute to unknowingly. As locals do not hold locals accountable locally or afar. As developments come in for profit + locals suppressed jump at the delusion, thinking they can gain financially, When yet one can gain in a number of ways that can't be bought w/such organizing, in the living local process.

Do you want to be part of the solution? You have that chance now.. By threading the fine detail that dull sensors can not connect with, that this student program can accomplish w/some focus. That is why so many shootings, for many now unable, can be picked out as others redirect w/them in small groups, by skilled sensitive people in your local community now w/great ideas. We are an open book + many have learn't the hard way which does not have to continue.

 Young + old can redirect by becoming a local, global + beyond participant, as one's experiences can be brought to calm, by oneself w/good support by one's community prioritizing skills of simple common sense working within our natural realities.

We all can take part in stopping such negative experiences from continuing.

W/students help we can help everyone understand the association of these ties. We no longer need a Nuclear use to sustain weapons of war/war mode false green, economies. + People need to interrelate, self direct as each self develop, heal. This is not happening + that is why w/many needs not being met, misuse/abuse continues at alarming rates.

When yet even those imprisoned can become a local participant along w/changing the presently refugee issues as well, welcoming people to what the natural world can offer, for them to be part of the living local process, not just be imprisoned in own head w/scars of the past, rather you here now + in every community has great sensitive skilled people. If we reorganize efficiently + prioritize.

It is very wasteful to see the present Presidential Candidates wastefully spend, accept for Bernie Sanders.

I share this also now w/President Barack Obama/legislators/UN, for they amaze me w/where they are going, still not feeling the earth below one's feet as they continue to support business globally, profiting by not listening to any 1 global sound science, that can be created by every local community, supported to do one's local `plan. Where the only rule of law comes from the ecological enhanced balance that locals can produce within one's natural community for sustainability of working communities.

Not just for world markets now to continue their lack of ethics. Rather change for sound investments to support all to restore the amazing opportunities right now in front of all, if one can gain support to sharpen one's sensors to feel it. + Mindfully give love + respect for those unable, prioritizing all life.

This is what you can do now by acting together responsibly.

   Please let me know if i can share in discussion if people are stumped/confused/resisting, so we welcome them to the table + listen as we can set up students skilled to equate not just deciphering their language via subject, but also their baggage within yet to heal, + help them heal. So everyone realizes we need all to make this work, + we have a great community that wants to help where needed.

I appreciate having the opportunity to work w/you + your students so as to use these lessons to be linked by your reps, fueling other communities to do the same.

We are presently working w/our bank to set up a donation button, + while here we can be reached thru email; if interested in donating or wanting to understand something for your specific issues that we may share.

We are trying to sell our sailboat presently at Charleston Marina, then we would be leaving the area. For now we network out of Port Townsend, WA, now here if can help.

Thank you for your patience,

    Still working w/Google, non profit/Ed Apps, to use their good tools.
 I welcome you to come link w/the sun will set page so please take part + donate in ways most comfortable to you.

 I`m here for you willing to do an exchange, if you want to help us reach out..

    come talk

 Peace, kara + misha