Earth + beyond respect is not in place w/present Presidential Candidates accept Bernie Sanders..

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I share some thoughts for you to work w/your communities part time, as we are setting up. So that you do not accept anything wasted. Rather redirect + prioritize for your local `plan, accepting nothing else;

  Thank you for your response Rachel, from Democratic Party Of OR..

 I welcome Dr. Ross Tomlin to review also, for we would like to work w/your students in a series of Google Hangouts, sharing our plan to fuel all to do one's local `plan land fresh water flow from mountain to sea use review as one's entire biome(s) w/neighbors are rethought.

 i share what i shared w/community for  the Dr. Martin Luther King's event at Pony Mall on jan 18;

  Thank you for the invite + i do support Human Rights Advocacy, for humanity gives us a wealth of goodness. That no more should any scars continue, yet they do. + All working together can stop them, so please do not give up, realize how important you each are!

  I + those supporting our non profit - i come to talk story, work hard at this our self. We are limited to our focus, due to limited energy/tools/budget/help, etc. But we see much locally that could be done, yet we have not got any
follow ups so we now continue to work at a series of Hangouts to archive, sharing a few ways as we gather what may fuel more clarity for more to mindfully act locally, sharing in solidarity, globally.

  For we are net workers sharing the goodness the earth offers now, as we do exchanges learning/sharing/exploring what works/what doesn't. + Believe our virtual platform as in `the sun will set, spreadsheet, on our site page, addresses some serious issues. W/your support it is being perfected + can simply share links as students using communities as extended classrooms, can prioritize. So people redirect one's negative energy into positive assertions. building new neural networks to create as each prioritize functions, energy efficiently, fueling creative solutions.

  So when along one's path the dysfunctions are perceived, Ex; my experience locally shows that a good teleconferencing network, define one already in place, can then be shared, so collectively people start self registering. If you look at my comments to the OR 211 program i posted on our Nabble site; i come to talk story, after Peter DeFazio told me about it, i added our perspective from experiencing love from many wanting to help.

 Sadly i did not see the goodness take place, Rather i saw more pain continue + only resolved when one was seriously more injured, etc or wrong doings continued, why??

  I feel energy could be redirected more efficiently to the local community, w/all the available resources, yet not organized. I do not want to take away from your plans of this day, nor will i be coming, but if interested i would be more then happy to share ideas of what i speak of. + Yes a few have welcomed me + my schedule did not permit me to attend + i thank you!  So we should not give up.

   If any are interested in collaborating on the living local subject, that we share to be open to yours, in a Google Hangout, please let me know. I'm still learning all this, but if you are together you could help me?? For we could ex; meet at the North Bend Library + then one could be speaking into the Hangout representing the local community, w/a few others from others. So that we can then archive the thought, to fuel others to give feedback, then follow up on more resistance, so as to calm the issue of the times.

   + Realize humanities great solution oriented options to fill in these worn torn missing links, that many are having difficulty seeing. For many communities are working at many fragments of goodness + we can take + prioritize a structure working w/one's students from all types of schools, to use one's community as an extended classroom to go figure. So as to redirect the worry, fear based misinformation into mindful efficient act. Celebrating the goodness along the way.

   + We feel having a natural local grown wild food, fish, animal potluck can then best set the table w/sharing realities, starting w/energy that people then can co-evolve real issues with. As in good food, thought, live music, sharing options, planning as you prioritize resolving, support in place for all to do one's homework.

  Especially w/the heroin issue, i don't know if you followed up w/comment to Cris at CBCorrections wanting it?? But in getting together w/young + old, the early signs can be seen from those in need of more support.. + People are here locally to help if organized, i saw that in Charleston, yet the OR 211 program never responded to my suggestions. Nor do political s, they only generalize wanting me to come afar. I don't waste my footprint that way. When i local i focus locally.

  Rather local regulators in responsible roles had misinformation + i followed up on my end, but they did not continue  what could be 100%. When it was stopped in fragments. + That is what many do in every community, unable to follow thru, due to so much of a load, that working together can simplify.

  The killings/suicide/misuse/abuse is just a long term solution to a short term answer, which is not good. We as humans are an open book showing signs, + i've seen too much goodness locally that can resolve if work together filling in some of these missing links.

  Our ideas are to welcome one's students, gather w/staff + community + organize.

  When yet all can reach out in one's walkabout, to become aware +  continue to invite regulators/planers/community participants, if unable to get them at the first potluck.+ Our plan fuels a review of a local `plan land fresh water flow from mountain to sea use review. For the ecology is not being prioritized over profits + that is wrong, when yet we can address the energy by balancing the genetic biodiversity that truly sustains all life that sustains us as a human species. + From their take back a natural community that requires organic exchanges, removing the Colonial grids that still resist in every community.

 Ex; I asked the Coos Bay Mayor for questions when we first took part in the MAM, + she was kind to answer. Then long ago i asked to comment on removing Fluoride from the water, yet no response. Same w/our plan to fuel your local `plan, as well to various schools/Principal/SOCC + others. So i can only do so much when we also need support + do not get donations, so we continue to define how best to continue.

Please note i add now here for Dr. Tomlin's response. for your students i would think already work + have the Google Apps for Education + i + other community could be welcomed to your school w/your students to share in these missing worn torn links + how networking can resolve, sharing humanities finest options now available. As we do a series or what ever it takes to fuel all to have a basic structure in place for living local, ecologically working within respect for the natural enhanced world that requires us to balance it, so as to link the life that sustains all humans. + The Hangout can welcome other communities/colleges, for reps of one's communities to come focus + collaborate.

   So as to calmly fit into existing curriculum of all schools working together, for one's communities to be naturally restore one's ecological sustainable working communities. W/localized systems of low impact. Sharing schematics showing/debating how ecology is being secondary to profits, leaving much energy disassociated, that all working together can harness, leaving no one to contribute unknowingly, rather mindfully holding one accountable. Showing the profiting of politics wrong doings + how people can change the existing system for all sides of the aisle to work together as each become local participants. + Together support is in place for transparency for all to become local, global + beyond responsible participants, holding self + others accountable locally + afar.

Students can represent a series of priorities in detail as we show how the Nuclear harm/waste must be researched + responded to ASAP as well the war mode + false green toxic, economies. We have a plan to fuel this debate, showing why all weapons, accept for hunt should be ended, + those used could get permits like a commercial fisher man or woman on a ticket to skillfully act. + Resources are maintained + developed by locals respecting the enhanced local limits of true needs + offerings. Ex; why large grids interfere, etc. or

Profits made from whom on what. For Ex; According to financial disclosure reports,President Obama has an estimated net worth of $7 million dollars. Since he was worth $1.3 million in 2007, that makes the millionaire 438% more wealthy than when he first ran for office.

  This Presidential Candidate is out of perspective w/all these funds wasted in media, reaching out w/such disharmony, not related to the natural enhanced potential, which is so wrong. Accept for Bernie Sanders. Our students everywhere can exponentially aid this 1 universal sound science that should be the fueling factor of every community. So locals no more stay isolated, rather they network + students co_evolve the curriculum while the community restores it's ecological sustainable working communities. Not to mention the ethics back in Wall Street + World Markets as the local `plan can be the controlling interest as locals maintain one's natural living local process.

Dr. Tomlin, please note long ago when i saw in the World Newspaper that SWOCC was getting a grant for your school to gain awareness to develop what the community truly needs, etc. to be a good working community. Details are in my notes not here. But i offered at that time our living local plan to fuel yours, yet no response. + I have asked a few at SWOCC w/no feedback. So i still feel your science students would be a good candidate to help us create 1 universal sound science showing how each must do one's local `plan. + Students then networking can seek like ecosystem/season + subject to further bring home eye to eye options, as the community comes together doing one's local `plan.

  But Google gave us an Adgrant + we share locally + afar, + many do pick up pieces filling in what works. Our totals from a year of work is over 8 million ads from Google globally sharing in solidarity. So we have good people working with us. Knowing it is simple missing worn torn links that become obstacles, that yet others, if network can share what works.

So everyone please realize how important you are to make a difference part time working w/natural building to restore your community, aiding you to self direct + rid one's baggage, as we all continue to do.

Seriously enjoying the earth + beyond, `booning with it, fueling your energy, along the way.

   Yet I see when communities have issues not being prioritized, a lot of good energy goes down the drain when yet it could go to those left behind, let alone our plan can fuel yours for ER + natural disasters, even going beyond prevention + simply being ` w/the natural world each take part in balancing.

   Have a good day - hope to hear from ya! I Hope these ideas can fuel yours + all can work together changing so much inefficiency
 Love kara j lincoln,
speaking for those supporting - i come to talk story.