Extended Comment period to Army Corp extended to 8.20.18 for 404/408 Jordon Cove LNG and more, in Oregon, USA

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Thank you Lynn and Jodi for updates;


       In case you might not be aware, the Army Corp extended their 404/408 Jordan Cove / Pacific Connector Clean Water Joint Permit Comment deadline to August 20, 2018 in order to coincide with the extended DEQ 401 Water Quality Permit comment deadline.  

Here is your chance to comment on how the proposed Jordan Cove / Pacific Connector project would impact U.S. waterbodies, wetlands, private or public water sources and the public interest, along with showing better alternatives to the project that would be less environmentally impacting.  SEE MORE DETAILS BELOW and at http://citizensagainstlng.com/wp/permits/

       Be sure to also check also some updates recently made to http://citizensagainstlng.com/wp/citizens-in-action/ 




August 20, 2018: 5:00 p.m.  Important Comments are due to U.S. Army Corps and DEQ on Jordan Cove’s Clean Water Joint Permit Application:

Hard copies and CD’s of the 404 and 401 Clean Water Joint Permit Application(s) are supposed to be available in the following locations:

Coos Bay Public Library: 525 Anderson Avenue, Coos Bay, OR 97420

Sutherlin Library/City Hall: 210 E Central Street, Sutherlin, OR 97479

Jackson County Library Services Central Library: 205 S Central Avenue, Medford, OR 97501

Klamath County Library: 126 South Third Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97601


Is there an alternative to the project that is less environmentally damaging?
Will the nation’s waters be significantly degraded?
Will private or public water sources be negatively impacted?  (Rural Landowners here is your chance to speak up!)
Were steps taken to avoid wetland impacts?
Did the applicant minimize potential impacts on wetlands?
Did the applicant provide compensation for any unavoidable impacts?
Is the alteration in the public interest?
Will the project violate state water quality standards?


Section 10 of the Rivers & Harbors Act
Section 14 of the Rivers & Harbors Act
Section 401(State Water Quality Certification) https://secure.sos.state.or.us/oard/displayDivisionRules.action;JSESSIONID_OARD=JIcFD-wJ44xoPbHoatJS2XTN_KwuJl5WldxTykUjonYyWGJsWIxx!568786841?selectedDivision=1465  and
Link to more info on the Jordan Cove DEQ 401 application here:


Section 404 (Removal-Fill) which regulates the discharge of dredged or fill material into waters of the United States, including wetlands https://www.epa.gov/cwa-404/clean-water-laws-regulations-executive-orders#laws
Section 408 (Permission) The proposal will be evaluated for impacts of the proposed alteration to flood conveyance, structural integrity, operation and maintenance, NEPA requirements, and flood fighting capabilities as well as meeting Corps policy and criteria.
NOTE:  Despite the above reference to the Clean Water Act it is actually officially titled the FEDERAL WATER POLLUTION CONTROL ACT  https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/laws_regulations/docs/fedwaterpollutioncontrolact.pdf

NOTE: You can write one set of comments and send them to BOTH agencies.

Send 404/408 Clean Water Joint Permit application comments to:

Corps Email: NWP-2017-41@usace.army.mil


Corps Postal Mail:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

North Bend Field Office

2201 North Broadway, Suite C

North Bend, Oregon 97459-2372

Send 401Clean Water Joint Permit application comments to:

DEQ Email: JCEP401PublicComment@deq.state.or.us


DEQ Postal Mail:

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

165 E. 7th Ave, Suite 100

Eugene, Oregon 97401

Attn: 401 Water Quality Certification Project Manager, Chris Stine

Link to additional commenting guidelines from Rogue Climate and Rogue Riverkeeper here:  www.noLNGexports.org/write-comments

CALNG here: http://citizensagainstlng.com/wp/permits/


August 20, 2018:  NEPA UNDER ATTACK!  Deadline to comment on the Implementation of Procedural Provisions of National Environmental Policy Act.  Please tell the CEQ to start enforcing the National Environmental Policy Act and stop trying to change it.  It doesn’t need to be amended it needs to be enforced.  The Act as it is written is good but is not being followed as it was intended by the regulatory agencies.  At least that is how I see it and I’m open to other interpretations.    

The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) is considering updating its implementing regulations for the procedural provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Over the past four decades, CEQ has issued numerous guidance documents but has amended its regulations substantively only once. Given the length of time since its NEPA implementing regulations were issued, CEQ solicits public comment on potential revisions to update the regulations and ensure a more efficient, timely, and effective NEPA process consistent with the national environmental policy stated in NEPA.



September 27, 2018:  IMPORTANT Oral Public comment opportunity will occur at an upcoming Energy Facility Siting Council meeting on Oregon Department of Energy request from the Jordan Cove Energy Project for an exemption from the requirement to obtain a site certificate. Jordan Cove revised their application on July 25, 2018 so we didn’t even have 30 days to review it before written comments were due.

Date: Thursday, September 27, 2018

Time: 2:00-5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m.

Location: The Mill Casino, Salmon Room East 3201 Tremont Ave. North Bend, Oregon 97459

The proposed Jordan Cove facility includes three 30-megawatt steam turbine generators that will provide electrical power to the surrounding liquefied natural gas terminal. The company’s application for an exemption is available online for public review and comment. Public comments submitted by the August 13, 2018, deadline will be used by Oregon Department of Energy staff, who will develop a recommendation, known as a Proposed Order, for Council’s consideration.

ODOE webpage address: https://www.oregon.gov/energy/facilities-safety/facilities/Pages/JCP.aspx

Jordan Cove Energy Project – Revised Application for an Exemption (Revised July 25, 2018)
Jordan Cove Energy Project – Initial Application for an Exemption
Public Notice on the Request for an Exemption
About the Energy Facility Siting Council and Upcoming Meetings
Jordan Cove Energy Project – Overview of State Review Processes
Written comments were due by August 13, 2018,

For more information, contact:

Sean Mole, Federal Projects Coordinator

Oregon Department of Energy

550 Capitol St NE

Salem, OR 97301


November 2018:  Tax Referendum Measure 6-168 will be on the ballot in November.  This measure would repeal the Coos County Urban Renewal District.  Rob Taylor has requested that everyone be informed that it will take a Yes vote to Repeal the Urban Renewal District.  If you would be interested in learning more about this measure or helping Rob with this effort, please contact him at: obetewic@msn.com