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        can't find an appropriate place to get an answer. then please respect our work flow   ask 1 similar like subject per question. define if for Nabble regarding this application or to - i come to talk story..

when answered we will keep it for others that may ask the same. i know it was difficult for me at the beginning.. + having the ability to ask Nabble folks for help was very nice.. so please ask + then when clearer go revise the question, if it can now be a simpler tool for others..

remember these early days, we appreciate you revisiting this FAQ section to help others..
       + also post thru out for your self + as a `like moderator, offering reflection by responding in comment to another's comment.  then again posters please come back + take note of moderators comments to your post, along with other posters comments.  

this will make this tool a nice archive to work from if need to draw from or to create with while you do it locally eye-to-eye. so hopefully questions asked will be in the do_ins, for commenters to respond or moderators in any of you to help out. or Nabble.

see your available options from Nabble for this tool if you prefer to use for yourself.. they have a free support + another where they give closer attention for a yearly fee.
        or just better understand how to use Nabble's options when you post. you can stay updated via email + subscribe so you recieve postings directly to your email, see your choices in `options. + post accordingly from your email.
            leaving you more time to enjoy  

                  thank you for do_in your homework.. for if we feel your question is best put somewhere else + you have not followed the subcatagories 1st time in, in order. then we will not respond here. this is about focus + we all do best if make space to deal with our self. so before posting here, rethink + maybe go eye-to eye, or another subcatagory or Nabble.
     our combined' effect makes a difference, so please think - so others can also gain by what has helped you.

                    thank you!                                    
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