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              in a `way potluck, it is these over views that can be addressed with early signs as we network.

please see what we do today as we appreciate linking with `Just Foreign Policy + ask Bill Scheiffer to rethink with as he moderates the upcoming Presidential debate 10.22.2012;

                 thank you `Just Foreign Policy` for reminding me of this;


                        we invite you to also ask Bill Schieffer questions to be answered,
as i share what we asked as the student within us all as children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, family member, a local community member that networks globally. as we invite all to share in building our archive, called project osic with many very sensitive skilled folks, soon to be released as a pdf on our forum here at

                                                i come to talk story

              to welcome project osic into your local community + invite students to come out of schoolroom, if fortunate to have, if not gather representitives to share as all go into + with our local communities, + network globally.

              to give hands on to the many without, restore rehabs + curriculum to co_evolve the natural restoration of their community as prerequisites are filled, as they network afar. then with support bringing all to the cloth/table to then prioritize globally what is ecologically interfering in our ability to sustain locally. for we are all interdependent on each other.

+ we want all to become aware to cooperatively build their local community so all can become a local, global + beyond participant as we share this process, in an archive. that we invite all to help build. As we share what works + doesn`t as we link prioritizing all life rights. For all is needed to understand + take part to inter personally self-develop, to make this work.

 when 1 natural biome is interfered with globally, it breaks the required link for our natural world to efficiently sustain all life, locally. we can stop the stress + suffering on this planet as we allow students to fine tune these threads that are worn + torn leaving many community members unaware of what they support, leaving negative effects afar;

           or many have no community cooperative structure in place to fuel them to let go of a job as they see many positions needed, to stop the war mode economy, as well the false green economy, exporting, large manufacturing depleting local resources that then go afar, as all of these acts then interfere in locals ability to self-sustain.

           leaving more frustration, many without as even here in US. then to be attacked. for the human mindbody experience can only handle so much distress before it reaches out like our organs left with so much disassociated energy.  Fighting stealing as each trying to survive as in the survival of the fittest.

   We together can harness this energy + redirect + taper off these negative effects bringing many positions now to each local community globally, as we restore + only share what it takes for locals to build on their locals to reach out farther locally, for all locals to self-sustain. Not become dependent, not accept waste traveled from afar as it depleted locals from afar.

Rather this local self-reliance then networks as true stories are told now super ceding the misinformation or the break in information that as proven to happen as in the ambassadors death in Libya.

So what about the drone attacks or any military strategy same to go wrong. Not to mention if if went right it is ecologically destroying life + natural habits that life is dependent on. Same with large energy farms when no ecological assessments. Bill we have many in the world not being held accountable from US, as they go over develop, land/freshwater/seas grab, leaving many without, same with other so called developed countries.

This has to stop, + ex; project osic plugged into every local community will show these tallies. I told Barack Obama all this continually in his OFA, MyGov + email to Whitehouse, as well Facebook/twitter as we have progressed putting this together. For we hold him accountable now as president. Not to mention the dysfunctional Congress, etc. in government that also fights him + each other, that we will no longer accept. But we will welcome them to our local tapering transition as they once again become a local participant, as all have an opportunity to walk side by side.

In fact I share this email also with Barack  now, for this transparency is what will lead our path for all to be supported to build theirs as they walk their life into their opening. + we all come together so all can share this earth + beyond.

Bill you have a powerful position here + we thank you for taking the time to seriously review what we say. For many not so fortunate that have fought for peace where not so fortunate to live, not to many we work daily with many left behind in so much dysfunction. As we speak for many without.

So we ask you to ask them the footprint that their policies/thoughts/acts/investments have left, + what % produced what we talk about above.

Both the negative of many suffering locally, globally, as well the goodness of having these virtual tools, the links, the ability for these folks to remind me + connect with you, which we can create upon as in our project osic, which we presently are reaching out asking UN Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon, President of World Bank Jim Yong Kim + all we have given to Barack Obama, to take our work + merge the goodness with their better tools, for Nabble helps us with their forum offerings + technical skills, but we area grassroots, just recently a US non-profit 501.c3 assoc. + I offer freely my part time for the betterment of all. Yet no response to date Nor donations yet. + the IRS was totally confused over several years, + even the US/Bill Gates Wash for life Grant we applied for + didn`t get. But we told them it is all these practices that are not working within natures enhanced limits that produce these not just 5 countries poorest, but ever local community globally has people/life left behind. + it is these fragmented science acts, allowed to take place that produces them, + all have to hold self + others accountable..

this is not happening. Yet we have good science that can over ride all this if we stop those from purchasing/interfering for their own fragmented agendas, from this long over due programmed war mode economy, that we hold even you now accountable to ask these important questions for all of us please.

  For our tallies will show this detail as all have the opportunity if we stop this bipartisan inefficiency, merge + responsible come together as a human family. So now students curriculum co_evolves with humanity as all restore our good science as common sense, yet it awakens life within us all, because it connects us with our universal earthly energy.

            So we suggest as in the revolution of Iceland, which sadly was not talked about in US media, yet the markets followed early on. if all does not listen + act responsibly, + we don't want to interfere in efficiency from all voting + co_evolving. But rather then people being pissed, we want to channel + redirect + build sustainable working communities that we know can work.

            for we have many good folks fueled by their simple natural living that do just this as they daily have their hands on with what supports them + it is these simple folks we will have students network with now as they awaken the spirit within, do their homework as the student within all surfaces that disassociated energy that ate away at all organs, + now this abundant energy will be a synergy that all can simply just not image as peace is an option now if we share what works.

+ to think that Israel has been allowed to leave such a negative footprint in their incomplete science of peace non negotiating is so wrong, when so many have good sensitivity + skills to show the illness in these people that delay/assume/misjudge/not care of the life that is effected as in the many psych/medical reports from children + elderly suffering with these negative acts, yet to think as a political ploy or perhaps the real issues of wanting Iran`s water, or simply ill people unable to restore healthy neuronal function, leaving so much continued chaos is unheard of, yet in responsible positions, + the global governments support it, shows just how many positions are now available for all the work needed to restore good science, good health for all life.

            In each local community. + we will show these tallies so people gain understanding of how each of us are also supporting it + stop as we taper off + into security from our forward path of prioritizing our local food/medicine sovereignty, opening many positions that before have not been seen, for there is just too many layers of contradiction, that is beyond one`s healthy neural comprehension, let alone so many filled with baggage from the earths scars + own misuse/abuse.

leaving people with baggage they are unable to process, not to mention no correlation with good community networking locally + afar, which project osic intends to do as we reach out to our human family locally + beyond + stop the production + sale of all weapons, as we bring all to the local cloth/table + build a real `plan with gauges as in agro-ecology as we prioritize for each community the support of networking for all to prioritize local food/medicine sovereignty to start the path;

                bringing all locals to become sensitive as those indigenous we are so fortunate to still have can show us how to maintain + work their commons, so now they invite their local investors to their tapering transition, so as to rethink, make wrongs right as students lay out modes of good investment, now changing the global markets mindset, as people do not need all this training now, they need simple respect + compassion + share hands on to heal, become whole.

                 so now they each are aware of local limits working within the local natural enhanced abilities to remain local, share what works as they network with good virtual tools as we are building  with our forum - i come to talk story- this platform to build this archive sharing this process. no longer leaving anyone left behind. rather now with our tallies we will show the who, what + where, + a `way to taper out of it + into what is needed to rid priorities locally as students give hands on, + many positions open now with people understanding these links.

         saying no thank you to all those leaving negative effects, that we have found peace another `way.

So we agree with below + ask you to rethink all of what we share above as we feel we should have no drones either as well any weapons, we should go eye to eye with dignity for all life.  Same as it is wrong as in the Midwest when a line of hunters blast at deers, when 1 on 1 is fair game.

      we give our sincere thanks in aiding this debate.

peace, kara j lincoln

          We urge you to also ask `Just Foreign Policy`s question on drones—and to press the candidates on concerns that have been raised about drones—during the foreign policy presidential debate scheduled for Monday, October 22.

In the last four years, the use of unmanned drones to engage in so-called “targeted killing” has escalated dramatically. In Pakistan alone, US drone strikes have increased five fold during the Obama administration, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which tracks US drone strikes. [1] Drone campaigns have also expanded in other countries, such as Yemen and Somalia, and recent reports suggest that the administration is considering further expanding the CIA drone fleet and using drones to hunt down the terrorists involved in last month's Benghazi attack. [2] [3]

Civilian casualties continues to be a serious concern for US drone policy. Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that the Obama administration is counting every “military-aged male” killed by a U.S. drone strike as a “militant.” [4] And last month, a report by Stanford and NYU researchers uncovered disturbing evidence that the US has been targeting civilian rescuers in "follow-up" or "secondary" drone strikes. [5]

Yet, the Obama administration has failed to engage substantively on the morality, efficacy, and accuracy of US drone strikes. Nor has Romney been asked a substantive question on how drones would be used in his administration in any of the numerous debates he's participated in.

The Commission on Presidential Debates reports that the topics you have chosen for Monday's debate include “America's Role in the World”, “The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism”, and “Our Longest War—Afghanistan and Pakistan”. Considering the fact that drones have become a serious source of tension between the US and Pakistani governments, and that drone strikes have become a cornerstone of US policy in the Middle East over the last four years, the candidates ought to be pressed on the issue of drones.

Please ask the candidates about their respective drone policies and press them on concerns about drones during Monday's debate.


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