GMO/Nuclear see more.. The next` move do_in.. can be a very important move..

                our other moves` in this forum, we could take a walk in the wild, rehash, rethink, go eye-to-eye for further signs of threads that many times don’t appear from afar. we put hands on, touch + apply organic intuitive response, with like via ecosystem subject matter. then come reflect + post in an exchange for self, another or for our community - locally + beyond, etc.
 so why is this different you may ask?

we've redirected a lot of stuff in thought, that we have to admit we created consciously or unconsciously, leaving negative effects on our self, which left us unaware of what we left on other life. or due to not being cooperatively - part time responsible, others incompletely left effects on others negatively.. so the results of ill effects on life/habitat we could sit here all day trying to go figure. Or fragment our conversation.

This is not efficient.

lets determine a focus, bring it to the cloth/table + then let it trigger so each of us clean up our own home work.

 You may say where do we even start with the folks still unaware of the negative effects left from their/our choices.. as well how to deal with the negative effects left..

especially when not visibly clear, stuck in layers, very fine threads worn, torn, yet connected leaving devastating effects.

              Here we can start by gathering folks to share like subject, eye-to- eye as we talk, self- observe, lay down what we do + make changes. vs. what we clearly see others doing. not just to blame but to organize those with solutions to address their perceptions of issues. + offer `tapering transition for folks to rethink:.

              Here we will show who is responsible for what, behind the shields, behind the layers of corporations/businesses or families, + put names on them. + get to the root of what, who, what we can do to obtain awareness to now address + remove what we may of took part producing.  If so make it right. clear the air within. Then put our mindbody together for those others + us misusing, interfering in others ability to self-sustain.

As we prioritize a sense of life right importance locally.  we hold locals accountable locally + afar.  actually see the missing links to accept this process, when folks hurt you in many ways + pain is deep + still at fore front.  Or those close to us are bothered by having to react to how we share input. thinking we should ask them what they think + involve them equally. Which is what some do but they fail to feel it. + are more sensitive due to various stresses that may be wearing one down. We don’t want to have folks to have to work their reaction to us. so we just keep talking to get clear so all is comfortable.

We can treat all as equal + just accept, without just identifying the scum they appear to be, while working thru sharing what felt.

why do we allow our self to be in a vulnerable situation. to allow another that was tilted, also from whatever, that they could not shield from.
Now this can get tongue-tying. + if not very clear then we fail to see the disassociated energy now produced + the effect of over bearing energy that persuades/has an effect on us, unless we strong to decipher the path we going down.

Now we have to view some early signs of this, step back + reflect, while those more experienced can knife throw it, while redirecting + using it. fueling solution of the situation.

funny how life can lead our path, when we just get clear we are building it as we walk it..

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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Hello, i know a few of you will enjoy this new book. to think a few thought our links where long, wow this could actually be the transmission code to our forefathers great great times ago. funny how i used to study a lot of this, due to all the dreams+ awake visions i would get that i would ... read more

we must act responsibly + speak for our local community as we gather with all people to care for local community..

in ISSUE; Idle No More..
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large energy farms are not the way. rather small local alternative energys as supplement + work within each local enhanced natural limits. see Miguel Altieri. you people have the power to unite + locally know your natural limits, so you can talk + taper off of free Trade that is not free.. don`t... read more
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please see what are neighbors are do_in; read more

Thank You for Your Email

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Will Congress take on drones in 2013?

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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please see Peace Action West`s blog + our response; Happy New Year to you all! i can`t wait until the day we discuss transparency of diplomatic processes as we communicate with all, +... read more
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What do you call this, can come in many forms:. As Andy Larson wrote in his book African Wanderlust, An African employer Seth had his goods stolen + couldn`t figure out from whom. So he called in the witch doctor + he gathered all his employees. The doc drew a small circ... read more

thoughts to trigger thought about Harper`s First Nation Termination Plan 2012..

in ISSUE; Idle No More..
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take a review if yet to read; please see my review in progress, if interested. i will update if i think i can offer anything more. + i welcome others to do same in comment below.. ... read more
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