Going local is not enough, become a mindful local, global and beyond participant..

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See upcoming Premaculture Convergence at the Solar Living Institute, September 2018!
           I leave this old link up for the webpage is still there, and it's food for thought and mindful acts;
                       An Intensive Course w/Dr. Elaine Ingham
                  GreenFriends Farm, MA Center, Castro Valley, CA

   Why does all of US Gov not listen to their own staff?? For ensuring low impact development??
   Why should we have to file petitions, write our legislators, have people in our communities in the fog/homeless/ill/prematurely dying with large developments exceeding mother earth`s enhanced limits...

   While in many places globally, land, sea and fresh water are being grabbed, leaving others overworked, having the life that sustains us abused...

  When yet the USDA’s Soil Biology Primer is headed by no other than Elaine herself.

   Yet locals are not held accountable locally and afar as well many of us are simply unaware to hold our self-accountable... Well, let's organize and reflect, for many are do_in good things...
                                    Here is a few good ideas..

  Please redirect, let these folks fuel your thought and go local, let our plan fuel you to collectively do your local `plan...  
  Please lower your carbon footprint and together lets hold others accountable!