Google Drive Form; We need you to take part, define how this can fuel you to mindfully act part time for you and your community and make a difference!

Posted by our combined` effect our combined` effect
  Please help us make this form efficient for all to understand, that working w/one's students networking, everyone's needs and offerings can be met, along w/the communities.

   Have your rep come link w/us as `i come to talk story continues to reach out to all, so together all co_volve in harmony, living `boon w/the communities natural `enhanced potential;

                                        Humanity has answers, share yours!               

  Thank you all for making a difference! Whether you do this for yourself or with/family/friend/one unable/a refugee or as a rep for a group or rep for your communities local `plan w/you and your students networking. Prioritizing to define what is toxic, resolve and on to ecologically restoring  your `enhanced healthy working communities.

     A local `plan for every community can exclude all the refugee camps on earth ASAP w/your help!

 Which is most efficient, when we all share what works/what doesn't. It can be adjusted to see the equality in all, as support is defined for each to do one's homework and take part as a mindful local, global and beyond participant!

  Preventing the scars on the planet form continuing, leaving no one to live in such conditions, or have to leave one's home due to our/others misuse/abuse, especially when many of us are unaware we even supported such interference as w/US Gov's and others Military, which has to stop. Along w/the use of Nuclear accept some medicine w/no halflife.

      Locals interrelating at the table w/one's local police/coast guard is all that is needed, when each can network, so no one has to reinvent the wheel.

    The tools of the times are here for all to organize;

        We thank Nabble, Google and LibreOffice, for making this possible! They can help you too, freely w/nice tools and techs to work w/you, to calmly create, leaving no one left behind. And more for business!

   Please have patience w/my yada, for i will continue to work at this form to reduce. I say that and it appears to get longer, but any of you that know me, know well i like to see people enjoy humanity's options now to stop such scars from continuing. And actually celebrate along the way!

    If prefer to share in private or make corrections, support us in a donation/grant, as a US non profit assoc. etc.. We can reach out faster w/help, so please email me, kara; or call and leave a message and i will get back to you soon; 1-360-450-3749

                        Please share this along your walkabout for you and your communities!

                               Peace, from those of us working at`i come to talk story..