Got COPD/other health issues, and looking for options, well humanity has them!

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I share w/you as i share w/a COPD site seeking options to help;

   Options are available now w/your doctor or skilled friend helping you taper down your western medicine and skillfully get assessed by Ex; Dr. Yun Wang in Seattle, WA area.

This is what i've done over the years, sadly to see loved ones suffering/expensive over medicated/quitting doctor after doctor/even telling insurance companys of doctors as well to put in a good Tradional Chinese Medical pharmacognosy skilled person in pharmacys along w/western pharmacist to use what best when?? Never an answer.

  It is very sad to see people on so much medication yet not properly assessed or guided as pharmaceuticals/doctors profit..

  Not all, i've been in herbal class w/many knowing well changes are needed, and they make them.

Also Dr. Leon Hammer's work is good as he worked in family psychology for over 55 years i think before he then studied eastern medicine to actually see good results by combining, knowing when to do what.. His ongoing research is very interesting, as he continues and now 94 years old. He co_founded `Dragon Rises Colledge of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville, FL.


But Yun i have more experience with, he is a simple man as well his wife also a doctor at `Oriental Herbs.. And yes he is human and forgets, as he gets busy, so talk to him..

  What was hardiest for me was to see the programming and fear from mom after several years of misuse, yet no one helped her understand she could change behavioral habits she only knew as normal, in her years of struggle as many. So When she would stress and get pnoumonia as well when in hospital due to other reasons, she then was very thankful when yes western medicine would put her on even a ventilator/steroids as she gained much weight/oxygen/tons of medicine taking months of recuperation before Dr. Yun Wang helped, changing all that as mom made good decisions.

Prof Jessica Green shows well her studies as a microbiologist, how toxic hospital ventalation/etc. is. Google her.

Yun then worked w/us taering her off western meds and on to a customized herbal formula, as we then within months where off that too. Then when mom living in San Diego would still get behind w/dampness/behaviors, she would have a few capsules only for few days or so, to help relieve discomfort, from Yun.

You people now reading this w/5 times a day nebulizers/puffers/oxygen cords of different lengths, unable maybe at times to have energy at all, etc. not to mention the crazy expense and profiting..

So biggest hangup was moms and others i've witnessed, codependency on doctors,especially when they fragment and one feels they saved their life, even at the expense of wwearing out one's organs! vs Yun helping sharpen one's sensors, w/earths offerings that leave no side effects and to sharpen one's sensors, for people to listen to oneself. Then when confused, get skilled assessment, earlier the better..

Well sadly when mom died at 82, as doctors seem to think i could not as power of attorney realize she was dying and let her die. When yet they did not tell me that, they told my sister, so very bad communication all around, for i respected specialists when they would suggest and i listened and responded letting the do, for i did not have their skill.

  Well this is easier said then done, for after many times of mom getting ill and in the hospital, always doctors would help in their way, the best they knew, which is not enough, i have learned. So i again, especially after new doctors and same lung specialist, said what is going on, as doctor would suggest this and that. I not knowing if same as before or dieing, i really thought they would know that. DAH! In life assuming gets you in trouble, so don't please!

   Again i was just as naive putting her life in their hands. Well i see the lady young doctor had her head up her butt w/programmed western curriculum. As she and many more need to go back to school, as many do!  So don't accept when they say sorry nothing else can be done, rather say thank you and i will find another that has not stopped studying! For humanity on this earth has and continues to do great work!

   Early on when mom was in a rehab and i came to take her out, after seeing this doctor was ignoring one sign after another as mom suffered. I could not take it. Sadly i worked myself to a terrible cold that lingered thru this, and months later mom caught it.

  I had caught from a sailer near, and anyone that knows living on a boat life knows well some with bad habits catch some nasty stuff. Well i weakened myself long enough w/mom to catch it.. My fault! So it is good to recognize problem early on and catch it, when we even had an ER doctor friend offered early on to give me an antibiotic, but never did i know this would continue to linger.. We as humans don't have to be this uneducated!

  So w/mom in Intensive care i stayed w/her every moment i could for like 22 days, and saw terrible stuff as doctors do not know or they did not communicate w/me. Meanwhile my sister was religious saying let god take her. She actually came in the last day mom died and pulled the plugs, nurses then replugged, what a mess.

  I am a free thinker listening carefully to each specialist, yet early on the young lady doctor did not know moms file and they tied her down in bed when mom after several times knew well hospitals where bad and wanted to get out. Meanwhile her weakened organs from all her past drugs, as well her own adrenalized misuse, which is a very bad drug in itself, had caused organ failure.

Meanwhile doctors kept telling her herbs are no good and same me.
But i had no clue of her and had to take each day assessing all that i could percieve w/my limitations, Yun would look at tests and say one thing, they would say another and i would say well try and define, so more tests..

Mom early on in Intensive care went paralized, accept her feet would move, so i talked to her thru her feet, as well i saw her tears, when i told her i was not leaving her and we would leave together.

They thought i was crazy until a neurologist i believe finally did a test and said oh my she is in their..

Tears are coming to my eyes, for i've witnessed one to many times people's flesh fall apart before doctors would actualy try to intervein and do assisted suicide, or what ever you call it, which is another whole story..

But mom looked so good after my care working with her for her to make changes. When i came to take her from a rehab after a hospital stay, she was terrible from the lack of care from her yung lady doctor. Then we went home and she continued to get better, even got eye surgery, that a doctor kept putting off, so i said this is crazy and so he did it and i helped, she could see well, when her vision had been impaired a lot.

 Meanwhile in Intensive care i said no meds, until clear on what is going on.  And i was talking to Dr.Wang. Her lung specialist that also would tell her herbs no good, and actually young lady doctor said if i did not stop talking about them to mom, she would stop treating her. That is what i should of done early on is quit her after many others i quit.

  Well the lung specialist was amazed of her lungs, not the problem even though they again put her on a ventilator, then kidney machine which never had, it was her organ failure. And mismanagement of powerful drugs does it. Meanwhile flesh was coming off w/tape, it was terrible.

 So good luck with planning your care when you unable to speak for yourself, for i surely did not know was she dieing or again was it a rerun of many prior times. Although it had been a while w/this one, due to being under Dr. Yun Wang's care. Where she improved greatly, but over the years these western meds and misuse by self continued is just too much to maintain sharp sensors, for organs fail.. We as humans are not robots! We require each to do one's organic exchanges meaning naturally work within and balance one's genetic bio diversity to link w/neighbors. For their is no pests, we as a human speices make them by simly leaving space/conditions for them to have a family and spread. While yet healthy balance of microbes do great jobs keeping them in balance. Pollinate our food, etc..

They gave mom morphine daily, accept last day i went home to shower and they called me and they still trying to save her life, so i hurried and could not believe their attemtps, when i said wow, let her go. Her face was in so much pain. I was really sorry to see that before she left, for she always hated pain.

Well this is just one story not others where so lucky to listen to me, where they where threatened by their doctors/psychiatrists, etc. to loose insurance if did not stick to them. So ya talk about suffering, these stories are horrid.

Plus i yet to take the time to talk to all involved in mom's case, to share, but plan too..

Same when mom was in Intensive care, also the hospital filed the waiting rooms w/a Middle Eastern family. A 16 year old also came in as mom w/a cold, but what i had passed on was more serious then a cold, it included a terrible cough once caught then it would go away. When mom caught it after i trying to be so careful and in hindsight should not of even went close to her, let alone for months care for her day and night. As it lingered with in me.

   Ya just don't realize how when you compromise your immune system, all kinds of things take over.. So it is within each of us to take self responsibility and not jeopardize others. Some family have abundant help, others have none.

 Well this beautiful 16 year old girl i had to go see, and her hands where purple from so many holding them as she went into a coma i believe?? And actually they where thinking to cut off her legs to save here life, if i remember right.

To me when i was next to her, she felt dead. Where w/mom i could not define?? and just followed thru w/these doctors that i had many issues w/for years, but i had no choice.

But i had to talk to the young girls family and i suggested, please talk to Dr. Yun Wang and ask him his opinion, so they did. Shortly after they let her die and took her off life support i believe, or what ever was her program.

I know how bad for me w/mom, and my sister i could not get alone with and other family was in other states. Let alone the entire waiting room filled w/her family crying for days..

Well folks life should not be this way, so don't accept it, please. Get real w/yourself, for humnaity has great people w/good options and you must become aware and stay in the instance w/yurself and those you care for, as well thru our experiences that many don't survive thru, have fueled us to continue to network and share.

We are presently restructuring a virtual global platform, called `i come to talk story. Where we soon will be sharing humanities options for a plan for all to interrelate in one's local `plan dealing w/issues of the times. So as not to waste your energy or stress your organs, but rather grip the moment and part time make a difference.

We are in the 6th mass extinction and much toxic is circulating the planet, to more for some areas. So no better way then to get together w/friends/meet your communities and start or plug into your local `plan.

You can see more or let us know what works/correct us/self reflect and share what works as a person/as a rep for a group and as a rep for one's local `plan.

For no one needs to go thru such stress to learn, when the tools of the times are here to be perfected. And young and old can learn to become a local mindful participant before having sex/and family plan before having a child. For serious issues re not for children to resolve alone, rather they need to walking by our side/coming to the tables w/good common sense.

So we think most efficiently when people understand this, they too can take part in sharing, as they work w/one's students, using communities as classrooms. Networking for humanity has options for all now.

Together each can go figure better w/collective support. No need to continue toxic Nuclear use accept some medicine, nor Military w/weapons of war. Rather good ideas are circulating to work with as each community can gain from these wasted resources and work w/local police/coast guard and your community and network, so you are not left misguided by your own beliefs..

Thank you all for what you do, and we look forward to celebrating along the way as we say, start this local `plan discussing as you have a local natural grown wild potluck! Nothing better than to start w/what all can understand! Add some live music/great recipes and ongoing meets!

Enjoy and we look forward to you sharing us as you do your walkabout for you and your community!

Peace is real, terrorists aren't they are people tired of being interfered with by others profiting..

love kara speaking for our combined `effect.. (Please realize love alone is not enough, unless you gain understanding  to have respect for all life, that is one's true sustaining energy, that requires respect for one's time and energy of all! Yes even those that want the trillion dollar budget for more Nuclear toxic weapons of war over time, or the 1%, etc. Do you see together we have much work needed to be done, so lets do it simple, by talking the same language to stop it. For right now every community on this planet has toxic that each are best to define once network and focus together. Then if can live in it, restore one's ecological enhanced healthier working communities..)
This is what we are about, sharing humanites goodness vs accepting delusions/dysfunctions from responsible positions. As a fundraiser we are happy to share in a teleconference/or live if in area. Gather a group or one on one and lets talk!
`i come to talk story..
p.s. Please note we are a US 501.c3 Non profit association needing support to reach out faster sharing. So if you like what you see after checking us out, we appreciate your help. We ould like to get a grant, for thesesubject as we research options, realize those in need we suggest to help oneself, not us. Where as many do have to give and those we will take from, for we have the last few years worked w/Google, as they gave us an Ad Grant. We have over 14 million ads out globally sharing/welcoming humanity to link, as we go figure the simple nuts and bolts for the pockets still without on this planet. As well we know humanity is doing great work in patches and they are interested in sharing. So patches pockets lets talk and start open platforms where serious wrongs are understood to make 1 universal sound science to override the much fragmented that has created/permitted so much toxic to exist and continue. We can all make it right/people can heal/if too diseased can still gain comfort vs suffer/rather get support to do what can/self reflect and make a difference in one's local `plan, no matter where one is. If you network and do your best..

Appreciate  life while you have it! Doing your best to make changes ASAP and do it efficiently! Do you have a better idea, then please share after checking out our work.

Thank you! kara j lincoln