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Please note Bernie's work now and our follow up due to not being able to participate in his meet as he welcomes us all;
  Sen. Bernie Sanders invites you to join him at a "College for All" town meeting at Castleton University at 7 p.m. tonight: Tuesday, October 10.  Bernie will discuss his legislation that would make public colleges and universities tuition-free.

Today, the average student takes on more than $30,000 of student debt to get a bachelor’s degree, putting the dream of attending college out of reach for far too many people. In the richest country on earth, every student who has the ability and desire should be able to get a college degree without taking on a mountain of debt.

“We need to ensure that every young person in this country can get the education that he or she desires, regardless of his or her family’s income. Education is essential for both personal, and national, well-being," Bernie said. "We live in a highly competitive, global economy, and we need the best-educated workforce in the world. We won’t achieve that if hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot afford to go to college, and millions more leave deeply in debt.”

• RSVP: Join Bernie at Castleton University for a “College For All” Town Meeting on Tuesday, October 10, at 7 p.m.

       Bernie thank you for your work, but please look in the mirror or at your photo on this video above. Chinese medicine can diagnose serious stress on organs and damage degree by lines you have developed in your forehead. So please lets stop fighting and try to help all ease one's stress. For it is a waste of humanity's good energy.

 Pres Trump if I was in your role I would welcome ASAP all leaders to WhiteHouse for a peace platform to learn to share earth/space efficiently. Where people are mindful and use humanity's ways now to define where best for whom struggling and network so desires get real and real needs and offerings get met. You have these tools yet unaware of how to prioritize them.

  So please let us help for no one can do this all alone. Welcome all the countrys with issues as w/refugees/Nuclear, etc. as w/Rohingyas/Africans/Syrians/Iraq/Iran and many more whom alone have lessons to teach to stop such madness, as skilled working w/students can redirect ASAP AND STOP SUCH WASTE AS IN YOUR IDEA OF A WALL/OR MORE WEAPONS OF WAR, etc. WHICH WOULD INTERFERE IN THE ECOLOGY/EDUCATION EXCHANGES ALL THE MORE, IT IS PREHISTORIC PROGRAMMING.

  You have humanity, many good people researching over the years, with answers now and more needing to be answered. See how Al Gore/Bill Gates mode, etc. w/more industrialized technology even in alternative energy skyrocketing foolishly subsidizing as Obama did. Which i’ve witnessed when old could of been recycled, new not even supported financially to get to the stages they where, to then ask for public debate. When yet products coming from afar, as well workers, w/yes some local support at a very high risk, as well eminent domain interfered with and resources taken afar… Sure it takes from fossil fuel damage. But also has it’s own damage from being LNG. But lets talk about the science controversy as w/Dr. Guy McPherson and scientists stating within 10 yr life on earth will be extinct due to temperature rise. Meanwhile many plans go from 2030 and up.

   Our research which we know works as we are presently studying to restructure our global platform to share the living local process, to every community on earth, or try w/your help. For this is insane if UN is right where aprox 7.4 billion people on planet and 6. + are without safe drinking water or sanitation. Yet look at the funds manipulated, transferred from hand to hand.....

   Humanity needs 1 universal sound science, religion is a profit maker and many want that programmed support but it is not real for what we speak of here. Sure people should have the choice to study wht they like as long as they maintain discipline over one's self sensory observation vs belief.

    And students can do this support w/communities, if we focus direct together Pres Trump, using one's communities as extended classrooms. Sure Bernie i know how i struggled w/payments/schools/quitting to help my family/my delusion preoccupations w/own family/materialism, chasing enslavement. North Korea has a video i like that shows the propaganda from US people. and others. i can give you title later, don’t have it handy, but they are right on. the US and many Gov’s are dysfunctional and w/mass awareness people can choose wise people, that is what Brand New Congress is looking at as well Jill Stein, point is w/good science based from indigenous values as w/the 5k years of agroecological systems working, as Prof Miguel Altieri states can if more land using it, can produce food for the world and local food, wild fish/wild animal/energy/technology sovereignty. It is a movement, not just a farming mode.

   Where as Miguel Altieri has fueled our research to go farther and say every community should do one’s local `plan to restore what needed to have an ecological enhanced sustainable working community, working w/neighbors. Ending Colonial Grids/using products not conducive to ecosystems/weather as in rebuilding in areas from natural/human disasters without reworking local zoning/research of one’s local `plan’s true natural enhanced potential to define where communities should be built and how to work seasonal wild areas/also set aside tourist/monuments for working all seasons gives ER alternatives if done right, and w/agroecological assessments can provide jobs to build healthy communities, where even homeless part time get paid to supply local needs and offerings, while their’s too get met. End false aid from afar. EX: US AID IS ONE/US bases all over/UN, not efficient. AS SO MUCH RESOURCES WASTED FROM YES EVEN TRAPPED PEOPLE> but w/students yes gaining support to go to college that also is required to work w/this local `plan in each community.

     So student within all co_evolve the curriculum while restoring, creating now priorities, as in our plan to fuel local `plans, as all do, then to network with all students, even homeschooled/private to work for on’s communities. Filling in the worn torn missing parts of fragmented science that allowed hedge funds/manipulations/profiteers/misunderstandings/simple human mistakes be corrected, to get permits to do the toxic damage now done, so all make wrongs right and change world markets to invest in local `plans retaining controlling interest for locals. Yes grandfather in w/respect, i can’t believe elderly/ill left without. Shame on us all!

  Every community we have been in thru out US, and other countries/circumnavigated Pacific ocean from a sailboat we built, then to come home to help dying family, and yes prior to that and even now daily see suffering/premature dying/addictions to pharmaceuticals/mismanaged western medicine as well lobbyist supported US funds going to Israel like what is 4 billion a yr? Meanwhile taking over Palestine wrongly/weapons of war and economics supported by US tax payers and much more of this stupidity happens w/the US Military Industrialized Complex being the largest footprint on earth and space.

    Folks at and can easily show you, not to mention a whole new subject with abuse from nanotechnology. And Dr. Helen Caldicott and Arnie Gundersen from Fairwinds site can show you the lies from Japan/Hillary Clinton supporting more Nuclear, as US Gov  is not holding Japan accountable telling the truth or even IAEA is not supporting truth for people to know what is/where Nuclear radiations is there as well thru out the earth, yet continues to raise acceptable levels.

  Please support Dr. Helen Caldicott's work;

      If you value the work she does, help us fund their book from the symposium, and upcoming monitoring project through Donate Now! Every little bit helps. The planet has never needed our collective attention and protection more. Helen says it best, thank you!


   Look at `Radio Labs Nuke archive how they show the momentary experiences of one subjected to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yes our bodies if kept in balance w/one's genetic biodiversity linking with neighbors stays stronger, as well if mind is positive in asserting good organized plans where one's local `plan becomes rule of understanding. And all become aware to know what global issues are real to each and what to do about it as a group or individual until you can gather collectivly for more efficiency. When doing a local `plan where ever you happen to be.

  Meaning you gather in a simple potluck, bring issues to the table, show how Industrialized GMO/pharmaceuticals can be replaced. Buy and support bulk from local farmers, support activism so toxic pesticides not scattered contaminating air/fields and good seeds can be exchanged. Russia is stopping GMOS, so can US. As well stop all Nuclear use accept some medicine w/no half-life that can be recycled.

  Please support William J. Perry and the Living at the Nuclear Brink course team, join in his new class;

    Hello all!

I am excited to announce the launch of our new free course, The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism. In this custom-designed MOOC, I have brought together internationally-renowned experts, scientists, political activists and scholars to address the critical, and often poorly understood, dangers of nuclear terrorism. This new course launches October 17th—you can enroll here:

Here are some of the key issues we will be studying:

Is the threat of nuclear terrorism real? You will listen to Graham Allison, Martha Crenshaw, David Holloway and Joe Martz as they investigate the evidence with myself and selected Stanford students.

What would be the consequences of a nuclear terror attack? The scenario is difficult to imagine, but Alex Wellerstein and Lynn Eden will help me and our students understand just what could happen if the worst case occurs, and how we can work to limit the damage.

What can we do to prevent or mitigate this risk? You will participate as I explore this crucial question with the help of Stephen Flynn, Rachel Bronson, Valerie Plame Wilson, Ellen Tauscher and Jeffrey Lewis.

As was the case with our prior course, Living at the Nuclear Brink, you will have the opportunity to obtain a signed Statement of Accomplishment by watching the lecture videos and completing the weekly Peer Assessment tasks (a new addition to our course!), but there are no prerequisites other than curiosity and a passion for learning.

Interested in joining our new course? Make sure to visit our site at to sign-up!

Best regards,

William J. Perry and the Living at the Nuclear Brink course team

  So much is mismanaged/and profiteers gain fuel for weapons of war, for already it has been proven that Nuclear plants are NO GOOD ENERGY SOURCE. So in saying this why would US people want to allow governing people that get paid good jobs then many now if you look are millionaires, remain unable to prioritize? Meanwhile people like you Bernie over working injuring yourself, w/many also in fear or in the fog doing the same!

  Well not all are and the fragments of good people everywhere want to do something, just not organized. We must prioritize and whom best then locals to do for locals w/skilled guiding if need, sharing, self reflecting, networking, teleconferencing. We are a US non profit yet to take donations due to all the crises we see, rather we continued researching and now working w/Google soon to here to use their tools and others to make a simple form to help focus direct so people inter/intra personally gain support/give it by sharing needs and offerings. I’ve worked w/Dr. Yun Wang  in Seattle, and there are many good skilled people on this planet to guide, for several years w/Yun tapering people off of mismanaged western medicine and he used Traditional Chinese herbal formulas (yes healthy earth offerings that he is willing to help locals have own gardens/foraging of species conducive) as they tapered, then off all pharmaceuticals, and off all herbs, then maybe a few pills few times a week if relapse. Good behaviors can be changed from the many that endured the scars on our planet over time.

  We can stop repeat of scars. But we must replace our negative thinking, stress is negative. Where positive gentle continued prioritizing for one's local `plan, ecven if local governing bodies resist for what ever reason. I shared w/many in a local community college when they got funds to better education for local needs, yet they never responded. Teachers get resistance/even principles and school boards don't answer. So we just have empathy for those trapped and not understanding. For every local `plan, even a group as our form will guide. Can then gather in like mind, self reflect realizing where and how each also are participating to this long over due programmed propaganda. Same w/Presidents/legislators. As Harold Kautz Zella states, which is part of what he works at that i do agree with; it is the system game that must change, not the person. We must have empathy and come in from that energy mode to even try to go figure. For the technological stuff that is going on is way too much for any scientist to imagine let alone normal people or even ill. In our research we know people can be made comfortable.

     The world offers us plenty. Even Kim Jong-Un deserves the respect as well Pres Trump being in responsible roles and thru better peace negotiations/understandings of what truly sustains life on earth, our life sustained from wild ecosystems being balanced by humans to balance genetic biodiversity is our only positive reality to heal. We suggest for people to gather locally and even if a refugee, They are earthlings as ll, our human family. Amazing what programming exists w/religion/politics/even science, where people fail to develop one's human communications to be kind to each other. Be kind to the micro biomes required to be balanced within us to regulate our ongoing stresses as we steal from our organs ability to give us mental clarity and physical strength. It is known now, wasn’t during Hiroshima blast when people shattered as radiation attacks DNA, stealing as it rips one apart.

    And old time survivors witnessing both blasts as stated on Radio Lab, lived until 93, but very ill for quite some time, loosing hair, boils erupting all over, lost his hearing, arms had flesh like raw whale meat, etc. Many have and continue to die from cancers from Nuclear use/waste not even planned for correctly as it still releases radiation. Would not think that you should self reflect to see what you are chasing that preoccupies you, vs gathering with your locals w/respect to all life and see how you can in a positive manor prioritize what is toxic, who can stop what ASAP, and whom is out of awareness especially in what should be responsible roles. I to think the US Constitution should be based on local `plans helping to define this common sense, to heal, make 1 universal sound science so like ecosystems can network, not have to reinvent the wheel. People are struggling everywhere, children are sleeping in cars even here locally while others see delusional perspectives as in very huge ships coming into local river to a proposed LNG plant `Jordon Cove, which local activists are working hard to stop that pipeline as well others.

   For to take local resources from locals, as others come in from afar, sure pay some, then to take resources across the oceans at such a high risk, is crazy in my sense. The local pollution of the river is not even prioritized here, nor is it considering it is in a tsunami zone. A local fishery had a ammonia leak due to a simple part not being installed and the local ER team unaware how to deal with it. So sure i once had the mode of thinking for large energy grids, but it was a delusion. When local `plans can use local systems of low impact once they prioritize toxic and rid it, in mind and body and physical space leaving many in negative conditions.

   Don’t you think Pres Trump you and Congress/Senate/House etc. and all levels down the chain governing people as representatives should work with us and support being a local participant yourself, so as to let these ideas fuel good science based w/indigenous that continue to work well. vs as in a Constitution written in another time period from slave owners that did their best of only what they knew was best. Thinking we now would do our best???.

    The present days people celebrate are whitewashed history as 1 Ex; Smithsonian director of Native Indians stated yesterday. Columbus killed many after they where good to them, as well genocide/rapes/enslavement, and it continues today from US going into other local communities thinking they help, yet they don’t.

   Pres Trump please invite Kim Jong-Un same w/Iran leaders to the White house and open the channels to all to help work our and Earth/space agreement ASAP as we speak of here and more good minds adding more.

    Co_evolve please w/humanity’s greatness and have empathy for the wrong as all of us are human and susceptible to it, as well many programmed, as all have to go deep within oneself to edit it and bring self to calm and interrelate to heal and mindfully act ASAP to priority needs as a local, global and beyond participant.  Should stop all Nuclear use and waste should be properly cared for not laying openly as it is in US too. But also US should do the same. So i'm sorry to say like some Senators trying to see a bill so Pres. Trump does not have sole right and Congress would have to rethink to push Nuclear button is also wrong. Same to lable GMOS.

   Shame on those yet to do one’s homework, this work, shame on me spending so many years as all being lost also. Do you see people don't mean to do this, but so many programmed without education. Bernie thank you for helping but please let us help to for much more is needed then dollars. Dollars cannot change our DNA, but positive thinking can keep us strong. So please i thank all for reading this and do realize you to can start your local `plan, even if resistance, we must all be aware as humans the earth/space is everyone's and all should prioritize local, and hold self and others accountable locally and afar. And those able,which many are very advanced and these ideas can spark amazing good efficient ways, even in the worst of people.

  But please realize as Pres Trump you state, that when you stated the darkness and asking why from such mass killings, etc. It is not hard to understand, for we are a human species and our brain is incredible in seeing patterns, but we must edit and many yet to know how to maintain discipline over one’s self sensory observation vs belief and many have had adversities which is the hardest to sort out alone, etc. And social groups are not/have not been in place everywhere to help when parents couldn’t, etc. Growing up w/a family that was dysfunctional due to past lessons, dad was beat w/belt by his teacher so that is all he knew, then went to war, and still behaviors not corrected just a lot as he did his best to pull out dead bodies from crashes, etc. Then to come home and use the belt on siblings that did not know how to communicate. Mom did not know how to communicate and when she did i was afraid to talk, so do you see all this is simple good education that many communities know globally still do not have, and many suffer now even more without clean air/water/soil/sanitations spreading disease, etc..

   So even thought w/a toilet/fresh water/good night sleep/TV, it took me many years to realize this research as we networked out n the world as well. But why when we learn, does negative have to be repeated?? Because programmed people are supporting what they know and in many places materialism propaganda has been profitable. So if you have went beyond this, or still struggling please realize you are also needed to make our form better as well help Bernie here and do it efficiently, and it can be done better for your communities to organize and have a rep that truly knows local needs and offerings from working with the people, not 3 min allowed responses as in legislators town meets and some giving more, this is not reality update.. And have them in interchangeable roles where each do your part.

  This way real support can be ER triaged and priorities get met by people w/desires and energy, not high techs, common sense w/being able to think. People are needed so our earth and space can be cleaned up and not all global issues are everyones, so sort them out. Gather in a potluck and make space for all to interrelate please, Have a great celebration knowing humanity has the answers now. Nabble and Google have proved to me even if wrong they want to correct and help us all do this. Their tools can be free to help organize goof community meets working into local `plans w/neighbors working w/your schools/students to focus direct, organze, gain credits as they gain prerequisites, knowing when to volunteer, etc.

   Giving hands on to those dull sensored people struggling, to relive them of simple chores so then once they learn to sharpen one's sensors, the human spirit beams w/energy, wanting to come back as a healthy or even a managed ill/diseased from good doctors also going back to school or studying eastern ways. I've been in class with them. Dr. Wang counsels at SIOM also w/private practice, will work w/western dicots but many don’t even believe in it, it works.. Where he has helped me talked to eboli groups here on facebook that had no clue what to do. Same w/much bad fragmented science in need of clarity of controversy as in temperature rise now w/Dr. McPherson, Dr. Helen Caldicott/Arnie Gundersen, Dr. Timouthy Mousseo’s work and many more that know we have serious issues.

  I personally went to a science meet with citizen science, one defining why birds dyeing in Pacific due to ocean temperatures not radiation and she don’t agree w/Arnie, yet does not feel the need to take time to clarify controversy so as to help more clarity. Many more don't either, but we do. For we respect all the work many have done, and Congress was told many years ago to stop Nuclear that is was deadly, yet it continues and if i showed you the profiting from weapons of war/hedge funding even alternative large grids/weapons from Nuclear, etc. you also can see it, Google it. It has to stop and each of you can get involved now in local groups, if need to not remain isolated bring in groups afar and take part as you self reflect/interact and care for you first and your family, then part time even start a gathering for your local `plan. Gather w/all the existing people and recycle plans/rethink areas set aside for tourists or wild life, and realize this is fragmented science. Rather the bush people know well, large browsers are needed, they can fuel the path of their ancient path is restored, so people live `boon with them also migrating for ecology to regain balance.

   They killed a lot of African elephants getting in fields before realizing they where needed. Yes urine/fecal matter stomped in build microcosms for clean air/water/support balance of microcosms so pests are not a problem. W/local `plans working efficiently, toxic negative can be prioritized to save the wild life so they do their part to by migrating. We to as humans are a species that also require us to `boon with the natural enhanced world, where only ecological walls should be respected. There is no better tourism than to welcome people into your local `plan meets as well your celebrations w/live music/great recipes and tastes, w/great discussion and follow up meets organized on real locations where people prioritize what sustains them first.

   Then simultaneously any focus with understandings/facts/or just energy to follow thru from reps, to your legislators/Pres Trump to also gain support to work together. Those that resist then share, as networks start pooling collective thought to show what to do and or another may have a suggestion that works, so as to help Pres Trump or others understand in their mode of understanding, for their mood of power now to act, which has critical time when it comes to having a Nuclear button pushed by Pres Trumps protocol from him alone. This is wrong when Pres Trump you yourself are unaware of even biodiversity?? That is the only thing you have stated in response to my work to attempt to share with you, why?? Only the word biodiversity. So that tells me you are no leader to represent the earth/space that gives us also natural systems that require biodiversity to be in good working order as it becomes tools for us all to work one’s local `plan with, as each do one’s organic exchanges. When yet many have no clue they have to or need to interrelate or even can??

  Yet humanity has calm answers to all of this is we work together w/people that can think and act mindfully w/channels only where no new development happens until negative stopped ASAP, people supported where needed by collective realities, and education comes out of the classroom working w/resolving as each become a local mindful participant and heal, self develop, aid others IN ER. As well others afar , for US has done a lot of damage on the earth and in space and many have died from US governing choices, not from all the people. This Pres Trump and all governing bodies cannot continue, for `we the people do not want to remain ignorant, nor do we feel what many are doing is right. Yet we have empathy and welcome all in to do their part to make wrongs right. Local `plans w/good tapering transitions can do this working w/skilled/students so as to fill in these worn torn missing parts and rid what never should of been created and focus on now stopping what is toxic/healing and educating in this way of interrelating. Defining real issues and resolve via networking w/humanity. The tools are here. While prioritizing the future and not waste energy on past, for history already is being corrected and to think that many have wanted their legacies to lead, forget it. I researched Pres Obama’s realities after many told me he was doing wrong in the world, yet many where blind. Our `it’s time to talk document about how, is over 1k pages showing his dealings globally and space.

  Pres Trump you have a chance now to treat all people w/empathy, support every community globally to do one’s local `plan and let them define what is their priority. Support all to gain mindful direction to heal, for all an able person needs is to understand. Your idea of taking all of what Pres Obama did and cancel it is wrong, rather build upon it and better it w/time and transparency. You are not being efficient, nor prioritizing thought on our true ecological sustaining energy for all life, including yours and your family and others. Iran/N Korea, and others welcome them into the best peace platform with US, and end all Nuclear/end all weapons of war, or we will continue without your support. It is your choice for you could help us! We can gather people to show you priorities needed now for earth/space to sustain life and many jobs created to restore every local `plan’s true enhanced ecological sustainable working community.

Thank you all for rethinking and working together!
Peace is an option, we have a plan, work with us!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect..
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