I share a local event we are gathering, please let it fuel you to do the same..

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                                                  Let our ideals fuel yours..

          A local poster put around, good job for students to use ones community as an extended classroom to get real, as they orchestrate this via a class best so all calmly can gain the most efficiency, working w/in the limitations from the dysfunction they + teachers/staff have to work thru. They need community to make this happen. so please interact + share in the critical thinking required for your collective harmony.


   See an over view + edit in yours/community, for your realities perceived + follow thru to simplify + mindfully act on them.


   Here i add some more thought to share how each community will seek out what each can define, as ones energy is focused on ones reality, no longer riding the wave of others. Then together priorities will be fueled for each as well the community to do a local `plan.


 By sharing a structure + communicating w/each other, you will awaken to humanities finest as we utilize the tools of the times to bring us aware of our inner needs left addressed. No longer should anyone be left behind to suffer, w/so many great solution orient offerings as all network, fueling one to reflect + go within + balance, as each do ones part mindfully.

    This is how simple our socio political systems should be, yet look at the amazing amount of waste of resources going into advertising, yet so many not doing, as we suggest here are left behind suffering what should of been resolved years ago. So lets plug in + responsibly part time + follow thru locally + afar once self`s priorities are brought back to balance. So you know when best to help what where.

    Holding self + others accountable w/early signs, for we all are an open book + together humanity can make great changes. So simply sign in to make connections + then share so all have a copy. For your balanced voice matters + when mixed signals, due to not caring for self efficiently, only generates more confusion.


   The tools of the times can be very helpful. Thank you Nabble, Google, LibreOffice, edX online courses;

     https://www.edx.org/  where i presently studying a course on Nuclear Radiation, welcome to all, if also want to get a grip of that reality,

     + I thank you all for all you do + for your support!

 Please be aware that they also offer opportunities, to you freely + Libre appreciates donations, so you + your communities can also organize + network, w/all. Have your students share roles + come link as a rep, staying in real time w/your needs + offerings, so together we all live local, global + beyond much more sensitively to all life, as we share real story, going beyond the much lack of transparency that is presently given.

     Great changes can be made;

      + i hope all realize thru this transition to prioritize those in need, locally + afar, that we blindly supported people to make bad judgement. US needs to make amends w/the dysfunction the Military Industrial complex is doing thru out the world. Resources are running rapidly out of control.

      Look at the Presidential candidates, what each is spending wastefully, when they could unite + come back as a local participant. So people define + stay in real time w/ones local `plan + the natural enhanced world to be restored by locals, defines the 1 global sound science that is not being used. Only that should be the rule of law. So all tongues can understand to do their responsibilities w/out being interfered with, rather shared with in solidarity. So they `boon w/their natural world to sustain them, locally. Not a party or person or role to interfere in others ability to self develop.

     As presently UN/Govs are doing w/their false aid, when neighbors can co create together the best ecological + bio cultural safety nets for all natural disasters, stopping in a local tapering transition the human made as they gain sound science. Redirecting into great opportunities from the reality of despair that faces every community.

    Every person on this planet + beyond has an equal right to gain this understanding in a secure healthy space to participate so each gains how tos to maintain sharp sensors to know the natural enhanced limits of the natural world in real time or help others understand. This is what we want to make happen. So please each of you realize no matter how ill your are or how educated you are, we need you to help yourself, so let us share. + We need you to help us as you regain your sharp sensors as we know you are capable to do. + In this transition please bring forth those showing early signs, so we prevent more accidents from those unable to sort all this out. For we are fortunate to have sensitive skilled people now to network w/.

   Peace is our option now if we organize, knowing exactly what space we have in our local `plan, as well the real needs + offers to give everyone what they deserve to heal + also become a mindful local, global + beyond participant. No more should there be any refugee, etc. mode. Rather let them help sort this out + due to the flux of overload due to safety everyone should do a local `plan, prioritizing how each can help. Not just dump a bunch of people into an area that does not work respectfully. Same w/homeless. Rather i know how good everyone's intent is, yet not organized. Our students can prioritize w/your support as curriculum right now is supported by legislators, so no more do they interfere. But rather support communities to be in real time w/the earth +beyond reality.

    Especially when so many dysfunctions unknowingly by all, have created this disassociated energy, + we know working on this can harness + redirect this energy into fueling mindful acts. For it should be a great asset to have the chance to meet our neighbors, no matter if local or from afar, but rather w/human dignity meet a new friend, to work out the local `plan together. Where all bring something special to the table eye to eye. + via networking humanity gets the love to act on what each can, where. As each carry + accept nothing less then harmony within + without, so all life is respected.

  + For those of you unaware of Anna, please see her updates on www.animalspirit.com as she welcomes all to an exploration of inter species communication – a journey of discovering ways to restore a deep relationship with all of life. Anna's goal is to raise awareness and advance the relationships among humans and other species, on both the personal and spiritual levels. She’s also the subject of the documentary movie “The Animal Communicator” which has international release. In her communication and conservation work, Anna lives her personal mission of being a voice for the animals and the wilderness.

She is just one of the many sensitive skilled people that we link w/on our - the sun will set, spreadsheet, we continue to perfect on our Google site; www.ictts.org 

     We welcome you to have your rep come link what works/what doesn't, as you reach out in your walkabout sharing us. So together we fuel peace for all.

Thank you for your support, your donations could be very helpful for us to perfect this virtual platform. + We do apologize for any inconvenience to you, due to our lack of resources.

     To date Google has placed our ads globally close to 5 million times, + we continue to work this, even though we yet to get donations, due to so many in need of this good information. When yet so many are not reaching the wasted funding that many of the Presidential candidates are irresponsibly spending. So please do your homework + make sure you hold your community accountable to be efficient + if they are not, then please welcome them into your local tapering transition, showing them the sound science that is available to all now.

  W/your responsible attention people will find their space, as each share truth + roles can co_evolve, that no longer need them. + People will realize what they thought was real, is no longer reality + they can then gain your support to heal + come back as a local, global + beyond healthy participant.

If i can help + those of you skilled knowing the Google hangout details/networking efficiency most suitable for you, + want to help me set up a local/global conference, i am happy to be of service w/little notice. Meanwhile please share this along your walkabout that you make for you.

As always i am open to your feedback, comments + corrections.

Happy day, we are fortunate to be alive w/so many good life to share this earth with.

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