I share w/you what i share w/Congressman Barbara Lee, over US Gov Shutdown..

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Thank you Con Barbara Lee for your Gov shut down email update! As i told Bernie on his live meet yesterday, it's time for `we the people to break the dysfunctional codependencys and use humanity's great options now.

   As we welcome you/all to see our plan in support of working w/all to welcome one's students to use one's communities as classrooms. Networking, define what is toxic and if not to much then go on and restore ecological enhanced sustaining, w/localized systems of low impact, to build healthier working communities.

    And those that excell gain prerequisites, no better way to self develop and explore the world, as no matter where one is, good policies are made by local `plans becoming the rule of understandings, to preserve one's true sustaining energy and plug in respecting/balancing ones genetic bio diversity, to link w/neighbors.

   This is the true energy source to keep pests in check/pollinate natural food as the Industrialized toxic GMOS are rid from the planet and earth/space natural systems are cleaned up and respected. Only this way does humnaity have a chance to make it beyond the less than 10 year expected 6th mass extinction.

The US Gov people participating in inefficient acts, shaem on you! For many as you say Barabara have yet to free themself/ill and unable and need everyne's part time focus. Which we feel can be done most efficient by each community working w/one's students can do it's homework, to better define real needs and offerings. As well whom best to fuel what and get it done.

  Once people understand one's local `plan, refugees/unable or able can then better define support to not have to leave home/or better know where they can be appreciated w/their needs and offerings being fulfilled/better heal as those that done wrong are worked with to understand how to make it right, as open platforms talk to people that resist, so all can hold self and others accountable, locally and afar!!

   Aiding the pockets left behind locally and afar, too long without basic needs met and offerings shared. Even good ideas such as community paying people to get community needs done, as in refugee/homeless/collective support for ill/frail/those left alone, etc. can be organized.

It is so wrong for UN/US and other Govs to waste so much when humanity has simple ways for fresh water to be had and local sanitation, natural grown food, etc. Considering UN says over 6 billion people on the planet are without fresh drinking water or safe sanitation, let alone the suffering and premature dieing/disease spread.

Barabara, please support humanity's plan and work w/us supporting education, w/our US non profit as we restructure awaiting your educational contacts to work with, please! so students ASAP can start this w/one's communities everwhere, prioritizing those left behind too long!

 Curriculum can co_evolve away from fragmented science/profiting over ecological needs to sustain/misinformation outdated/competing, etc. into mindful acts in the instance/self reflecting/healing/knowing when to volunteer, as the world offers plenty of lessons now to draw from and create with as each community goes eye to eye w/one's students and go figure.

   We have a plan and restructuring now our virtual global platform. For we know well as Dr. Jill Stein brought to attention and others, that police and local coast guard can work w/community. All other resources can pay back wrongs made right. No need for Military, no need to interfere in others ability to live local, when all can share in solidarity via networking.

 Plus so many vets, people are not being properly treated, yet Dr. Yun Wang/Dr. Leon Hammer's suggestions/great work can change the entire western medicial system, so no more waste in resources, as the earth has options for great medicine and skills can be learned by doctors going back to school. Shame on this western medical system for leaving so many over medicated and undertreated when alternative skilled medicine helps each to sharpen one's sensors and tune into caring for oneself/healing, etc.

 I do hope you take part in this investigation, for many are still dieing as they inhaled thermite in the dust in their lungs, as these people have concluded this to be a controlled demolition. and those that did it need to be discovered w/your support and all;


     Military must end. For we can show many toxic substances now that all face, as well as Dr. Greger shows in body being passed on to one's children and grandchildren, as well the Nuclear radiation that circulates the planet as much waste is not responsibly dealt with. And to think another trillion for more Nuclear is insane!  

   Please let Dr. Helen Caldicott share lessons w/you as all her life she has tried to help humanity to stop the use of it, accept some medicine w/no halflife that can be recycled.

  W/ Prof Miguel Altieri's work and his wife Clara Nicholls, sharing agroecological systems/political movement, every community can gain local natural wild food-fish-animal/energy/technology, soverighnty. It's time to realize w/open transparency `we the people can make these decisions most efficient if share the living local mindful realities now that work.

   No one should make decisions for able people, and collectively all can part time support those unable to all so do their part and make a difference! This can happen when all life is respected to be a local participant!

Even before the US Gov shut down, so much dysfunctional work was being done, shame on those that do this, as we want to help all understand they can find one's place in community and better do their part, as they step up and remove oneself or one's position, knowing it can no longer work.

   As together all work best where can to co_evolve w/1 universal sound science that every local `plan can participate in, defining like ecosystems/season and subject to best define how to prioritize our earth/space issues that require immediate skilled collaboration and research so as to further fuel solutions. Dr. Guy McPherson and his group of scienctists stating we have less than 10 years before this extinction ends life on earth as we know it, is a good one to start this collaboration with.

Please people w/skill/resources, support us as a US non profit to reach out faster, so all can be more aware of options now. As well where ever you see can more efficiently resolve, do it, so people/life, gain one's balance, respected and prioritized in each community.

   But don't get lost in detail doing one's homwork for them, when collectively if organize each can gain much more by doing for oneself as well being a mindful local participant! Working w/one's students as they do this job as humanity focus directs w/them using the tools of the times that are here to be perfected if needed, teleconferencing/going eye to eye, start w/a local natural wild potluck and get real w/local issues.. As meets are scheduled and prioritized.

Peace is an option if all simply understand/rethink/shift and organize w/empathy/respecting one's time and energy for love alone is not enough, and if network sysnergy of working together accomplishes much more!

So lets all do what we can to help those resisting!

Thank you again for your great work!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect..
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