Iran and US communications, needs everyone's attention to change global policies for all!

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Let me share what  I share w/the NIAC Team and I ask you all to take part;

   RE; We ask all to aid NIAC, that is hosting one of the first briefings on Trump's decision to break the Iran nuclear deal. Watch live and take part please;

NIAC Team, Thank you for sharing this important matter, so Iran is treated w/respect equally as all!, for this is an International problem needing the attention of all!

  W/my limited perceptions due to audio and not having facebook, and them not allowing me unless I comply, I choose to share some thoughts w/a grain of salt, as well repeat a few;

  I ask is this an interpersonal issue, to not look at all as earthlings to work in the instance w/Governing bodies Globally, not just US. Or even if don't like Pres Trump and current agenda, I suggest going directly to them. Share what you know and what is best and that will help each get clear.

   As well if we all know then what is best for each to do what can w/one's community to get needs met, then collectively more can define a way to have a rep update real needs that Governing/(I add here, and International entities holding them accountable), knowing well what `we the people can do!

  I suggest working w/Humanity's options to collectively prioritize one's local `plan, ecologically and `enhance the sustainability creating healthy working communities now. Using agro_ecological systems includes the social/economic/political, yet does not forget to prioritize the `enhanced ecological to fuel one's mindbody to mindfully act w/healthy energy, as well sequester carbon, remove toxic, best prepare for climate and other changes/disasters, etc.

Then each could have a balanced energy to reflect w/to find one's balance and rethink the outdated policies, where each comes from within and one's experiences to co_evolve w/the facts of the instance. That may take more interpretation from the people in Iran to update w/you, as well all talk to Irans Gov as a Global community. Not let the inability of one to interfere, but address them directly. Having empathy for the Governing positions/emotional inabilities, etc. and go direct, but also share w/us all on an open platform, which Governing bodies should do more of!

I thought today's meeting w/Pres Trump and Pres Putin and media did a good job! And it is nice to work w/this and understand what they meant, not distrust, rather put out facts for now as well facts of bad policies interfering and how best to make changes and not just do a rerun politically not tuning into the ecological realities that can be `enhanced to heal/save lives and focus on critical earth/space issues, as in climate change and be constructive in positive acts, networking w/Humanity's goodness, vs waste energy not trusting. That is not to be in the equation, rather put out positive facts to create upon.

So we all pull oneself, out of these scars from continuing, which together networking can then help all co_evolve w/the truth of today for each community to work within their `enhanced ecological potential prioritizing the life that sustains each ecosystem. Not just fragment ER issues, and prepare for climate change to be ahead of the game. Especially when all these needs to be met can be opportunities for progress/jobs w/great careers to explore so all on the same page sharing earth/space in peace.

So please listen to the President's meet today and take advantage of what they say so we together make this happen.

    We don't support any sanction interfering in one's ability to do ones local `plan, rather diplomacy, acknowledging where wrong and make it right, and how to communicate as w/Pres Putin's' solutions he suggests, so each continue to talk to each other and work within the law, so we all realize which laws are outdated and bring them to the instance, and best by each doing one's local `plan and understand agro_ecological systems, enquire at SOCLA. To balance the life that sustains each community, and understand how resistance and interference are destroying the life that sustains one. That is why all Nuclear use/waste that is contaminating, must end and be resolved w/the International communities. Same ending weapons of war and the profiting mode. And give Humanitarian priorities, where needed!

And to do this we all need to do it locally and network, so as to have a starting point, yet those that excel gain support to be reps so all critical thinkers can sort this out to go figure and guide so we all become aware to take part where can, while simultaneously many jobs do important work!

    We have a `Transitional Shift Message Board to rethink w/so each community creates upon to make it better! Just imagine if all do this globally to suit each community and open to networking w/our human family, prioritizing one's collective local `plan, then refugees and homeless can seek positions to be appreciated/heal if need, as well heal others, and be a mindful local participant. So all work together to change these terrible camps and end them, along w/the war mode!.

Meanwhile productivity happens in every community's dead spot, as creative ideas convert solutions from unused space now, giving people temporary clean shelter to aid this `transformation all are experiencing now, and do it much more economical then premature death, delusional people leading as no healthy person needs to be led, so who is at fault? Not to mention support ER disasters after the fact! This is time of the past, so please rethink w/our thought and others and thank you for guiding us w/what can be!

For I like the ideas of international people aiding others when people like Hillary was running for President, no thanks w/Clinton's interference in many countries over time. Humanity has better to offer now `we the people to work together! She can help but as a local participant, but people need to be aware of those doing International war crimes against Humanity! And they should no longer be allowed to be in responsible positions making choices for anyone. For even those unable deserve collective local support to also take part!

               People can feel than the truth and mindfully adjust holding self and others accountable!

Please see;

President Trump has a Bilateral Meeting with the President of the Russian Federation

See our plan to share Humanities;

   Peace is worth the work and for investors to not like what they heard from the Presidents meet today, I reassure you that profits can be very successfully made once the World Markets Shift their thinking and imagine Humanity's local `plan now being done in every community, and come to Donate and help us make it happen! This way all/investors can understand basics as a mindful local global and beyond participant, knowing the local `plan can retain controlling % for the local ecology to sustain the communities, so no more ecological whoring while anyone profits, rather your proceeds go into building a living piece of art of earth and space!

   As all will use the tools of the times to perfect/teleconference/have hands-on experiences as there is no better tourist option than to put entire biome's into agroecological systems and your celebrations and meets are open to all to do exchanges than to bring home more options, leaving no one left behind. Rather network sharing innovative schematics via like ecosystem/seasons and subjects that you would not believe could happen when students are welcomed to use your communities as extended classrooms, orchestrating, so together all make peace!

Thank you for making a difference!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect...
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