Jamal from NIAC teleconferencing w/President Barack Obama on Iran Agreement 7.30.2015

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Thank you Jamal for this invite!

+ Barack after all my attempts to talk to you, i'm glad I persevered + hope you understand this message to you + all, if not please let me explain further, for you are missing what can help simplify this, by working w/all to help. I only wish you would of allowed us all to comment. Or at least have a message comment board for all to interrelate for this is far from being resolved w/dignity + human potential + I am willing to help as well many.

 Thank you + all listeners for coming aboard, for together humanity has great solutions to create upon as we all co_evolve. Working to share earth + beyond in peace, w/respect, equality, working within ones enhanced natural rule of law that requires support + training for all communities to become aware to work within it`s perimeters of it`s local `plan w/neighbors. + We suggest review of ones entire biome(s).  Working with local ethnic bio cultural traditional engineers still working it, that know well what works/what doesn't.

   If have none, then we suggest Professor Miguel Altieri whom works w/indigenous out in the world, creating his agro_ecolgy curriculum at Berkeley, CA. Knowing well of our global food crises, as well how to resolve it. As well he fuels our platform knowing well what is needed, + w/all support we want to perfect it;
 Quote Miguel;

   A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

   agro_ecology can strengthen original ecological processes instead of over riding them.
Institutional structures supporting research + development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution.. ' end quote.

W/all linking grounding in living local how tos, do_in one`s local `plan land, mountain fresh water to sea review,  students as representatives in interchangeable roles can reach out for all to understand + mindfully act. As all work together networking real natural experiences from people working within the enhanced rule of law for their biome(s), w/neighbors.

Together please help support + make this a great tool for every one`s shared community tool shed;
     A platform w/empathetic moral interactivity that shares in solidarity w/the world, for all to be on same page w/what sustains life on earth + beyond. Making the process of living local more friendly as we link. Most efficient is to focus direct w/students to orchestrate w/one`s community as an extended classroom.

Our the sun will set spreadsheet links reflection of real life on earth, efficiently lived in harmony. As people collectively do mindful acts as all work at the issues of the times so as to not let any of them come in between oneself + the natural world. Join in, + reach out so all go figure.

  With consideration oif the whole of humanity + all the good work put into peace, learning + training what is most efficient to live on earth, especially when people profit as parasites, leaving negative effects, actually thinking they are doing something good for all life. It is the people that know best of the microbial world that sustains the life that sustains us, that we respect. For they know well this harmony that we are fortune to have to help us live `boon w/the earth + beyond + work it.

   The scars on the planet + those continuing are beyond many human`s ability to process. So many just ride on the flow of others + try to survive, unable to tap into ones human ability. This is what we must support. For each to build ones path as they walk it into ones opening, without leaving a footprint.

 We edit w/many people`s work, whom we respect. We are fortunate to have such great sensitivities + skills to fuel your thought. They have greatness for all to rethink as we get informed + stay informed, as each participate do_in what can where, comfortably, as each prioritize self, while working w/the whole. While no one is left behind, rather support is put in place for all to come to the table + take part in ones local `plan. For each are important to make this happen. Not people from other places controlling you, rather locals working w/sensitive to read what the land/sea + fresh water speak, letting the ancient trans boundary migration of large browsers to fuel the path, then correcting the flow of natural water that many have stolen, + on to the land, as biome(s) are rethought in the local `plan w/neighbors.

 We suggest starting this discussion in everyone`s community w/something familiar to all, + we suggest food. Gather all, including regulators, legislators + welcome your students to coordinate, there is no better education then for them to see how misinformed many are + how badly we need them to help sort out the global issues of the time that effect us all, as each community grounds their priorities putting all this into retrospect calmly.

   So students co_evolve ones curriculum w/all as each community restores ones ecological sustainable working community, networking seeking like ecosystem/season + subject. Then to bring home ideas for all to rethink + go figure w/the local `plans reality. Leaving no one left behind, rather share support for training so all sharpen ones sensors, knowing well only each of us can allow them to dull.

   Sadly students no where are addressing these issues I bring to this conference. + It is up to each of you to speak up + gather + share, so resources can best be directed to live local, sharing globally in solidarity, the uniqueness humanity offers w/the many bio cultural diversity created from people managing `boon w/the earth balancing the genetic biodiversity which is our true sustainable energy, + all communities are required to gain this experience to balance ones own, working within ones local `plan.

   Welcome others from afar to show if have no locals that retained these ways that work.

    Let the students in school create tapering transitions, so all understand what has exceeded the natural limits of the local `plan, simultaneously as all developments continued come back w/respect to work within the enhanced limits of your natural world. Work w/natural restoration/building, for the world offers much that has lived w/these ways, long before Americans did.

  We suggest President Barack in your position feel honored to sit eye to eye w/all leaders speaking the same language, so all tongues are on same page. This we see not happening, ex; Sec Kerry giving President Putin a gift of potatoes. Anyone knowing the Russian culture knows that is an insult, when yet you can correct this Barack. Offer him a round homemade bread loaf w/a whole in the middle + place an onion peeled whole, w/a pinch of salt on it.

    What you will offer is via the bread representing prosperity, + the onion for the tears, + the salt is for strength. I will share this w/President Putin as well + ask him why instead of returning to Sec Kerry a potato bag reacting to his misinformation, when he could of stopped it right their + set it straight, asking him if that was his intention. Gripping the moment to communicate w/in humanities potential of all the hard work to date.

   + Thank you President Putin if it is true that you are puttting great thought into helping resolve the negative issue in Japan`s inability to manage the Dachii Nuclear plant that continues to contaminate the N hemisphere. + I ask the World`s leaders + all to prioritize this serious Nuclear contamination issue from all existing uses of Nuclear, to put heads together for research to heal + save humanity on earth now + for our childrens future.

       We the people cannot allow a few to interfere in what the whole of humanity has progressed with.

    This is what needs to be done, for all we have is the moment + presently the disassociated energy that all is blindly contributing too, can be harnessed, to stop stealing good energy from our organs that make our sensors dull, leaving people unable to focus.

   Yes we can now harness this energy w/transparency + support for communities to prioritize what each is facing.
With your support Barack as a human family member we ask for you to take part. If it was you that came aboard on our Nabble`s forum;
i come to talk story after your last campaign, why is it you did not answer me?

  As President we ask for resources to be allocated for the education dept to do this, for now my experience is that they are controlled by legislators +  the curriculum is not in real time, although they like our project but can't fit it in. This will be required by communities wanting this to happen, so they see that their participation will make this successfully happen. If you direct one to work w/me, we can design a plan to fuel each community to do theirs.

   The natural way should be the only way, + humanity has many solutions to skillfully enhance it within it`s natural limits, not exceed it as many developers have done/continue to do know, which is wrong + regulators have allowed it wrongly under your watch as President.

   You yourself said there is a need for infrastructure + this is how it can be done most efficiently, w/our help, globally.
I repeat NO one should speak for an able person + collectively we need to reach out to those people/community unable to sustain on own. I 've given you so much Barack over time, there is no reason to not allow students to organize in every community welcoming  refugees after processed where best most comfortably until they make own plans happen.

 President Barack I see you waste so much resources as well the Clinton`s entity, where ever you people go, why? When all resources toward ill health + high safety factors should be redirected. Into what we speak of here, so every community can be fueled to get very clear w/needs + offerings over profiting, so ecologically we all work in retrospect w/1 global sound science for our earth + beyond, so all gain from humanities goodness, co_evolving w/reality, not profits.

  We will continue to reach out for support to end all use of Nuclear for it has no research in process to rid waste + stop it from continuing to contaminate people + all life, leaving suffering at the expense of profiteers, as Nuclear plants are left unmanaged globally + no product should be made from them. Rather Govs resources globally should address this priority issue, As well all high alert missile should be taken off that mode + we will worl to end all war mode + false green, economies. Using natural building respecting life, w/localized systems, NO distribution, NO large alternative grids, rather efficiently priority resources to heal, educate + support defining priorities + research to resolve.
Each community can help working w/students focus directed as we can fuel them to rethink w/community. + W/ transparency that is all any able person needs to sharpen ones sensors + take part, coming to the table do_in ones local `plan.
    President Barack you have the executive power to gather your people w/us + we can work out a plan to fuel all to do their local `plan.

Thank you for this opportunity that time gives us know to grip this moment.
Sincerely please rethink + let us know, kara j lincoln
email; kareje@ictts.org

Please see below a recent post, we welcome you to take a review of our work + come take part in this virtual process, sharing. We don't have to reinvent the wheel, but we do need to seriously prioritize our resources.

Little pot poppers w/broken handle in old barn wood box..

Hey all, how are yas??

     Happy I hope..

+ I don't mean like what the IAEA says to Japanese, be happy no problem, when yet Dr. Marco Kaltofen`s 170 page study;

        A Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 4.2015


    Shows 24/7 Japanese, 300 miles in Nagayo are breathing radiation thru their dust + soil on children`s shoes that they touch as they tie shoe strings + problem cannot be addressed as Arnie Gundersen says at the World Uranium Symposium in Quebec City in 4-2015, until Fukushimi Dachii Nuclear plant stops bleeding into the Pacific Ocean, as it continues.

    Woodshole`s predictions in 2012, for it to hit the West Coast British Columbia is 29 times lower than what is;


   I mean Be Happy as we all do not accept this secrecy from the Govs/UN/IAEA/Tepco/GE, etc. as we work together calmly, redirecting the worry/fear + skillfully become aware + do what can when.

     Lets lighten this load for those young + old in terror. How about these words to sing with/create so those in worry can redirect ones energy, so all help calm the situations, to stop wasting energy + act mindfully.

Thank you for what you do + can as we co_evolve together. I share some thoughts to create with as I learn + work at it. lov kara

        In silence..
             We cannot hear if our mouth is moving, listen to beyond + let it come thru..
                   They say no remediation for radiation. Yet the ethnic echoes keep coming thru telling us to define.
                         What are you hearing, is it the media that also has secrecy, not to tell us the truth, schools being regulated unable to be real living local, science being manipulated for profits, on + on mixed signals fill those that have allowed ones sensors to dull. Yet awareness that is to remain strong w/sharp sensors is not shared.
                Thank you Dr. Emoto, in his lifetime he shared how love + gratitude changes our crystalline structure of water, as together he would reach out + ask all to get real w/time, as he cleansed the water in a specific location from radiation, when alive. Thank you Dr. Emoto for your work + those that continue it. He suggests repeating 3 times a specific focus ex; cleaning water of radiation, as he did.  *** Use this Time Convertor Link to find out what time is in your time zone. As you collective focus the same earth time, when sharing thought on healing.       http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.

EX; Dr. Emoto requested that everyone around the world join together for a Simultaneous Global Prayer at exactly 2:46pm Japan time on March 11th. Together we will collectively send our sincere prayers with the following words;
      To the victims lost in the oceans and to the water in Pacific Ocean which has suffered radioactive contamination from the nuclear accident in Fukushima.
                                          “I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you.”
                                                                                 (Repeat 3 times)
        We are young, yet to know, for we have been to busy talking to listen + your signals have been mixed as we played w/all life, loving it/being enslaved by it/chasing it/dieing prematurely as many suffer.
    Bringing more life w/joy as each give more beauty. As mamas + babies bring us joy, yet many down winders have not made it + all have to face this awakening, as many yet to be aware, as the wind + currents move the radiated particles + the rain brings it down on our food, soil + water..
      We refuse to accept anything less than to become aware + say no to the codependency we created, that have prevented our ears from hearing you mother earth.
             Ethnic echoes we want to engage in dialog that breaks new ground stopping those that have split the atom  + continue to create new weapons of war.                          
 We want all to be whole, for we have lost so many from these minds. We do not want anyone anymore to suffer as has + is.
     Lets learn from all contributing to the learning process, take the fears + redirect the energy.
         Lets leave the stems on the cherries as we saute them in lemon + sugar, then dip into cream + eat holiday stew.
              Lets celebrate along the way, as all channel from where ever at a certain time + day for our earth to tell us what it needs + prioritize what each can do, as we listen in silence..

                                                    + Yes let the tears cleanse as we share in solidarity.
                                             Little pot poppers w/a broken handle in + old barn wood box.
(cover photo w/flowers, herbs micro greens, for food + medicine.) + to repeat thru out as all sing + children continue to sing as background..

In silence..
   We taste the life grown on tera preta, our black earth most fertile on earth, as the Amazon shares many lessons, As they composted their organic waste over thousands of years. + Still developments interfere + deforest.
        Please awaken + say NO to those that sell products exceeding natures limits, say NO to GMOS as you show local natural grown options.
       Vegetation grows by living on it, increasing biodiversity, as we take part in the balance. This is how we link together the natural paths for the life that sustains us all.
          How is it those that continue Nuclear use + Arms Industries do not realize they destroy their`s + their children`s own life? How numb have we all been + still are, that we cannot create w/them yet another way, as we live local, globally, sharing ones local `plan. No more needing aid from afar. Rather our students can lay out good investments to develop the local `plan as all sensitively work the entire biome(s).

      We cannot accept NO remediation for radiation + want all good minds to come together for research + transparency, as we stay strong to over come this toxic substance that continues to circle the northern hemisphere, increasing as more is made, yet we cannot see it or smell it, as it kills all in its path as it accumulates in ones body. From the air, water + food we ingest. As many are still living in highly contaminated areas, yet Govs/UN keep it a secret.
                    This is a crime against humanity. + We will not accept it as we reach out seeking energy to focus.
                Ethnic echoes are sensors are getting sharp to translate your message, so please do not give up on us.

              + Yes let the tears cleanse as we share in solidarity.
                                             Little pot poppers w/a broken handle in + old barn wood box.

  We do not need a war economy, say NO, as well to large grids of alternative energies or distribution systems. We need to put our hands in the soil, build local systems w/low impact, decentralizing, respecting all life, as we collectively live local, do_in ones local `plan, holding self + others accountable locally + afar. Sharing our earth + beyond w/all. As the stars of the heavens, fuel ones path.
     Plant wornwood, southernwood + rosemary to keep away the malaria mosquitoes. Spearmint, tansy, pennyroyal to keep away the ants. Etnic echoes many hear you. + We are so sorry so many continue not to listen as we no well after many years of being preoccupied. Knowing well now, the damage we supported unknowingly.

   In silence..
      Lets feel the early signs of those left behind. Lets continue to share as we maintain good mental clarity + physical strength w/sharp sensors, collectively supporting those unable. Many have lessons to share.. Use a Geiger meter only to show a change, don`t get hung up on numbers. Use it for the air, rain + dust, use it for the soil, food + water. Don`t continue to live in contaminated areas. Go south of the equator where one is fortunate not to have nuclear yet.

     For the waste is being made into products as well shipped around the planet, not to mention the seas have  550 ships sailing as they carry Nuclear weapons of war. As 9 already have went down leaving serious accidents in the ocean. Airplanes are carrying them as well semis. + Nuclear continues to be tested in labs, contamination left from Atom bombs exploded, the Marshal Islands Ebeye Island is very sad, see it`s history to present, if strong enough + have some of this Nuclear awareness behind you. Not to mention waste that continues to be built is dumped wrongly + even in containers thinking they work, they are leaking + being covered again wrongly, yet to be defined how to store so as not to contaminate everything in it`s path.

    Nuclear plants will stay, says experts due to Nuclear weapons being cheaper, if have them, as labs are needed also for them to continue, as 400 scientists continue to work at new, as they have sold out.
    All have not sold out, we know well, + will gather these minds as we seek them. Please share our message to define the answer to Nuclear contamination, as well the Military Games, as in Proposed in many locations, ex;  

       How Humans will be harmed by turning the Olympic Peninsula into a War Zone

   There will be at least three ways that humans will be harmed by turning the Olympic Peninsula into a war zone. These are economic harm from loss of tourism, physical and emotional harm from extreme noise and third long term adverse effects from high powered electromagnetic radiation. See;  The Effects of Growler Jets,  + how we must stop them. Washington Environmental Protection Coalition.

   We do know as w/Prof Miguel Altieri`s agro_ecology created w/indigenous working out in the world, that we have a Global Food Crises + he + many have solutions. Life can be built efficiently w/respect to all life + AGRA shows well as in the Bill Gates Mode interfering.. Dr. Yun Wang has herbal formulas to rid from body, + these herbs could be planted in community gardens, if clear the community should not relocate?? Followers from Masonubu Fukuioka , thank you Masonubu for your dedication to earth, teaching how to plant collective food forests, Chuck Hindmen has probiotics to strengthen plants, as he continues to work this issue, at MidAmerica Land Restoration, after seeing so much life disfigured.
    This can be a mind boggling study, when first experienced as well it digs deep as it continues + each must continue togo thru ones reality of feelings + further define where best to take part when. Many now fight to stop the Nuclear Plants + Weapons of war for profit,  as w/ICAN/Dr. Helen Caldicott + Ernie Gundersen share updates of Fukushimi Dachii`s contamination in Tokyo/this list is lengthy,  of people trying to stop the Nuclear use of all fissionable material. + I thank Fritz for helping us become aware.

     We want also to make space for good sound science, working w/students as they use ones community as an extended classroom. To attack the contamination issue that circulates our northern hemisphere As well define how to properly store the waste as it is stopped being produced.  + all else in retrospect simultaneously being resolved, globally. Not just waste extremes resources as it has or isolate the environment, if so lucky, as many still live in contaminated areas globally, if not Nuclear then from GMOs or other developments exceeding the natural enhanced limits, for mother earth should be the only rule of law. For w/Nuclear, it takes 10 times the half life of the toxic isotopes, to be able to live in that space again.

    Do you see how we need silence, to feel what needs to be prioritized, as we build new neural networks to address our earth + beyond truth of it`s condition that harms many continually. From the minds of the profiteers over respecting life, to those that are lost in the fog, unable to process, to those able + sharp that need to refocus w/our support. We cannot accept this abuse to continue, we must define answers + share.

             + Yes let the tears cleanse as we share in solidarity.
                                             Little pot poppers w/a broken handle in + old barn wood box.
       Once aware of Nuclear contamination, choose space wisely to stay mobile.  Buy natural seeds as you share in quantity w/community. Build collective food forests, share foraged areas working sensitively entire biome(s) w/your neighbors + exchange personal gardens created in houses that you naturally build/restore w/innovation lowering your footprint efficiently living indoors same as outdoor air.

    Many children + frail are ill + deserve the best all can give them now. For data shows that change in the 5 US western states, see;
   Open Journal of Pediatrics, 2015, 5, 76-89
Published Online March 2015 in SciRes. http://www.scirp.org/journal/ojped

   Changes in Congenital Anomaly Incidence in West Coast and Pacific States (USA) after
Arrival of Fukushima Fallout.

Kate Brown speaks of the miscarriages/still born/deformed/mentally ill + physically crippled suffering/dieing, from down winders as from Hand ford on the Columbia river or those living on the  Techa river in Russia drinking from the contaminated river, etc;
  TalkingStickTV -Kate Brown - The Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters [Jan 18, 2014]  

      I looked up this link but it appears they give measurements but not diagnose illnesses;

This link does show it;

+ Then if Google scholars many more results;

         Many are speaking out of those still in contaminated areas near Chernobyl or in Nuclear contaminated areas that continue to spread from the Fukushimi Dachii accident to Tokyo. Tokyo is the update that the great video ` Quietly Into Disaster, did not add.  Find on You Tube or go to www.Quietly-Into-Disaster.com They did a great over view of the history to 2013.  + Others showing 30-40% of the soldiers during Iraq war, that used depleted uranium in bullets, that is not depleted, will show these problems as they have children in the years to come, that contaminated their families as they came home w/clothes + baggage carrying radiation on to them. Not to mention their own illnesses, as Military did not tell them the truth, they lied about the alarms + their protected gear had defects.  They left behind vehicles that children still play on that are contaminated. + Several places in Iraq + many places in the world are destroyed,  + should not be lived on due to radiation contamination, yet many still do.

   The information is endless, yet I cannot locate yet those seeking solutions to cancel the contamination, they say there is none, I can't believe we cannot research it or that some are not.

   The Govs/UN have a secrecy policy we all must change + do w/empathy for these people that continue to profit over mother earth are ill. We can get thru this truth as we give support to each other + work the priorities, not accept the profiteers to continue to control, as they build these weapons of war that have no solutions for waste to be rid or war to be won.  Rather the resultant now of Nuclear contamination is worse then a WW3.

  Together lets end all Nuclear contamination defining a way/say NO to all, NO more war mode + false green economies + come aboard w/the many naturally building, living in respect w/the natural rule of law as you `boon creating tera preta, as all compost ones organic waste building black soil, building life to fuel yours.

  So gather w/like thought, all prioritize as you make space to celebrate along the way + live in harmony w/what you can, living local, where ever, when ever. + Take part collectively from afar in right time to heal self + those suffering left behind, from where ever you are + lets use the global consciousness now, to go figure w/ethnic echoes + people now still living ways that work.

     Kohlrabi is crisp sliced thin, + creams if peel + saute in butter. Purse lane, kale, snap peas, water cress w/salt, lemon + red wine make great salads. Micro greens of beets are ready in 3 weeks, after soaking seeds + planting them on shallow good soil, giving us concentrated nutrients.  Turnips + water cress ready to eat in a week. Peas in 3 days. Lemon grass + onions put in water + cut the tops.
   If can`t grow own then check in to your CSA, + farmers markets, as we reach out + resolve, supporting all to do the same.  
                       + Yes let the tears cleanse as we share in solidarity.
                                             Little pot poppers w/a broken handle in + old barn wood box.
      Come link w/i come to talk story share what works/what doesn`t on our – the sun will set spreadsheet + donate to help us perfect it, fueling all to maintain sharp sensors as we address early signs, working together, knowing well w/silence the ethnic echoes will continue as we build biodiversity that fuels the bio cultures to continue as we share in solidarity exchanges, making the living local more friendly..

Our combined `effect makes a difference.. Together we can work for 1 global verbiage of a sound science, + end all this controversy as people create rewriting history books that where wrong.
See below what people are thinking. + we have a lot of work to back what we say.
love us

These people usually deal w/Readings..
See Facebook group; https://www.facebook.com/notes/10151889492501649/
WHERE DOES FUKUSHIMA GO - Pacific and Atmosphere
September 25, 2013 at 3:38pm
by Marushka France
September 25, 2013   [Last Update Feb 111,2014]
Radionuclides go everywhere. The first fallout did fall, first or highest to least amount  (both ocean and landfall):  
coast of North America into north Pacific, Bering Strait, Alaska, Canada, Pacific Northwest of USA
(Washington and Oregon), California and Baja California/Mexico, and then EASTward around the globe. (to
American west coast) Back sweep also hit Japan hard, of course, far east Asian continent (Russia,
Korea)... Initial fallout at least ast far as 1,700 kim from Fukushima. (as reported in enews). 
Pure Proganda
As predicted, IAEA is about control of information – propaganda – and not transparency, not disclosure.  
IAEA is the pro-nuclear body for U.N., overrides anything and everything W.H.O. can say or do.  
As an example, this recent ‘report’ (cough-cough) - this piece of propaganda issued by IAEA --  expects
us  to believe  that NO contamination from Fukushima will reach NorthAmerica! Absolutely preposterous! 
Not Valid for Tracking Radionuclides - NOAA tsunami map
A)   Often used,  The NOAA TSUNAMI MAP IS NOT the same as radionuclides (aka radioistopes) making
its way across the Pacific to other shores:
NOAA.org >> the initial Tsunami http://nctr.pmel.noaa.gov/honshu20110311/
One year later http://www.noaa.gov/features/03_protecting/japantsunami_oneyearlater.html
B)  'thumbs down' on tracking plastics http://adrift.org.au/fukushima   This one also ignores the far north,
Bering Sea, and we know that got hit.  
C)  Certainly we do want to track the debris from Japan, it could be a mammoth problem, not sure how
much radioactivirty might be involved:  Washington blog article includes Japanese debris distribution of U of
Hawaii  -   I would NOT assume debris of various sizes, weight, dimensions and type to behave the same
as radioisotopes.   Nor do we know if they got hit with radionuclide contamination.  Plastics tracked across
Pacific, again, not the same as radioisotopes, cannot expect the same behavior of unlike material. 
add 11.11.2013 SYNOPSIS
There is a difference between radionuclides spreading across the Pacific and debris from the tsunami...
how it travels, variable depths...  Briefly:  
radionuclides' fallout on to land and rivers and (both) travels to the ocean, radionuclides tend to
coalesce and float together (referred to as pools, clouds or streams);  
settle in at about 1-100 meters depth, travel along ocean currents (varies by weight).
 In the ocean, uranium buckyballs flew across the ocean's surface in days after 311;  radionuclides also
biomagnify up the food chain; can be estimated by the degree of plankton uptake; concentrates in
seawater, sea spray and is especially troublesome along coastlines - the entire Pacific rim.  Radionuclides
also find their way back into the ATMOSPHERE  via the natural water (hydrolic) cycle.  Radionuclides
traveling up with evaporation process is called 'resuspension,'  thus finding its way to be redistributed on
land wherever rain falls.  The life-giving micronutrients from the ocean - the source of life and 50-85% of
the oxygen in our world, is thus transformed into genomic instability, every possible breakdown of systems
that sustain all life... e.g.  death.  Call it egocide or omnicide, the more we pollute our environment, the
more we pollute ourselves.  The global growth of chronic disease is in step with the spread of man-made
radioisotopes and man-made chemicals.... it destroys the 'stuff of life' as we know it. 
Tracking Radionuclides aka Radioisotopes
‘Plume’ is being used to address both Atmospheric (NOAA) and sometimes ‘into the ocean’ dispersal as
well. Important to notice the distinction and be clear which one we mean when we post or write about
Fukushima. Likewise, ‘cloud’ is being used to describe the coalescing of radioisotopes in pools that float
and move together. Another study calls it ‘rivers’ or ‘streams’.  Be very clear in disseminating information.
1.)  The first detection, of course, “The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) is meant
to deter nuclear explosions by everyone, everywhere: on the Earth’s surface, in the atmosphere,
underwater and underground.   (All nukes have their own chemical 'signature as well.)http://www.ctbto.org/verification-regime/the-11-march-japan-disaster/
2) Buckyballs Uranium UC Davis Study
(this site mistakenly used tsunami map to represent the spread of radioisotopes across the Pacific)  
0riginal paper: Uranyl peroxide enhanced nuclear fuel corrosion in seawater
3)  Multi-decadal projections of surface and interior pathways of the Fukushima Cesium-137 radioactive plume 
4) [German] Model simulations on the long-term dispersal of 137Cs released into the Pacific Ocean off Fukushima
http://iopscience.iop.org/1748-9326/7/3/034004/article and with soundthe limitations of the study are well spelled out, read the whole thing, watch their video, it is very informative. 
 5.)   Various agencies have done plume modeling estimates. These take weather conditions and releases
and estimate where the radioactive releases went or will go.
6.) NOAA and Navy dispersion model “”Science On a Sphere"  
The Hybrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory (HYSPLIT) model Same model used 
7) The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) collaborated with the National Atmospheric Deposition
Program in an effort to monitor North American precipitation samples for the presence of nuclear fallout
in response to the Japan Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station incident that occurred on March 11,
8. ) Radionuclides (aka radioisotopes) like Strontium will collect in ‘rivers’ or ‘streams’ of
contamination…  (SEE ALSO #10b and #11)
will not ‘dilute’…   .... evidence of bioaccumulation in species, biomagnification- denser concentrations in
the Pacific, as well as remaining in collective rivers and streams of its own making are derived from
decades-long research  chemical changes interacting with the salt...  all speak to multiple, deadlier
http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/05/strontium-90-spread-over-1000km-evenly-in-pacific-ocean/in this article of yours:>>>>>
1. Strontium 90 exists ~ 17-62 % cesium 134/137; Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science &
Technology assumed it would be 0.1 %. 
2. Strontium90 evenly spreads from 170km offshore Chiba to 1000km southeast to Japan. spreads from
1m to 100m deep in the sea as well.
9.) Cesium, iodine and tritium in NW Pacific waters
– a comparison of the Fukushima impact with global fallout  
10.  Concentration & RESUSPENSION of Radionuclides from ocean back into atmosphere brings
the fallout inland - AGAIN - and contaminates through rainfall & snowfall...
>>10a)  in the ocean, radionuclides become concentrated 
Marine plankton as an indicator of low-level radionuclide contamination in the Southern Ocean
[SciTech Connect] by Marsh, K.V.; Buddemeier, R.W. 1984
in the ocean STRATIFIED about 100m ~> into the atmosphere ~> into the rainfall everywhere...
globally(from the era of atomic bomb tests in the Pacific)   [added 11.11.2013] 
”On May 16, 1958, the Wahoo event was detonated underwater two miles south-west of Enewetak.
Plankton sampling was begun as soon as possible, and at H + 6 hours the major part of the total
radioactivity was found in the top 25 m and about one-eighth at the thermocline, 110 m. By H + 28 hours
the activity was distributed through the upper half of the mixed layer to about 50 m, but by H +• 48
hours it was concentrated at 100 m, the upper edge of the thermocline. At no time was the activity
uniformly mixed; it was always stratified”
[The thermocline is the transition layer between the mixed layer at the surface and the deep water
layer. The definitions of these layers are based on temperature.]
10b) through the water cycle
"National Weather Service; Jetstream-Online school for Weather; The Hydrologic Cycle" [water cycle]  
and returns inland in rainfall
some Radionuclides undergoes 'RESUSPENSION‘
"The ocean is known to be a major source of atmospheric particulate [ matter]. There is considerable
evidence, however, that the chemical composition of the particles in the marine aerosol is often
considerably different from that of seawater. Barker and Zeitlin found enrichment factors for
transition metals in the aerosol approaching and exceeding three and four orders of
magnitude relative to sodium. Cattell and Scott suggest that a biogenic agent may be responsible
for the approximately 20,000-fold enrichment of copper during aerosol production in the
ocean. The whole question of fractionation at the sea surface was the subject of a 1976 review article.^’
It seems possible, even likely, that the correlation we observe between radionuclides in plankton
and in the air samples is due, at least in part, to resuspension.”
Because of the ocean spray being concentrated, as well as fog, and the presence of uranium
buckyballs specific to Fukushima, (at least) and the higher likelihood of fish consumption in
coastal areas (internal contamination) -- coastal areas might experience a higher likelihood of
internal, radionuclide contamination.  [added 11.11.2013]
{this is also why Dr. Busby estimates coastal areas being more likely to have higher rates of cancer...   both resuspension and higher likelihood of fish consumption...  see his work relative to Sellafield, UK} 
11.)   Further understanding of the damage of the atomic age on our environment, and climate
change11a)  Dr. Rosalie Bertell talks about the 5 layers of atmosphere and the “Five Rivers or
Vapours” upon which the flow of air and water – sustains us all.
This entry is solely to support the 'rivers' and 'streams' metaphor as very real, not discovered until mid-
Century [and a part was quickly destroyed by an atomic bomb]   and how fast esp jetstream moves, how
the planet has its own highways, byways, ....  circuitous routes –  types and pathways -- in the
atmosphere and in the oceans and seas. 
Rosalie Bertell - Space Weapons of War - part 1 of 4 - PLANET EARTH 
11b) blog by Jan Hemmer  [update 11.11.2013]
"Nuclear Industry kills Ozone Layer and stops Oxygen production in Oceans"
 July 21, 2013 by Mikkai
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