Join into the Global Citizen Festival 2018 in New York City, Sept 29, 2018

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Hello all!

I share the Festival as I share w/you, what I shared on Facebook;

Sorry Facebook for your problem but it was great you are facing straight on in the instance! And that is what we all need to do now!

Nice to see you again. I've been busy researching and came back on today for sharing in the Global Citizen Festival 2018 in New York City.

Join in and see who is attending and

Please note we continue to share our plan sharing humanities options to create with. Which requires those that know well good stewardship of the earth/space, to connect w/the secular science, to cut thru controversy and skillfully act w/critical thinkers, that you all can be!

See Dr. Guy McPherson's work w/other scientists knowing well that we've waited too long to mindfully act, but we must! But we must very skillfully due to Ex; The dirty coal, he says can't be quit cold turkey or the temperature variation will kill off the complex web that sustains us humans, and we will then soon follow.

So we are continuing to look into Igors' work in the Arctic, where attention needs to be, due to the 20 or so feedback loops now causing our extremes w/global weather, that will only get worse. The Russian Gov has funded Igor's work w/Global UNIV, and we are trying now to get updates, so check back and out links below give more detail of how we can together exponentially do what is needed.

Please welcome your students to focus directly and do your local `plan sharing in solidarity what is toxic! While your communities prepare/restore your `enhanced sustaining healthy working communities, w/neighbors working w/agro_ecological systems, to do all you can ASAP!

This is a platform to create upon or Donate and we will get techies to help us create one ASAP. And this will be the most efficient way for all to come together and get needs met within the local `plan's needs and offerings, to fuel you to explore and gain your desires. Whether a refugee/homeless or long-time resident. With respect to all earthlings and all the life that sustains all, lets please mindfully act where ever we are now. To aid this `transformation needed by all!:

I'm presently working to correct link errors, so if have problems email me, kara; and state RE: ictts link error, or I'm happy to talk if want to Donate or Give Grant, so we can better support those unable now!

Peace be with you all!
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