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all this generalization of what is being done is mind boggling to a natural human neuro process. we are a living organism dependent on a ecological sustainable environment.
starting with home schooling it is unfair that all folks + children can't exchange side by side as all develop the child within. as in my attempt to ask your prior discussion from teachers.
how best for us all to support opening the classrooms + allowing the curriculum to include the interchangeable roles for all students to interrelate with local community members. so now all can self-develop as we reflect.
yes some patches + pockets have no creative harmony as others do. that have prioritized function, energy efficiently + not forgot what this fueled which is the creative self expression:
now building exchange so locally + beyond we gain the goodness the earth life offers. by starting with what locally sustains us which is our natural grown food, being able to exchange our grand parents seeds. with fresh water + compost making good earth to grow them.
where in many places others such as (see Navdanya's diary with India farmers regarding Monsanto) + others, prevent that as they attempt to control the seed market with their thought of feeding the world. as well the business whoring of pesticides, monoculturing that have proven to be as efficient as in agro-ecology as Miguel explains, from indigenous.
yet does not leave the health effect to people as well destroy the life in the soil. which ends up depleted with monocultures + pesticides, etc. requiring them to then use more destructive products. + with GMO's the air then carries contaminated our original seed that can be used the next year. vs. having to have to buy from as in monsanto + others that want to control their agenda.
Miguel gets his reality of facts from over 200 as in past studies overruled by another trying to promote their agenda.
this should become 1 universal good science, as Prof Miguel Altieri writes curriculum from working with indigenous in south america, + elsewhere. to share how we can stop our world food crises in place. google him + he explains how foods are being transferred back + forth across the planet. as GMOS + toxic agriculture demands, as well inability to
after networking locally + beyond, we see all share similar misuse. so we decided to make a people exchange forum, called - i come to talk story.
sure some countries have higher math in those suffering but issues are shared world wide that can be stopped as we address common sense. using verbiage starting with our food, water, air + our shelter:
which if we use our technical virtual tools, students can create networks so eye to eye comes about locally + now folks are sharing positive exchange.
we invite ecological whors to rethink as we support all in a tapering transition to be able to come together with those of us that supported them greedily or unknowingly as we tried to survive.
now the agitation of one perceiving a natural way to convert a negative ecological effect, whether the toxic earth, or wild unable to be left wild to control our microorganisms, our disease. to support our small natural farms as wild is supported to stay wild for biological diversity, to pollinate.
to give us space to 'boon with our natural resources as we inter personally self-develop + gain our own center as we rid baggage + reflect. build our life as we walk our path.
we can rejoin our self, our life right, to share this planet together so all can enjoy + freely explore.
no one should think another does it for us or we await you or another in government to do for us, that is for unable only. able beings build networks democratically in a sharing exchange communication process by do_in it. living local, keeping it local + then sharing all all can make it work locally.
so no one should give to one that thinks for them self as in the many govt. or business that ecologically whor, unless they come aboard + listen as we offer the tapering transition.
making food at a price all can afford as well earth that all can be worked into perennial foraged gardens, small farms all can take part in as well converting vacant lots to community gardens. designed with old folks that are sensitive to read what the earth speaks along with permaculture bringing in diversity from afar that grows local, agro+ forestry ecology, where we can build the infrastructure as we rebuild our communities putting all to work.
it is based on exchanging common sense via like ecosystems, to trigger each to check in as a human – to do interpersonal exchange. then as we all take part time cooperatively - to build our community to be a local, global + beyond participant, we then interrelate with our community neighbors.
peace is an option now for all if we share.
i come to talk story is soon to publish thru Nabble, please come visit + do an exchange. this is a way that works. as we support you to reflect, build a self + see good life reflections that we can feel is alive. now share it cooperatively with your local community + then let someone come back + post . now others seeking like thought can fine tune via their ecosystem how this can work.
ex; from adding species to a local pond to kill malaria, or save water, make a compost toilet, have lime piles utilized for sanitation + in preparation for local natural disasters, etc.
amazing how we can rethink with the smell/eat fresh local grown food, a clean bath + a good night sleep.
to see our good earthly offerings of building + managing so all gain discipline over our self-sensory observations vs. belief, gives amazing harmony as all regain life energy to look beyond money, + see how energy within us as in mental clarity + physical strength is worth a million.
yes jobs for all to volunteer, get paid, reflect + then study + work into what really want to be an individual that builds your life as you walk your path you choose.
it is wrong for humans to not have these life rights so take a look at how you misuse + come aboard + gain via reflection how we can self-observe + stop supporting the negative + shift your energy to positive acts. together all then can come back + recycle the damaged areas + rid naturally what never should of been created.
this alone puts a lot of folks to work as we self-empower, creating individuality that truly enjoy self-expression as exploration is abundant.
our human potential beams a nice light for all to see along your path. leaving patches + pockets of freshness to stop into along the way.
especially we we become a human. that means a balanced mindbody as we rejoin our self. not chasing our head as in the virtual world that many get lost in. we can respect all to choose if they choose this tool or not. + those that can respect it can come into community + go eye to eye + do an exchange, making a log book all can self- register + get supported as students come out of classroom + come into the real world, as they then rebuild with their local community our natural ability to now restore/rehab + rebuild to stay with in our natural world as we are best efficiently designed to be.
our balanced environment, putting our hands in the earth or buying from those local do_in, growing our food + herbs as our best medicine, as wild is left wild. building trans-boundary migration so all life has it's path. + each local community provides most efficiently the earth offerings as we link to share with our neighbors locally + beyond. for all life to seasonally migrate - yes even us as a living organism.
enjoy, have a bi'joy experience + share your walkabout, then post as you link with the many movements working for all to gain their center!
i come to talk story - welcomes you, please watch for us.
thank you Kojo!
Mon, 09/19/2011 - 2:28pm