Lets fuel some thought for President Barack Obama + G7 going to Japan..

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Hello all;

  President Barack Obama, over your term i've given you our research/work to share w/Governing responsible people to work w/us. Our plan can fuel every local `plan to show on the table what is needed to restore one's `enhanced ecological sustainable working community ASAP, turning around the ethics of the World Markets so investors can see ways that work for all life on earth now as each prioritize w/humanites realities, if you support us to reach out to all now.

   So together we create 1 Universal sound science working w/students to fill in these worn torn missing toxic fragments that have been legally permitted. This way a investor can be a good investor knowing you are supporting this living local process, globally in solidarity as you invest.

 We do hope you go beyond our editing/errors due to lack of help as a US 501.c3 non profit + tune into the subject matter we share with you.. Please we ask you all to make space for this review.

  Especially those of you, in your upcoming trip to Japan w/G7, so you then share w/the Global community. We can only hope you look into this crisis presently existing, vs just what you speak of too do, if you yet to. For people are experiencing Nuclear radiation contamination around Japan from the mismanaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear accident leaving radiation around japan, much more than is being claimed. Arnie Gundersen below link shows this reality from his recent investigation.

 + Then please rethink US/Global governing policy on how you communicate w/Japan + those supporting, asking, holding accountable why such tragedies are still happening locally injuring folks as well globally as it continues to flow into the ocean/air, moving w/currents, etc..

  So as to use truth of 1 Universal sound science of transparency via IAEA + others, whom are not acknowledging what could be done or the real problem locally or afar, that can come to the table + either do their work correctly or step down + get out of the way for others to do humanities work.

  Supporting such as these people coming forward because you haven't, leaving this irresponsible unfinished acts of contamination, to our children whom is vulnerable as well pregnant women, frail + elderly, not to mention accumulates within us all when it is present.

  To name a few working at this w/out your support, we share video links below. + More on our `the sun will set spreadsheet on our site; www.ictts.org

 We the people would like yous to watch + give us your response to what you are doing + what you suggest to all globally. Not to mention to the mismanaged Nuclear plants in US as well waste that also is abundant, while yet you continue to support new Nuclear plants to be built as well weapons of war via the Military Industrial complex at high risk. Will you learn from Japan's experience of horror in past, admitting wrongdoing where it falls from all, as well now? As well continued mismanaged waste not being prioritized as it continues to stockpile their, also at extreme risks locally + afar, when conditions arise.

  When yet vulnerable people have yet to be prewarned w/correct measuring of radiation as well options + research in place as well work to make serious changes to protect, rid + stop this madness from continuing on your shift Barack as a human being alive now, as well your responsible role as President of the US, as well your influence to many globally. Not to mention the governing bodies locally/globally working now.

  Below i share a few that are doing good work + need your support to act more efficiently covering this global issue ASAP, so all can become informed to prioritize one's community as well oneself.

 John Hunter brings to the table some very good input;


   I'm just becoming aware of his work. As i send this to him as well. I ask you for your review also this World Peace Game + Documentary ` World Peace + 4th Graders Achieving, that he is sharing w/children as he travels the world. I am contacting John to define if he has added our plan/this information, to fuel every local `plan. For the work i've seen of him is very good. To see how they debate is much more efficient to resolve real issues than many present Governing bodies,  as well some running for President. As w/those not supporting good ideas that we will propose due to the riches that humanity offers now if we support our students/communities to focus direct together, leaving no one globally isolated, as we share in solidarity.

 With your support students filling in the missing worn torn toxic issues, as they prioritize/network, can fuel every school/community,  to happen locally + afar. It would happen faster as educational systems use communities as extended classrooms. As students network bringing home options.

  Co_evoling mindsets to our real `enhanced natural potential required by all.

  So every community can prioritize real issues + redirect one's energy to resolve + continue to enjoy the earth's bounty, as jobs are supported to co_evolve the reality needs now in every community, so no more people get ill + die prematurely without proper support in place, that is here now in fragments being lived successfully, that we can share now in solidarity working w/earth tools, as all shift w/one's calm abilities self directing along the way w/support in place.

This is what humanity's finest does + can continue to do. As communities link the genetic biodiversity that fuels our ability to stay w/healthy communities as well co_evolve as a human species on earth now as well not leaving all this work for our future generations, that now are overloaded, as many are in the fog.

 Here locally suicide as i have attempted to reach out + educational systems feel restricted to work w/us, is high amongst children. Not to mention vets working w/suicidal vets every day, stated to me as this man does like me;

  `If i did not have the funny pills regularly, i would have no problem picking up a machine gun + shoot you + everyone around me`.

  The way western medicine is mismanaging people in The US, as well UN globally, is unheard of + very incompetent, when yet Traditional Chinese Medicine for one, has simple answers to heal these problems at lower cost to communities, yet you do not follow up with us, so as in i suggest people that work already training doctors could help patients in need now, as well help professionals co_evolve the curriculums that are using fragments of science, incompletely, as Governing bodies are permitting wrongly/incompletely.

  When yet working together in solidarity, we can create 1 Universal sound science for all tongues to transcribe as they create it, networking w/like ecosystems/seasons + subjects, for humanity has great answers now from traditional engineers carrying forward what works. Giving much for our students to transcribe as they take + end Nuclear use that has half lives that cannot be recycled/war mode, false green toxic economies, + all regain reality that best efficiently suit humans to heal + maintain good health or comfort while deceased + dieing, presently without support.

  I've told you before if you have your associates contact me, i could show lists of all this detail uncared for in real time as it continues to unfold.

  Yet US aid which should not continue as is outside US, as well The Military Industrial Complex as is, while many US people are not utilizing the efficiency that humanity offers, that can be networked via allowing us work w/the educational institutions co_evolving reality awareness w/communities, so when one represents a community, it is in real time w/the structure of the local `plans fueling the discussion, not profits or programmed thought from survival fear based misinformation from past.

     Why do we need Governing bodies, nor Nuclear use/any wars, when this is the results? Let us show you another way to be whole as a human on earth now + beyond. we need guidance from people w/clarity that maintain sharp sensors that are calm, offering insight to share earth + beyond peacefully. We have such people now + as well once supported to do our homework can also obtain it ourselves.

  It's time for real change so Governing bodies support local realities, not profit over what they feel, when yet not even a local, global or beyond mindful participant, as is wasting resources, when so many in need.

   When this reality from humans working together supported to understand, is all it would take + the human healthy whole body/mind awakens as a spirit surfaces to want to take part. Respecting the life on earth that gives us energy once all do organic exchanges creating the balance, linking for our genetic biodiversity to sustain us as humans on earth very well. As many biocultural experiences can show us. Until profit disorganized programmed people fragmented bad science/religion/ideologies that left no respect for the true life giving signs, because they had numbed one's sensors, unable to perceive the sensitive life giving realities, that each community can now restore.

  Prioritizing ecological `enhanced sustainable working communities. With low impact localized systems most efficiently to support all that we say + much more, as we represent much of humanity's finest as we continue to reach out + link. So as to have guiding resources to share w/students as they prioritize + network, bringing home options for communities to then be fueled to rethink + redefine the local `plans in real time as they work them.

 Not others afar, but locals living local processes + only when appropriate in abundance should they even consider sharing afar.

  no more Al Gore whore mode of credit swap as he fills his pockets over a billion from them. As locals require local interrelating w/the natural world, as a human species housing the much life requiring harmony, as well that required to be in harmony that surrounds us, as Miguel best states the definition of `enhanced i share below, that all community plans can include to fuel what works best for each.

   Earth's ecological realities can be `enhanced now. No more can we the people accept Governing bodies to decide irresponsible acts, when we refuse to experience how you mismanage our earthly + beyond resources, that humans require as tools to achieve one's communities ecological `enhanced balance to live healthy lives.

All of you, all of us should be mindful + come talk, so everyone works w/one's local communities, finding their voice. Donald trump, Hillary Clinton + Bill, Bernie Sanders, Barack _ Michelle  Obama + all Governing bodies you can reach, as well open channels to network now w/ our students/communities, + please redirect + let our research fuel you to self direct oneself + in your position use students/professional working together as a earthy classroom for our survival now before it is too late please!

  Self reflect + leave your own baggage for you each to work as we all do, + together  we can shift it, as in our Transitional Shifting Message Board, where every community has a telematic/real posted message board, shared service to organize support for all to come eye to eye + share what each wants to do, where most efficiently needed, as no more does stress get put on a few, rather prioritizing collective support, opening unlimited jobs that include building one's life as well others unable, not interfering in those able, except to hold self + others accountable when unaware leaving misuse/abuse, locally or afar.. We have great people ideas to fuel others to prioritize, when yet others need to self direct, so all find their space + good energy, while yet working on self first. So no more burden to others unnecessarily.

  You each can lead yourself only, + if you choose as all join w/goodness, for all to stay strong, calm + co_evolve, each also can be supported to lead oneself. All the negative presently if you support this change of our dysfunctional Governing body now, can grip the micro seconds, so all have a chance to heal the undeveloped within, from all our scars on this planet + beyond now.

  This is what your hard working abilities can do, as well bring you to peace within yourself, leaving no desire to control any able person, for all one needs is to understand + you can help collectively structure this support. As well prioritize those unable that are left behind globally, as many have none r if do dirty; food/water/air/soil/sanitation, awareness etc. + if do many have resistance as many locals are not being held accountable to understand what can work, locally or afar.

Please be part of the solution, not continue w/the problem, our young now have the energy to think if us older people help reflect wrongs + rights, so they get a reality of the true space in front of them now, let alone if left undone w/our best.

As all gain awareness w/the tools of the times as in Google/Nabble/LibreOffice, the list is lengthy for all to communicate + network, not be left behind w/misuse/abuse.  

   Understand the true life, all are required to live, to sustain each, as well a healthy community balance. Everywhere we look restoration will better when we use the `enhanced ecological perspectives available, as sensitive skilled read what is. We are fortunate to still have this awareness to reflect with, to self direct. As many good people now working to share it come aboard to network + guide this living local process, sharing our earth in peace + beyond, prioritizing unable, so as w/support all can continue to celebrate along the way, the unique beautiful experiences from being alive, as we all continue freely to explore. As each are respected to become aware, do our homework, so when a local `plan shows clearly life giving properties, us humans maintain our self sensory observation to appreciate + feel it + respect it.

  Not continue dulling our sensors so a wall is required to keep us out like wild dysfunctional animals, even them, if you look at Anna from Animal Spirit, her documentary + global work, as she communicates w/these critters + help them heal oneself to calm.

  This is a great time to have all of you + i'm sorry to of carried misgivings of some of you, when it was short sighted misinformation incomplete, for we do not know each other, + it is very wrong to judge short sightedly. When yet humans are so capable to co_evolve.

  So all of you, whether you have abused unknowingly or not, please rethink + have empathy for all. This opens one's energy to truly allow great circulation so all can go beyond our human failures. The students working the local `plans w/you all can redirect their misguidance due to ours, once w/hands on they self reflect w/the energy that comes from those misusing/abused once they have support to sharpen one's sensors. realizing now they are being supported to build one's path as they walk it into one's opening.

  Not controlled/directed into anything but working our earth to balance oneself + our healthy communities giving each the tools to self direct, respecting all life.

  As Masanobu Fukuoka stated when alive; their is no pests, we fuel them w/our incorrect understandings + once we gain a balance the natural world can link giving us much more tools to balance within + without the life each houses for our true sustainable energy to flow a calm state of being.

 We all have much to enjoy + learn as balanced natural `enhanced systems build our ability to prioritize function, energy efficiently, including creative expression/ inspiration. If not we all are doing something wrong, leaving out something from the known equation.

  Again i repeat `enhanced from Prof Miguel Altieri's curriculum as it is passed on working w/traditional indigenous leaving no ill toxic effects, yet comparable yields, as Miguel has created curriculum to guide us working w/those still using these values. Agroecology is a curriculum, along w/natural building, all can be fueled by, as Industrials/GMOS leave toxic effects + bad science is allowing Governing agencies to permit it, which must stop. Not to mention be traded globally, wasting locals resources as people interfere in local's ability to self sustain.

  When yet all can shift + use Miguel's definition of `enhanced to start this transitioning mindshift;

   `Enhance food security while conserving natural resources... `Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. `Enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable...

  As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.

  Vs allow pests to ensure more illness/profits for pharmaceuticals, as people are mismanaged when yet solutions are abundant, etc.

Please everyone each community can prioritize + must include our known realities now.

See a few to fuel you to research more + rethink, by welcoming your students to focus direct w/you, using your community as extended classrooms. So you know exactly what issues are real for you to prioritize ASAP.

  So as not to get hung up, riding on others wave, especially when it has nothing to do with you or your community that your local `plan can achieve now for you. For this is happening + has from the many people unaware of how they contribute to own misuse/abuse + have no educational support for the community nor efficiently for students. When now they can network + do this organizing + become aware one self along w/all. So together we realize we can self reflect + clean up our own baggage, meanwhile make space to do this plan to collectively create your local `plan.

Please view these video links, out of many now available;

Fukushima Ground Zero- Arnie Gundersen Japan Speaking Tour No. 2

Fukushima's Sobering Facts w- Arnie Gundersen 3-7-16

Dr. Timothy Mousseau - The New York Academy of Medicine/Dr. Helen Caldicott.

Pt. 2 - Fukushima Contamination - Dr. Tim Mousseau
The WIPP Trail, 1989, see updates of all these people.

TalkingStick TV- Kate Brown, Kate shows how people have lived for few generations w/contamination in Russia..

We continue to put more on our spreadsheet in link below. Presently working at computer issues being compromised + appreciate your donations for more support. + Appreciate you sharing us along your walkabout.

  If want to communicate please email + we are happy to work from afar, for fund raising for our US 501.c3 non profit to see this happen + much more; kareje@ictts.org

Thank you for what you are very capable to do + please check back for more detail as i add below thoughts from Union of Concerned Scientists that help us stay in touch w/reality. Please go + add your letter to President Obama, as i share ours;

    I thank Union Of Concerned Scientists to help w/detail + ask you all to take part where your voice can help;

Tell President Obama: We Need Words AND Action in Hiroshima

Dear Kara,

At the end of May, President Obama will be traveling to Japan for a gathering of world leaders. While there, the president may visit Hiroshima or Nagasaki, the sites of the horrific US atomic bombings in August 1945, which injured or killed hundreds of thousands of people and completely devastated both cities. It would be a historic visit—the first by a sitting US president. If he goes, he must stress that nuclear weapons pose an existential threat to humanity, make us less safe, and can never again be used.

But going to one of these cities and giving a speech is not enough. Actions always speak louder than words.

Write to President Obama today and urge him to go to Hiroshima or Nagasaki to announce real, concrete steps he will take to reduce the nuclear threat before leaving office.

Urge the president to stop his administration's plan to build a whole new generation of nuclear bombs, missiles, submarines, and bombers that will cost over $1 trillion over the next 30 years. Ask him to order our nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert—the absurd policy which means a humanity-ending nuclear war could start in a matter of minutes, possibly by accident.

Seven years ago, President Obama inspired the world with his historic speech in Prague in which he laid out a promising vision leading to the "peace and security of a world free of nuclear weapons." But today, we seem to heading in the wrong direction, toward another frightening global nuclear arms race. The risk of nuclear weapons use may be increasing, not decreasing.

The president can and must stop this. There is still time for him to turn his words into action. Please call on President Obama to reduce the risk of nuclear threat, stop a new arms race, and build a safer world.

Take Action

Sean Meyer
Manager of Strategic Campaigns
Global Security Program
Union of Concerned Scientists

 Union of Concerned Scientists help us remember seven years ago you stood up in Prague and laid out an inspiring vision that sought to achieve the peace and security of a world free of nuclear weapons. You promised to work hard to "put an end to Cold War thinking" and you have made some progress.

But today, we seem to be heading in the wrong direction, toward another frightening global nuclear arms race. The risk of nuclear weapons use seems to be increasing, not decreasing.

Mr. President, you still have time. When you are in Japan later this month meeting with world leaders, I urge you to go to Hiroshima or Nagasaki and stress to the world that nuclear weapons make us less safe and can never again be used.

But more importantly you must back up those words with real actions before you leave office. For example, I urge you to order US land-based missiles be removed from their current hair-trigger, launch-ready status--a sensible, straightforward idea that you called for as a candidate for president in 2008. As you know, there are too many examples of nuclear close calls over the last decades when human or systems errors combined with very short decision times heightened the risk of nuclear catastrophe. This is unacceptable.

I also urge you to put the brakes on your administration's plan to build a whole new generation of nuclear bombs, missiles, submarines and bombers that will cost over $1 trillion over the next 30 years. You should start by cancelling the new nuclear armed cruise missile designed explicitly for nuclear war fighting.

This massive nuclear spending spree contradicts your Prague vision and will take us not toward a world without nuclear weapons but to a more dangerous world.

+ This is `i come to talk story's added input, welcoming all to rethink (which is what is stated here on this page from us at `i come to talk story);

      Please i ask you all to rethink + let us know the support you give us to do this efficiently; http://i-come-to-talk-story.3220728.n2.nabble.com/Lets-fuel-some-thought-for-President-Barack-Obama-G7-going-to-Japan-td7560100.html

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect. + Thanks again to you all!

+ More detail from Union of Concerned Scientists to keep us informed;

                 The next president could start a nuclear war in 10 minutes.

       Hey friend,

Did you know that at this very moment the United States and Russia each maintain nearly 1,000 nuclear missiles on hair trigger alert--ready to be launched at a moment's notice? Or that there have been countless "nuclear close calls" over the years when the world came dangerously close to a nuclear catastrophe that could have ended life as we know it in a blink of an eye?

I’m not OK with the fact that the next president--or any president--might have only 10 minutes to decide whether to start a nuclear war, possibly by accident or as a result of human or computer error. Are you?

In fact, some senior military officials have said that the most likely nuclear war is an accidental one. This is just absurd--and unacceptable.

I hope you will take a look at this powerful new web graphic from the Union of Concerned Scientists on the dangers of nuclear weapons and hair-trigger alert--and then share it with your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues: http://action.ucsusa.org/site/Ecard?ecard_id=3341.

As the nation decides who our next president will be, all of us need to raise our voices and demand change.

End Union of Concerned Scientists as you begin your walkabout sharing this along w/what is important to you + thank you!

Peace is an option now once all participating, communicating mindfully..

   love kara j lincoln, speaking for our combined `effect at;
                                                       i come to talk story..