Lets load the shit + hit the road, music fills the air, please share for all to come play a tune..

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Lets load the shit.
   + hit the road....   + hit the road....

         it`s 12.12.2011 less than 40 degrees, horse tails the day before brings what seas, full moon bright + beautiful, as skipper limps, climbing to the higher deck, engine smokes, birds talking, sea lions squawking, as the waters vibrate with the many boats filled with crab boats, pulling away from their slip.  

          2.35 is the price, as the guys take off for the pacific west coast crabbing season.

This is the reality as many I see with my own eyes that which developed from our word`s as we continued on, when so many pissed. Yet we continued on working for change. As we still continue on with those that resist. As young bright minds sadly see the ingrained programming from those trying to teach, as we feel the pain from those that where trying to simply work, while yet others had no clue their was even a problem.

                  Lets load this shit  + dump it at sea + let it load no more.
                                     + hit the road.....    + hit the road....

         If we don`t take part + cooperatively connect, we will always be struggling on your own. Learn from these lessons from the past + leave them in the past, + now together stay together + invite those that left to come share story, for never will the young students see a better `way to build 1 science language that we all can co_evolve with.

                 This is our commons + it is up to us to maintain it`s sustainability. Never again will we leave such disarray, allow folks to be injured/folks to be killed, because another was looking out for themselves. just because we didn`t want to take that extra effort to talk to our community, they got away with it.

             No more land grabbing, preventing us from getting to the sea..

             No more land grabbing, building boats that rob our sea..

             No more letting another tally without expressing what we see..

             No more taking from our raw materials, when yet mother earth is giving early signs, that we have taken enough.. No more no mores – we keep it simple to see clear..

                                      our commons is for us all to maintain.
          Even if we have to dot the i`s + cross the t`s, making sure everyone agrees..

                                    thank you all, for making this happen..
                     Lets load the shit, for this is our fuel for us to sustain, now this time lets open to our human family + share this planet + beyond, so we all can, so we all can...
                                    + hit the road....   + hit the road....

horsetails the day before bringing 25 knot windsLa Via Campesina <viacampesina@viacampesina.org>,