Lets organize.. PLease note correction; Chernobyl 1 million died in 25 years. Fukushima expects 3 times that much..

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What can you do  to help?

Dr. Caldicott's video;

         Evacuating; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXthRffo3TQ

 says it best, as American Military evacuated Americans 50 miles from the Fukushima accident, when here in US mandatory is 10 miles.

    As she says, the over 23k Physicians for Social Responsibility,, created to resolve, know well of this serious health crises we are in, in the Northern hemisphere + near any Uranium use. + Every Nuclear plant should be closed ASAP, due to them being carcinogenic factories producing radioactive waste w/no clarity to dispose of it as it produces random compulsory genetic engineering.

Please read on + let our thoughts fuel you to rethink + come share your list of real needs + offerings, to become a mindful participant or for your entity, for our conscious collective, working at global issues of the times, restoring oneself + collectively ones communities locally + afar. As we share in solidarity.

Please check back for corrections + have patience.

What you can't do is be contradictory to your own beliefs.

Meaning if want to live local w/a local `plan based on biocultural + ecological enhanced sustainable living, so you can continue to maintain or for once, sharpen your sensors, as you manage your biome(s) respectively w/neighbors.

Working w/respect to all life. As you contribute to creating 1 global sound science based on the traditional engineers still living + working your biome(s). + If not then work w/your students as we suggest, so they network + bring one in, sharing ones skills.

   As you collectively maintain/restore healthy communities that balance ones genetic biodiversity, so nature links for our earth to sustain, as our true sustainable energy.

 Assess w/good tools that make common sense, as in a sharp mind w/one that has balanced ones own discipline over the present dysfunctional regulations coming down from another afar.

No more of that, rather a rep should be a local participant or collectively replace them, in interchangeable roles, so they may be supported to come back as a local participant.

If resistance occurs to do this, then we all need to rethink the entire system + co_evolve the constitution/governing body of ones space, as we stay in real time w/what should be the only rule of law.

+ That is locals having support/resources to become aware to balance working w/creating a natural healthy ecological working community.

That then becomes a co_evolving rule of law as all stay in real time with it.

This is not happening in our socio political arena locally or afar.

+ This also is the revolution calmy needed that Sen Bernie Sanders is talking about.

For many wonder why so much dysfunction results creating resistance.
When yet take a review within + ask yourself what you to be part of the problem or part of the solution??

I'd like to fuel some input in response to Norman Goldman's lady friend that added Gov does interfere in people's ability, etc.

Please check in for updates, corrections, etc. + Realize one cannot do this alone based on information out of context. This is a living planet in motion + all must synch w/it.

 Each require sharp sensors for whole being, in order to perceive + know how to mindfully act, w/ the truth of the times.

Good ex;

   My experiences w/PEW Foundation is their people were not using 1 global sound science to assess + suggest their viewpoints of proposed Marine Reserves on the PNW.
120 million people vote in US + it can be as simple as these ideas we fuel, for all to make good change.

Quote from Amarula, that you can take the words + use them however for you. For many on land alone may not learn other lessons of true survival that ocean crossings offer. For i know 1st hand i never could of survived my journeys thinking the way many do in responsible positions now, + we have witnessed many that failed, sadly. When yet together humanity has such goodness to build upon.

Amarula's quote;

  Today we are again dealing with the tantalising cloud formations with the ever present expectation of an improvement. It has also become a daily ritual for me, glaring at the promising printed format of what should be, only to be constantly reminded that nature has its own agenda and moods that we, as mere mortals have no control over, where we need to meld with what is available, be grateful that it is manageable, and utilise what we are offered to our best advantage.

So for one to say that Gov does interfere in people's lives + others say they don't, please take a review of what we should do to co_evolve the Constitution for our planet + beyond.

   A Supreme Court could be 10 year limitations, giving a new President a few years to then sort out what is + what can be. Then if another party comes in, they do have to still deal w/the remaining years of the judges holding their term.

 So all co_evolve out of the parties having dividing lines that are not real to our biocultural developments based on the history of people creating ones balanced natural world, as they take part in it sensitively. respecting all life.

So no more are responsible roles of representatives manipulated to make sure one party gets its vote to put in their Supreme Court judge, leaving a responsible role such as Presidency w/unqualified people. As i see many now thinking Senator Bernie Sanders  is best choice for this upcoming role, but due to his lack of savvy playing the game of dysfunctions + corruption working w/emotionally codependent deceased people, riding on a delusional wave, where numbers rule in a supposedly Democratic system.

   How did this every come about, when humanity has struggled thru so many scars, developing such goodness for all to create upon as it can center each to ground working the enhanced natural world to obtain a balance for an ecological sustainable working community.

It is this vibration that must set our stage now, supporting people to assert oneself to calmly rebuild ones healthy neural network. Vs seeing so many ramble as if they took the drug `ecstasy, (spelt wrong.)

  With so many thoughts stored in ones memory that is incomplete communication as they soaked up others baggage, riding on another's wave, unable to simply say no thank you, or i have my own homework to do, + this is what i need to learn to obtain my mental clarity + physical strength, perhaps you also want to share in this learning process.

  Vs people perceiving the energy of those left behind, locally + afar as they struggle, imprisoned in ones head unaware they have the inner tools to sort it out.

So when one perceives they don't just act, rather they review + not take it in , unless it fits within ones plan, to mindfully act on it.

Leaving one w/an empty natural flowing ability to stay present, consciously + humanely, so as to responsibly accept nothing else.

This is as simple as a recipe for a cake, yet where do our children learn from a mama + papa, when the parents also are looking for one to guide them thru the fog.

How does Gov interfere in peoples lives??

   When yet each biome(s) has a plan within it's enhanced design, working w/in it's potential.

It takes sensitive skilled people to feel this balance hypothesis + then work with.

This alone is a very strong vibration when all life is working for ones balance in a collective community. + only as a local representative in interchangeable roles, + we suggest working w/local students to manifest this exponentially. So as to address the many priority issues every community has now.

So then each can fulfill ones part to responsible do ones task of being alive on planet earth, contributing to our global conscious network, so as not to interfere in self's potential as well others ability to self develop.

This rep that then is best to prioritize w/community the  exchange of needs + offerings in real time is all that is needed.

So those of you legislators now in responsible roles, self assess + let this fuel you. For you are best to work w/your local communities to sort this out. Defining the worn torn pieces that have prevented this efficiency that has ex;

    Prevented curriculum from working in real time w/this 1 global sound science that each community links with.

  vs Gov regulators permitting the developments that have exceeded these natural enhanced limits.

   Or The lack of structure of supporting development, preventing children from having children, as children learn inner/inter personal development, including when to do what for who + with who + enjoy the beautiful experiences within mindful exchanges. Then once clear + in ones control of self, only then family planning.

  The Gov still interferes as it allows the many  become ill + western medical curriculum/pharmaceuticals continue to profiteer, when yet as i explain below we have humanites skilled w/eastern ways that many successfully incorporate, as professionals of all fields should be required to go back t a community walkabout/retraining as new science becomes clear, that this works + this effect negatively was left on ones client/patient due to not staying in real time w/humanites best.

  Gov institutes, permits, regulates, prosecutes, etc. yet none of it Internationally is in real time w/the real natural world that is our true sustaining energy, once people create w/it for it's natural balance for harmony.

  Many people are  left in every field that interrupt + resist, so when one is not centered + grounded they easily are wavered, detained more.

Feeling the pain of one is not from one alone, although when aware only each of us can allow ones sensors to dull. As well to sharpen, yet many unaware for a number of reasons. from students coming to school hungry, left thru the Gov loops, as their parents may be manipulating what Gov services they give them w/lack of management given.

  Or people are chemically altered due to these variety  of scars from the Nuclear radiation contamination/war mode + false green, economies that are wrongly interfering in many communities ability to work ones local `plan.

It is Govs that make these decisions, that have been not transparent easily for others to avoid, so as to not be interfered w/more.

  My idea was to bring President BArack, as i told him long ago, to the table w/President Assad + other factions + open this discussion to the world, long before people where fleeing.

Yet i still do not see any peaceful negotiations allowing reps from all thought to take part, so all w/sensitiveity, respect + ability to be present w/conscious humane thought to guide + reflect. So all work together to peacefully resolve what is.

  For people to develop ones biocultural ways, + all know well of the many globally that have been interfered with due to others profiting, unable to see the ecological forces of true sustaining ways.

Then w/good intention think one could help another as the Military Industrial Complex then continue to run rampant, once profiteering got felt by many, + it is that force of momentum that continues it today.

  So those of you that are clear knowing well how US Gov contributed to the chaos of the Middle East, yet fail to be clear of these resources that it took/continues to take as US Gov has the most Military bases of anyone in the world, why? The cost of these resources used to do this, could simply prevent the US infrastructure from being dysfunction, not to mention globally many more. As Us needs to make amends.

  + Those roles that pulled these strings making these bad choices, allowing the people in them to continue w/delusional thought, not respecting how no ecosystem can be isolated.

  So if you destroy a life's habitat, then you alter all those interconnected.  

  This lack of sound science for our earth + beyond must become the deciding factor in any social political decision + it is not being done, why?

  All need to hold self accountable as we collectively define these priorities working together.

  Ex; Norman, when a friend tells you that Gov is interfering in many lives leaving negative effects, hopefully you will realize the energy of honesty, that it took. Vice versa, you gave it back, thank you. But now it is up to all to show the mis information that was not accounted for. + I hope this review fuels all to do that rethinking, filling in the detail.

This is why i welcome every entity to have students by one side so as to welcome the energy they have, that also needs to be focus directed, as well all.

  So the derangement of the many can feel the energy of sharp sensors vs dull, as one gives hands on, relieving one i despair, to gain support to then sharpen oneself, producing the energy to come back in an exchange of goodness, that all working together produces if open to humanity.

  Not just open to other like minded back slapping followers, codependent, as we speak below of the deceased parasitic state that has taken precedence over profiting vs a healthy state of existence.

  Which is happening w/the Nuclear radiation contamination, yet schools/entities/Norm i heard you say Fukushima 1 time only in months, are not talking via mainstream, as many get blacklisted.

This secrecy + lack of 1 global sound science will take us all under if all continue to allow it + not prioritize each to responsibly recycle using our global tools to research + resolve it.

 Stopping the horrah of US being the best or it has to be US leading, etc. When yet this only shows how many are in delusion.

Norman you may be good at pieces of the law, but please let all help realize the law is wrongly written + now you can help us make amendments to respect of those before us, that also tried their best w/what they knew for that time.

I do feel that if you decipher the words of the Constitution carefully, those that wrote it, expected us to also stay in real time co_evolving it for our time, + that is not being done as parties pull their way, not even properly representing ones local community, for many are left behind.

  Any sensitive person can envision in day dream or night dream the hurt from others struggling if one opens their sensors to truly what is in front of you. Or perhaps take a walk + see whom is around the corner, next block, not to mention take the time w/your local students to feel the energy of interpaticapatory inner/interpersonal true networking w/ones local `plan, linking w/neighbors locally + afar, for the earth's enhanced rule of law, from the many good ethnic traditional engineers that have survived, prioritizing the genetic biodiversity balance that they knew/know well that continues to fuel ones bioc cultural existence of harmony that life on earth gives one.

  This equation works when we recycle our waste within the life that then in return gives us pristine nature to live with. As all biome(s) can remove the Colonial grid that created the set aside mode, + not put large distribution grids, rather decentralize w/local systems recycling working into efficiency as locals become aware + maintain ones ecological sustaining working community. Realizing + respecting the biocultural ways that result in our genes, as we transpose the resistance, cresting harmony.

This is not something one can buy, when yet those profiting using the markets unethically need to be welcomed to ones local tapering transition, to heal + realize the 1% did not get their alone. Rather the greed of dysfunction is like a roll of the dice, + one wants to keep it rolling once the adrenaline takes over.

We can heal, sharing the 1 global sound science for ones specific subject that has exceeded these natural limits. + Give all empathy + support to prioritize science to link w/the earth, not ones compartmentalization, as in a woman's/men's emotional inability to see that humans together need sensitivity + respect, + stop isolating the genders, as Hillary has had this codependent to help her survive thru her struggles. as well may of us. But now that time is over + we all must do our homework working for a system that has always been here, fortunately as those ethnic indigenous have been strong enough to endure the abuse that many could not survive from. + Many still can't, as locals need to be held accountable afar, as many are over developing, as they land/sea/fresh water grab leaving locals unable to sustain, + Govs are not following thru locally or afar, in real time to prevent this. Ask La via Campesina whom globally experiences this all the time.

No one should  control w/ones pocket to profit, over riding the local `plan.

  That all now can be supported to institute as you allow us to fuel your students via networking.

   As sound science principles transform the science that was allowed to be fragmented. + Medical procedures  lacking accurate assessment + good management, working w/earth's offerings that local people grow in ones community.

   For people/life of the earth + beyond, to simply create a few perimeters to work with + then let the students orchestrate this organizing structure for every community, as they do their walkabout + the prerequisite is for them to walk w/you in these responsible roles that have been negligent.

 So as to take advantage of the sensitive, skillful inner tools humanity has + connect them w/the tools of the time. Not stay isolated w/what you think you know,  all the more, rather lets support all to open ones consciousness + allow energy to circulate in a healthy balance for all.

   By simply understanding as each is required to take part in ones local `plan, living local wherever life may put one, if one was unable to manage for oneself.

  It is this community shared tool shed of ideas that can get all to what is real to work with, starting from good assessment reality of where one is at, w/this psychopathic ruling force that is now in place that needs to heal.

 Knowing we can harness this + go figure w/1 global sound science linking, giving each the tools to rethink + redefine as ones local `plan not can be freed from the Colonial rule. Mark Lakeman is great for sharing his work in do_in just this exploratory reality.

  Let this be the only natural law that fuels all others to stay in real time.

Math is not easy for some, so lets bring together those that can define the resources going into the Military Industrial Complex + take it back for disbursement into supporting each local `plan, to define the real resistance that people now can resolve, vs leave a paranoid state of existence fueling a false mode of terrorism that this dysfunction that exists creates, when this disassociated energy we all create can be harnessed + put back into support for all to do ones homework, balancing healing, plugging into the assertive flow producing a good night sleep for all to awaken w/new neural networks, 1 day at a time, as we reverse this flow of profiting to a flow of harmony that nature does offer, if we work with it.

I hope this fuels all to rather then get a probable cause for a police to search one, to truly take self responsibility to have a local grown, wild food/fish/animal potluck, welcoming all regulators/Gov to the table, to start sorting all this out w/students, eye to eye. As the early signs show + many times it is simple lack of understanding, running on assumptions that is no good communication for anyone.

For we do not in US have Democracy yet + can, sharing in solidarity globally for us all to rethink + simplify.

So none of you fear losing ones position, but happy to let balanced energy fuel the path to co_evolve this for all to heal + redefine ones path.

+ No one should have to thicken a natural beautiful skin, that life on earth has given us.
  Being aware of truth that presents itself at early signs, not to mention when see the many in very deceased states, unable to sort self out, is not something to continue to accept.

I thank you for those that have maintained discipline of sharp sensors to feel this + bring it to the attention for us to continue to resolve.

Norman says Law when spilt at Circuit courts then goes to Supreme Court, so many local issues need to work within this law as many good offerings can bring us to then the Supreme Court changes needed.

No religion should interfere, rather only respect for those biocultural people `booning maintaining a natural balance w/our earth + beyond.

  No more 3 min allotted time to address these important realities left undone.

When simple understanding is all an able person needs to plug in so all go figure.

Dr. Caldicott in her video, + i have several for your review, on - the sun will set spreadsheet, on page `lets transmute Nuclear radiation.., speaks of EU's land being 30% contaminated w/the Nuclear radiation, results of Fukushima accident.

Not to mention No one can live in an area all ones life then be disrupted as our participation in the Middle East chaos US Gov produced under President Bush's, continuing w/ all the US Military Industrial complex, wrongly.

   Humans unless early on in life made aware of our true neural network maintenance, cannot just simply be displaced without serious intervention affecting all.

 So it is best + most efficient to try to get people to their place of awareness by co_evolving this whole refugee/migrant negative handling by the Govs/UN, + all come together, bring oneself present with them, after some basics in place for comfort, to the real issues of why they are leaving. + Bring this long over due table discussion to an international transparent platform. So people get aware + hold self + others accountable for how we can live in harmony, sharing this earth + beyond w/out a Nuclear/war mode or false green, economy.

Rather we as people working together w/1 global sound science corrected by all participating in critical thinking, will make it happen, especially if the resources are redirected for tools, research, where needed to mindfully act humanely to all life.

Norm when you say ` NO WAIT TO WORRY, i disagree, rather never good to worry, when we can plug in know + make this harmony happen.

Thank you all for taking ones pieces + realizing if we are alive on earth now, we then have an obligation to experience + share our bi`joy ways of living `boon w/the natural world one creates collectively.

All are important to participate ones piece of this beautiful puzzle when all interact w/sharp sensors. + id ones has dulled ones sensors, they too can act + we are fortunate to have others reflect for one then to go within + make changes.

We don't need to waste more resources creating walls, rather lets calmly remove the baggage in ones head, realizing true living is a motion that continues to fuel all to co_evolve, exploring, as we enjoy the good fortunes of that w/which we can manage, + show gratitude, for the natural world is forever changing.

Every entity has very good people along w/misinformation, so lets recycle, removing the broken infrastructure, leaving only natural enhanced support or nothing.

Thank you for continuing on w/our thoughts + we look forward to seeing your list of needs + offerings posted on our spreadsheet- the sun will set, on page;

 Lets organize or comment here, + link as Nabble offers free sight to organize so no is left behind in your communities. Depending on your needs Google also offers free sites/Apps for education + business. These people are trying to help us all gain the tools to deal w/these issues of the times, so all can put into perspective what it takes to live in harmony, living local, sharing ones local `plan in solidarity.

Please see our work in progress at;


I share some examples, please read on to fuel you to rethink.

    For i know those i have attempted to talk directly to me, have either given generalized letters/3 min allocated allowance to share view/wrong information their responsible roles should of known/then to see mindful acts down the road, for no one has it organized w/ones community within the power all have to make it work, when efficiently organized.

Please after your review of all, make your list, for i am collecting from many, asking them to post as i create this page on spreadsheet for all to review.

  I just now see how one after attempts for a few years is now again in jail, for past violations, that i suggested was developmentally disabled, from perhaps th recent lifestyles of homeless/drugs, etc. contributing to him beating his lady, whom also after seeing how the local hospital + police are unorganized due to under supported for ones real community needs. Has released or unable to even bring in, due to lack of support.

I'm not talking about more cameras/guns, etc. I'm talking about simple disbursement harnessing this disassociated energy all have taken part in unknowingly why?

  well one friend that has been my teacher after 40 years of working in radiation, presently doing his own intervention to remove a parasitic resultant, due to the western dental establishment ignoring it. As well the western medicine psychiatrists calling him delusional due to not wanting to take the meds prescribed, that he tried + w/bad results was aware enough, although very hard to do it alone, when establishment offered no alternatives.

  When yet after years working w/another friend/teacher, Dr. Yun Wang, a Traditional Chinese medical doctor, has worked w/me helping many taper off the meds wrongly prescribed, etc. W/good results w/customized herbal formulas that covered the whole being, then to taper off of western meds, then the herbs, that left no side effects, that the pharmaceutical ones that are profited oriented due. Which should be not allowed.

So i ask you, what do you suggest fro the people that continue to walk the street, some homeless, that have taken prescribed drugs that do not work, leaving devastating effects. Right now in last week i see 5 local issues. + Believe me my stay here has seen many more continue to file into the Charleston area.

 1 under doctor w/meds being also taken by her roommate, mismanaged, another just released from 3 days in hospital that appreciated it, but i've never seen so much come out of a mouth, as she claims to have side effects plus on other drugs. + 1 saw another out of control walking near the road, that everyone was being distracted watching him talk to everything w/uncontrollable gestures. The last is an ongoing problem w/a trailer court locally that also is mismanaging + the community has allowed it to continue. 3 alcoholics maybe + few very responsible tenants, then to have several in + out as one has watched people come in straight + go out drugged w/variety of meth/cocaine/heroin, which also he tries to sleep at night leaving window open + gets over loaded w/smell of drugs.

  Yes i do hold the Govs accountable, due to wasting energy + resources in fragmented compartmentalization, when yet local structures could be in place addressing every out of balance individual. Including North Korea, Kim jong, that needs to talk, he cannot just prove, for he requires emotional support + even at his level, deserves as a human, to have President Barack Obama discuss these issues to stop them;


Not to mention i've told many before, the vets that are taking their funny pills, as they call them. Meaning if did not take for pain, pts, etc. he could pick up a machine gun + shoot everyone around with no problem. Yet everyday he helps many others w/suicidal thoughts.

Yet shame on you people that continue spending so many resources on the Military Industrial Complex, as you ignore being a good local participant.

Well it is time to rethink, for humanity is no longer interested in people profiting over the destruction of life.

   i see after months/even years of trying to tell President Barack Obama, that much is against him, W/many in Congress, Senate, House, etc. being able to be in responsible roles yet totally unawareof local realities + the great solutions oriented opportunities we have now, if all would support this student program, as responsible community members.

Where then each interchangeable role of students becoming a rep, can then also walk by ones legislators side, to show transparency, filling in the worn torn areas, that that legislator has been allowed to do, for how long? Yet be dysfunctional, not dealing w/reality for whatever reason to be defined by each. So we can help support each to heal, step down if needed, to better work where most efficient.

Ok so in seeing how another was picked up for being drunk/discharged/then back in to be relocated for old violation in another state works well, giving her the desire she longed for, to see her dad.

When yet that in itself is not enough. I spoke to him, he 92 limited, living alone, she comes + then leaves + once before said to me if i could help her here, then please do. After 14 hours of going from one suggested supposedly responsible place to another, no one knew what other  did.

I can't tell you how heart ful to see her be drunk in the cold + then be beaten on the street.

Meanwhile a community unorganized willing to help.

Me having limited small boat space could of been more productive having her sleep w/me then to go thru what i did.

I would of if my man + i did not already have limited space. I'm happy to see police did get a warrant for her in another state where father is, how nice, for now i will not have to experience her in the cold again. Knowing that the police + others are listening but it sure took time w/their limited support, as well all the other entities that deserve efficiency.

Point is look around you at the empty buildings to temporarily house, as community gives part time support, filling in the missing gaps that students can define. I told the 211 a number of suggestions, but they did not respond back.

So here i share a number of priorities + we need serious response w/sound science/tools + follow up w/skilled people that we have now to work with. So please on your list, offer what you can as well tell us your needs, that we are hoping others can then help fulfill.

  Lets talk of another serious priority for research.

 The Nuclear use of anything needs reevaluation for medical/military/energy , etc. needs. To 1st define how to rid the negative health hazards effecting the world,  contributing to above socio parasitic states of consciousness, etc.

  As well know how to properly repair the broken Nuclear plants to rid them,  for they are killing many, as well not economically viable, waste is stockpiled w/no long term research to rid properly for the 250k years plus, etc to be properly defined of what radioactive nuclides for each place + all the assessment that entails, etc.

Prioritizing those most susceptible to health hazards. As many still live in contaminated areas in US + afar.

Dr. Caldicott's video; Evacuating on our spreadsheet, w/many more, stated 1 million died over 25 years at Chernobyl + Fukushima is 2.5 to 3 times worse, so that is about 3 million people over 25 year period that will get cancer/leukemia as I've said before.

  Fetuses are thousands of times more radio sensitive then adults, children 10-20% more w/girls half as much more than boys, + a pregnant mama suggesting her fetus to an x-ray or airport ray is that much closer to leukemia for baby, very wrong, yet airports continue it, when no one should have them, + this needs to be stopped.

  + This must be done ASAP. + No depleted uranium should be used for any product for it is not depleted, yet it has contaminated many places due to using it as weapons of war, wrongly, yet to be cleaned up as communities are left w/contaminated radiation.

Yet secrecy of truth + transparency continues for people to prioritize profits. This is unethical, immoral + we hold oneself + all accountable to mindfully act, ASAP.

Shame on those of you that are doing this. Shame on you!

+ Thank you for letting our virtual platform fuel solution oriented options as you + your community prioritizes for your community to live local + restore your local `plan.

  We suggest do_in this w/ones students from all schools of each community, to focus direct w/ones community, using community as an extended classroom.

+ As it is restored, as students network via like ecosystems/season + subject, w/natural building, to respect the biocultural natural spaces fueling all to `boon w/ones enhanced potential, creating natural balance to ecologically sustain working communities.

 Our plan can fuel yours, as students network experiencing fragments that work, then to bring home eye to eye discussion for each community to fine tune what can be created w/enhanced limits for your community.

Prioritizing life to heal, + restore interaction support, as all voices develop sharp sensors to add to the local `plan.

This is each of our earthly duties to share w/humanity's greatness to prioritize what each can do for ones community/or bring in others to do what is necessary, working into locals to become educated to maintain local living. + To overcome the deadly issues globally of the times, as we collectively gather skilled that can, prioritizing research to resolve.

So every person can become a responsible sensitive, skilled local, global + beyond participant.

  Gaining harmony from humanity's goodness each can obtain w/students help, right now to create balanced communities that link for all life to migrate. Knowing well the early signs of nature to use as a rule of law to base responsible decisions, knowing it`s capacity to live seasonal  temporary working facilities to have options for nature/human made disasters that exceed the natural enhanced limits or make permanent villages, where local `plan projects.

Working w/neighbors should be the only help one suggests. So all false aid from afar stops.

Students networking can reflect creating local tapering transitions as each create ones sound science of balance working w/all life in harmony.

  They can co_evolve w/community the curriculum calmly as ones community is in transition being restored naturally.

  As well the students working w/community will know exactly in real time what economical proposals are needed when, as all investors/people come to the tapering transitions, knowing well the enhanced limits working to balance the local natural rule of law, as each contribute to each doz_in this sound science best fitted for each community, created by the local sensitive skilled people.

SO 1 global sound science structure is lived, respected as the global rule of law.

Meaning no matter what school anyone is in, they are required to create curriculum prerequisites plugging in as a local participant, living local, even if not local, to then be consciously present in the moment, interacting w/critical thinking as the local `plan continues for all to live local.

Meaning all network, making corrections of what was wrong, to make it right.

Giving humanity the means to share this earth + beyond equally once all do their home work to sharpen ones sensors, maintaining discipline over ones self sensory observation vs belief.

The despair of theses priorities that will be listed/schematics compared/networked, etc.

 As each community will co_evolve it`s great opportunities, as people self develop via established structures supporting each to walk ones path within the local `plan, as they build a self, pursuing ones desires.

  As each walk into ones opening, leaving no footprint.

Their is no better education then to reflect feeling the energy one wants to obtain, + being centered/grounded to edit, Knowing what needed + do_in it.

This is our human potential if we share what works/what doesn't + focus direct w/in each person`s potential now. As each work into deprogramming what the scars of the planet has given us. + Open to the great potential humans can develop, w/support in place.

Just because many have become social parasites, it does not mean we have to continue w/these neural networks, dulling ones sensors so as the true life we house attacks us as hosts.

Rather we can heal + prioritize the early signs that humans all show, as we are an open book + fortunate to have great people to guide us now.

 For we can deal w/this parasitic illness as we target, holding self + others accountable to take part in ones local `plan. Prioritizing those controlling wrongly/interfering in ones ability to self develop, locally + afar. For many people are ill in responsible roles, as well homeless.

By establishing networks we can communicate understandings w/common sense as well scientific tools showing this diseased state both within as well throughout ones local `plan. As each review ones land/sea/freshwater from mountain to sea flow use, so as all reestablish a natural flow to all life along the way. + For those places that have maintained their natural transboundary migration, please share the community camaraderie developed as people allow large browsers to lead the path.

 So communities that have depleted balance of ones biocultural ways of understanding due to loosing the genetic biodiversity that fuels awareness to naturally be restored to a balance, starting from good assessment of where one is at now. + Go figure.

I want to use Sgt Moore as a great example for what i observed recently, as he took care of a very serious issue in a very gentleman way, thank you again!

+ Their are many good people to help/teach those yet to know how to give simple respect + get to know ones community. Which exponentially breaks up any task left has overloaded  various entities, unable to do ones job w/ a breath of fresh air everyday.

 For amazingly many want to help yet do not know how. So in creating your needs + offerings, ex; use a simple LibreOffice document, download free + upload link on our spreadsheet. I will be following up w/creating a page on - the sun will set, spreadsheet on; www.ictts.org

or do it here in comment. Nabble is always working to help us get clear, etc. free to all.

  Lets organize..

  Together we continue to end the Nuclear/war mode + false green economies, w/localized systems of low impact, defining the real needs + offerings, w/out interfering or misjudging, being paranoid of a terrorism mode that we create falsely, as many are unaware + now can be via networking, sharing real story.

   SO now each community helps w/the ER issues of the times, knowing exactly whom can do what as we welcome all to take part working together to define where best temporarily , working into permanency where can, etc. Meanwhile all equally work at being a local participant for the local `plan. Not another's idea from afar.

Please see our suggestions + forgive our lack of editing. etc. due to limited resources. But w/your support we will make corrections/perfect making this a simple tool to fuel all to interact, leaving no one left behind..

If i can assist you + your community, please contact me for i am happy to do a fund raising for this US 501.c3 non profit, called - i come to talk story, locally wherever we are at.

   If afar we can email or teleconference, w/local students WORKING TOGETHER w/all school types, etc.

Amazing results come from sharing in solidarity.

See our link if need further ideas for a local meet + network, locally + afar;


Sincerely, peace is possible to share this earth + beyond fueling many to create successful careers, far beyond jobs, enslaving, serving misdoing. + Many of you have so many resources, when yet those of us coming to the plate w/limitations, due to reponsible people not. Goof ex; is me right now fsacing the sun to try to get good internet, to correct the mnany mistsakes i made here, so again i apoligize for that inconvenience, but as a non profit not being supported yet financially, we have worked under extreme conditions to help resolve this. For we refuse to pass this on to our grandchildren, it is bad enought they already in US have been subjected to this global catastrophy that continues as the Military Industrial Complex wants to keep these broken Nuclear plants to support their weapons of war, that are broke + people are prioritizing profits over saftey. Which is a physcological severe problem that needs to be addressed in our supposedly responsible roles.

  If you seriously review the Constitution of the US, it gives all ample room to resolve exactly what we need via good communication skills + that is not happening. If it was, President Barack Obama would be sitting at the table w/President Assad/Pres. Putin, etc. resolving the refugee issue, that should've been done long ago. + Those legislators wanting war would have students walking by ones side showing their illness to step down, or like one investor said, you want war here take my boots + gun + go. You don't see that happening, rather our children go + come back sick, untreated, that must end.

+ Can now, i've offered to UN but no answer, w/everyone coming to the plate part time, making space to prioritize + great results will happen, as in no more refugee/migrant problem for one, as people gain support to be educated to heal oneself.

Thank you for what you can do, for i know how capable you all are.

love us at;
Thank you, kara

email; kareje@ictts.org