Lets rethink a Sound Science perspective to end Jordon Cove + all pipelines..

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I decided to share some more thought that i emailed to link below + ask you to rethink + do the same. Please excuse my errors + i try to add corrections when can;


kara j Lincoln <kareje@ictts.org>
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to orestar-suppor.

I'd like to add some thought to your platform, for i feel it is incomplete for entities to gain donations informing people when yet as ex; the resistance community for Jordon Cove do not have comprable funds. Although i feel if your entity is structured efficinetly sharing such balance of information for both sides, we can stop the programming money contributes to in many cases, when another cannot reach out to all due to limitations. I know this w/my research developing our US non profit.

 So i would appreciate it if this comment could be added to give people awareness of how important it is for all to take part + do one's homework. Thank you + i look forward to your feedback.

 Please see my thought in response to one here gaining 360k in donations to support Jordon Cove, as i share my experiences working w/many left behind;




Save Coos Jobs Committee

Jordan Cove Energy Project LP **

Cash Contribution

$216,000.00 +




Save Coos Jobs Committee

Jordan Cove Energy Project LP **

Cash Contribution


I was not clear of what this 360k fee was when i went to this meeting yesterday,  Mary had facebooked me of it + i did not have time to study it, which i told the Port CEO John Burns at meet i was not clear of it all. I went to the Port of Coos Bay/Charleston Marina's monthly meet as i have my sailboat moored here + they had an other issues. Donna Nichols gave a brief presentation of Jordon Cove. She stated progress was being made on both, + that it was helpful that they broke it up, pipeline i believe was separate then the other, sorry did not hear that well enough, she was presenting to Port Staff w/back to us. Harbor master stated too much on Marina agenda for us to respond to her now. But i managed later in this meet to ask CEO John what this 360k support/grant is about, did Port give it to Jordon Cove?? Which makes it harder for those resisting Jordon Cove. The Port CEO John nor Donna stated they knew nothing about this money. + CEO John informed me that they hope i keep this issue separate from the Port. I asked whom will pay to dredge the river for the new ships that will be very large that will disrupt the ecosystem? Considering budget issues at Port? CEO John claimed it would better it + they would pay half + Jordon Cove would pay half. CEO John stated several presentations are being planed for Jordon Cove. Actually this meets’ minutes may be on website if look at Port’s site? I told them they are making a huge mistake. I also asked if they talked to Craig the director at OIMB whom asked me to work at defining the toxic problem in the river, which i said no.  CEO John said he did not talk to him.

For what it's worth, see these links if yet to; http://www.strategic-culture.org/.../keystone-xl-and...

+ see our comment; https://docs.google.com/.../1fA0dJv7o787agt8Ib6pp.../edit… 

Please realize we are needing to fund raise, but been busy perfecting/researching a virtual platform for our non profit `i come to talk story + our objective is to develop good links to fuel all to simplify all this So energy/funds are not wasted as are presently;

   To welcome one's students to use your communities as extended classrooms, restoring ecological enhanced sustainable working communities, globally, sharing in solidarity. But my attempts here while trying to sell our sail boat, has seen that Univ/schools are not in real time, as what we want to propose that can happen. For students could also co_evolve the curriculum while restoring local `plans focus directing w/communities for people to illuminate, not see need for a job only. So much of the world offers such good bio cultural ways that work. It’s amazing how the human species has yet to simply have respect to support good education to go beyond this. Especially when humanity has such good fragments in every community that we see as we network thru out the world + will continue, once we sell our sailboat here. So our attempts have been a lot of human error on all included, that is simple errors that need a lot of follow thru. We are small, yet we know this can work + when we cannot reach people where we are at, to go eye to eye due to our limitations, then i continue to work globally, for much is offered.

I don’t feel money is the answer, when you can help people gain understanding of even what this can fuel w/your good work. For to see as in Japan w/corruption/lies/doctors unable to tell parents why their children are ill from Nuclear radiation accident, or doctor goes to jail. Meanwhile when i asked Pres Trump if he discussed this w/them on their visit, i got nothing. Not to mention Japan/TEPCO are stopping subsidizing, telling people to go home into contaminated environment, that many are not even aware of. Dr. Helen Caldicott, Arnie Gundersen + others work shares these experiences their.

So i would suggest contacting `Save Coos Jobs Committee, informing them that to do Jordon Cove w/their perspective may be limited reality. This reality of creating something that conforms within the local `plan can fuel much more than a whoring job w/so much risks involved, considering pipelines coming from afar to ship afar. In hindsight after the meet it fueled this thought when one asked at the Port meet if the electrical unit we where discussing was going to be bought local + harbor master said yes. It just shows how programmed people are to think something is good, when yet they fail to see the bigger picture. Good old human error, which i hope you all have empathy to work thru this fact finding need. As we feel each local `plan can contribute to 1 Universal sound science, of these basic nuts + bolts for every community that we want to work at, giving basic comforts, when yet so many left behind. For too much fragmented science is allowing toxic developments to be permitted. The link from strategic above sights some good pointers of corruption. Point is these wasteful errors cannot be afforded anymore.

In order for healthy communities to be restored, the true energy source must be brought to balance + that is our genetic biodiversity so it can link w/neighbors, to sustain us all on earth.People chasing profits over this w/their delusion must be made to understand, that many jobs come from healthy people creating/restoring once defined priorities. Not sure if you all follow the Nuclear contamination issue, but many are in the blind w/this reality. I said to CEO John i will be happy to explain more about why Jordon Cove should not happen. A commercial fisherman close has seen ill fish recently as well we have tested w/Geiger meter these last few years + i actually threw my dried seaweed away collected at Bastendorf Beach after Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear accident in Japan, due to rads being too high. + Their is a man in Coos Bay that tested during heavy rains last month + was up to 300 when average here is 30. As well i know Corvallis shows very high spikes on the National readings. On our `the sun will set spreadsheet we have a Nuclear page as i keep adding from my list that also needs work.

Where i’m going here is that US + the world has a lot of mis managed Nuclear plants, no plan for Nuclear waste (not to mention you see locally no plan for waste as `Leaven No Trace discovers)/toxic weaponry/false green, economies. People + policies that need to be changed. We thought w/all having a local `plan then could prioritize so the natural enhanced world becomes your best medicine to `boon with. Local resources for local people (to me that means anyone fortunate to be where they are, so all support each to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant. Even if temporary, assertive energy to part time do one’s local `plan. Network + work w/human family to stop these scars from continuing.

A local `plan can do just that. By removing the Colonial grid that is already here before adding more of it. Mark Lakeman in Portland figured that out after traveling the world seeing how tribal communities/ethnic people where successful without them.

We do not want to be ignorant + the world gives us a wealth of ways that work.  Once locals work recycling what has been done locally, defining how toxic one’s community is/developing good monitoring systems to define, then those vulnerable can prepare or don’t restore it if too toxic. Focus on those priorities. Then if can resolve due it simultaneously w/a tapering transition w/those that have exceeded the natural potential to make wrongs right, once you start w/like agro_ecology review. This also can prioritize local natural wild food/fish/animal sovereignty while the wilds are worked as well sensitively + skillfully in every season. As well to have ER preparedness by locals having alternatives to now be comfortable in, because they work it seasonally having needs in place. Add permaculture to fine tune along w/changing policies for natural building as many counties do + you will feel the energy of our reality to have. This cannot be bought.

Communities don’t need large energy grids of any kind, localized systems of low impact do fine w/aware people lowering footprint. People need to hold self accountable as well others, not just pay the bill, allowing such ecological whoring to take place. That is why i also don’t like credit swaps, as Al Gore has gained a billion from. When i edited your work Mary in past i was sorry you did not answer.

The land/sea/freshwater speaks it’s natural enhanced potential in a local `plan as all come to the table w/sensitive skilled people to read it, so all understand. Protesting can be a waste when so much work presents itself. + Many do it fragments. CEO John at the meet started to say how dredging the river for this huge ship will make it better. Misha once read to even get thru the s curve of the river, it would have to be reconstructed. Sure this could be good for a fragment of this whole project,+ yes many say LNG is cleaner then others. we feel students skilled networking could fill in all these missing worn torn links + they should do it w/as their community. But this is not even for locals right? This is going afar. + As you will see with other pipelines in link, buyers also don’t want to take on the footprints. These ships are a lot bigger then the huge ships now. + We are not updated w/this now, but Misha looked in past + China was building them for here before, so their is a lot to research in this project to stay updated with. + I hope our thought/acts can fuel more clarity, for this type of protecting healthy communities should not  be able to be influenced by money, as in thinking more jobs..

We as a human species require needs as in healthy balance of genetic biodiversity to link, so our earth + space continue to do it’s natural cycles + we comply, gaining the tools it give us to do our organic exchanges. For our microcosms within to be balanced + so many are not aware of realities, as many communities see profits from jobs living materialistic lives, which need to change + can change. If you have empathy for those yet to understand the real needs + offerings for different ecosystems/biome(s) working w/neighbors. So as to end all false aid from afar.

When yet i can only imagine the issues in an accident of this proportion on this river. Port is having problems w/little issues for years yet to resolve, not getting a budget together w/organizing/even working w/state. + To imagine the footprint behind these ships alone. Plus it is bad enough for ships to bring in an invasive species let alone one w/cancers, etc. From Nuclear contamination as in article below, as well considering locals already catching fish w/cysts in the Pacific Ocean.

+ In some areas Radiation levels are a lot higher then others + changes w/the currents/winds/food, etc. + People need to realize it is accumulative,  Bioaccumulation refers to the gradual build-up over time of chemicals in an organism, absorbing the substance at a faster rate than it is excreted. It is harder on children/fetuses/pregnant women/frail. But we all need to do one’s organic exchanges to stay strong to fight it off. That is not easy for all to do, considering lack of education, etc. Especially when such waste is happening along w/dysfunctional Gov.. Sound Science would not permit this lack of transparency/lies + increase of safe levels, for no Nuclear rads are safe.

see links;

Fukushima Radiation Makes Landfall On US West Coast – And It’s Only The Beginning

January 3, 2017 by Admin


http://www.dw.com/en/radiation-at-fukushima-plant-hits-5-year-high/a-37401759Radiation at Fukushima plant hits 5-year high


On 4.28.17 7pm OIMB Auditorium here in Charleston is having free lecture open to public; Julia Parrish talking about 70k carcasses, 175 species, 500 sites, 400 people. Beached bird patterns in a warming world. UN of WA.

+ Last here to address for now is US relations w/the world. People are rewriting history showing amazing realties that many failed to report for one reason or another. The world has organic wealth that many in US have yet to obtain. For many ethnic communities live the local `plan we speak of prioritizing growing their local food/medicine sharing w/neighbors. I was not fortunate to know these ways as a child as i continue to learn now w/my grandchild, as i appreciate the natural offerings we forage for. Never to expect to have to measure the Nuclear levels as i do know when pick nusea a lichen off the trails of old growth that drops like candy after a storm offering a huge variety of immune building components as well antibiotics leaving no side effects. As we to not pick from the trees to sustain it’s growth. So we continue to appreciate + have gratitude for what we are able to use to keep all this into a healthy perspective + not freak out w/incomplete information. But rather do your homework + do what it takes to stay calm.

Mishi, my husband i’ve been with over 37 years, lived in Russia as a child. I know well how humble he is + no amount of money can persuade him. As many now fear Russians which is wrong. Sure ever community has good + bad but the common sense Mishi has has yet to be learned from many graduating. He brings much of the Russian community harmony into our ideas + yes he knows well to how Governing forces back then where just as crazy as ours here. But we draw from humanities goodness + build on it. That is what our human potential is all about.

 So to speak of North Korea, see this link below to give you an idea what US has taken part in creating over the years, if you look at the Kim family history. I can imagine growing up as present Kim Chong-il due to having visions/night dreams all my life, not knowing directly of the pain many where experiencing, trying to interpret my feelings. Then to now continue to study how bad the Nuclear reality truly is a very hard subject to grasp. But what i do know + many much more skilled i’ve studied with know is it all must end. This programming, thinking as Kim Chong does that he can only be a world participant by having such comparable Nuclear weapons as US, is a deluded reality oxymoron that came from reality of severe experiences thru out his/family life. + Now w/his continued studies of fragmented distorted global realities within his programmed ability to process, his true natural enhanced potential as a mindful local,global + beyond  participant, as any healthy human being w/these issues of the times can, proves we all must take part to stop such madness on our earth + in space. So as to show humanities great options to clean up the earth + space + come eye to eye sharing/creating our true human potential as we network, sharing in solidarity true gratitude for living at this time. Leaving no one left behind.

US must end all Nuclear use/war mode toxic/false green, economies along w/everyone else on this planet. Ending scars for ever vs this pattern of behavior that continues to be recycled, trapped in aggression, when yet our minds have the ability to peacefully resolve w/our tools of the times networking. For what happens afar negatively effects our own back yard, for no ecosystem can be isolated.. W/1 Universal Sound Science all tongues can gain understanding by having one's local `plan share what works.


Does North Korean Missile Parade Augur a New Asian Superpower?


Good luck stopping Jordon Cove sdue to it interfering in the local ecoology's true natural potential which brings sustainable long term jobs as people also self develope + heal. So all can work together to restore one's healthy communities. To do it’s/your true enhanced natural potential once all come together + be fueled by taking part in one’s local `plan w/Sound Science, even if here temporary, it fuels exploration to co_evolve these ideas where ever you go to be a local mindful participant.

Peace, kara j lincoln


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Re: Lets rethink a Sound Science perspective to end Jordon Cove + all pipelines..

The Plant with containers full of LNG of not the problem its the ships that have 7 million cubic feet tanks full if diesel engine exhaust that gets emptied when it arrives twice a week 14 cubic million  feet of exhaust
dumped into the cove every week.  What will this do to air trees wild life  and what about start up of the plant start up does it do the same.   the could have done this in long beach ca. where they already have a pipe line.  it wont pass ca epa regulations. so why does it pass Oregon epa.

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Re: Lets rethink a Sound Science perspective to end Jordon Cove + all pipelines..

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Thanks Joe for that information, you are so right!!

Ya know we have a sailboat moored here in Charleston trying to sell it. + I also sent above to John the new CEO of the Port telling him this was a very bad mistake to do this.

The local fishery plant had gauges that where wrong, not sure of detail now, but point is it almost killed my husband + a few others due to a leak, luckily he was as far away as he was, but he coughed for 2 days. The local ER helpers had no clue that if you don't get oxygen right away if inhaled too much it can be deadly. Nor did they even think people would be on their boat below them, when they went to block off road.

Same as a simple electrical loss due to broken electrical units here, that the CEO was present at this last meet, having difficulty coming up w/fair solutions. As i told him just imagine what can happen w/this LNG + ship if problem. Humans have too many errors to deal w/shipping stuff across the ocean let alone to locals. Plus when so many feel they need to pay back debts from others interfering.

We just have to help people become aware of these realities + thanks again Joe for helping us understand detail.

Please share + your welcome to use this medium freely yourself or use our forum here to send links for others to add to as we reach out to more.

Peace, kara
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Re: Lets rethink a Sound Science perspective to end Jordon Cove + all pipelines..

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Please see our campaign as we include a bit more as we reach out supporting our real human potential supporting peace on earth + in space now. As we ask you all to reach out where can + help people heal as we help them understand humanity has many peaceful options now.

  Please share + take part fueling others to rethink + mindfully act. For it is time for sensitive aware women + men to come w/hugs + handshakes to end these scars from continuing, once + for all leaving earth + space in tact. As we all embrace the unnurtured child within that wants to use Military weaponry, as it is wrong + destroys habitats that we as the human species need.

   W/empathy + love, all can focus together skillfully ending this competive deluded ill state for power, as those involved overlook the footprint on our earth/in space + all life. When yet all involved need to realize we as humans species are living organisms interdependent on our environment, as all need to balance one's genetic biodiversity + link the life that sustains healthy communities. Not destroy them, which in return destroys oneself.

 Please see our campaign that Google's Adgrant helps us to reach out for peace + take part;


 Thank you for taking part to make a difference! kara speaking for our combined `effect..
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Re: Lets rethink a Sound Science perspective to end Jordon Cove + all pipelines..

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Please see;


  Vote Yes on measure 6-162 + please share to help others understand everyone needs to take part to protect one's community from International Corporate collusion.

For a ecological sustainable working community, please make a difference!

`i come to talk story

                             PLEASE SHARE!




                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.

   Please see our new Subcategories on URGENT UPDATE SUBJECTS (UUS) on the right side, so as to help ASAP the many left behind/or on the run now, as we welcome all to post on this `transitional shift message board (`tsmb).

   Humanity has solutions please share yours, so all needs can get met along w/the local `plan of each community, sharing in solidarity, globally, so all get one's needs met, fueling each to get out of the survival mode and into being a mindful participant, as we all work this `transformation needed in every community now to prepare for global weather getting worse!

    We are ending these scars from repeating, how? To start by sharing agro_ecological solutions, ending Nuclear use except for medical use w/no half-life that can be recycled/ending US-NATO war mode + false green, toxic economies. And welcome all to interrelate and do ones local `plan, now to help!

        Come talk, +1-360-450-3749 Please leave a message
                            or email; kareje@ictts.org
          We appreciate your participation, please share our link while you do your walkabout for you/your family and your communities!
                             `i come to talk story

        See more/correct and post on this `tsmb, now being structured here on Nabble under UUS in Subcategories!
       See more on our Google site, and excuse our inability to edit all here and there, to harmonize due to our feelings to help ASAP where can, those in need;

         Please Donate to our US Nonprofit Association,

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  email kara; kareje@ictts.org title DONATE and if need a tax receipt, please give us your info and we will send you one.

                 Thank you, for making a difference!

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