March For Our Lives.. March 24, 2018 and don't stop there, continue mindful action!

Posted by our combined` effect our combined` effect
                                        Take part and continue working w/them!


          Let the children show us the good ways that work/the wrong ways to be corrected and walk by their side learning together, co_evolving along the way.

   For all deserve to interrelate in one's local `plan, as our plan shares Humanity's answers to take part now, where Gov is not in real time, so don't wait for them, rather welcome them and let your rep share with them, as together we resolve dysfunction;                          

            Peace is everyone's option if you share what works w/empathy and respect!

 `i come to talk story thanks to you all for being mindful of each other and welcome all that resist joining in, sharing 1 universal sound science of common sense. That many fragments allowing such toxic to continue, but can be corrected, by together doing one's local `plan networking. Where all can give/gain, support for all to do one's homework as each interrelate making a difference!

                           Thank you for your mindful acts and keep up the good work!

 `Humanity has offerings now and you can add yours in this collaborative form, so together we perfect this and simplify, fueling all to mindfully act!


Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effects...