Message to Brand New Congress and Congresswoman Barbara Lee and update that we are in Port Townsend, WA

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    Happy season to all!

     We are in Port Townsend, WA and look forward to seeing you and meeting new people, so come talk. We will be updating some meets soon.
  For those of you interested in Donating/sharing support/updating us on what our restructuring can help w/your needs and offerings, please let us know thru email; for we will only be recieiving mail thru; kara j lincoln, po box 634, Port Townsend, WA 98368 but we still have our s/v tzegunka for sale in Charleston, OR, so let us know if interested!

            I share w/you an email to `Brand New Congress and Congresswoman Barbara Lee, please see. (Also note i made a few changes here)


  In restructuring our virtual global platform, we also are working at fundraising, but our research comes first. So not knowing your definition of technology or type of sustaining energy efficiency, we share our work sharing humanity's ways that work.

     We appreciate Con Barbara Lees good work and look forward to all good people coming forward as each fins one's space to make a difference and best as students share support in more interchangeable roles.

     Using communities as classrooms as students focus direct w/community, networking, bring home options. Fir all to interrelate doing one's local `plan, sharing in solidarity localized low impact systems working within the enhanced natural world. Prioritizing what is toxic, collectively aiding those w/needs and offerings not met. Ending Nuclear use accept some medicine w/no half life/recyclable/monitoring/resolving research ridding waste properly. Ending Military weapons of war and all bases, where police and Coast Guard work w/community understanding resistance and why, where is root of problems to heal/interrelate as local participants.

      Then if can do that restore one's enhanced ecological sustainable healthy working community w/neighbors, ending false aid from afar. Together networking changing policies preventing all as earthlings to share in peace. Ending verbiage of refugee, as all where ever become local participants working at transitional changes locally sharing needs and getting them met, exchanging offerings leaving no footprint. As earth/space gets cleaned up and all life respected as each community can define best how to balance one's genetic bio diversity to link w/neighbors, being our true energy source on earth. Fueling all to get clear to obtain ones desires globally.

 Peace prioritized w/local and afar communications, stopping the waste of war and life destruction as global issues all share are collaborated on by skilled that advance doing one's local `plan, so together people share agroecological systems to lower temperature rise and end toxic, along w/obtaining local natural grown wild food-fish-animal/energy/technology sovereignty/ All working within respect for balancing genetic biodiversity linking w/neighbors to get real w/our micro biomes that keep us healthy. The microbes/insects that migrate, that keep pests in check to heal, to pollinate one's food, etc..

       So as to be able to be mentally clear, physically strong creating many jobs to do all this from volunteering/gaining prerequisites/becoming mindful people w/protected sex making sure before family planing each are able to bring a child into a healthy environment.
 Not just in one's own backyard but no more having the negative stories of taking part in others afar. So as to hold self and others accountable locally and afar.

 Peace is a human right. All deserve to be educated and humanity has been doing these options in patches for a long time, and still doing and are able to network w/the tools of the times. Especially w/fair good Internet/teleconferencing, etc.

  It is this restructuring we now are working at, for our plan to share humanities work can be simplified for all to interrelate and make it happen. We suggest starting w/ local natural wild potluck, something familiar. Explain why people are ill from the industrial offerings that must stop, that agroecological movement offers. W/good discussion/live music, all can give /gain support needed for follow up meets, to have needs met and offerings shared, while every community gets it's entire biomes worked sensitively/seasonally as students network via like ecosystems/season and subject.

             The answers are here the tools of the times are here to be perfected if needed!
                         All just need to organize and come aboard to make it happen.

  We have started a facebook page for this transition for `i come to talk story, our US non profit, to reach out w/our present work w/Nabble/Google/libreOffice and people. Showing more of these detail of wrongs needed to be made right. Each community is best to define this as they network, better preparing for natural/human made disasters. As one's local communities working w/neighbors provide more options familiar to all as they start to work them, removing the Colonial grids, and land set asides for special interests/profiting.

   When yet w/our research, we feel Africa/any place working to reestablish one's large browsers, has many lessons to share as they do their homework, w/communities that still `boon w/the natural world, not set it aside just for tourism/profits. For large browsers can fuel our path, then on to fresh water to flow from the mountain top to the sea for all life, and all life in between. Then on to restoring healthy working enhanced ecological sustaining communities w/neighbors. Sharing in solidarity w/our human family!

   Communities can shift and are, as people do what they best and that is share humanities goodness as each take part creating it.

  This common sense makes 1 universal sound science so no more prioritizing waste, ex; going to Mars when Russia and US along w/International community can work together for earth first, then on to explore by all. Same famines/refugee camps/war /high risk of Nuclear accidents/Nuclear radiation now circulating our earth continuing to contaminate, such funds given to Israel when US people are without/abuse to Palestine and Israel, all must stop as good peace platforms are made in every community local `plan where locals define for locals based on local `plans being the fueling understanding of how one can live most efficiently `boon w/the natural enhanced world as good stewards of earth/space.

  This list is lengthy and each community, is best to rethink working together to define and do ones homework w/locals maintaining as local `plans can retain controlling interest for locals and good investments can make wrongs right in tapering transitions...

kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect.

                ​  ​ Thank you​ all​ for ​what you do, ​your patienc​e and support​!

     ​       We are making changes,​ please share what works for you and share us w/others..

                   Google, non profit/Ed Apps, are helping us reach out via Ad Grant.
                                         ​They and Nabble​ support us as a non profit.
                They and LibreOffice, Facebook​ and ​Twitte​r shares freely w/us, as well to all.
                                                 Offering more for business.
                                                       `i come to talk story
                                         ​ ​   Thanks you for your participation!


​                               ​  ​        ​ 


                                             Peace, wendy, kara + misha