Monsanto + other industrial companies leaving negative effects can be prevented as locals share what works + people become educated + simply understand the alternatives..

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people we have been so disorganized, why? when we have today`s tools.

  please lets do some homework

  please note we are seeking fund raising/support in a variety of ways for you to get involved as you personally do your walkabout.

           their is no reason for UN to remain dysfunctional, or US gov + others or ourselves.

our project we are working at, can focus direct w/all students/local community for us to share the process of living local. we do not want a catalog of links, rather we want to seriously be energy efficient as we help this process as we help ourselves live local + simply share what works.

  well in researching many years ago good folks discovering why the scars are here + whom is producing them, we seem to fail to wake up, why?

I ask folks why just stop at petitions to lable GMO`s, that just fuels more jobs for others lost in the fog.

  we need to realize how the CEO's as in this discussion on salt, sugar + fat, fail to get the point they are interfering in people`s ability to simply live + heal, as they them self are trapped in their marketing machinery going wild as they financially gain + holistically become more unaware, etc.;

we are in the process of seeking surveys from those that have been fortunate to remain sustainable w/their bio cultural + bio diversity in tact, as well the encroaching factors producing climate change that many don't talk about. as in the Amazon.

   sadly as these industrial foods pretty much all include soy, we fail to see the destruction these foods do to our self inner personally as well the roads they lay leaving toxic effects. as in the Cargill Soy plants in the Amazon;

how would like a huge truck of soy to drive thru your community every 13 seconds as Cargill intended?

or how about these effects that many have not been fortunate to not have


  we are presently contacting researchers in the Amazon that test the these effects w/climate change as deforestation/roads/dams continue to be exploited. + to see as in the link from reuters above, how Congress supports investors is truly sick.

the US/UN/EU is dysfunctional + not operating any sound global science, which we as people intend to change as we organize, create means for each to come to the table + voices supported to be heard from local tapering transitional projects, that we suggest our local students everywhere to do.

we can build new neuro networks/heal + stop this war mode + false green dependency running rapid from those in the fog looking at math as they invest in a market that is also totally unethical + inhumane, along with all these people + any of us that also have contributed + still due blindly.

well do you want to continue to be in the fog especially those over doing as they spike their blood sugars unknowingly from these industrialized foods.

  or do you want to feel better, mentally get clear + physically get stronger + let your voice be heard locally as we network + afar, so we hold our self accountable + others + if UN + govs are to continue they must become more efficient vs allow so much dysfunction.

  Meanwhile we share this process to live local, heal + become calm + creative as we welcome in others as we organize, letting our students come together w/us for our community, so we all simply understand how to gain respect for our life. all life that truly sustains us. for we have many great solution oriented options now showing us sustainable ways to work with.

  folks all must be vigil for UN`s Sustainable Energy For All, project if i understand + i will study more, wants large grids of solar/wave + wind farms as people try to divest from fossil fuels as climate change is wrongly being exploited.

  it is our misunderstanding, for as we purchase Soy/purchase processed foods that support GMO`s/oligarchs + as in Congress irresponsibly voting to encourage investors, when yet as in Cargill`s soy fields/roads/deforestation, etc. have all caused climate change as well Monsanto + others.

   so the hell w/just requiring labeling as i see how twisted this is, as in even our local folks when we had our rally in Coos Bay, as leaders of Rights to Know, to label GMO felt we should not talk about composting due to scaring people away, for they would think we are hippies.

  folks we can do better then this. for being `boon w/the natural world is our best medicine.

  please join in a variety of ways to help us reach out + do this easier. + do please see my posts on twitter for UN`s inability to resolve efficiency, the US codependency, as well others on a continued war mode + false green economies. where people gain w/puts + calls from Wall Street as all the top corporations  are not ecologically complying to any enhanced natural limit, giving no respect for the local life, locally or afar as they continue to do business wrongly. + that can change as it creates many jobs to restore our natural enhanced potential in every local community by locals.

 as Prof Miguel Altieri talks about + we must hold our self + others accountable + please contact your Legislators/President Barack Obama/Sec Ban Ki Moon/locals as you come together in a local natural grown wild fresh food/wild fish potluck, so students do their homework w/all + submit real facts.

    so no more we as humans act once it is too late. enough scars from years ago + still same repeating itself. meanwhile our great tools can help us now as we share what works + become part of the solution, welcoming all together to share + create traditional engineered solution orient options, so as to technically co_evolve the industrialized delusional/war mode + false green economies.. Miguel says this best;

    (enhanced as used by Miguel Altieri)
enhance food security while conserving natural resources... Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable... as a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.
Agroecology is a scientific discipline that uses ecological theory to study, design, manage and evaluate agricultural systems that are productive but also resource conserving.

Agroecological research considers interactions of all important biophysical, technical and socioeconomic components of farming systems and regards these systems as the fundamental units of study, where mineral cycles, energy transformations, biological processes and socioeconomic relationships are analyzed as a whole in an interdisciplinary fashion.

Agroecology is concerned with the maintenance of a productive agriculture that sustains yields and optimizes the use of local resources while minimizing the negative environmental and socio-economic impacts of modern technologies. In industrial countries, modern agriculture with its yield maximizing high-input technologies generates environmental and health problems that often do not serve the needs of producers and consumers. In developing countries, in addition to promoting environmental degradation, modern agricultural technologies have bypassed the circumstances and socio-economic needs of large numbers of resource-poor farmers.

The contemporary challenges of agriculture have evolved from the merely technical to also include social, cultural, economic and particularly environmental concerns.

Agricultural production issues cannot be considered separately from environmental issues. In this light, a new technological and development approach is needed to provide for the agricultural needs of present and future generations without depleting our natural resource base. The agroecological approach does just this because it is more sensitive to the complexities of local agriculture, and has a broad performance criteria which includes properties of ecological sustainability, food security, economic viability, resource conservation and social equity, as well as increased production.

To put agroecological technologies into practice requires technological innovations, agriculture policy changes, socio-economic changes, but mostly a deeper understanding of the complex long-term interactions among resources, people and their environment. To attain this understanding agriculture must be conceived of as an ecological system as well as a human dominated socio-economic system. A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

Agroecology provides a framework by applying ecological theory to the management of agroecosystems according to specific resource and socio-economic realities, and by providing a methodology to make the required interdisciplinary connections.

Agroecology in Action is appropriate for graduate and upper level undergraduate courses. It is also appropriate for extension professionals and scientists engaged in applied research. Because of the book’s critique of traditional means of generating and extending knowledge within the land grant university system, and the promise conveyed through Warner’s accounts and analysis of a variety of alternative, collaborative, and participatory approaches to creating a more sustainable, ecologically-based agriculture, the book could serve as an inspiration and model for professionals seeking new ways to conduct their work.

International Agroecology CENSA: Center for the Study of the Americas, Berkeley, CA
The main goal of this program is to promote agroecological initiatives that exert a positive impact on the livelihoods and food sovereignty of small farming communities in various Latin American countries.

     The basic tenet of this program is that the success of such initiatives is dependent on the use of a variety of agroecological improvements that in addition to farm diversification favoring a better use of local resources, also emphasize human capital enhancement and community empowerment through training and participatory methods as well as higher access to truly fair markets, credit and equitable income generating activities.

     Access to land, water, native seeds and other basic resources and services is of course a key prerequisite.

    Our experience shows that in most cases, farmers adopting agroecological models achieve significant levels of food security and natural resource conservation. A key focus of the International Agroecology Program is to scale-up these initiatives to enable wider impact, through a significant increase in the knowledge and management of agroecological principles and technologies between farmers of varied socio-economic and biophysical conditions, and between institutional actors involved in peasant agricultural development.

 International Agroecology program has three projects located in Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

             See further response from Miguel on Sanford`s Organic study;


  + now each local being emotionally exhausted/mentally + physically strained from simple over/incorrect regulations that actually cause safety factors + high risk working. as in Stan Jones experience, where his VMS failed equipment triggering inability to complete a commercial fishing season, etc. must stop + locals should accept nothing less then working w/locals to prioritize especially, when working the wild elements, for they know best when to stop working to protect the sustainable markets. as well how dangerous it can be to catch our fish when yet they cannot choose their days to fish in all openings.

  + when Stan contacted NOAH, speaking to Christy in Seattle, the Home Land Security`s involvement is working down the wrong tract, when they would not even support a creative legal solution that he had offered, so he could salvage his business vs. the great losses to his health as well his working budget, that could of easily been resolved in a short time if people sensitive enough would of listened + Christy should of required that follow up + still can, as we tell her we can accept nothing less to our hardworking small fishing commercial industry that is seriously working under stress + their voice needs to be heard + acted on responsibly w/them as together you folks co_evolve the rules w/the real time natural world.

Stan + other locals have great ideas + if you folks would support them to sit down eye to eye w/local F+W + together work/maintain a co_evolving plan, then only then will we be able to build sustainable working harmonizing communities. Stan can be reached to explain detail + i am more then happy to gather a few others w/good insight, so please email kara;

  Deb Lambert`s good work for a portal/public comment in progress to revise the Maguson Steven`s Act was a good thing, until she told us when gov shut down that they took it out of hers hands.

I`m not the one to give updated detail, but fisher folks are, i live w/them on the docks + i see how hard they work at all this.

     bring all issues to the tables, all voices supported by students so they can go back + forth w/updated input/share meals in an exchange so all realize how important everyone is to resolve this.

  people the Amazon forest back in 2008, researchers at INPA stated, should not be developed more, just work the existing land or we will continue to have serious effects globally, for no ecosystem can be isolated, + they had made studies using 1 hector knowing well plants + wildlife could not survive. then on to 10 to 100 hectors thinking a possibility, but asked for all to be left then. it wasn`t. i will be contacting them for updates of their much work, as many back then showed even w/the lumber companies.

     95% of logging is illegal, 70% of wood is wasted due to bad practices sold to US, + US claimed no issue because they bought from mills already cut. meanwhile locals got 1 cent while others got 1-2 hundred. locals sell a mahogony tree for 3 kilos of sugar. Jose Alverez Alonso from Peruvian Amazon Research Institute can tell you best how buying wood their is buying wood stained w/blood + exploitation.

Jose shows the best;

  people, anyone seriously interested in eco tourism to support sustainable local living, can truly enjoy by requesting a traditional engineered solution, as ex; take part in creating a natural path, don`t go to these places along the highways of destruction from the many exploiting thinking they are opening up transportation for all, meanwhile all in their path is negatively effected. we can create upon the many solution oriented options if we network, sharing what works.

  we can get very detailed stopping our support as we buy local natural food + wild fish only, + as a community gather at your potluck play some music, celebrate + share your local `plan land fresh water flow to sea use review. welcome all to join in. for we all are in this together. + together we can resolve it.

thank you + please remember to ask for the hidden agendas, + the missing worn torn links, who is pulling your strings, + what wave are you riding on, how much money or power can a sick mind want?? well if we give love + remain clam, + not buy the weapons so they gain more, not be in conflict as they count their funds distrusting more weapons, etc. as they profit from all being in conflict, keeping you busy so you fail to realize we all have solutions to live sustainably, if choose to live local + share what works.

sign the petitions + do what it takes to go beyond them please, ex all industries should be required to work w/regulators to automatically go on ecological assessments + if exceeding the natural enhanced limits, they then go on local tapering transitions working to stop it + do what works to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant, working w/us all.

   for remember our lack of awareness, that we each must change + can by do_in your walkabout now + share w/us, along the path you build, as you walk it into your opening, leaving no footprint. we don`t want to stay busy working at 1 petition at a time, but we can continue until we resolve + organize so all of us that supported thee companies due to cheap prices, lost control + allowed our own sensors to become dull, getting more ill, trapped in the sugar glycemic/salt/fat mode of taste, etc. becoming ill as we supported them to gain more.

 so lets show them we can learn + can heal + cab take part in helping them change.

please sign Credo`s petition as we work together here w/legislators + call them telling them more, let your students fact find, giving them a tapering transition local invitation w/the businesses exceeding mother earths limits locally + afar, so together we hold ourself + others accountable, locally + afar as well;

    tell them we will accept no other way but this way respecting all life to link that sustains us as we genetically balance our bio  diversity, so our bio cultural values continue to fuel us all. so we share ways to rid our baggage, bring our energy to focus for our moment to even be able to think of a future + heal as we restore the natural functionality so rehabs are replaced w/good humane sensitive acts inviting people, supporting them to fins their space as a local, global + beyond participant, so together we celebrate this process.

let music fill the air, not drones as they are used because US is dependent + cannot survive as it is, without a war mode or false green economy.. Lets help our legislators/President Barack Obama + UN Sec Ban Ki Moon break their puppet strings, become whole + heal as we do this together w/sensitivity that we all desire.

let us/me share more of our proposed project w/students living local as the community becomes their extended classroom + they gain credit for it as they help us get real w/the real natural world, in detail so now the TTP/UN SE4All/Free Trade/EPA/NOAH/FEMA/Homeland Security, + many more come aboard + do just this.

           so now local people are sharing + building/restoring their local community the right way.

     this is our true sustainable energy that should be free to us all in every local community, so together we explore this beautiful planet + beyond w/meaningful ways, co_evolving as humans as we `boon w/working our seasonal biome(s).

so please come talk, find your space comfortable for you to join in or donate;

here we are working at a simple format to make this process of sharing easy, so let us know what works for you.

peace is our option now if we share what works, lets all have a potluck as our starters of good indicators showing just how much fresh local grown food we do, as well wild fish + listen + act positively w/all the negative stories i am hearing now.

thank you for what you do, kara


tel + please lv message; 1-360-450-3749