NEED. DRC Congo. 50,000 stranded at Kamako border post.

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 Many as US citizens don't pay attention to what is happening here, but this Congo continued happenings has to be the worse location ever.

  And when I heard Pres Kagame was now President of the African Union, I had to work hard to get a grip of this, due to my interest in studying in Africa. For him and his actions in past w/Pres Bill Clinton, supposedly planing a killing of another African Governing official, are being considered International war crimes against humanity, from a judge whistleblower trying to convict Pres Bill Clinton, and this link I have on my Google site. Where w/Pres Kagame, Court in Spain, link below:

Buy showing such diversity, requires focused people w/critical thinking ability, to legally make a change or humanity simplifies all this and hold self and others accountable, locally, and for what they do afar.


I really don't want to stir up pain w/information, rather I'm trying to show that all should take off their hats and work together, for the legal processes aren't working. US does not have Democracy accept for patches of good people working within a group. But the world offers us a wealth of input if we open to it!

Peace is real if we share what works/what doesn't w/hands-on doing!

Thanks for your offerings!
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