NEED, Globally, people to end US/all Foreign Military bases and NATO, join in April 4. 2019.

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                              `No awards for endless wars!

The Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases joins in the calls to action made by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC), World BEYOND War, and Black Alliance for Peace, and urges a movement of movements to come together to protest and educate the public about the destructive nature of NATO and call for a just, peaceful and sustainable world.  

The Coalition calls for a mass mobilization to protest the meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) planned for April 4, 2019 in Washington, DC.

This meeting on the 70th Anniversary of NATO is being held on the 51st anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. who stood for peace and nonviolent resistance. It is also the 52nd anniversary of his Beyond Vietnam: Time to Break the Silence speech where Dr. King decried “the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism.”

In the Unity Statement of the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases, signed by more than 280 organizations and 2,450 individuals we state that “foreign military bases are the principal instruments of imperial global domination and environmental damage through wars of aggression and occupation” as well as “centers of aggressive military actions, threats of political and economic expansion, sabotage and espionage, and crimes against local populations.” This is also true for consistently expanding NATO bases that are surrounding the southern borders of Russia and now threatening Venezuela as well as the current involvement of NATO in the wars in Afghanistan and Syria.

We call on diverse organizations to unify in non-violent actions that call for the closure of all NATO and U.S. foreign military bases around the world, oppose NATO wars and abolish NATO, as well call for an end to racism and imperialism that are the foundations of US militarism abroad as well as US militarism and domestic wars in communities of color.

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