OCTOBERFISH is a day of Celebrating what works in our community..

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       I want to thank you folks that live + work here in Charleston, that i get to experience as we live also on our s/v tzegunka in the small basin. where we get the opportunity to see the many skills from the many that work sustainably.

   we are wooden boat rats from the great lessons of the Port Townsend wooden boat yard. so we love to see these old wooden boats in action, cared for + the great skills it takes to work this pacific ocean.

   maurice + i have built a few boats + circumnavigated pretty much the pacific ocean + came home due to families ill + wanted our help, so we stopped our plans + came back from Australia, thru Marshall islands to Hawaii, where people thought we where crazy beating into the wind. but lovee tied off the wheel + we had the best 51 day passage ever. then on to Alaska + here in Oregon. this was in our catamaran we built, etak.

so we know well how this weather is + have great admiration for all that work it, as well lovee as had much fishing experience along our path as we exchanged + built this project. realizing we are fortunate to be able to speak for many that did not make it.

so those of you also out here do_in the same as you share you know well what we mean. + it takes us all to be appreciated for what we can do, as we share, prioritizing a ecological sustainable working community that harmonizes. for all then can self-develop as we realize we do not survive on just our back yard. rather we are interdependent on linking our natural balanced biomes..

+ our project we are restructuring is reaching out to link, so as can reflect via like ecosystems/subject + trigger solutions that many are fortunate to have as we simply live natural lives, `boon with our natural world.

i want to share some of these photos that we get to experience every day, so check back, for the community truly needs to be aware of what you have here. as these people truly enjoy their work + do it well. come take a visit to Charleston Marina + see these experiences as you take part, walk the docks, crab, go out fishing, explore the estuary, hike the old forest at Cape Arego + experience the beauty of the wildlife + the great people + their skills + sensitivities;

     as some fish alone as this first gentleman that i truly give respect to, that owns HALCO..

                                                http://Halco is a great old wooden boat + this owner is something for the community to be very proud of.. come see, small basin charleston, OR

                                   Manatee is another hard worker of the many..

                                                                    Manatee filled w/tuna, charleston, oregon

                                           Seth is cutting fish for the tuna guys offerings..

                                           Seth busy as ever

                     Nice to see large boats maneuver nicely next to the new Marine Museum..

                   charleston, oregon new Marine museum

more to come, when weather better for uploading, but you can come visit in person too, as you schedule a walk in the marina along with the OCTOBERFISH activities on Saturday October 5, 2013 + get to know your community.. the funds raised will go to the local food bank so thank you all for sharing, bring your friends, family + have a nice day!

please join in the festival;