OCTOBERFISH is a day to share what works for each of us + our community..

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    we want to thank all of you for the many lessons, while enjoying this natural habitat + we look forward to this day to meet more of you..


       in case we don`t get a chance to talk today, for Maurice + i, kara will be volunteering to help make this event a success. for these local folks do a great job every year to build the Charleston + surrounding community, with attempts to leave no one left behind.

    which is tricky for when we are all preoccupied + fail to get together more regularly, we really don`t know what the other is do_in for our community.. so while we may be back in the kitchen washing your dishes.. or preparing food, cleaning, etc.. today is the day to connect + take part in making each day a day of interrelating as we all live local, as we reach out bettering our community.

 this has been a nice home for us, as we have worked back + forth from here to Port Townsend, WA..

    we live on our sail boat tzegunka, a wooden boat made from the local woods. which was built here in 1988 by Elmer. + we decided to leave it here to try to sell to one that has family/work/school, etc. for it has been a great option for us to do a lot of work on our project here. + we would like to go figure with a larger one so we continue to reach out with our walkabout. so if know of anyone, please share;


    we apologize for the error we`ve been having with our link to this forum, so please check back. you can always Google  i come to talk story..
            we are restructuring as we have co_evolved. we are reaching out with a variety of venues, awaiting how best to link with existing channels, so as to efficiently have all trigger their thought with our (meaning we speak for our combined` effect) `plan. please see some ideas we are focusing on + welcome you to take part; if error in link, go to last subcategory on this forum, `Lucky all..


  i am happy to meet with you + your friends here after today, while we are here in Charleston.

         we can schedule a gathering or few if need to get clear.. + go for a hike as we share in discussion, gather inside if folks unable to hike. we can set these details so all comfortable, so contact me if interested. + please join in, take a review, your feedback is appreciated.

if you want to keep this private please email me, kara + put subject aloka;


or call + leave a message + i will get back to you;

360-45-3749 skype

thank you + please see the other posts for OCTOBERFISH, A Celebration of Coos Culture..

our combined` effect makes a difference, for we can share what some of us are unaware of that exists right under our noise but have just been too busy. or even clear the air as we take a breath of fresh air from the much misinformation, as people assume from too much gossip..

so whatever please come talk today is this opportunity to meet your neighbors + share yourself as we focus on what changes we can do now + celebrate this great opportunity we have to discuss issues/debate + resolve..

peace is our option if we share what works..