Offering; A way to prioritize toxic in every local `plan, is to get organized. Ex; show regulators/communities, how toxic a proposed LNG is, as in Jordan Cove in Oregon!

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       We thank Hannah and all from `Rogue Climate for keeping us posted to take part!

 Please make space to hear Winona LaDuke talk about pipelines that spill and more, realize how as earthlings it's time to come together and mindfully act, thank you Winona and all at `Honor The Earth;


2019 is the year to stop the Jordan Cove fracked gas pipeline and LNG export terminal, but it will take all of us.

There will be multiple hearings and comment periods that will be critical for stopping Jordan Cove LNG;

The first hearings of 2019 will be the second week of January. The hearings are being held by the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL);

Pembina, the Canadian company behind the project, is asking DSL for a permit to excavate millions of cubic yards of materials from Oregon wetlands and waterways to export fracked gas overseas.

 This permit, called the Removal-Fill permit, is one of the permits the State of Oregon can deny that would stop Jordan Cove LNG for good.

Here are four ways you can take action to tell DSL to deny permits and stop Jordan Cove LNG:

1. Attend a Hearing near you from 5:30pm-8:00pm. RSVP today, and we will send out more details as it gets closer and read more of upcoming hearings;

Monday, Jan. 7 at Klamath Falls Community College, 7390 S 6th St., Klamath Fall
Tuesday, Jan. 8 at the Jackson County Expo, 1 Peninger Rd, Central Point
Wednesday, Jan. 9 at Seven Feathers Casino, 146 Chief Miwaleta Ln., Canyonville
Thursday, Jan. 10 at the Mill Casino, 3201 Tremont Ave., North Bend
Tuesday, Jan. 15 at the DSL, Land Board Room, 775 Summer St NE, Salem

2. Volunteer to help get the word out about these critical hearings. Sign up to fill a volunteer shift;

3. Submit a comment. If you only have a minute;

or you can check out our longer comment writing guide, the comment period closes on February 3;

4. Make a donation to build the movement to stop the Jordan Cove fracked gas pipeline and LNG export terminal;

Under Oregon law, DSL is supposed to deny permits for projects that jeopardize public health and safety, that are not consistent with the protection, conservation, or best use of Oregon waters, and that unreasonably interfere with navigation, fishing, or public recreation.

 DSL is overseen by the Oregon State Lands Board, made up of Governor Brown, Treasurer Tobias Reed, and Secretary of State Dennis Richardson.

Thank you for making time this busy holiday season to protect our climate, waterways, land, and communities.


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Re: Offering; A way to prioritize toxic in every local `plan, is to get organized. Ex; show regulators/communities, how toxic a proposed LNG is, as in Jordan Cove in Oregon!

Great results, please see email Hannah shared and more;


I am still blown away by last week’s Department of State Lands (DSL) hearings. Across southern Oregon, over 3000 impacted landowners, ranchers, tribal members, youth, local businesses and residents, and climate advocates attended the DSL hearings. We sent a clear message to DSL Director Vicki Walker that southern Oregonians don’t want the Jordan Cove fracked gas pipeline and LNG export terminal.

In every county, our communities filled the room to capacity with people opposing the project. Thank you to everyone who showed up, made phone calls, talked to your neighbors, and more. Check out more photos from the hearings here.

A photo of a youth speaking at a rally, a photo of a crowd of
community members in red at a hearing, and a photo of a impacted
landowner testifying at the DSL hearing. Photo Credit:Sherri Kies, Sherri Kies, Matt Witt

In Klamath County, dozens of members of the Klamath Tribes, including Chairman Don Gentry and the entire Klamath Youth Tribal Council, spoke out against the project, linking the health of local waterways to the culture of the Klamath Tribes.

In Jackson County, we backed up the freeway as people waited to turn into the hearing location. Dozens of elected officials, the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Association, and ranchers spoke about how the Jordan Cove LNG project threatens our existing economy and our climate.

In Douglas County, wildland firefighters shared safety concerns about the construction and operation of the pipeline, and local landowners shared how Jordan Cove LNG is threatening the use of eminent domain on families living along the pipeline route.  

In Coos County, Coos tribal members that are decedents of the Jordan family, who the actual Jordan Cove is named after, spoke about the threats the LNG export terminal and tankers pose to cultural resources and the history of their family, while many other Coos County residents spoke out about impacts that the project would have to the communities use of the bay for fishing and recreation.

Our partners in Oregon's urban centers also turned out hundreds of community members to the last hearing in Salem, to show that there is opposition to the Jordan Cove LNG project from across the entire state.

Hundreds of people wearing red at the Jackson County D.S.L.
HearingPhoto Credit: Allen Hallmark

What’s next? The comment period ends on Feb. 3 at 5pm.  Please submit your comment online today, if you haven’t already.

Take Action: Senator Ron Wyden will be in Jackson and Josephine counties on Tuesday, Jan. 23. Senator Wyden still has not opposed Jordan Cove LNG, so let’s show him that southern Oregon wants a clean energy transition, not steps that take us backwards. Wear red and bring your no LNG signs!

Senator Wyden Jackson County Town Hall

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 @ 10:00am

LOCATION: North Medford High School Auditorium, 1900 N Keene Way Drive in Medford

Senator Wyden Josephine County Town Hall

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 @ 1:40 pm

LOCATION: Hidden Valley High School Gym, 651 Murphy Creek Rd in Grants Pass
Also, this afternoon at 4pm (Friday, Janury 18), indigenous community members and Rogue Climate Organizing Fellow, Bella Tibbets, are planning a rally in downtown Medford in solidarity with the National Indigenous Peoples March. More info here.

When we organize, when we keep showing up, we win.

Thank you,


P.S. Can you make a donation to Rogue Climate and the campaign to stop the Jordan Cove LNG export project so that together, we can keep building this incredible movement and stop this pipeline for good?

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