Our Children's Trust need everyone to mindfully act ASAP..

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How fckin stupid are we as `Earthlings? It's bad enough Americans have no clue of how IS Gov/Military interfere in others at a very high price, then to profit to think they must resolve! Earthlings you too can help in this, as we Americans pool resources to hold US accountable and you too can hold your Govs accountable by kicking out US Military for one as well their false aid from afar!

You wonder why killings continue.

The people in US Gov that continue to support these destructive behaviors need to be removed ASAP or their positions!

Lets each help each other in solidarity to rid codependence that is false. For `we the people can work ASAP w/humanity's options where they are failing to mindfully act. But please realize they have their hands on the button as well printing press, not to mention your resources that continue to go into their irresponsible acts locally and afar.

This reminds me Pres Putin you stated in this link you offer to the world a Nana tech that you feel can help change our climate problem. Have you given it to the US Gov, if not will you and let the us know what it is and what `we the people can do now, thank you;


Pres Trump/legislators i share this way, did you ask Russia for help and can you please tell us now updates of what you w/in your power is doing to lower the temperature on earth?

   So back to pint at hand, as the issues of the times are many and require aware people to prioritize so many good things happen simultaneously. Ex:

     If another person/corp/Gov/group of people in each continent, accept being paid off, then neighbors need to mindfully act to help them become aware. So neighbors help each other, not needing false aid from afar. Tell US Military to go home and help end it all together. For the terrorism that US Gov/Military claim to be protecting us from, are supported by US resources.

For what people are missing in these assessments is once habitats are destroyed and contaminated by Nuclear radiation, it is not just the few klm that some propose that can work to kill these people, so called terrorists. Rather via sex males pass it on to next generations, not to mention like in the Iraq war, even brought toxic radiation on their clothes unaware from US Military, and contaminated family as it is accumulative. As well the winds/currents carry it back to many around the world, including US.

Why would any healthy person not ASAP contact one's legislators now, and tell them no way do we want to be part of destroying the genetic bio diversity, which is earthlings true sustaining energy, in one's community, preventing them from gaining earth systems natural tools, to gain this bio diverse balance that all need to do. ASAP, if we are to make any difference in temperature rise issues on this planet now.

                     Vs let the children struggle facing these matters alone!

How many of you know are supporting `Our Children's Trust, globally as great people are helping fight thru the courts now and need everyone to take part!


As we should be sharing one's local `plan via like ecosystems, seasons and subject. How toos w/all to gain one's own local natural food/localized energy w/low impact, not large grids where more hedgefunds prifit as they ecologically interfere and miss the root of US Military having the highest footprint on earth/technology based on indigenous values, so all gain one's own soverignty.  Which agroecological systems offer and more as it addresses political movement/economics/social support and more.

This way those of you in US/US vets/And the likes afar as earthlings can be reprogrammed and take part interrelating in or start your local `plan now. So working w/students networking, no more will you be programmed to think weapons of war are good anywhere. Rather ASAP you gain understanding to heal/go within and edit, so as to communicate w/humanity's great tools now and truly want to save life on earth now.

Meets are happening all over, as well youtube w/Jamen `the Conversation, speaking of Dr. Guy Mcpherson's science stating less than 10 years left on earth for life as we know it, to sustain. Where i ask for facts and collaboration vs such controversy over timing, even as w/James Hansen's work and many others. So all can focus and correct and possibly come up w/new solutions or even old.

Pres Putin offers as he follows UN protocols, where US does so much not complying, which is wrong. For we need to work together as earthlings, for no ecosystem can survive on it's own. Rather the plan we speak of sharing humanity's now, can create a universal verbiage of common sense yet working in a sound science. So every local `plan fills in these worn torn missing parts that have allowed us as earthlings to be fooled, and stop toxic developments from being permitted at all. Let alone ASAP protect vulnerable and clean the mess up on earth/space. So as to regain tools we need now to do one's organinc exchanges.

End all Industrial Agricuture/monocultures/GMOS as they all are toxic and many products are not labled, yet making people/animals/wildlife ill!

When yet in US, as we continue to reach out, we see much lack of awareness to prioritize doing one's local `plan w/neighbors, working w/one's students to prioritize networking what toxic, as each local `plan is best to define. As well go on to restore ones ecological `enhanced working heathier communities w/neighbors. But we continue due to seeing great patches locally and afar doing it in fragments and we know together each local `plan networking can go figure best. So no mre no one is left isolated, ill and uneducated, seeking supporting the 1%, then bitching about it!

Say NO to US Gov's/Corp's/people's, desires to continue such support/expenses to Isreal and do such terrible corrupt actions afar. When so much is left unsupported thru out US, and many are left behind. Not just in Syria, but look at the now refugee problems in many countries, as US is good at attacking afar, being part of this problem!


Our research continues to share what we feel can work for sharing peace, open platforms and tools of the times to perfect now to have gratitude and celebrate such good fortunes while we have them. When yet many locally and afar are without. As we share humanity's options now. So let this form below fuel you to create for your communities and see the other links below of such stories.

Shame on us all, especially those w/resources yet don't support good work such as our US non profit `i come to talk story. As we continue to reachout to US and global schools/communities prioritzing so each can make a difference by taking part mindfully and if do it w/your local `plan, now true earthling synergy can be shared in the instance. As our global consciousness kicks in and says enough scars, and calmly assertivly act where can!

    For Ex; Every local `plan ASAP creates many jobs along w/awareness to stop ecological horing, not to mention each table can have good schematics from students networking, sharing reall needs and offerings, yet the local `plan retains controlling interest, as entire biome(s) w/neighbors are recycled, ridding Colonial mode grids and ecologically `enhancing as in using agroecological systems and natural building to ASAP start protecting the many living unhealthy lifes, so they too gain collective support to take part and make a difference.

People please join in w/your children/students/walk by their side and do now what can, for them even to have a future to walk into. We can't do it for them, they have to see how unaware we have been to allow such scars to continue and help!

Thank you!

Please take part and share;