Our original introduction as we are long over due to update and want to save for those yet to see..

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Please note this is for the archive as humanity's good work has fueled us to move on;

     Please see the sun will set recently added on our Google site to enable us to collaborate on their Drive documents + welcome you to help us reach out w/this platform in the building.

             We thank all for fueling this transition + apologize for lack of good editing + welcome all to come take part!
            PLEASE JOIN IN WHERE MOST COMFORTABLE. Here in our forum Nabble has helped us share the stories of the world. Making it friendly to share the many solution oriented options all have now.

                      We are co_evolving as we continue to restructure going beyond just a

     platform making a friendly framework for change. Rather real energy is being reflected ending the war mode + false green economies, Wahoo!
                              Nothing is in stone + we appreciate your participation..

     i`m working w/Google Apps ED/non profit whom is very kind to work w/me, to go figure as we presently are working on corrections. Making it also a friendly tool, as we further attempt to apply for their support w/Adwords, helping us reach out to the world, as we welcome all to link, sharing the process of living local, for all to do ones local `plan. + Many have great ideas to share...

As well Hugo Teixeira, creator of Nabble that offers forums freely to all, then places ad`s to pay for all their good work, has removed the ads from our forum because, he states;

       `We have a nice non profit social project that makes the world a better place.

             This follows thru w/the respect we have for the Nabble + Google teams + welcome all to join in using these tools of the times  to reach out for all to understand how all can self manage supporting all to self direct as we share efficient ways working w/in the natural enhanced limits of our local natural potential, fueling the natural world that sustains us all to link globally + beyond.

        We hope to gain the best of the best for each to do what they can, where they can. Meanwhile lets make it efficient + organize for mother earth + the life she gives us that we all are interdependent on.

    Together we can define how to create this global friendly platform that all can help with. Making this reality for you to have a mindful way to reflect.. As you restore your community with your students, working these tools as we trigger you to talk locally + share what works, so as to prioritize, leaving no life left behind, nor allow our Govs to interfere producing the now so called terrorists they want to attack, as more arms industries profit..

    We welcome you to also say NO MORE, enough scars as loops are created leaving people w/dull sensors, unable to see clearly that we are targeting the ones we interfere in.

    We the people, have had enough, + all arms industries + false green, economies must stop accept for personal mindful hunt for food/skins!

            Check out our ideas, share documents w/friends + neighbors, while do_in your walkabout..

                      We welcome your participation for you to do your part, part time.                               
  So together we can reflect + this can help us understand what living local is truly about, as we help all to understand our personal obligation for prioritizing what sustains all..

          For those of us down the river are equally responsible for the sources of it above, that requires our mountain forests to be of diverse species. Without coming together for our global obligations, we end up with no local resources to build working communities.. Restore micro/large transboundary migrations to fuel our paths. Starting with our water for our local food sovereignty.

  Can`t beat taking a break with your `berry good friends, as you do natural living, building food forests, eating your rewards, if you are so fortunate to have such a beautiful awareness, at any age, taking part in your local community, sharing `ways that work.

          Lucky those lil bugs that have such beautiful mamas + papas to live in harmony with, that will continue building on our footsteps as we attempt to be more gentle..  
     As together all build a community `aloka platform (aloka being a metaphor for a house of grain that never goes empty). Seems appropriate due to us suggesting to start by focus directing together, prioritizing our local natural food stewardship for locals to sustain/maintain, even if cooperatively controlling shares.

    As all come together in a fresh local grown, natural wild food/fish/animal potluck where music + fresh smells + conversation fills the air, not drones.

    Making it easier for locals to prevent anyone from leaving negative effects, as well on our self, as all reflect w/early signs, working well w/what each can then control for oneself..
  We invite you to welcome students to come out of school room + use ones community as an extended classroom, networking. No longer leaving anyone isolated. + Together explore ones enhanced working potential triggering all to rethink.

    Together we use this cloth/table platform, + share `ways that work, ideals stumped/strategies in the building, so others offer solutions + schematics via like ecosystems/seasons + subject.

   So each welcome those exceeding the natural enhanced limits as tapering transitions are created, supporting all to become whole, sort out resources where best making wrongs right. No more waste in blame or misinformation as one links ones true story.

   Giving all the opportunity to acknowledge where wrongs where done  even in hindsight, so as to not carry this misdoing forward. + Make wrongs right from the heart, so reflection sets peace as one feels life again as one gains support to restore ones self management as one self directs, correcting also wrongs, making them right.

   This is especially helpful because Google/Nabble supports us as a non profit to do our walkabout, yet you can utilize their organized structures that are open for you or for your business, for your needs. Making this friendly when so many are yet to live these natural experiences, where all integrate daily good sustainable practices as common sense. Or are now being exploited. When yet many are barely surviving w/ill effects left from others leaving negative effects..

  NO more should any Gov/Corp/Person be able to support the arms industries nor the opium/any drug warlord, rather w/empathy for supporting them unknowingly, as they have co_evolved into ISIS, we still can talk w/respect, w/these considerations of the truth that many now are aware of.

    If yet to see, review BBC Adam Curtis Bitter Lake, + please let our story offering many w/ways that work support each of you to rethink + do the same, sharing what works, what doesn`t. For local reps to then stay in real time w/us, for all to reflect ways to resolve ones harmony..

     Networking sharing reality as we share the living local process, globally, so all can do a mindful exchange for oneself, ones community in collaboration, as well balance to link the natural world for our earth to sustain us all on earth now.

    Only w/our conscious presence in the moment can our students within all, feel the life energy to do ones walkabout, for only each of us can allow another to dull our sensors. We have the inner tools to do ones homework to self manage, leaving no footprint.

   All can learn to maintain discipline over ones self sensory observation vs. belief as we support each to build ones path as one walks it into ones opening, leaving no footprint.

   There should be no refugees anywhere, rather all can become local participants where are, as together our students network the space w/all, so each can be fueled to rethink w/all. So each community co_evolves ones seasonal offerings as locals work them comfortably.

    Fueling all to once again receive the universal energy from our earth to rebuild ones desire as all mindfully gain empathy for all life to self sustain, stopping the arms industry/drug trade + false green, economies ASAP that are profiting interfering in others, as they then target them.

       We want all to be on the same page, for what sustains us all is real + in need of our serious attention. We invite those of you that are fueled to part time share your simple natural living in patches` to link with pockets` without, as together we rethink with them, for each to continue their walkabout.  

     For only neighbors should support neighbors ending the false interference from international aid.

   Reaching out will bring us eye to eye with real story. Come talk + tell us how we can make this forum more friendly for you to post + use our Google Apps for Education/Nabble tools, making it easier for your students to come aboard, for you to come aboard as we debate the dysfunctions, + link the solutions. i know many are now using them at school.

   But it is our subject that we focus direct together + apply for our communities, so each individualize + define one`s voice, that makes a difference.. + That cannot be defined until we all internationally prioritize the present parasitic psychopathic social cancers that now exist, as students log ones community defining whom + whereas all network prioritizing healing..

    So as those that continue these wrong decisions no longer are in these responsible positions or the position itself is rid.

     Please be the one to incorporate this w/your schools + your community, as youbecome a facilitator, even temporarily, to bridge this gap. Or perhaps fill a role as a steering committee member to help fine tune sharing your specialty to resolve issues.

      As each realize their importance to help restore ones community + define if yet to, ones space/ones voice + share. As we all  become a conscious humane local, global + beyond mindful participant.

   We invite you if without to once again/first time, realize the great tools we have now to co_evolve together as we ask you to come build this proposed platform, with all. Making this a great tool to link with as we link with others. Triggering others to rethink + fine tune what is best for mother earth below our feet..
     So all work at this for equality for all to do ones homework, sharing this earth + beyond in peace, as we communicate the priority issues of the times globally, + restore ones local balance + stop disrespecting others, rather share in solidarity what works.

    Those so used to profiting can redirect w/our support as we welcome them to become a local participant. They also are important to make this transformation. If we isolate them in blame + shame, we fail to look within our self + the truth of how we fueled them unknowingly. So lets not let these thorns fester more, when yet we can harness this disassociated energy + stop it from stealing from everyones organs. We can regain sharp sensors + our students can give hands on support.

       For there is no better education than to feel one that has allowed ones sensors to dull unknowingly, then to aid them to sharpen, then to feel the energy that comes back as they then want to also do an exchange once sensors sharpened.

   This is our human spirit at its finest, + all can obtain it w/your support reaching out where can so you self manage maintaining your own sharp sensors. So now together our reps taking part in the local `plan know well what is real to seek/share as they network, bringing home eye to eye options vias like ecosystem/season + subject, fueling what all can then go figure for ones own community.

         As each restore ones balance so the natural world links, leaving no one left behind.
                Please do your local `plan which then fuels all to collectively do an exchange with those unaware/misusing/abusing while others gain, to simply understand there is another way.            

     patches talk thru your representatives filling an interchangeable role, sharing %`s of your tallies for us to compare like thought, understanding what works, yet respect one`s personal privacy. For no one is to remain isolated, no ecosystem can survive on it`s own.

   Lets  all create 1 global sound science to strengthen that which has been manipulated/misguided, etc.  So all tongues understand the common sense of what sustains life that sustains humans on earth, as we get real w/the industrial world that interferes + set them straight. So no longer do we fuel the them. Rather we share alternative options.

   Please self reflect + as this tool builds, see what it takes that others are do_in to harmonize, not just look at the %`s, rather come talk, go look at what people are do_in, use the virtual tools, to make your eye to eye experiences exceptional as you then follow thru from afar, conserving your footprint..

  We all must realize what we do + the effects it leaves locally + afar on those we love yet collectively be a responsible community participant, for we all are needed to harmonize as we prioritize the issues of the times locally + afar.
       Nabble`s tools can help make this process more friendly as we all organize + become an aware local, global + beyond, mindful participant.. So please share your needs + offerings where most functional + comfortable for you + your communities.

          This is a virtual message board to link us eye to eye, as we work at this platform soon w/Google Apps for ED. Which can parallel w/collaboration on the Drive documents as we resolve + prioritize. As well a local posted message board in every local community, to choose to be triggered from other`s local `plan, to further restore ones own community. Then to share in this process.

      Lets  all please respect those adults wanting to learn no computer + in time when they see the value of our tools of the time + how they can help, they then will rethink with support, as many do now, once the tools are used correctly.

     For  many of our students are also lost w/mixed signals. But the reflections in sharing ones story as together we then sort it out, will once again co_evolve the dissociated energy that traps + steal ones energy from ones organs. All can become aware + redirect it as fuel, due to the energy emitted that one can feel, going beyond words, then to go within + sort self out. + This is the respect all of humanity deserves as we produce local sharing of what works, once students log ones community needs + offerings + share in real time w/all via linking ones story.

    Those unable to sort oneself out, will then expose oneself for others to become aware to supply our earths offerings. Ex; as in Traditional Chinese Medicine or local, customizing an herbal formula, to then help one sort self out as the nuts + bolts of ones chemistry regains support to regain balance.

     Many western doctors are educating oneself knowing well western medicine alone does not work.+ The pharmaceutical industrial profiting must quit. + Can by putting one experienced in Traditional medicine w/herbal formulas in all pharmacies/sales to doctors, as well curriculum to continue education that works.

  So no longer do we have to have so many un treated/wrongfully treated as people continue to suffer until the human breaking point then to harm oneself + others. This is unacceptable when we have so many to guide. Our students can do this networking/organizing as they log, fulfilling group needs to rid, +  offerings to share.

    Please stay in real time sharing story building your community that each of us can seek as we search like ecosystem/season/subject, seeing yet another way that works, as you or your rep links with us..

     patches` + pockets` of folks living natural simple lives - pooling thought please reflect + post, find the subcategory that feels most comfortable for you..

      Come together + awaken us all to rid our own misuse. Sharing not just harmony that works as together we build our local community, but also reality of issues taking place that interfere. This helps us build one self;

        As we understand our obligations locally + beyond, holding self accountable.
        As we truly self satisfy without leaving a footprint, no matter where we call home by living local.

    Considering not everyone is so lucky to migrate to experience the goodness many offer + many are still profiting from others killing themselves leaving destroyed habitats we all depend upon.

   We are fueled to restructure this platform linking/sharing ideas that work. + In return we are ending

the war mode + false green economies + all will realize no healthy being exerts aggression beyond ones normal ego.

       Please, lets all rid weapons of war + understand clearly why we got trapped in these layers  realizing we can work our way out of them, addressing the early signs calmly. This real force, this disassociated energy that effects all in it`s path can be harnessed + reused as fuel to rebuild our self, heal + restore the functionality of our communities for each to self develop.

Realizing we can share this planet + beyond together as we simply live local where ever + work into what we want..

             lets` go figure..

     We have the entire human family to draw from on this earth + beyond to explore.. Yet many local folks live without simple awareness to understand how to use their inner tools to become calm. Meanwhile others programmed from the war mode + false green economies profit, which we can end together by welcoming them to your local tapering transition. So together all make wrongs right.

    Every local, living local has choices as positions co_evolve, to simply get to this simple natural living in many communities, leaving no one left behind..

      It is with one`s bi`joy walkabout we ask you to reach out + reflect what works.. Along our path we are seeking grants/donations to reach out farther + faster, for together this platform has solution oriented options that work.

      It is wrong to allow any fear or misinformation/programming/lack of resources, etc. to prevent us from helping each to understand.

       Local students can show local facts to help us as they reflect via like ecosystem/season/subject, as they give hands on in their walkabout, going eye to eye + not be humiliated, rather their is no better education if we focus direct together.

  Experience the social transformation fueling energy as folks sharpen their dulled sensors, once given respect + relief of simple daily chores, that have been overwhelming due to the lack of support from the many dysfunctional entities existing in every local community, contributing to these social cancers that many cannot free oneself of. When yet we can activate our neurology to gain this freedom..

   We  welcome all to check out Daniel Kish`s work as a blind person creating the World Access For The Blind, as his work has helped us see, what we could not see w/eyes that work.

         Students can support all needed to come to
 the table + do the local `plan, present what is/do what can be..

 Some of us no longer have this chance to  go eye to eye to our loved ones gone.. We are sorry for those moments we failed to `smell the roses along the way.. Now we redirect these lessons with the appreciation from what we did have together... + Ask you to share this network as you do your walkabout.

   For our inner tools w/right support can heal, no more leaving thorns to steal from one being consciously present in the moment, that is all we need to bring to ones local `plan, sharing in solidarity.

            As well the good fortune of our students exponentially helping us now...

            As all focus on the community + not get lost in layers of education from varying schools/home school/no school, that is fragmented, when they too can co_evolve as community is restored.

       We don`t have to continue to learn from such scars, or take part in them to continue.

           Ask yourself are you part of the problem or do you want to be part of the solution.

    Don`t stop here, create with mother earth`s energy that is given freely to us all, if you open to it w/sharp sensors, w/dull no words can perceive the truth, only reflections with life energy in real time applications.

           1st time in to this forum we suggest you please go to `start subcategory.. 

                 Peace comes from our combined`effect working this, sharing story..

  We are looking forward to the ethnic diverse conservation service experiences that we are fortunate to still have many do_in indigenous ways that far exceed the industrial ways leaving toxic ill effects. Which many now are being exploited by many unknowingly. For without our indigenous respecting all life that sustains all, we would not have such survival tools still available to produce.

    It is the indigenous still simply living boon with the natural world, that can fuel one`s path to rethink + mindfully act.. It is many locals we are fortunate to have, that can show us yet another way. Yes many that remained isolated where able to self sustain while others got encroached upon. But with today`s tools we can rethink as we each create with local traditional indigenous engineers for starters + restore, working within mother earth`s enhanced potential. As we use a sound science language for all tongues to see as common sense, as each use these tools/add tools, so we all strengthen that which has left so much negative effects.

         Thank you for what you do!

              Please share us in your walkabout customized for you + your community..

   Come participate + don`t forget to help us create/correct/edit our subcategories.

   Check in for updates to be posted as we collaborate in comments here on Nabble + in Google Drive documents + `the sun will set spreadsheet on our Google site;
     It is this way we think all can end all petitions/extra focus doing others job, as people hold them self + others accountable locally + afar..

                                          Love us at `i come to talk story..