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Protect our communities from radioactive waste!

For decades, nuclear power reactors all over the country have been able to operate without consideration to what would happen to the highly radioactive waste they produced. This put communities and the environment at risk across the nation.

Now, federal courts are requiring the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to study the environmental and health impacts of storage if the plant cannot find a permanent repository.  Even more importantly, the NRC will have to consider whether better energy alternatives to nuclear power are available.

We need to make sure the NRC adopts rules that will look at each nuclear plant closely – no nuclear plant should get an easy rubber stamp!

Tell the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to protect our communities and environment from radioactive waste:
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Sierra`s suggestions + ours added;

Dear Chair McFarlane,

I am writing you because I am concerned about how we store our most hazardous waste, the radioactive fuel rods from nuclear reactors.  We should not license or re-license any reactor until it has been proven that we can successfully isolate this waste.

While we are working on the solution, I am also concerned that many of our nuclear reactors have over-crowded fuel pools on site.  These present safety threats to the communities and industries that surround the plants.  The NRC should take immediate action to reduce the number of fuel assemblies in the water-filled pools.  Before transferring the fuel rods to cask storage, the cask storage needs to be examined and reinforced to be able to safely store the fuel rods particularly those that qualify as high burn up fuel.  Hardened on-site storage of the casks should become the choice for storage.

I am also concerned about the sustainability of nuclear power.  The EIS needs to evaluate the true costs of nuclear power after the subsidies are stripped away.  The long-term costs of decommissioning need to be considered as well.  The ongoing costs to US taxpayers should be transparent in this EIS.

The EIS should consider the option of not making any nuclear waste at all in the future by comparing the environmental footprint of nuclear from mining to long term waste disposal to that of renewables and energy efficiency.

Please note our students/communities are being whiplashed as people study one science yet regulators/businesses do another. we feel we have solutions to resolve this by supporting our students in every community to prepare in class, to then come out of the schoolroom + into + with the community, restore ecological sustainable working communities for all to harmonize.

the Canadian natives are a great ex; of the worst, as they are being mislead of the correct understanding of the Nuclear repositories + sell themselves out, as they then gain funds to manage what they have no clue of, yet it is leaving ill effects.

no where on this planet should their be this lack of transparency as together we end Nuclear disarmament. + realize the danger of these components for what ever use, + seek alternatives as we prioritize our understanding of lessening our energy consumptions, etc.

This way each community individualizes their community priorities, as we focus direct together via like ecosystems/subject. reflecting alternatives to downscale our needs for energy, as we build healthy environments as our best medicine, prioritizing our local natural grown food sovereignty. giving us fuel to further define the great options we have now. + work together reflecting making this process more friendly as we link sharing what works. sharing the gauges of good science to override that which is being fragmented. As negative ill, toxic results/high risks, are experienced in many communities now.

I, kara j Lincoln, offer to clarify our project we presently are restructuring at - i come to talk story, please take part for we can build 1 universal science + with good gauges in place, define our traditional ways that work + create upon them as we resolve what never should of been created.


thank you Sierra Club for reaching out..

please go take action;


our combined` effect makes a difference..