Peace Day is every day for some.. use the synergy of September 21, 2011 Official International Peace Day - lets all do what ever we can .

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i share a letter i wrote to International Peace Day Associates.
(note i made a few corrections since then)

 Hello folks,

what an endeavor with both of your entities.

i've breifly become aware from skype + did an over view.

Jane please note i could not find the rules for entering on your web page,
plus to my understanding it is too late.

i really like the perception of synergy that results from these kinds of

briefly i'd like to share some thought. for aprox; 42 years i've worked to
get clear on some thoughts that i put into Nabbles forum these last 3
years. my ideals was to be a 501.cs non profit, i asked folks to give what
can, when can + hoping those with more would support this to happen so all
could take part.

well here in the USA IRS made few mistakes, so as of date i've yet to open
forum to public, or accept any donations. still editing + reducing yada
yada virtual tool.

+ as of last week i see i'm no longer treated as a non-profit due to a
mistake i made + IRS told me different. so my thought is to see how it goes
+ then rethink if donations come in.

so i cannot offer a tax break.

my point is it has been very hard to take what we did, which was built a
boat + sailed from US over to Australia + back when family had medical
issues + dying. before that we did exchanges + incredible things happened +
we said we have to market this.

little did i know how hard keeping in the moment would be when i made a
virtual tool. but i did it to my satisfaction, i should say almost
finished. few more weeks + ready to open to public.

is it polished-no, can it reach a lot-? i counted on threads from internet
searches + then Nabble that didn't advertise say now they need to make
money, so they are charging.

so my issue is you folks have gathered attention, that is very good. but i
knew unless we could beam an energy, that was real reflection of the
beautiful life acts on this planet, that folks would remain programmed in
their own patches of limited perspective.

you folks reached the UN's attention that should be do_in what i set up in
our forum.

you folks reached the African + every continent that should be do_in what i set up
in our forum.

my letters got no where, my emails get scams, many virus, much resistence
yet i kept going.

my problem is many misusers don't realize the footprint left. ex: i rode on
a bus to Honduras from Costa Rica with a Coke marketer in the next seat. we
drove by women carrying cases of coke in wooden boxes on their head, as
babies where drinking it in bottles, yet she said it would not hurt. we
also became aware of how Coke in places where consuming the local limited
water to make it, limiting locals from fresh water.

i could go on with many stories but gest is, we share a number of
subcatagories, actually it is like a book but it gives folks reflection on
natural sensitivites + skills to rethink with, apply, exchange locally +
afar + experience + then have 1 in community come back + post via their
ecosystem. so others of like subject + like ecosystem can trigger their
thought. so we give details + hope to compile exchange detail of building a
self + part ime cooperative building a local community that builds local,
global + beyond participants.

we share as our combined' effect how patches + pockets of goodness can
reflect with those without, for them to fine tune what is missing. not
become codependent on the ecological whores that have either blindly
invited + due to folks attempt to survive or own greed from own
interpersonal misuse, etc.. but rather reflect with others that have become
aware of products - people + their services, as we invite all to a tapering
transition. where now those upset have a cloth/ table platform  to clear
the air as ideals are created.
                   as those that increased their profits
misusing now are supported with these ideals as they rethink, so as to feel
the reality of all as they then regain a local human participant + with
clarity allow it to trigger that which can be not just recycled, but know
fuel comes from self-empowerment as you folks well know.

then in our last subcatagorie called the next' move we invite folks to come
together, for this is now after all other subcatagories gave us
interconnection, reflection as we propose students to come out of classroom
+ with a walkabout, collect local/afar sensitive to what the earth speaks.
now engineer the local biomes potential. as locals link + create a 1
universal science that works.

created upon real greening such as permaculture, agro-ecology with Prof
Miguel Altieri as he rewrites curriculum from indigenous, as he clearly
explians our food crises on the planet + people throwing it back + forth
for profits.

do you see where i'm going. we care why people are misusing + how to make
positive change. we don't support the large pharmaecutical companys that
make people dependent on vaccines + medicine that fills the deep pockets.
rather we support plannning small farms/periennial foraged community
gardens, etc. so as to have food/herbs for true medicine as local folks put
their hand in the dirt making a difference as thy produce fresh natural
local food.

remember we live in US where western medicine is a disgrace. the
dysfunction of the government is a disgrace. the judicial system +
educational system the same + this list goes on.

yet the world locally + beyond has great patches of solutions. + we feel if
we support the teachers to support the students to now open to our local
community as the best classroom. my gosh look at the jobs as folks gain
true self-awareness. we simplify ideals + make folks realize it is their
choice to have virtual tools. but for those that do we network to go eye to
eye + rejoin mindbody to become whole without leaving any footprints.. this
we feel is our life right.

now with detail of building/rehabbing/linking local living as wild is
prioritized to stay wild, so as to 'boon with it, woolah, harmony with
music, self-expression + satisfaction. not just await drops to be picked
up. of support from local government.

rather know folks are empowered realizing we are government if we ever want
to share democracy.

ok any one that nows me, know i yada to much. but that will be reduced when
we open the forum. for if anyone can't go beyond what we have accomplished
with so much resistence then they are unable to truely concentrate +
realize it is not us that makes it happen, it is each truely understanding.
that is all it takes.

so you have gotten their attention + i am just hoping to fill in some fine
detail. for we don't support Bill Gates, or Al Gore's supposedly aid +
green movement mode, this is ecologcial whoring + we feel as ex; with Bill,
in Africa humans have equal rights to become aware, where after my lengthy
review of his detail with his org in Africa, he feels they are unable.

so again my point is thankyou for what you are doin, + i yet to see how i
can see your rules to attempt to apply Jane + it appears due to do_in it
voluntarily all these years + now soon to open to public the virtual tool -
i come to talk story - we may not be applicable.

+ as well Peter, i will review more + attempt to link. for we have no
problem asking folks to come into a tapering transition. as i've stated to
Barack Obama, folks are simply overloaded due to so much layers of
information that is mind boggling to our neuro processing, that many
sensors have becomed dull + unable to percieve locally or afar. so the best
projects can be out their but unless we support local students to do a
walkabout with the locals, aiding + exchanging as each undeveloped in young
+ adult body have the opportunity to understand misuse, it simply

i've worked hard on this detail + yes it could be cleaned up a lot, but i
have struggled with many suffering around me as we fought for what can be
as fragments of releif came thru too lae for many, due simply to those not
wanting to lose their position interfereing.

yet with numbers of folks the math is real, + as the old folks told me of
long ago, you get the numbers behind you + if they see their profits
changing, they will rethink.

for some i know that is true as well.

but my experience is that humans have a range of neuro processing + we must
manage + understand how good harmony can be when we center.

i personally try continually to be a peace intermediary. i've focused on
trans-boundary migration in an area with several countries coming together
for the elephant issue in Africa without them showing any interest.

my feeling has been either i'm just not packaged for them enough or if they
see people become self-reliant then those controlling may loose their
footing. i won't really know until i get more feedback. for i don't assume.

good luck to you all + thank you again for what you do as well for this
review, I appreciate your feedback.

sincerely, kara j lincoln

patches pockets talk when we all do a walkabout...

thanks for the support!